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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the content creator who plays this character, see TommyInnit.



TommyInnit (Full name: Thomas Careful Danger Kraken Innit), more commonly known as Tommy, is the ninth member of The Dream SMP, joining on July 4, 2020. He was a founding member and former Vice President of L'Manberg, and a founding member of Pogtopia. During the Soot Administration and the Manberg Rebellion Arc, Tommy was most often seen as Wilbur Soot's right hand man, but after his death, Tommy was forced to work independently, normally asking Tubbo for help.

He is a neutral member on the server after his exile from L'Manberg by Tubbo, and he briefly assisted Technoblade after Logstedshire's destruction, though he returned to L'Manberg after having a moral dilemma. After Doomsday, Tommy returned to being a neutral member, and refused to settle down in Snowchester with Tubbo, preferring to avoid nation-based conflict.

Tommy's main goal on the server was to reclaim his discs from Dream as part of the Disc Saga. Following the Disc Confrontation, Tommy, along with Tubbo and the aid of the rest of the server members, defeated and imprisoned Dream in Pandora's Vault, with Tommy finally reclaiming and keeping his discs safe in his ender chest for now.

Tommy intended to retreat to a self-fulfilling lifestyle, and was hoping to capitalize on the server by hiring Awesamdude to make a hotel in his name. He was entrapped with Dream in the prison for at least a week because of a security issue that was brought up while he was visiting. However, after an argument about the Book of Necromancy not being real, it led to Dream killing Tommy, taking his final canon life. Two days later, Dream resurrected Tommy, restoring at least one of his canon lives, although his current amount of lives is unknown.

After Sam released Tommy from prison, Tommy saw Sam as unfit to be warden of the prison, and aimed to break into the prison to kill Dream once and for all. Tommy failed in this effort, causing Dream to revive Wilbur from the dead. Ever since then, Tommy has stuck by Wilbur's side, with the hope he could change for the better.

He served as the deuteragonist of the L'Manberg Independence Arc, however, ever since Wilbur's death, he has been considered to be the main protagonist of the Manberg Rebellion Arc, Retribution Arc, and the Disc Saga. He also plays a major role in the early stages of the Empowerment Arc.



Tommy is a human with ivory skin, blue eyes, and blond hair. He wears an iconic red-and-white t-shirt along with tan pants and white shoes. His skin overlay is a business suit identical to Jschlatt's.

As a member of L'Manberg during the L'Manberg War for Independence, Tommy wore the standard issue L'Manberg uniform. The uniform consisted of a blue blazer, red waist sash, white dress shirt, cream breeches, tall black boots, and a black-and-white tricorn hat.

During Exile

After being exiled from L'Manberg, his outfit stayed relatively the same but became more dirty and torn up as time passed. He had bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep. His hair was also longer, and his eyes were a duller blue.[10]

A week into being exiled, his eyes lost their blue radiance and were now almost a completely grey hue. His clothes were extremely ripped up, and even his sleeves were beginning to tear. His hair was messier and looked far more greasy.[11]

A week and a half passing after being exiled, his eyes were turning from a light shade of grayish blue to a darker grey. He had lost a shoe, his clothes were in an even worse shape, and the bags under his eyes were far more prominent.[12] He eventually recovered when taking shelter with Technoblade, until Tommy betrayed him and fought with L'Manberg.


There have been conflicting reports regarding Tommy's age, such as Wilbur stating his age to be around 20, but judging by the negotiations during the Exile Conflict describing conditions "until he turns 18," it can be determined that his character's age corresponds with his real-life age. Due to his time spent in the Afterlife, he is approximately three months older mentally. It has also been confirmed that Tommy is immune to the Egg, though it is unclear if this is due to a biological reason or not.


Main personality

Tommy has a chaotic, prideful personality, which often him into conflicts with other members. He also tends to be confident in himself and his own abilities. However, when he loses, he goes into a state of grief before recovering and picking fights again.

In a stark contrast to Dream, Tommy has shown a heavy theme of attachment and sentimentality. He cared deeply about his pet cow Henry, and is very protective of the people he cares about.[13][14][15][16][17][18] He also idolized Wilbur during the early L'Manberg days, becoming his second in command. His attachment to his music discs, especially Cat and Mellohi, was the driving force of the conflict known as the Disc Saga, and was also what Dream cited as his reason for realizing attachment was a weakness, causing Dream to cut all his own ties he had to the server.[19]

He also tends to make unusual comparisons when speaking to describe his emotions, such as comparing Wilbur to "a caterpillar that goes in through [someone's] ear and hatches a butterfly"[20] or calling exile as "a wiggly time in [his] life."[21]

L'Manbergian independence

Before the war, Tommy struggled with his dedication to L'Manberg. He took a while to decide whether he wanted to keep living in his house or in the new nation. By the end of the war, though, Tommy had dedicated himself to L'Manberg enough to give away his most prized possessions, the two discs 'Cat' and 'Mellohi', in order to secure L'Manberg's independence.[22]

After losing these discs, Tommy's ego deflated. He spent the period between the war and the elections building a holiday home with his pet cow Henry,[23] laying low and trying not to make conflict. However, he became involved in conflict that resulted in a struggle against Dream to reclaim his discs and the Railway Skirmish.[24]

Election and Manberg Rebellion

During the election, Tommy's morals became somewhat warped. He slandered Quackity, lied to Wilbur, murdered people for their votes, and generally did what he needed to gain votes. The loss of the election also led to his separation from his best friend, Tubbo.

