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Tommy. I am so, so sorry. Dream, I have come to the decision... That it would be best for this nation- The most logical thing to do... For Tommy to be exiled from L'Manberg.


Tommy's exile refers to TommyInnit's exile from the country of L'Manberg, beginning on December 4, 2020, as a result of the Exile Conflict. It is the second time he was exiled from the country, the first time by Jschlatt in the fallout of the election.

Although Tommy's exile technically never formally ended due to L'Manberg being destroyed, he was able to re-visit the country a few times illegally, and even fought to defend it on its final day in the Doomsday War.

Rules of Exile

  • Tommy was not to return to L'Manberg under any circumstances, or see any of his friends there. He could be visited and brought gifts by anyone who wished.
  • Tommy had to stay exiled within Logstedshire.
  • If Dream gave Tommy an order, such as to drop his armor, Tommy had to obey under the threat of death.
  • After the destruction of Logstedshire, Tommy was also banned from visiting the nether or from being visited by anyone.


Exile Conflict

After discovering that Tommy had robbed and burned down GeorgeNotFound's house with Ranboo, Dream began building a large obsidian wall around L'Manberg, attempting to pressure the country into exiling Tommy.

Tommy was put on trial a day later, and while he attempted to claim that he had done nothing, he also protected Ranboo by claiming he was uninvolved. He was initially given the punishment of being stripped of his Vice President status and put on probation. This was unsatisfactory for Dream, and three days later, a meeting was held featuring the L'Manberg cabinet, as well as Ranboo and ConnorEatsPants.

Although both Tommy and Dream agreed to strict probation, after the contract was signed, Tommy revealed that he had the remains of Spirit, his old horse. Under the threat of burning Spirit, Tommy attempted to force Dream to take down the walls that he was building around L'Manberg. Although Dream initially appeared compliant with the demands, this threat backfired, as Dream revealed that he had no more attachments to Spirit. He began building the walls even higher and demanded again that Tommy be exiled, giving L'Manberg the deadline of three days.

On the day of exile, Tubbo met up with the rest of the cabinet and initially agreed to stand against Dream and prevent Tommy's exile, deciding against going with the majority who voted in the Twitter poll. However, during the meeting, Tubbo apologized to Tommy, and agreed that the best decision for the nation would be exile. He asked Dream to escort Tommy out of the country, while not breaking eye contact with Tommy.

First Day

Shortly after the confrontation with Tubbo, Ghostbur appeared while Dream was escorting Tommy to the sea. He requested to join Tommy on "vacation", and got in the same boat as Tommy.

On the way to exile, they passed Tommy's vacation home, which Dream to detonated with TNT less than a minute later. Dream picked the spot for their new location, and asked them to hand over their items under threat of death. After exploding the items that were willingly handed over, he built them a small dirt house as shelter and left.

Initially, Tommy was whispered supportive messages by Ranboo and Quackity, saying that although they were on his side, they were unable to visit. Awesamdude physically visited, giving Tommy a pumpkin pie and saying that he could come visit if he ever needed a place to stay. Technoblade also physically visited after Ghostbur sent him the coordinates against Tommy's wishes.

Technoblade initially mocked Tommy, explaining that his words during the Manburg-Pogtopia war became true- Tommy had been exiled from his country despite giving up his own discs for its independence. He also laughed after Tommy explained his initial plan to him- to try and get him on his side to fight Dream. Eventually, Technoblade left, hinting that he may be open to an alliance to help Tommy reclaim his discs.

Founding Logstedshire

Tommy created the name Logstedshire with Ghostbur for the new settlement, after the prime log was placed. Tommy lived in Logstedshire until it was blown up by Dream on December 15, 2020.

Ghostbur gave Tommy a compass that always pointed to a lodestone in Tubbo's white house. Tubbo recieved a similar one that always pointed to Tommy's tent in Logstedshire.

Manipulation and abuse

Dream used Tommy's isolation during exile as a tool to manipulate him. He continuously forced Tommy to drop his valuable items, which were then blown up. If Tommy refused, Dream would beat him with an axe until he complied. Dream acted friendly and polite to Tommy, hanging out with him and making sure to emphasize he was the only one keeping him company. This caused Tommy to start seeing Dream in a more positive light despite his actions, and wrongly turn his blame away from Dream and onto Tubbo.

