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After L'Manberg War is an era of L'Manberg growth and the establishment of the religion Church Prime. In addition, the Railway Skirmish and The Pet War also occurred.


August 3, 2020

  • Thunder1408 (Jack Manifold) joins the server.[1]
  • Tommy and Tubbo extend the main wooden server path to lead from the embassy (Tommy's home) to L'Manberg.[2]
  • Dream bribes Jack in an attempt to sway him towards the Dream SMP side.
    • Dream donates more than $1,000 to Jack's stream, which leads to Jack killing Tommy and burning the items in Tommy's base.
    • Jack ultimately chooses to stick with his friends (Tommy and Tubbo) and join L'Manberg. However, he brings up the possibility of being a spy for the Dream SMP.
  • The people of L'Manberg start building their bases. Jack builds his house, Tubbo builds a dock and a space facility, and Niki, when she joins, will start working on a bakery.
  • Eret builds a giant cone-shaped watchtower on the edge of L'Manberg's borders that overlooks the area. Fundy performs several pranks on Eret's tower, which include shrinking the tower and filling it with water. Eret then builds an exact replica of the watchtower on the other side of L'Manberg, near Tubbo's space facility. He places obsidian pillars on each corner of both towers to prevent further griefing.
  • Eret fills Tubbo's dock area with wooden boats. Tubbo later removes most of these boats, but the remaining boats are occupied by hostile mobs (mostly creepers).

August 6, 2020

  • Dream disables phantoms on the server, which increases the value of phantom membranes.
  • Tommy, Tubbo, Jack, and Quackity (still yet to join the server) start a drug cartel and attempt to steal all the phantom membranes in the server.[3]
  • Nihachu (Niki) joins the server and joins L'Manberg.[4]

August 9, 2020

  • Wilbur and Tommy build a park in L'Manberg to attract tourists (mainly drug dealers). The only attractions are a drug pond and a bent stone alleyway (Pufferfish Alleyway), which they use in an attempt to scam Dream out of diamonds. They also make a trade deal with PPA (Ponk, Purpled, and Alyssa).[5][6]

August 10, 2020

  • Wilbur and Dream compete in a pub quiz made by Tubbo to figure out who has a higher IQ. Wilbur wins.[7][8]
  • Fundy plays tic tac toe with Eret.[9]
    • He then walks around the SMP speaking German with Niki.
    • Fundy and Niki prank Tommy's base (the L'Manberg Embassy) by giving it a Nether makeover.[10]

August 11, 2020

  • Fundy builds the Outdoor theatre stage near the Watch tower.[11]
    • This stage is only used once to perform renditions of "Macbeth" and "Hamilton". Tubbo, Tommy, and Fundy attempt to start a theatre company, which quickly falls apart.[12][13]
  • Skeppy rejoins the server and builds his house at the end of the wooden path.
  • Dream fixes Tommy's house from Fundy and Niki's Nether makeover.[14]
  • Skeppy trades Dream the leather of Dream's dead horse Spirit in exchange for Tommy's prized music disc Cat.[15]
  • Ponk searches for his bee named "Cat."
  • Meanwhile, Fundy and Jack Manifold use a loophole in the Dutch law to build a house above Eret's throne to gain kingship, as well as possession of the gold blocks.[16]
    • Fundy steals Punz's bee named Beenis by breaking the beehive with a silk touch pickaxe and placing it in his enderchest.
    • Fundy then shows Eret several different redstone doors at their tower, and shows them the theater stage.
    • He shows them the house he and Jack built above Eret's throne. Eret points out that the law they used only applies in the Netherlands, and that they are the one with the crown. They also build a small house at build limit height above Fundy and Jack's house to reclaim the throne.
    • Fundy puts on a skin with a crown to counter Eret's point about being the one to wear the crown.
    • Fundy, Eret, Punz and Tubbo head to court to hold a trial, as Punz believes Fundy killed Beenis. Tubbo creates his alter ego named "Big Law"[17] and ends up ruling that Fundy needs to apologize to Punz. He does, and they head back to the castle.
    • Big Law rules that Eret's house at build limit is actually a ship and therefore does not grant them possession of the throne, and instead declares Fundy and Jack kings.

August 14, 2020

  • Dream hosts a $5000 Deal or No Deal event on the server.
    • The contestants are George, Tubbo,[18] Purpled,[19] Punz, Sapnap, Eret, and Tommy.[20]
    • The event is held in a wooden house close to Skeppy's house.
  • Tommy and Tubbo explore around the server.[21]
    • They find Ponk's abandoned Project Snowzone build and dub it the "staircase to heaven".
    • They discover that Eret has a beacon, and attempt to steal it.
    • Tubbo's alter ego named Big Law makes another appearance.[22]
  • Tommy starts building a cobblestone railway in the sky but never completes it.

August 17, 2020

  • Ponk builds his third lemon tree relatively close to Dream's base and Skeppy's house. He extends the wooden path to branch off towards the new tree.
  • King’s Court is built in the sky by Tubbo. It connects to Tommy's unfinished sky railway.
  • Tommy builds walls around spawn to trap new players. In a later stream, these walls are built even higher by Dream, George, and Sapnap in an effort to trap Ponk.
  • Quackity joins the server.[23]
    • Quackity starts building his wooden mansion but never completes it.
  • Tommy builds a holiday home near L'Manberg, where his pet cows, mainly Henry, reside.[24] He also makes a railway from the holiday home to his original base (the L'Manberg Embassy).[25]
  • Ponk griefs Skeppy's house by filling it with wooden doors and frames Tommy. BadBoyHalo removes half of the doors in a later stream.
  • Tommy accidentally runs over Dream with a minecart, starting the Railway Skirmish.[26]
  • During this, Dream kills Tommy's horse, Horsechamp.
  • Ponk takes over The Socializing Club and turns it into weapons and essential oils shop. He mines tunnels and rooms behind the club that leads to an underground area with a lemon tree shrine, which he calls "Mother Citrus."
    • In a later stream, Tubbo and Fundy temporarily turn the shop into a gamer supplements store without Ponk's knowledge.