During his banishment from L'Manberg, Tommy eventually realized he was forcing people away from him with his obnoxious and unhealthy behavior. While Tommy went through more phases where he caused trouble for attention, he learned more about the people he cared about. He realized that Wilbur had mentally suffered a lot, and tried several times to convince Wilbur not to give up hope and not to blow up L'Manberg. He discovered who his true allies were and continued to fight for them.

Tommy is still stubbornly loyal to what he believes in and the people he trusts, no matter how much things change. However, he learned to realize when he takes things too far and won't hesitate to stop others from harming his friends.


Following his exile from the Greater Dream SMP and L'Manberg, Tommy's main personality remained, but he grew from the state of shock the events had put him into. He began to show signs of depression and general declining mental health, similar to what Wilbur had expressed. At times, he hallucinated and saw visions of Tubbo, which only him and Ghostbur seemed able to see.[25][26] These were later confirmed to be hallucinations when Tubbo stated he had never been to Logstedshire.[27] After spending time with Dream and Ghostbur, he voiced that all he wanted was to be with civilization—to just socialize and experience the joys of life.

Confused by the pride and doubt that constantly stirred in his mind, Tommy had a desire to have others with him. He was terrified at the thought of being lonely, and even the thought of being without Dream. He became so desperate for the company of someone else to the point where he even considered forming a bond with Technoblade, who he'd long sworn as an enemy after Techno had killed Tubbo at the Manberg Festival.

Tommy's pride and ego also seemed to have lowered, resulting in him finding it hard to believe that Tubbo would ever visit him. As a result, he always shrugged visions of Tubbo off as a hallucination. He seemed to have grown attached to Dream, needing him as company, as he was always checking what Tommy was up to. He even stated that he "owed everything to Dream" and saw him as a friend.[28]

However, on December 15, after Dream had blown up Logstedshire, Tommy realized that Dream was only manipulating him and pretending to be his friend. He gained a new resolve, decided against taking his own life, and fled his exile. He stated that he was going to stand up against Dream.

Imprisonment Era

With Dream in prison and his discs recovered, Tommy seems much calmer and less ecstatic about most things, although he still retains most of his regular personality from before his exile. Tommy now also believes that nations are not for him, instead preferring to do things his own way.

Though after his visit with Dream and taking his final canon life then going to the Afterlife, it seems that he's grown fear towards the prison and the slightest thing that hurts him. Due to him being punched to death by Dream in the prison.


Tommy's pride and ego are often seen as parts of selfishness, where he obsessively tries to obtain what he sees as rightfully his with little regard to others' well-being. For example, he willingly gave up the discs to Dream in exchange for L'Manberg's independence,[22] but immediately planned to steal them back, as he still saw them as his. This selfishness tends to push people away or annoy people, as much of what he sees as "his" is stolen or belonging to a community.

Tommy also tends to be incredibly short-sighted, often charging into conflicts with little resembling a plan or consideration of consequences. This often lands him in deep trouble, where he suddenly becomes reliant on others to bail him out or protect him. As a result of this poor planning, he often comes up short on materials and tools, choosing to steal from others rather than get proper gear for himself. As an additive of this, Tommy often refuses to take accountability for his negative actions, despite making it glaringly obvious that he was the one who committed said action in the first place. His unwillingness to take responsibility for his actions can sometimes stoop as far as to gaslight other people.

Mental health

Pre-exile and after second exile

Tommy's mental health had unintentionally been a troublesome issue from the beginning of the fight for L'Manberg's independence, and it had been noticeably on a sharp decline after his second exile. After being exposed and forced into war and battles at a young age, it had been clear Tommy had a longing for the childhood that he and Tubbo lost. To gain back what had been taken away from him, he constantly attempted to substitute it with his discs, playing them on his bench while watching the sunset with Tubbo. In addition to the discs, he continuously committed various crimes with Tubbo. He believed they were mild and just for pure entertainment, but they nevertheless often lead to consequences.

During second exile

Tommy's exile was when his mental health came most prominently into question. He was distraught that Tubbo, who he saw as his best friend, not only placed him in exile but didn't visit him either. Ghostbur attempted to keep Tommy sane throughout most of the early parts of the exile, yet Tommy's mental state would continue to go downhill. Dream's manipulation and gaslighting enforcing Tommy's powerlessness and the absences of both Tubbo and L'Manberg were all factors which contributed to Tommy's mental decline. It got so severe that Tommy was implied to be considering suicide on multiple occasions.[29] During Quackity's visit on December 14, 2020, he went so far as to attempt to kill himself several times at even minor incidents.[30][31] He also generally engaged in self-destructive behavior, seeming to no longer care about keeping his health bar up, and would walk around on extremely low health,[32] even letting mobs hurt him without fighting back. He would also carry hay bales in the Nether to stop fall damage, but refuse to use them and land on the ground with extremely low health.[33][34][35] Tommy claimed to be unable to sleep at night, and often showed signs of sleepwalking when he could, often walking into the ocean and other bodies of water and being on the verge of drowning whenever he logged onto the server.[36][37] He described this to Quackity, and also said he "never woke up from the nightmare that was life."[38]

Tommy would often receive gifts from his friends from outside of exile.[39] However, Tommy would consistently insist that these gifts were out of pity and not genuine friendship.[40] This mindset contributed to Tommy's inevitable belief that no one cared about him, which was only further pushed by Dream, who insisted that this was true.