Eventually, Tommy began to see Dream as his only true friend, as everyone else was either only offering things out of pity or hated him. The most obvious case of manipulation took place during Tommy's failed beach party, after which Tommy started to believe that nobody truly cared for him.

The Failed Beach Party

Tommy made plans to host a beach party on December 9, 2020, at 10:30 EST, tasking Ghostbur with sending invitations. To encourage visitors, Tommy built a three-block-wide path made of obsidian and cobblestone leading from the main Dream SMP portal to Logstedshire.

Unknown to Tommy, Dream sabotaged the invitations by intercepting Ghostbur. He lied to Ghostbur, saying the time had been changed, and asked him to hand over the invitations. Dream claimed that Ghostbur was not invited to the party, and that Tommy had told him to 'take a walk'. Ghostbur was left wandering aimlessly and did not encounter Tommy again until he started living with Technoblade.

As a result of Dream's interference, none of the invitations had been received, and Dream was the only attendee. Tommy expressed his frustration and hurt. He replaced part of the bridge he had built with a one-block wide bridge made of logs, stating that if anyone wanted to come see him it was fine, but they would have to 'make the fuckin' walk'.

Dream used Tommy's emotions to manipulate him further and cement his place as Tommy's 'only friend', claiming that "it's not like [the others] want [him] anyway", and that Tommy would "always have [him]". Dream informed Tommy that Tubbo's compass had been destroyed, with the implication that Tubbo had intentionally destroyed it. In a fit of anger, Tommy held his own compass over the lava in the nether. He stood conflicted about burning it for a moment, and decided against it after Dream asked Tommy to "sleep on it".

Afterwards, Dream gave Tommy a riptide trident to fly in the rain with, and Tommy joyfully declared his loneliness.

Declining Health

Throughout exile, Tommy's clothes became noticeably more beaten up and dirty, his hair became longer, and his eyes became significantly duller. Additionally, his mental state appeared to become worse as time went on.

Tommy began to express suicidal tendencies and a lot of traits generally associated with depression. The first notable moment was when Dream, Ghostbur, and Sapnap taunted Tommy in front of the L'Manberg portal about his inability to enter to see the Christmas tree. Tommy stared into the lava for a long time quietly, but was pushed away by Dream, who told him it was not his time to die "yet". Tommy's only response was a halfhearted "it's never my time to die."

His health was often very low, with Tommy showing little concern even when mobs or creepers were attacking him. His appetite was noticeably lower, with Tommy claiming he didn't feel hungry when his hunger bar was nearly depleted. He had much less energy, rarely sprinting or sounding happy. He also seemed to express a smaller range of emotions compared to his previous self, even at one point being unable to scream until a ghast threatened his life in the nether. In addition, Tommy claimed he rarely slept.


Jack Manifold

Jack Manifold wanted to visit Tommy in his exile and see how he was doing. Jack managed to get Tommy a gift and started crossing the Nether to find Logstedshire. Whilst crossing it he met Tommy who was also in the Nether and Jack stopped to talk to him and give Tommy his gift. However, Tommy broke the blocks underneath Jack causing him to fall down into the lava. Jack continuously tried to get back up, stating he had come to visit Tommy and had a gift. Tommy stopped Jack from getting up and shot him with a crossbow before breaking even more blocks. Due to this, Jack fell into a huge pool of lava and Tommy took his second canon life. However, Tommy didn't know it was a canon life, and remains under the impression it was non-canon.

Tommy returned to Logstedshire and realized that killing Jack didn't make him feel better at all. He called Jack back to apologize, but Jack, furious, refused to accept it, and tried to kidnap Hotter Girl to take revenge. Tommy, however, just said he didn't care and walked away, at which point Jack, extremely unnerved, returned to the Dream SMP.

Mexican Dream

On December 13, 2020, Mexican Dream visited Tommy in exile. He built a house in Logstedshire with Mamacita. MD gave Tommy some pictures of Tubbo for him to "remember the good old days". Tommy wept over these pictures while MD comforted him and offered drugs. During this time, MD lost his first canon life while protecting Mamacita.

MD lost his second canon life at the hands of Dream by taking a bullet for Juan Mendez. Juan Mendez was immediately shot again afterwards, leading to MD challenging Dream. Dream took MD's final canon life in the duel, much to the distress of Tommy.

Tommy created a monument in Logstedshire to honour MD's death.


In a non-canonical stream on December 14, Drista met up with Tommy again, attempting to kill him with lava while in creative mode.

