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The daily events and activities of the Dream SMP. The current era is the Counteraction Era.

Timeline eras

Early Dream SMP Arc

BT (Before Tommy)

  • Era dates: April 24, 2020 (server creation) — July 4, 2020 (Tommy joins)

The “Before Tommy Era” was the beginning of the Dream SMP. In the beginning, the server was introduced as the survival world and only composed of the Dream Team and a few close friends. Everyone lived close to each other and the Community House was the core of the server.

AT (After Tommy)

  • Era dates: July 4, 2020 (Tommy joins) — July 24, 2020 (Drug empire creation)

The “After Tommy Era” saw a huge growth of members, nearly doubling the amount of the Before Tommy Era. As a result, the SMP had many more well-known events and builds than before. During this era, The Disc Saga and The Socializing Club Conflict took place. Historical builds during this era include Tommy's House, Punz's house, Purpled's Space Ship, Eret's castle, Tubbo's old house, and Jungle base, and many more.

During this period, nine new members joined the server: Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, Punz, Purpled, Wilbur, Schlatt, Skeppy and Eret.

L'Manberg Independence Arc

  • Era dates: July 24, 2020 - September 22, 2020

The L'Manberg Independence Arc is the second major arc to take place on the Dream SMP, following the Early Dream SMP Arc. It focused on the foundation of the first independent faction of the server, L'Manberg, and its separation from the Greater Dream SMP, as well as its beginnings as a full nation. This was the first arc to feature the roleplay aspects the server has become known for.

The War for L'Manberg Independence

The “War for L'Manberg's Independence” was an era of war between Dream SMP and L'Manberg. A new nation of L'Manberg was created after being tired of the Dream SMP thwarting drug trade that L'Manberg's economy relied on. War broke out after Dream refused to give L'Manberg independence. Many battles were fought, and members of the server were split. Historical builds were built in L'Manberg during this era included the Camarvan and L'Manberg Wall.

After L'Manberg War

  • Era dates: August 3, 2020 — September 2, 2020

The “After L'Manberg War” was an era of L'Manberg growth and the establishment of the religion Church Prime and Holy Land occurred. Jack Manifold and Nihachu joined L'Manberg, and many new buildings were built near L'Manberg by L'Manbergians. The era also saw the addition of Quackity and Karl, sparking new building projects on the Greater Dream SMP. In addition, a war between Sapnap and Fundy known as The Pet War also occurred, and an incident where Tommy ran over Dream with a minecart led to The Railway Skirmish.

The L'Manbergian Election

  • Era dates: September 3, 2020 (Election is declared) — September 22, 2020 (Election results)

The L'Manbergian Election was an era of campaigning, mainly between SWAG2020 and POG2020, for the presidency of L'Manberg. The election was originally started by Wilbur and Tommy to consolidate power, but Quackity and George entered the race. Late in the election, two third parties also joined the race for presidency.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

Electoral Fallout

  • Era dates: September 22, 2020 (Election results, Tommy & Wilbur are exiled) — September 23, 2020

The Electoral Fallout occurred following The L'Manbergian Election. After POG2020's loss, L'Manberg saw a huge power shift and was rebranded to Manberg under the new leadership of Jschlatt. The power shift in L'Manberg and the banishment of Wilbur and Tommy sparked a rebellion, and many plots to overthrow Schlatt were developed. Jschlatt also revealed more plans to remove what was left of L'Manberg, and most notably, the burning of the L'Manberg flag happened.

A New Era

  • Era dates: September 23, 2020 — October 8, 2020 (Festival announcement)

The New Era saw the return of some original members and some growth in each faction. Members were divided and continued preparing for what was to come. Internal conflict within Manberg developed after Quackity failed to please Schlatt. Ninja visited the server for a day, and Andrea Botez was allowed on the server after winning against George in a chess match. The War of the Burning Eiffel Tower occurred during this era following the death of Henry. The Dreamon Invasion also occurred during this era, starting The Dreamon Hunter business. In addition, MrBeast had a $10,000 Taco Bell gift card hidden on the server, which many members sought to find.