Tommy's friendships weren't the only thing that Dream manipulated. Dream negatively influenced Tommy in many ways. He sabotaged the beach party invites Ghostbur sent to the people of L'Manberg, acted as if he were Tommy's only friend, and almost daily would gather Tommy's gear and weapons to destroy them.[41][42] This was all a part of an elaborate plan to keep Tommy powerless, but since only Dream would keep Tommy company, he believed Dream to be his only friend, even saying that he owed everything to him.[28][43] He also had to endure gaslighting from Dream.[44]

Tommy also showed signs of post-traumatic stress. He stated that Wilbur inviting Tommy to be the "bad guys" during his spiral in Pogtopia was all he could think about as he tried to sleep.

He also later began to believe that he deserved to be exiled, and began speaking about "not having much time left" as if his days were numbered.[45]

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

After leaving Logstedshire to live with Technoblade, Tommy's mental health drastically improved, and he started to act similarly to the way he had done pre-exile. His skin returned back to normal, his eyes regained their color, and he found that he'd gotten back the "pep in his step." Tommy also began to mention how things like the lava no longer were affecting him. He openly said that he was aware Dream had been manipulating him during his time in Logstedshire, yet couldn't help but want to come back to him.

Though, despite his mental health vastly improving whilst living with Techno, he still appeared to hold some regret for deserting Dream, voicing that he wished to see him again. Tommy also still had repetitive issues with how he felt about Dream, stating that thinking about him confused him.[46] Later on, Tommy also stated that he "didn't like who he was around Dream."[47]

During this period, Tommy began to experience anxiety and PTSD-like symptoms when returning to locations that held trauma from his past. Tommy's thoughts tends to get disjointed, which showed when he talked—he often sounded panicked and confused. He described this to Techno as his "head getting all spinny," and relied on him to tell him what to do in these situations. When Techno showed Tommy where he'd been able to escape from after his attempted execution, Tommy was horrified to find that it was the Final Control Room.[48] This was the place where he and the other L'Manbergians had originally been betrayed by Eret. Tommy could barely explain anything when Techno repeatedly asked him what had happened—all he could manage to say was that he didn't want to be there. He was struck by a similar scenario when he and Techno traveled back to Logstedshire, and was unable to stay there for very long before needing to leave.[49][50]

Later, while visiting Dream, Tommy admitted that he had multiple triggers that relate to his various traumatic experiences in life. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Blackstone and blackstone bricks[51][52] (referencing the Final Control Room,[5][48] the L'Manberg Podium, Technoblade's vault, Dream's vault, and Pandora's Vault)
  • Lava (referencing his suicidal tendencies[29] during exile)
  • Plains biomes[49][50][53] (referencing the location of Logstedshire during his exile)
  • Heights (referencing the pillar he built on December 15, 2020, after the destruction of Logstedshire[54])
  • Small holes in the ground[55] (referencing Dream digging holes for Tommy to drop his armor in to during exile[41][42])
  • TNT (referencing the several detonations of L'Manberg during the L'Manberg Independence War,[56] Manberg vs Pogtopia War,[57] and the Doomsday War,[58] and Dream destroying Tommy's items during exile[41][42][59])
  • Small, closed spaces (due to general claustrophobia; however possibly also referencing the Final Control Room[48] hiding in Technoblade's basement/box,[60] and when he was locked in prison with Dream.)
  • Obsidian[52] (probably referencing the Doomsday in L'manberg and getting locked in prison)
  • Taking damage[61][62][52] (after getting punched to death by Dream in Pandora's Vault[9] and getting chased by Dream after he escaped prison)
  • Potentially the musical Hamilton[63][64] (referencing how early L'Manberg was heavily based around the musical[65][66][67][68])


Despite winning back his lifelong friend, Tubbo, Tommy still suffers from trust issues due to Eret and Wilbur, freezing in fright when he discovered that Ghostbur was serious when he said that he wanted Wilbur to come back. During the first attempt in resurrecting Wilbur, Tommy seemed scared even, whispering out Wilbur's name and muttering, "oh no..." He then raged, crying out for Ghostbur's name and holding onto the blue that Ghostbur held. It's obvious Tommy is more comfortable with Ghostbur than Wilbur, and doesn't want him to return. Though Ghostbur wanted to bring back Wilbur, Tommy decided that he didn't want to take part in this, and left.