Drista brought Tommy to see the Dream SMP again despite his exile. Dream refused initially, but relented after Drista continuously threatened to stab his eyes with a fork at Tommy's urging. The two were given a visitor's time limit of 40 minutes. At the L'Manberg portal, Punz attempted to stop them from passing, while Drista attempted to defend Tommy.

During the visit, Tommy and Drista walked around the Dream SMP, and on the prime path. While visiting, the two encountered Quackity, Technoblade, Awesamdude, and Tubbo. Drista spawned a lot of dogs for Tommy and herself to tame, although many died later to Sam's 'Thorns' armour after she hit him. Sam was forced to leave to avoid being /kill'd. Drista gave Technoblade and Tommy each a piece of bedrock, and accidentally gave Punz a shulker box. Drista also played pigstep for Tommy at the bench, which he unsuccessfully attempted to steal.

Drista built her name out of bedrock in Logstedshire.

Logstedshire's Destruction

Tommy's worst condition was during his final day in Logstedshire, with his clothes being the most beat up and his eyes being the most dull.

During Dream's visit, Tommy's secret chest underneath Ghostbur's shack was discovered, and Dream retaliated by blowing up the entirety of Logstedshire, destroying all of Tommy's items, barring him from the Nether until further notice and banning Tommy from having any visitors.

After Dream left, Tommy began building a large tower in order to commit suicide. Before going through with it however, he thought on the nature of Dream's 'friendship'. Tommy realized that Dream was not the friend he pretended to be, that he was just there to watch him suffer, and jumped safely into some water. He left Logstedshire, knowing that Dream would be unable to tell where he went.

Unknowingly to Tommy, Tubbo would later discover the tower, and believe that he had committed suicide. Tubbo initially planned to hold a funeral, believing Tommy to be dead. Ghostbur also reportedly discovered Logstedshire's blown-up state later.

Living with Technoblade

After making the decision to abandon Logstedshire, Tommy navigated to Technoblade's cabin in a nearby snowy biome, having known its location due to visiting it prior. He planned to live underneath Technoblade and survive by stealing his supplies.

He was quickly discovered, and was given the ultimatum to either leave or assist Techno with his revenge on L'Manberg. The two formed an uneasy alliance and agreed to help each other; Tommy to reclaim his discs, Techno to get revenge by committing "minor terrorism" in L'Manberg (though Techno's plan was to destroy L'Manberg completely, he kept Tommy in the dark about this until the day before the Green Festival. Techno would make true on his promise to protect Tommy, lying to Dream about his whereabouts, and even defending him during the first confrontation at the L'Manberg portal. The alliance also had the goal to commit "minor terrorism" within L'Manberg, which was accomplished through hostages and withers.

While living with Technoblade, Tommy's mental state began to show some signs of recovery, although the immediate effects of Dream's manipulation were very visible. Tommy made many contradictory statements about Dream, saying he hated and feared Dream one moment, then claiming Dream was his friend the next, much to Technoblade's confusion. Tommy claimed he didn't like to think about it hard, because he got confused.

Dream visited Technoblade's cabin three different times in order to search for Tommy, with Tommy being in the cabin for two of the three visits. Both times, Tommy consumed an invisibility potion and hid in a small box of spruce trapdoors. During Dream's visits, Tommy consumed a large amount of gapples and coughed a lot. He also attempted to get a better view of Dream, despite knowing that he would be put in further danger by doing so.

During the first visit, Dream informed Technoblade with Tommy overhearing that L'Manberg assumed Tommy was dead. Dream claimed he knew otherwise due to finding some trees that Tommy had chopped down a short distance away from Logstedshire, as well as not finding any dropped items on the ground.

During the second visit, Ghostbur attempted to cover for Tommy, but accidentally revealed Dnret and that the 'to-do list' was written by Tommy. Tommy attempted to get very close to see Dream, at one point standing right behind him while invisible.

During the final visit, Tommy was absent entirely, and Dream confronted Technoblade about all of the evidence that Tommy had been there. He directly asked about the 'to-do' list and the cobblestone tower, while Technoblade continued to deny Tommy's involvement. Dream eventually left after Technoblade pestered him with questions about his residence.

Tommy and Techno began to grow closer despite their insistance at a strictly 'business' relationship, and the two traded gifts on Christmas day, with Techno gifting Tommy a disc and a turtle helmet. Tommy even sat on a bench to listen to a disc with Techno and Ranboo.

