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There are many, many, reasons for me to be suspicious right now.


The Socializing Club Conflict was a smaller war between Fundy, Tubbo, Tommy and Purpled. This war took place on July 11, 2020, right before the finale of The Disc Saga. Also, this event caused the construction of the Socializing Club, a place to peacefully discuss any disagreements that anyone had with each other. The club has stood in the same place since. However, there has been various new additions to the club.


Fundy's plan

In the beginning of his stream, Fundy stated that he had a few plans that he wanted to accomplish that day.[1] His main plan was that he was going to kill Dream on sight. However, Dream was not on the server at the time, meaning that Fundy would not be able to go through with this plan. So, he decided to target Tubbo instead, as he stated earlier that Tubbo needed to die on that day no matter what.

After touring his stream around his updated base, he revealed that he wanted to kill Tubbo with a shovel. Fundy then elaborated by saying that he had an ingenious idea to make the murder legal so that he wouldn't face any repercussions. Fundy started off by stating that one of the rules of the server was that you could not steal, or else you could be banned. He continued by expressing that if he simply renamed an object to "property of Fundy," then proceeded to drop the object into Tubbo's inventory, he would have a legal reason to kill Tubbo out of self defense.

And so, Fundy headed over to his anvil and renamed a potato to "This potato is property of Fundy." After making a new set of iron armor and brewing some slowness potions, his last step was to craft a shovel. After obtaining a fresh iron shovel, Fundy decided to name it "his long shlong", as in chat it would appear as "Tubbo was killed by his long schlong," which he found amusing. Prepared for battle, Fundy began looking for Tubbo in the middle of the night. Noticing a nametag in Tubbo's home, Fundy headed over to it. He quickly entered the home and closed the door before any mobs could come inside. It was time to initiate the plan to murder Tubbo.

A Near Success

After running up the stairs, Fundy noticed that Tubbo was stood completely still, simply staring blankly. It turned out that Tubbo was AFK, as he was eating a pizza in real life. Fundy saw this as a window of opportunity to murder Tubbo by trapping him in a stone box and filling it up with water, in the hopes that he would drown to death. Tubbo quickly noticed his machinations, and put the water in a bucket. Fundy proceeded to replace the water, only for it to be put in a bucket yet again, rendering his attempts as completely fruitless. Panicking, Fundy almost decided to head downstairs, when he noticed Purpled crouching in a corner.

Apparently, Purpled had gone over to Tubbo's house to “borrow” some glass for his build, and was caught before he could do anything. Purpled then opened one of Tubbo's chests and promptly left the scene. Right at that moment, Tubbo broke out of Fundy's "trap" as well. Fundy then entered a vc with Tubbo, where he asked what had just happened. In an attempt to cover his own footsteps, Fundy claimed that Purpled tried to drown Tubbo. Tubbo laughed, and sarcastically said that he had no idea what happened either. Fundy continued on by talking with Tubbo, asking about his pet bee, Spins. Fundy then released Spins from his fence gate, and began to lead him around, comparing him to a "little balloon you would get from a roller coaster park."

After that, Fundy placed Spins back on to the fence gate, and asked Tubbo if he would like to see something really cool. Tubbo said yes, so Fundy dropped the renamed potato from earlier into his inventory. Tubbo subsequently asked if he wanted his property back. Acting shocked, Fundy questioned why he had his property, and took out an iron axe. Tubbo worryingly explained that he was extremely under geared, and in no shape to fight. However, Fundy continued throwing his items at Tubbo, proclaiming that it was very strange for him to have them. Suddenly, Fundy threw a weakness potion at Tubbo, and slaughtered him shortly. Fundy remarked that stealing was against the rules, and that it was low of Tubbo to "steal" from him. Tubbo sighed, apologized for "stealing," and then thanked him for whatever reason. Fundy exited his home, and said goodbye.

Immediately after, Fundy received a text-to-speech donation telling him that he forgot to use the schlong. Fundy cursed himself for forgetting, but added that at least he received an enchanted diamond pickaxe. Fundy went ahead and hid the pickaxe under a tree behind Punz's house, just in case anything were to go horribly wrong. However, Fundy was still dissatisfied with himself for not using the schlong, so he decided that his next target would be Purpled, and so he began heading over to him.