Despite most of the server allied with Tommy against Dream, many people were planning to kill Tommy for their own benefit. Awesamdude and CaptainPuffy hope to help him recover from his trauma. They have been using their own techniques as well, such as implementing Tommy's favorite game, Animal Crossing, and making a therapy building for those who felt that they needed it. Though it seems that Sam failed at getting Tommy's trust, as he had left Tommy to die by Dream when Tommy was visiting him. And leaving Ghostbur behind with Dream and forcing Tommy to not go there or else he would kill him. But it seems that Tommy sees Sam Nook as a different person. Still being in good terms with him.

Trapped with Dream

After completing the Big Innit Hotel, Tommy went to visit Dream in what he believed would be the final time, stating he wanted to "close the book" and move on.[69] As he went through the prison, he made even more comments which implied he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the trauma caused by Dream and all the wars. However, as he was visiting Dream, TNT was set off in an unknown location around the prison, causing security issues. These security issues lead to Tommy being trapped with Dream, which caused him to spiral into what strongly resembled a panic attack.

This scene is very implicative that Tommy suffers from claustrophobia, the fear of tight spaces. Alternatively, due to him not reacting in such a manner during his previous visit, it could be Tommy panicking over the realization that he may be trapped with Dream for up to a week, which Dream makes sure to remind him is similar to his exile.

After a week of being trapped in prison, Tommy started making fun of Dream and told him that he had seen Jschlatt's grave. Dream then told him to go see Jschlatt personally, and killed Tommy, taking his last canon life away by punching Tommy to death.[8] After Tommy got revived by Dream,[9] it seemed that Tommy got PTSD when Dream punched or even pinched Tommy,[61] screaming in pain of what Dream had done to take Tommy's final canon life. Due to this, Tommy now knows that Dream has power, even being scared more than ever when Dream wanted Tommy back into the afterlife for more information about life and death.

Glatt mentioned to Quackity that when he saw Tommy while dead, he was very frantic and didn't talk clearly, instead muttering about how Dream killed him.[70]

Post-Prison Lockdown

After a number of days locked in the prison, Sam came to visit Dream and found Tommy. Tommy then began to freak out, alerting Sam who then let Tommy out, much to Dream's displeasure. Tommy still has PTSD, as he screams every time he gets hurt, saying how he wants to be on full hearts all the time. He also shows many symptoms of C-PSTD. He does not like it when anyone holds some sort of weapon. He reunited with Tubbo after leaving the prison and he refused to talk about his death, and stresses out every time someone brings it up.

When chopping down logs in the nether, he was suddenly attacked by a number of piglins. He experienced extreme PTSD as he said "F*CK YOU" several times to the piglins, referencing his remembrance of how Dream killed him.[71]

After the second death of his cow, Henry, he seemed to revert back to his old tendencies from his second exile, staring into lava and stating that it is "too much." He also seems to react less to damage after Henry's death, but that might just be the content creator who plays him forgetting to act it out. On the other hand, this may be another sign of him regressing back to his exile mentality, as during exile he often didn't care about or even welcomed damage. However, he did reach out to CaptainPuffy for therapy, so there may be an improvement in his mental health sometime in the future if he goes through with it.

It is also implied that Tommy has extreme paranoia due to these traumatic events. For instance, he takes ownership of the Holy Lands due to claiming that it was for resources like diamonds. However, it may instead be due to him wanting to regain some control with his life. This paranoia is further implied when visiting Quackity's new nation, during which he willingly helps Wilbur with a headquarters instead of joining Quackity due to the former promising safety.

Dream escaped Pandora's Vault

After getting informed by awesamdude that Dream had escaped, Tommy's personality and mental health went out of control. After getting chased by Dream until finally getting protected by Philza, he began having negative thoughts and began being aggressive to Eryn until Philza and later Quackity reassured him that he was fine. Although later Tommy started thinking negatively again when he was alone.

Alter egos

Tommy France

Tommy France, or Tommy Frounce, as he typed in chat, is Tommy's alter ego of being a drug dealer. Tommy France was created on February 2, 2021, when Tommy sold Ponk some "weed" (kelp) to get diamonds and pay it to Sam Nook.[72]


Early Dream SMP Arc

Joining the Dream SMP

TommyInnit joined the server on July 4, 2020.[73] When he first joined the server, he threatened to not follow the rules of the SMP, causing him to be banished to a remote area. After being allowed back in, he walked around the server and started claiming every building as his own before he built his base.

Getting the discs

Several days later, Tommy came into possession of the discs that eventually caused the events of the entire Disc Saga. The first was Mellohi when he was fighting mobs on July 7, 2020. He spent about six minutes attempting to get a music disc, saying that he thought listening to music discs was one of the most rewarding things to do in Minecraft.[74] He even considered giving up his quest at one point, but then finally managed to obtain Mellohi.[75] The second disc was Cat on July 8, 2020, which he found inside a chest at a mob spawner in the area where his base was (and still is) located.[76] It was established that these discs were two of his most prized items on the server.[77]

The Disc Saga

Tommy is considered the main character of the Disc Saga, as his discs were the subject of the whole conflict. The saga started after Dream took Tommy's most prized discs in order to gain leverage against Tommy after Tommy and Sapnap had killed Ponk and Alyssa multiple times. Through a series of deals and scams, Tommy managed to regain possession of some of his discs, but Dream had kept others.