The Manberg Festival

  • Era dates: October 8, 2020 (Festival announcement) — October 16, 2020 (Red Festival)

The Manberg Festival Era was an eventful era where Manberg hosted a festival to celebrate democracy. This era includes the planning and the event itself. The Manberg Festival caused a shift in the opinions of the Jschlatt Administration. The Dreamon Hunters' business also expanded with a newly built base to conduct Dreamon hunting business.

Festival Aftermath

  • Era dates: October 16, 2020 (Red Festival) — November 6, 2020 (Manberg vs Pogtopia War announcement)

The Festival Aftermath was an era of questioning alliances and a major disturbance in the Jschlatt Administration. New structures and schemes were formed, and events such as the Dreamon Hunter Invasion and Ponk's Experiment occurred in lieu of the ongoing Manberg Rebellion.

Multiple builds were started; the Dream SMP Historical Museum, Atlantis (also called L'Mantis, L'Hole Sitnalta, and Casa de Hole), Ponk's Thiccatron, and the Haunted Mansion.

Manberg-Pogtopia War Era

  • Era dates: November 6, 2020 (Manberg vs Pogtopia War announcement)—November 16, 2020 (Manberg vs Pogtopia War)

The Manberg-Pogtopia War Era is the era revolving around the rise of Pogtopian and formerly L'Manbergian/Manbergian citizens against Jschlatt and Dream during the Manberg Rebellion. War has taken place, with the Pogtopians victorious. The Pogtopians reformed L'Manberg, but at a cost. Most of the land was blown up from the large amounts of TNT under L'Manberg after Wilbur pressed the button, and Technoblade betrayed Pogtopia due to his standards of destruction and anarchy not being fulfilled. Technoblade added on to the destruction by adding withers to the TNT. At the end of the day however, L'Manberg was reformed as a democratic nation and Pogtopia, the Slums, the railway to Pogtopia, the museum, and the cat cafe were annexed into L'Manberg territory, giving L'Manberg vast resources and territory to put it on par with the Greater Dream SMP. This era has also taken the final canon lives of two SMP members, Wilbur Soot and Jschlatt.

Retribution Arc

Reconstruction Era

  • Era dates: November 16, 2020 (Manberg vs Pogtopia War) — December 4, 2020 (Tommy's exile)

The Reconstruction Era follows the Manberg-Pogtopia War Era. The L'Manbergians must rebuild from the ruins that are left from the destruction of the past era. The Tubbo Administration has re-established peace in the territories of L'Manberg. Technoblade has been banished far into a tundra forest. However, there is also the looming threat of the Badlands and Dream SMP. Tommy, who refused the presidency of L'Manberg, is on a mission to reclaim his discs while having to face the consequences of being Vice-President.

During this period, like every other post-war era, six new members have joined the server: Ph1lzA, ConnorEatsPants, CaptainPuffy, Vikkstar123, LazarBeam, and Ranboo. Lazar and Vikkstar formed Boomerville, Ranboo joined L'Manberg, and the other members remained independent.

Post-Banishment Era

  • Era dates: December 4, 2020 (Tommy's exile) — December 16, 2020 (Technoblade's execution)

The Post-Banishment Era is an era of broken relationships and retribution. TommyInnit is once again banished, forming Logstedshire with the ghost of Wilbur Soot. L'Manberg has turned into a communist "utopia" ready to fight and defend the little things they have left. The nation strives to make alliances and good relations with the rest of the server to fight against Technoblade. Another faction, Mexican L'Manberg, was also created during this era, with Quackity being the president. After a political protest and some conflict, they were finally recognized as an independent nation, and renamed themselves to El Rapids. The mysterious blood vines develop during this era.