The second attempt

While Fundy was searching for him, Purpled was constructing his new UFO sky base. Chat quickly alerted Purpled of Fundy's impending arrival, so he simply placed down a block at the top of his water elevator and continued on with his building.[2] Purpled took little concern to the alerts, as he had spoken to Fundy off stream in a friendly manner. As Purpled had just completed his UFO, he noticed a nametag underneath his base. He also noticed that Fundy began to go up the water elevator, but was stopped by the block that was placed down earlier. Purpled quickly formed a small trap around the top, and killed Fundy when he tried to break through.

Satisfied with his victory, Purpled decided to leave Fundy's items alone. He then decided to vc Fundy, where Fundy was upset right off the bat. Purpled explained that he was being heavily warned by chat. Fundy interrupted by saying that as a streamer, he should know not to trust chat. Purpled yet again explained that it would be one thing if Fundy was far away, but right as chat told him, Fundy happened to be at his UFO. He added that he was trying to take a defensive role, as it was clear that Fundy was going to kill him. Fundy began to head back over, and Purpled asked if he was initially coming over with hostile intent. Fundy responded that he wasn't, but Purpled didn't quite believe him.

In order to prove himself, Fundy tried to reason with Purpled, explaining that he would never do any harm to "those that are above him." Purpled continued to question Fundy, and Fundy rebutted by saying that he simply wanted to say hi and check out the cool base. After more doubt from Purpled, Fundy stated that he was a big fan, and wanted an "autograph." Fundy then asked if he could properly meet him this time, which Purpled declined without hesitation. Surprised, Fundy asked why. Purpled explained that there were many reasons to be suspicious of him. Fundy then asked him to name those reasons, to which Purpled listed many.

Tubbo soon joined the call and scolded Fundy for stealing his diamond pickaxe. Fundy decided to try his "property of Fundy" item method on Tubbo again, which surprisingly worked. Fundy quickly drank an invis pot and chased after Tubbo. Purpled, confused on what was going on, decided to go down and help Tubbo out. He ran straight towards Fundy and hit him with his sword. Purpled and Tubbo began chasing Fundy around the area, in which the two got frustrated at the difficulty to track him. Annoyed, Purpled asked Fundy what his real intention was, to which Fundy replied saying that he wanted to make friends. Purpled immediately cut him off, and called him a furry.

Slightly offended, Fundy asked to keep the "racial profiling" out of the conflict. Swiftly moving past that, Fundy asked Purpled to go up the UFO, which Purpled finally allowed. However, Fundy was killed by the magma block at the bottom of the water elevator normally used for going down, humoring Tubbo. Regardless, Fundy actually came up the UFO, and asked for his items back. For whatever reason, Purpled exited the UFO, but right at that moment, Tubbo accidently blew up a creeper near Purpled's water elevator, blowing it up partially. Tubbo immediately apologized, though Purpled clarified that he was not upset at him, as Fundy was the one with hostile intent.

Fundy denied these accusations, and returned to the area around the UFO. As Purpled rebuilt his water elevator, Punz arrived to observe what was going on. Fundy then got Purpled's attention and threw a lost item back to him. Purpled did the same, and the two went back and forth until Purpled suddenly killed Fundy with comical timing. Purpled proceeded to state that he was going to peacefully re-build his water elevator machine, and Tubbo apologized again for everything that had happened. Purpled reiterated that he was not upset at Tubbo and there was no hostile intent. Fundy asked if Purpled was upset with him, and Purpled said that he wasn't sure.

Fundy proceeded to make a proposition, stating that he would construct a room where the group could have a civil discussion about the tension between them. Purpled and Tubbo were both skeptical about the inquiry, but Fundy continued by saying that they could do whatever they wanted until he was done with building the room. Tubbo agreed to go as long as Purpled went, which Purpled decided that he was going to do, only if they were allowed to have armor on. Fundy gladly agreed to this, and parted ways with Tubbo and Purpled to build this room.

The Meeting

Construction of the Socializing Club

Immediately after leaving the call, Fundy excitingly talked about how he was going to fill the room up with various explosives. Fundy quickly came up with the idea to ask Punz, another server member, for materials. Fundy asked Punz to join his call, which Punz proceeded to do. Fundy began explaining his situation with Purpled and Tubbo, specifically emphasizing that he was killed by them, though Punz recalled Fundy killing Tubbo first. Regardless, Fundy continued by saying that he wanted to build a room to solve conflict, while hypothetically making it a trap as well.