After the beginning of the Disc Saga, Tommy was involved in some conflicts and built many structures on the SMP.

On July 12, 2020, Tommy burned down Tubbo's house after he accidentally killed Spins, a bee that Tubbo had gotten from Punz. He also got into a small feud with Purpled on July 15, 2020, after Purpled had failed to kill him and Tommy had stolen Purpled's items.[78] Tommy's house became a target for Skeppy's griefings, and Tommy confronted Skeppy. In the confrontation, Skeppy burned one of Tommy's music discs.

Tommy built a sewer system under the main path that connects many of the players' bases and has the Power Tower as an entrance.

In addition, Tommy welcomed Wilbur and Schlatt for their cameo appearances on the server on July 16, 2020.[79] Tommy, along with Tubbo, Fundy, and Eret, also fought the first withers of the SMP on July 20, 2020.[80]

L'Manberg Independence Arc

Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War

Tommy played a large role during the war. When Wilbur rejoined the SMP on July 24, 2020, Tommy aided him in starting a drug business,[81] and after Wilbur approached him and Tubbo with the idea to start a revolution on July 29, 2020, Tommy supported the idea and became one of the founding fathers of the nation.[82] Tommy helped Wilbur set up in the Camarvan, and his home became an embassy in the Dream SMP for L'Manberg.

When Dream declared war, Tommy started preparing the nation for the battle. During the war, Wilbur made Tommy the leader of L'Manberg's army.

The nation of L'Manberg was defeated during the battles, but Tommy refused to surrender and challenged Dream to a duel for independence. Tommy ended up losing, but gave Dream both of his prized music discs, 'Cat' and 'Mellohi,' in order to secure independence for L'Manberg.[22]


After the war, Tommy helped grow L'Manberg by building and recruiting new people. He convinced Jack Manifold to join L'Manberg and helped Wilbur build a park and the Pufferfish Alleyway. Tommy also built his Holiday Home and was involved in many side events.

The L'Manberg Election

Tommy played a major role during the L'Manberg Election as Wilbur's running mate in POG2020. Originally, Tommy and Wilbur started the election to consolidate power, but when Quackity joined the election with his party of SWAG2020, POG2020 had to step up their campaign. As the running mate, Tommy did lots of campaigning by building signs and talking with members of the SMP. He had a major role during the debate, and also secured the endorsements of the party (Vikkstar123 and a failed endorsement from Jschlatt).

During the campaign season, he also built the Reverse Coaster on his own and the the White House with Wilbur and Quackity.

Manberg Rebellion Arc


After losing the election, Tommy and Wilbur were banished from L'Manberg and formed the resistance movement of Pogtopia. Tommy and Wilbur planned to take back L'Manberg from Schlatt, and the two developed the movement with the help of Technoblade and Tubbo. The Intimidation Tower was built by Tommy to intimidate people opposing Pogtopia, and Tommy worked with Tubbo on digging the Underground Prime Path, which linked Pogtopia and Manberg.

During this time, Ninja also visited the server, and Tommy gave him a tour of the SMP while on a temporary visa given for this purpose.

Tommy was involved in a major conflict after he relocated Henry to The Eiffel Tower to protect him.[83] Sapnap accidentally killed Henry, angering Tommy and causing him to grief The Eiffel Tower, sparking the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower on October 5, 2020. While Tommy ended up being an observer at the Battle of the Lake, his side, consisting of him, Technoblade and Dream ended up winning, which awarded him weapons, armor, and Sapnap's fish, Mars.[84]

Wilbur's corruption

During Pogtopia, Wilbur's mental health began to spiral, marking a pivotal point in Tommy's trust in Wilbur. Tommy had always looked up to Wilbur, but after Wilbur revealed his plan to blow up Manberg, the two started to grow apart. Tommy considered Tubbo the only person he could trust, as they were very close friends. Tommy wanted to save Manberg and restore it to L'Manberg instead of destroying everything, so he started a plan attempting to convince Wilbur to abandon his plans of blowing up the nation. Tommy mined a giant hole, the Disruption Hole, underneath Wilbur's hanging ball home and built a small base of operations for his plan. He also built a replica of Pogtopia's Intimidation Tower located just outside of Manberg, called the Disruption Tower.

During this time, Tommy also played with Dream's sister, Drista, who played on the server through Dream's account on October 10, 2020.[85]


After the Manberg Festival on October 16, 2020,[86] Tommy was angry and upset at Technoblade for executing Tubbo.[87][88] Tubbo and Wilbur had forgiven Techno, but Niki agreed with Tommy. Techno and Tommy ended up fighting in the pit and he lost.[89] However, he still refused to forgive Techno and confided in Niki about Wilbur. Tommy, Niki, and Tubbo decided to create their own party, as they all trusted each other and agreed that Wilbur had gone mad. Their goal was to make more people join their cause and to try to get Wilbur to return to normal. They stood outside Pogtopia, watching the sunset, and Niki reminded them that there was still some hope for L'Manberg.