Vengeance Era

  • Era dates: December 16, 2020 (Technoblade's execution) — January 6, 2021 (Doomsday War)

The Vengeance Era is an era starting after Technoblade's execution. Technoblade and Tommy begin a reluctant alliance to reclaim Tommy's discs and for Techno to take revenge on L'Manberg. After the failed execution, the Butcher Army of L'Manberg plots to assassinate Dream by hosting a new festival, along with a $100K Taco Bell Gift Card challenge from MrBeast.

Disunion Era

  • Era dates: January 7, 2021 — January 20, 2021 (Disc Confrontation)

The Disunion Era is the next step in society for the Dream SMP. L'Manberg is defeated and dissolved after the Doomsday War; the Dream SMP asserts dominance. As the ex-L'Manbergians go their different ways, the world enters into a fragile peace while TommyInnit and his remaining followers prepare to have another battle against Dream. Ghostbur recruits multiple powerful members into a small team to study the art of necromancy, planning to test it out on dead members of the SMP, primarily himself. The Badlands begin phase two of their grand plan to assert dominance over the server now that L'Manberg has been destroyed. Quackity begins to establish the roots of society, politics, and diplomacy.

Empowerment Arc

Imprisonment Era

  • Era dates: January 20, 2021 (Disc Confrontation) — February 21, 2021 (Pandora's Vault lockdown)

The Imprisonment Era is the era after Dream is imprisoned in Pandora's Vault after the events of the Disc Confrontation. The server enters a new dawn where the members would be free of fear from Dream. Meanwhile, with Dream in prison, the Badlands becomes the most powerful faction on the server and forms a coalition titled Eggpire with other server members to release the Egg to invade the weakened Dream SMP. Jack Manifold and Nihachu gain control of nukes and plan to kill Tommy with them. The beginnings of a capitalist and entertainment-based society take root, as Awesamdude and Quackity form a business partnership to take control of the newly formed economic system.

Prison Lockdown Era

  • Era dates: February 21, 2021 (Pandora's Vault lockdown) — March 1, 2021 (Tommy's death)

The Prison Lockdown is the era following the Imprisonment Era. Following the security incident at Pandora's Vault, TommyInnit is locked into the prison alongside Dream. Awesamdude increases prison security, hiring more guards. With the absence of Tommy, Jack Manifold takes over the Big Innit Hotel, renames it the "Big Jack Manifold Hotel," and forms a partnership with Quackity, who is also starting a business in an attempt to gain power. After being locked in prison with Dream for a week, Tommy eventually loses his last canon life after being punched to death by Dream.

Mourning Era

  • Era dates: March 1, 2021 (Tommy's death) — March 12, 2021 (Tommy's prison release)

The Mourning Era is the era following Tommy's third canon death in Pandora's Vault. The members of the SMP mourn (or in some cases, celebrate) Tommy's death in different ways, and build various things in his memory as some of them try to figure out the reason behind the events that led to his death whilst not knowing Tommy was revived. This era also begins the union of The Syndicate; a group being assembled by Technoblade & Philza. Ranboo, Niki, and another unknown user are among the first to be recruited.

Post-Lockdown Era

  • Era dates: March 12, 2021 (Tommy's prison release) — April 25, 2021 (Red Banquet)

The Post-Lockdown Era is the era following Tommy's release from Pandora's Vault. The members of the SMP are no longer dealing with Tommy's death as they discover he has been resurrected. Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo begin to plan to kill Dream, and Quackity begins his attempts to revive Jschlatt. Jack Manifold attempts to get hired as a prison guard in his continued attempts to kill Tommy, and an unknown person causes a nuclear weapon to go missing from Snowchester. Kinoko Kingdom also begins to expand, and George has his first involvement in lore. The Eggpire also hosts the Red Banquet for all members of the server.