While reluctant at first, Punz decided to give Fundy adequate amounts of gunpowder, cobblestone, and armor to get him started. Fundy then asked Punz if he would like to help him construct the room, though Punz declined, stating that he didn't want to set up a room that could put other people's lives in danger. Fundy decided to make do with what he had, and headed over to Punz's house for the materials. The two discussed the movie "The Room," and Fundy headed off to finally build the room.

Meanwhile, Tubbo and Purpled immediately had the suspicion that Fundy would trap the room. The two discussed ways that Fundy could trap them while repairing the water elevator. They both became even more suspicious when the chat began spamming that the room was a trap. After talking about game mechanics, the two parted ways to do their separate tasks, wishing each other good luck for the meeting that was to come.

Due to the fact that Tubbo and Purpled were suspicious of him, Fundy believed that they were going kill him. Fundy decided that after being murdered, he would ask them why they would kill him for no reason, and since there would be no trap in the room, Tubbo and Purpled would have to apologize to him. From then on, they would be forced to "trust him forever." After coming up with this new plan, Fundy finally constructed the meeting room. Fundy decided to dub this room as "The Socializing Club," and he headed off to find Tubbo and Purpled so that they could meet up.

Fundy joined Tubbo's VC while he was busy chopping down trees. They both patiently waited for Purpled to join the VC before they could officially start anything. Once Purpled joined, Fundy said that they could meet whenever they were ready, but he immediately contradicted himself by saying that they didn't have time and needed to hurry up. Purpled muted his mic and asked his chat what supplies he needed to bring. He rushed to get prepared, and told Fundy that he was just getting some food. Fundy replied by saying that he would provide food, so he could come down from the UFO. Following Purpled's arrival to the group, the three headed over to the meeting room.

Once they arrived, Tubbo read out the signs and made on observation about how the rule "always talk about socializing club" was like the opposite of "don't talk about fight club," which Fundy scolded him for mentioning. Regardless, the group entered the room and each took a seat, besides Purpled, who initially asked to stand in the corner. Fundy asked him to properly take a seat, while Tubbo told him to loosen up a bit and be more friendly. Ultimately, everyone sat down, and Fundy told the group that one by one, they would go through and talk about any tension they had with each other. Purpled started by expressing how Fundy came to his house unprovoked, so he killed him in self defense. Tubbo backed him up by telling him to stand his ground laws. Purpled continued discussing the problems he had with Fundy, while Fundy tried to defend himself.

Tommy barging into the Socializing Club.

Suddenly, Tommy walked into the room and interrupted the meeting by stating that he needed Tubbo's assistance. The members of the club told him off by saying that they were in the middle of something. Tubbo and Fundy then asked Tommy to take a seat, progressively getting louder to the point of yelling. Once Tommy sat down, Fundy questioned him about what was really going on.

It turned out that Tommy had logged onto the so he could retrieve his infamous music discs with Tubbo. Tommy had noticed that there were people in a strange new room, but he decided not to enter until he knew Tubbo was in there for sure. Purpled then proceeded to interrupt Tommy by saying something very important was going on. He explained how they were "literally socializing in the Socializing Club, like the signs said." Tubbo elaborated by saying that Fundy stole his things and he needed to get them back.

Tommy then asked to talk in a separate VC with Tubbo, in which they did. Purpled told Fundy how he didn't know what was happening, while Fundy felt that Tommy had deep-rooted emotions that need to come out. Meanwhile, Tommy was complaining to Tubbo about how this "club" was taking him away from the main issue. Tommy then stood up and prepared to leave with him. However, Tubbo stopped him and said that he would be done in 5 minutes. Tommy decided to leave, and on the way out, he set the club on fire. Luckily, Fundy noticed and was able to put it out before the fire caused any damage.

The group continued discussing their issues and terms of neutrality. Tubbo explained how he was upset at Fundy for stealing his pickaxe, though Fundy believed that it wasn't relevant to the conversation, which upset Tubbo even more. However, Fundy and Purpled were able to agree on becoming neutrals, though it is noted that Fundy wanted to become his friend. Tubbo then told Fundy that he would be neutral with him as long as he received his pickaxe back. Fundy finally agreed to lead Tubbo to where he hid his pickaxe. Fundy also asked Purpled to come along, to which Purpled agreed. Furthermore, the group exited the club and began following Fundy to the location of the pickaxe. Along the way, Purpled warned Tubbo to keep a couple paces back from Fundy, as Fundy had acted quite suspicious when talking to him earlier. Anyways, Fundy continued leading the group to the pickaxe. Though, he inconveniently had trouble remembering what tree he hid it at. Tubbo and Purpled began getting more and more impatient, as they were annoyed at Fundy for wasting their time.