On November 3, 2020, Tommy signed a contract allowing Ponk to sell essential oils in Pogtopia.[90]

Tommy then played a primary role in recruiting Quackity into Pogtopia after Quackity resigned from Manberg, as their relationship had already developed before the festival due to a series of secret sharing and side hustles.

Afterwards, everyone met up in Pogtopia to set up preparations for the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. Dream also appeared, revealing that there was a traitor among them. Tommy later decided to create a TNT launcher, which he'd use during the upcoming war. He was also one of the creators of a bridge leading from Manberg to Pogtopia.

Manberg vs Pogtopia War

The date of the war arrived on November 16, 2020.[91] Tommy was underequipped for the war, with only "Sapnap's Schlong," an incomplete set of netherite armor, and a maxed bow. Around an hour before the war commenced, Tommy protected the L'Mantree with layers of obsidian. After surrounding the L'Mantree in obsidian, Tommy headed toward the planning area near the docks to think of a strategy. After strategizing with the Pogtopians, he headed toward Pogtopia to regroup and equip for the final battle.

After Manberg surrendered, Tommy watched Schlatt as he drank alcohol and took more drugs and protein supplements. Tommy aimed the bow at Schlatt, ready to assassinate him. However, Schlatt suddenly died of what was presumed to be a heart attack or a stroke.

Tommy was named President of the newly re-established L'Manberg by Wilbur. However Tommy did not want power and gave the position to Wilbur, who then passed it to Tubbo. Tommy congratulated Tubbo on his promotion, and Tubbo responded by naming Tommy Vice President.

However, Technoblade, who opposed any form of government, then assassinated Tubbo, shocking and angering Tommy. Tommy was then attacked by Dream until Technoblade announced that he had to make a speech. Wilbur ignited the TNT under Manberg, which further increased the chaos. Technoblade accused Tommy of taking power and continuing the same dictatorship that Schlatt had established. Technoblade then told Tommy a story about Theseus, a mythical Greek hero who killed the Minotaur but was exiled in disgust by the townspeople and died alone. Technoblade ended the conversation by telling Tommy that he would have nothing against him for being a hero only if he was to die like one. Techno then summoned two withers.

Tommy then fought alongside the new L'Manbergians against Dream and the Badlands in a desperate attempt to kill the withers. Tommy managed to do a substantial amount of damage to the withers before being killed by Technoblade. Tommy's items were retrieved by Philza, who had just logged onto the server and killed Wilbur, taking Wilbur's last canon life. Tommy then pleaded for Technoblade not to kill Tubbo once more, for it would just be a pity kill by then. Techno, satisfied with the results, left, and Tommy then told everyone who supported New L'Manberg to head to the L'Mantree. There, Tommy gave a speech about comradery, friendship, and a united L'Manberg to bring the members together and motivate members to rebuild.

Retribution Arc

L'Manberg reconstruction

As Vice President of L'Manberg, Tommy joined in with the other members by building a house. After constructing the L'Manbergian house, Tommy went to redesign his previous house, the embassy, and put it to use. Over time, Tommy began questioning Tubbo's presidency. Tommy disliked the fact that Tubbo was being too passive and hadn't politically changed much of L'Manberg. Tommy took initiative and began putting up a billboard in the center of the country banning various things. Tubbo disapproved of most items on the board, stating that he wanted the people of L'Manberg to feel free.

Upon meeting Ranboo, Tommy welcomed him to the server. After some bonding on November 28, 2020, Tommy suggested that they grief George's house and blame Nihachu. Ranboo was hesitant, but Tommy managed to convince him to join. In the process, the two burned portions of the house down, stole items, and left offensive signs.[92]

Exile conflict

In retaliation against the griefing, Dream began building obsidian walls around L'Manberg. After being confronted by Tubbo and other members of the cabinet on November 29, 2020, Tommy was taken into custody and accused of the crime.[93] The L'Manberg administration held a trial, Tommy stuck with their plan and blamed Nihachu, but she had an alibi. After some more arguing, Tommy was found to be guilty. During the trial, Tommy defended Ranboo, claiming that he had done it alone. Tubbo decided to give a sentence of two weeks of probation, though Dream was unsatisfied and wanted Tommy to be exiled. Dream gave the administration a few days to reconsider the punishment, and Tommy remained in his probation for the period.

Days later on December 2, 2020, the L'Manberg administration held a meeting with Dream in the Holy Land to negotiate Tommy's punishment.[94] During the meeting, Tubbo, Tommy, and Dream signed a treaty that put Tommy under probation for three more weeks; if Tommy misbehaved, he would be under probation until he was eighteen, and the walls would be doubled. Dream was happy with the agreement, but Tommy wasn't satisfied and revealed his possession of Spirit's leather. Tommy then threatened him into taking down the wall immediately, saying that Dream had no longer had any actual leverage over him anymore. Dream appeared to start taking down the walls, but he then lashed out and stated that he only cared about Tommy's discs. Dream demanded that Tommy be exiled and gave the administration another three days to decide or face the consequence of the wall.