August 19, 2020

  • Purpled begins to build a Walmart and car park near the Socializing Club.[27]
    • Jack decides to build a Tesco in the sky right above Walmart to overshadow it.
    • Purpled and Jack never complete their builds.
    • Fundy converts the floor of the Walmart to magma blocks.

August 23-24, 2020

  • Dream, Tommy, Quackity, and Tubbo start a new religion dedicated to Twitch Prime.[28][29]

August 25, 2020

  • Sapnap tortures and kills Fundy and Niki's fox, Fungi, sparking The Pet War. He also kills one of Tommy's pet cows, Harold, outside of the holiday home.
    • Tommy kidnaps Beckerson and Mars, Sapnap's fish. He manages to get his Mellohi disc back from Dream after a series of scams. Skeppy is still in possession of his other disc, Cat.[31]

August 26-30, 2020

  • Karl Jacobs joins the server.
  • Tommy builds The Therapy Room in the hill below Punz's front yard. It is hidden behind vines and can be accessed from the main wooden path.
    • It is later used by Tommy, Quackity, Karl, and Tubbo. Ponk, with a new doctor persona (and matching skin), takes ownership of the Therapy Room.
  • Fundy makes a large multi-colored sheep farm to collect stacks of wool in the hopes of a Skittles sponsorship.
  • Eret removes all of the torches in L'Manberg and builds a giant cobblestone slab above the city to plunge the entire area into darkness and allow mobs to spawn.
    • Tommy and Tubbo remove the slab in a later stream.
  • Tubbo accidentally kills Ponk's chicken Bebbles.
  • Dream remodels the Community House based on a post on his subreddit.
  • Over the next few streams, several pets belonging to members on both sides of The Pet War are either murdered or kidnapped.
    • Fundy gets Niki to kill Sapnap's fox, Sketchers. They make a grave for Fungi in L'Manberg that includes a diamond block.
    • Sapnap removes and destroys the diamond block in Fungi's grave. He also kills Fundy's pet Enderman in his cave base, which is witnessed by Dream, George, and Punz. Dream and Sapnap then relocate their pets from the community pet house to an undisclosed location.
    • Fundy kills Beenus, Punz's bee, after playing a guessing game with two beehives in Fundy's bee game.
  • Punz and Sapnap demolish Tubbo's discontinued iron golem farm.

August 31, 2020

  • Ponk kills Tubbo's pet dog with potions of harming as a response to Tubbo killing his chicken Bebbles.[32]
  • Fundy and Niki find the hiding spot of Dream and Sapnap's pets and take them hostage to another secret location. They adopt a bee and rename it Beelloon. They are forced to hide the bee in an obsidian bunker to protect it from Sapnap.
  • Sapnap kills the chickens in Niki's bakery and holds two of her fish hostage. He then makes Fundy watch him blow up Fungi's grave. Fundy challenges him to a duel afterward.
  • Fundy builds the Battle Arena near his tower in preparation for his duel against Sapnap.
  • The war concludes with Sapnap winning the final duel against Fundy. The two agree to move on and make amends. Sapnap returns Niki's fish as a sign of peace.

September 1, 2020

  • Tubbo, playing a new one of his characters named "Big Crime," burns down Ponk's third lemon tree in retaliation for the death of his pet dog. Ponk logs on the next day and griefs Tubbo's jungle base.
  • Karl builds several structures, including Hutt's Pizza, a 'Harry Potter' house underneath a staircase to host weddings, a filming studio with a green screen, and his floating bamboo house next to Tommy's base.
  • Tubbo and Karl go on a quest to collect copies of all 13 music discs; they eventually get all of them except for Pigstep. Karl stores the discs in a secret chest in his house.
  • Fundy, Tubbo, and Karl have a dispute over stolen valuable items. Tommy is concerned that this may begin a civil war in L'Manberg and tells Fundy and Tubbo to sort out their differences. The situation defuses quickly after some negotiations are made.
  • Punz kills Karl's pet chicken, Nuggie, and all the other chickens in the "fishing hole" Karl made below his backyard.
  • BadBoyHalo sets up his residence in Punz's basement.
  • The Election Podium is built by Fundy, Niki, and Karl just outside of L'Manberg's walls.

September 3, 2020

September 10-21, 2020

  • Ponk builds his fourth lemon tree and establishes his new Nether-themed base, Lemon City. He erects black stone walls and begins a villager farm. He also develops an obsession with taming and killing cats, which he deems part of his new culture.
  • BadBoyHalo builds a floating statue of Dream near Tommy's base. Tommy logs on and burns it down because it blocks his view of the sunset. Bad later builds a rubber duck statue named 'Bubbles' made of concrete in its place. He also builds a statue of Fungi the fox with Eret's help near Fundy's base to memorialize the lost fox.
  • Karl and Sapnap get engaged and, with the help of Punz, build a wooden structure resembling the Eiffel Tower near Skeppy's house for their future honeymoon.


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