Feeling pressured, Fundy placed a lever on a random tree and told Tubbo that he just had to flick the lever in order to get the pickaxe. Tubbo cautiously flicked the lever and quickly pearled away. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was a trick, as nothing happened and he just ended up wasting a pearl. Fundy added that the pickaxe wasn't even under that tree in the first place. Tubbo and Purpled got even more annoyed, and Purpled began chasing after Fundy, remarking that he was done with him. (It is important to note that after searching for Tubbo in the club and not finding him, Tommy briefly joined the call in an attempt to get a hold of him. He immediately left due to the very loud nature of the call.)

Purpled and Tubbo chasing after Fundy.

Nevertheless, Fundy broke his own bluff and told Tubbo where the pickaxe was actually hidden. At that moment, Tubbo retrieved his pickaxe and decided to chase after Fundy in order to kill him one last time. While Tubbo and Purpled chased after Fundy, Tommy joined the call and asked who he was meant to kill. Tubbo did not reply to his question, as he was successful in killing Fundy. It appeared that Tubbo's work was done.

However, Tommy was confused as to why everyone was swearing and yelling at each other, so he continued running until he found Tubbo. Unsure of what to do, Tommy killed Purpled right as Tubbo proclaimed him as an ally. Irritated, Tubbo asked Tommy why he couldn't have just made friends for once. Tommy argued that he was not told who to kill, so he killed the first person he saw. Purpled proceeded to proclaim that Tommy made a big mistake, and would regret the day he killed him. Tommy worryingly ignored his taunts, as he already had plenty of problems on his plate. Fundy returned to the battleground and picked up Purpled's stuff, to which Tommy and Tubbo left the call shortly after.

Since Fundy had all of his stuff, Purpled asked if he could get it back. Fundy instead decided to call it a day and head off on his own way. Purpled clearly wanted his possessions, so he tried hitting Fundy with his fist. Purpled began to run from Fundy once he realized that he would be no match, since he had virtually nothing on him. Purpled started insisting that they were friends and that they were cool with each other. Fundy replied by stating that they were big neutrals, killing him at that exact moment as well. After some kind banter that was lightly layered with passive aggressiveness, they both stated that they were the "best of friends." Fundy then left the call, still having Purpled's items. Immediately, Purpled proclaimed that he was going to murder Fundy on sight. As he began getting geared, he stated how the server would miss the days when he was indifferent about the chaos and war that went on. Purpled searched for a considerable amount of time, but this searching was proven to be fruitless, as he was unable to find Fundy. Purpled decided to fight this battle another day.

Purpled's Pit Fall Trap

Purpled streamed himself making a trap under the socializing club using a 2x2 piston trapdoor activated by tripwire. The trap itself was a large pit fall underneath the club, including backwards oak stairs on the walls and floor to prevent victims from pulling off an MLG water trick, and buttons on the walls to prevent a block clutch. The only way to escape was using an ender pearl (which would require very quick reflexes) or Feather Falling boots with a high level enchant, which none of the victims possessed. Purpled died twice setting up the trap itself. Tommy fell into the trap shortly after starting his stream, and after an angry reaction, tried to retrieve his stuff, which led to him falling in again. Later, Purpled asked if anyone on the server had a spare blaze powder, which Fundy had. Tommy realized that this would be a perfect opportunity for revenge, and since he disabled the trap, he thought it would be okay for Fundy to meet with Purpled at the socializing club. Fundy ended up being tricked into falling in the trap, not realizing Purpled re-enabled it. After some bickering, Dream came to see what was going on, and pushed Purpled into the trap. Shortly after, Dream ended up falling in the trap as well. This led to everyone's stuff being mixed up, and it caused Tommy to steal Purpled's pickaxe and Dream's netherite sword. Eventually, all parties agreed to return all of the items to their rightful owners, ending the conflict.

End of spoiler warning.


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