After Dream left, Tommy and Tubbo argued. Tubbo called Tommy selfish and Tommy called Tubbo the same. Ranboo defended Tommy by admitting that he was an accomplice of the griefing of George's house, and that Tommy had protected him in court. Ranboo also stated he'd stay by Tommy's side no matter what.

On December 4, 2020, the day of the decision, Tommy and the cabinet met up to make their final decision.[95] Tommy suggested that they engage in a large conflict in order to take Dream down for good, citing that very few people on the server were actually willing to side with him, and that they could contact the Badlands or Technoblade to aid them in the effort. Everyone was hesitant at first, especially Tubbo, but after more of Tommy's persuasion, everyone agreed to the idea.

Upon meeting with Dream, Tubbo made the last minute decision to exile Tommy without the consent of Fundy and Quackity, stating that a conflict wasn't what was best for the nation and that siding with Technoblade would be a mistake. Tubbo asked Dream to escort Tommy out of his country, and while Tommy was shocked, he complied with Dream's orders and let himself get escorted out of L'Manberg.


After the decision was made, Tommy was escorted out by Dream. Ghostbur followed the two. After reaching a new location, Dream forced Tommy to destroy all his items and built a shack for Tommy to reset his spawn. Tommy complied with Dream's demands, and by the end of the day, Ghostbur had built a new settlement that they named Logstedshire, or Logsted for short. Dream constantly visited to check up on Tommy and destroy his items.[41][42] In addition, Dream used the opportunity to manipulate Tommy's emotions, putting himself in a positive light and painting himself as Tommy's friend.

At first, many members of the server visited Tommy in Logstedshire and left gifts.[96] Initially, Tommy accepted them and maintained good relationships. However, Tommy quickly began to consider them pity gifts. In addition, Dream discovered the gifts and forced Tommy to destroy them. Ranboo often visited Logsted and set up a secret mail system where they could share letters. Through this, Tommy communicated his emotions while Ranboo shared the events occurring in L'Manberg and Dream SMP. This connection, combined with Ranboo's neutrality, allowed them to develop a positive relationship that was more resistant against Dream's manipulation. Eventually, Tommy decided to build a secret underground storage area for some gifts and valuables.

During his exile, Tommy deeply missed Tubbo. He often saw visions of Tubbo, cried over past images of them together, and expressed concern over any conflict happening to Tubbo. Despite Tommy's emotions for Tubbo, Tubbo did not visit Tommy as he believed Tommy did not want to see him, ultimately leading to some disconnect between the two and allowing for Dream to paint a negative perception.

Tommy's perception of other members was further fractured after their failure to attend his beach party. The beach party was planned by Tommy with the help of Ghostbur and Dream as an event for Tommy to connect with the other members, but Dream had disrupted the distribution of invitations by misleading Ghostbur, leading to Tommy being alone and developing mostly negative perceptions of members other than Dream. After the events of the beach party, Tommy only considered Dream a true friend, even fracturing his relationship with Ranboo.[97]

Over time, Tommy's mental health began to decay due to his isolation. Ranboo and a few other members attempted to help him, but Tommy was severely scarred by the failure of his beach party. Tommy started considering fighting back and defying his exile, but he ultimately was unable to gain courage to do so. During his last days, Tommy was visited by Mexican Dream[98] and Drista[99] on December 13 and 14 respectively. However, the visits were short, and ultimately did not improve Tommy's mental health.

On December 15, 2020, the day after Drista's visit, Tommy expressed his desire for death to Dream and continued with his daily routine.[100] However, Dream discovered Tommy's secret room and blew up Logstedshire, forcing Tommy to restart his exile. After Dream left, Tommy started building a tower to commit suicide. Atop the tower, Tommy fought his emotions and eventually realized that he had been freed from Logstedshire. He jumped into a water pool and fled the area before deciding to locate Technoblade's cabin. There, Tommy realized that he could stay there and leach off of Techno's supplies. He then dug an area under the cabin, hoping to stay hidden from Dream and Technoblade while having access to supplies.

New pact

Following Technoblade's execution on December 16, 2020, Technoblade returned to find Tommy wandering around his cabin.[101] Tommy attempted to hide, but Techno had already noticed him and dug into Dnret. After much bantering, Technoblade proposed an alliance for Tommy where Tommy would aid Techno in destroying L'Manberg, and Techno would help Tommy regain his discs. Techno attempted to persuade Tommy that Tubbo was corrupted by government and used it as an excuse to destroy L'Manberg. However, Tommy wanted to protect the country since it was Tubbo's goal to protect the nation, maintaining a protective stance of Tubbo. Eventually, Tommy reluctantly agreed to the alliance after Techno toned it down to "terrorism." As an ally, Tommy gained access to Technoblade's resources. The two worked together to gain more resources and plotted their course of action.

During his time in the Arctic, Tommy reconnected with Ghostbur and Ranboo. The two explained their circumstances and defended themselves after the events in Logstedshire. Eventually, Tommy started forgiving the two.