Banquet Aftermath Era

  • Era dates: April 25, 2021 (Red Banquet) — May 22, 2021 (Las Nevadas episode 3)

The Banquet Aftermath Era is the era of following the events of the Red Banquet. After losing control of the Egg at the banquet, the Eggpire is sent away to regroup and plan their next move, whilst those who oppose the Egg plan on locking it away in a vault for good. Quackity, with the help of Sam, continues his quest to gain the knowledge from the Book of Necromancy from Dream by any means necessary. Ranboo continues to learn about his Enderwalk State, and runs experiments on himself to learn more. Tommy and Tubbo are on a quest to kill Dream, yet Tommy accidentally gets Ghostbur killed by Dream and Wilbur revived using the Book of Necromancy. With a nuke missing from Snowchester, Tubbo, Foolish, and Jack plan to find it as soon as possible to prevent mass destruction. Away from the main storyline, we are shown glimpses of the near future as BadBoyHalo starts a country created after the end of the Egg in Foolish's summer house called L'Sandberg that finds itself involved in various claims of leadership and conflict. Michaelmcchill joined during this time.

Las Nevadas Era

  • Era dates: May 22, 2021 (Las Nevadas episode 3) - September 14, 2021 (Technoblade's escape)

The Las Nevadas Era is the sixth era of the Empowerment Arc that follows the events of the third episode of Las Nevadas. Foolish, Purpled, and Fundy consider the offer to join the country of Las Nevadas put forth by Quackity. Tubbo and Ranboo investigate Las Nevadas and develop surveillance in an effort to protect Snowchester. Ranboo continues to learn about his Enderwalk state running experiments on himself to learn more. Awesamdude continues building his bank while assisting Quackity with efforts to take out Dream and Technoblade. Technoblade returns from his vacation and visits Dream for the first time, where Awesamdude then locks him in with Dream. Tommy catches up with Wilbur as Wilbur plans a visit to Dream. Away from the main storyline, we are shown more glimpses of the near future of the conflict in L'Sandberg. Soon after, Wilbur creates a hamburger van and recruits Ranboo to work in the van with him. Quackity then hires Tubbo to work the restaurant in Las Nevadas, with Tubbo signing a contract Quackity provides to make the cookie outpost a part of Las Nevadas.

Breakout Era

  • Era dates: September 14, 2021 (Technoblade's escape) - November 28, 2021 (Dream's escape)

The Breakout Era is the seventh era of the Empowerment Arc and follows Technoblade's escape from Pandora's Vault. Technoblade prepares for revenge. Awesamdude investigates security flaws and the escape. Quackity prepares Las Nevadas for war. The finale of Las Nevadas premieres, ending Las Nevadas Season 1 of Las Nevadas as Slimecicle dies by Purpled during his betrayal of Las Nevadas.

Legacy Arc

Freefall Era

  • Era dates: November 28, 2021 (Dream's escape) - January 29, 2022 (Sam's imprisonment)

The Freefall Era is the first era of the Legacy Arc and covers the period of chaos, paranoia, and division following the aftermath of Dream's escape from prison; including the execution of Ranboo, the revelation that Punz had been secretly working from Dream since his imprisonment, and Purpled's decision to betray Las Nevadas and kill Slimecicle in pursuit of the Resurrection Book. Meanwhile, Tommy grows more paranoid of Dream's prison break, and warns people of the danger of Dream. Away from the main lore, the server also updates to 1.18.

Counteraction Era

  • Era dates: January 29, 2022 (Sam's imprisonment) - present

The Counteraction Era is the second era of the Legacy Arc following the imprisonment of Awesamdude and Dream's claim as the warden of Pandora's Vault. Meanwhile, Technoblade, Tubbo, and Eret (under the name The Revengers) go on a mission to save MICHAEL, Tubbo and Ranboo's son, they succeed and he was taken to Ranboo's house. Sapnap, on a mission to hunt Dream, finds the Death Book and meets DreamXD. BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, and Foolish Gamers continue their prank war.

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