Technoblade took Tommy on frequent visits to L'Manberg. Tommy assisted Techno in committing 'minor terrorism', forming the hound army, and gaining diplomatic leverage in order to reclaim Technoblade's weapons. During one of the visits where Tommy helped in taking Connor hostage as leverage against L'Manberg, Tommy saw Tubbo in person for the first time since his exile. Tommy expressed his frustrations about Tubbo's lack of visits, while Tubbo remained shocked at the fact that Tommy was alive. Tommy refused to listen to Tubbo, and returned to the nether portal after Technoblade's rocket launcher and pickaxe were returned. Before the two could enter, they encountered Dream.


Dream revealed he had obtained Tommy's Cat disc from Skeppy. He attempted to force Tommy to come with him by threatening to burn the disc, but Technoblade intervened to protect Tommy and stood between them, stating that Tommy was a 'business partner'. He added that they were working for mutual benefit, and Dream could not take Tommy unless he wanted to cash in 'his favour'. When Tommy asked about the 'favour', Technoblade ignored him.

Dream yielded, claiming that he had something in mind for the favour. Tommy swore at Dream, telling him to "go to hell" and to "go fuck [himself]". He was proud of successfully standing against Dream, and expressed his realizations that Dream was simply manipulating him and was never his friend. Techno and Tommy returned to the cabin.

The Green Festival

Tommy and Techno discovered the date of the planned festival after interrogating Fundy and Ranboo. They attended in secrecy with the intent of gathering intel as well as completing their usual objectives.

After Dream arrived and showed the destroyed Community House to Tubbo, claiming it as Tommy's doing, Dream attempted to pressure Tubbo into giving up Mellohi. Tubbo was hesitant, but was interrupted by Tommy revealing himself before he could make a decision. Tommy began to argue with Tubbo about his innocence in blowing up the community house, and his exile.

During the argument, Tommy realized that he had become someone who he "didn't want to be", and asked Tubbo to give Dream the disc. After Dream allied with Technoblade and announced his planned attack in 21 hours, Tubbo and Tommy agreed they would talk later, and put aside their differences to fight in the Doomsday War.

The festival was technically the final day of Tommy's exile, as he returned to living in his old house adjacent to L'Manberg afterwards. His exile has not been enforced since, and L'Manberg no longer exists as a country or government.


  • The exile, and most notably Dream's abuse during it, severely damaged Tommy's mental health. He remains traumatized by Dream's actions, and has admitted to having a continued fear of lava, heights, and holes in the ground. Additionally, he is very uncomfortable when Dream begins to talk "nicely" to him, and this discomfort was visible during Tommy's visit to Pandora's vault due to Dream's odd behaviour during it.
  • For a long time afterwards, notably while living with Technoblade, Tommy expressed confused emotions about Dream. His first instincts were often to call to Dream for help when he was in danger. Additionally, Tommy sometimes expressed a wish to see Dream, calling him a "friend" despite also trying to hide from him. When confronted by Technoblade about his contradictory nature, Tommy claimed that Dream hurt to think about, and that it made him confused if he thought too hard. During one of his visits to Dream in prison, Tommy claimed he still felt "conditioned to be [Dream's] friend, but also when [he has] a knife, [he wants to] just plunge it into [Dream's] heart."
  • Whenever Dream was searching for Tommy in Technoblade's Cabin, Tommy would make noise by coughing, opening the door to the box so he could see, and eating golden apples. When asked by Technoblade in an annoyed manner about the 'gapple-eating', Tommy explained he needed the absorption effects from the food in case he was attacked. At one point, Tommy even left the safety of the box and cabin to see Dream up close.
  • Most of these habits - specifically his positive outlook on Dream - were eventually shaken after the confrontation at the Dream SMP portal. Tommy is now aware of Dream's manipulation, and has expressed anger and disgust for what happened to him.
  • Tommy has not openly talked his exile or its effects on him with anyone, although some members of the SMP have varying degrees of awareness on what Dream has done. During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy attempted to force Dream to admit to everyone who was present what he had done to Tommy in exile, but Dream remained silent.
  • While visiting Dream in Pandora's Vault, Tommy asked Dream to write some books as 'homework'. Most of them were silly and had the expected prompts ("A Guide on How To Get Girls"), but one book in particular simply asked "Why".
  • After his visit, Tommy cheerfully flew around the server with a trident, expressing his happiness and celebrating his newfound freedom from Dream.
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