Together, Tommy and Techno made secret trips to L'Manberg and terrorized the nation. Each visit, they worked on developing a secret hound army underneath the nation. Upon being inquired by Dream on the whereabouts of Tommy, Technoblade denied any knowledge. However, Dream deducted that Techno had been sheltering Tommy and revealed his knowledge. Dream chose to not take direct action, informing Techno that he didn't need to since he only needed to keep Tommy in exile. Nevertheless, Tommy and Techno continued their secret trips to L'Manberg and terrorized citizens in order to regain Techno's items. During one visit, the two caused enough chaos to be noticed by Dream. Dream met the two on their return at the community nether portal, and he attempted to manipulate Tommy into following him. However, due to the alliance, Techno defended Tommy, asking if Dream wanted to cash in his favor from the execution to gain custody of Tommy. Dream gave up and allowed the two to leave, and Tommy stated that Dream was powerless and feared him.

After more trips to L'Manberg, Techno eventually started to gain a positive perception of Tommy and extended a formal invitation to join him in his quest to destroy L'Manberg. Previously, Techno stated that he had previously thought of Tommy as weak character, but over time, Tommy demonstrated his strength and courage. However, refusing the idea of destroying L'Manberg, Tommy stated that he simply only wanted the alliance for regaining his discs. Despite this, the two still maintained a strong relationship and worked together as allies.

Certain doom

Tommy and Technoblade planned to reobtain the discs during the Green Festival on January 5, 2021.[102] Technoblade believed Tommy was worthy of his respect and trust, so he gave him his Axe of Peace before going into the parts of the Greater Dream SMP.

However, when they went in, they saw that the Community House was destroyed, and that Dream was blaming Tommy for it, even though he had had nothing to do with it. Dream also said that he knew Tommy had been here, breaking his exile. Tommy and Techno then went in and revealed themselves to the whole crowd. Dream asked Tubbo to give him the second disc. Just as Tubbo prepared to do so, Tommy interrupted them. Tubbo and Tommy had a spat over the whole situation, with Tubbo blaming Tommy for going to L'Manberg during his exile and Tommy yelling at Tubbo for betraying him, saying that the discs were worth more than Tubbo ever was.

Tommy after leaving Technoblade's side and joining Tubbo

Tommy then realised what he'd done, and reflected that he didn't like who he had become. He told Tubbo to give the disc to Dream and said that he wanted to side with Tubbo, breaking off the agreement with Techno. Techno respected his decision, and asked for his axe back as Tommy was no longer judged worthy. Tommy refused to give it back, asserting that his worth came from himself alone, attacking Techno using the same tools, food, and armor Techno had given. Tubbo announced that Tommy was no longer exiled and was a member of L'Manberg; however, multiple citizens did not forgive his past of griefing and lies.


January 6, 2021, was the day of the final confrontation for L'Manberg.[103] Calling back to the day before, Tommy promised to talk to Sapnap beforehand. Before they met up, Tommy swam around in the ocean, hoping to find Mars, although he knew it was unlikely. However, he managed to encounter Mars swimming near the shore, and collected him in a bucket. Running over to Sapnap to the Community House, Tommy apologized for everything he had done. He recognized his mistakes, and tried to fix them by handing Mars to him. Tommy told Sapnap that he did not have to accept his request, but he would greatly appreciate it. Sapnap accepted his request, keeping his calm composure, although it was clear he was overjoyed.

Technoblade arrived at L'Manberg early and spawned his Withers, taking the L'Manbergians by surprise. He had also brought the Hound Army with him to distract the L'Manbergians while Dream prepared to start detonating TNT from his grid in the sky.

As Dream dropped the TNT from his TNT grid above, Tommy and Techno began to argue with each other, shouting across the battlefield, whilst Tubbo listened. Technoblade told Tommy that the latter had never thought of Technoblade as a friend, simply using him as a weapon, seeing him only as "The Blade." Tommy shot back, saying that they had spent hours together, but was interrupted by Technoblade shouting back to not speak to him of loyalty. Tommy continued to call Technoblade "selfish," but after Technoblade killed Tubbo for being the president, and when Tommy told him that he had killed Tubbo when he wasn't the president, he told Tommy that back at Tubbo's execution, both him and Wilbur hadn't stepped forward to save Tubbo as Technoblade was being peer pressured, instead watching. Techno further explained how he was willing to fight a 1v30 to protect Tommy. After arguing for a few more minutes, Technoblade attacked Quackity for having actual armor, ending the argument. Soon after, Tommy and Tubbo were killed and respawned elsewhere, further from L'Manberg as the bed next to them had been destroyed. Both Tommy and Technoblade felt betrayed by each other after the conflict.

Although Tommy tried to protect the home he cared about with Techno's own gear, many people had no longer cared for the nation and supported the riddance of it. He repeatedly muttered to himself, "L'Manberg is gone." To Tommy and Tubbo, the unfinished symphony will forever remain unfinished; to Fundy, Niki, and others, the symphony wasn't worth finishing. He lost all hope when he saw the L'Mantree had been burned down by someone, who was revealed to be Niki. Tommy, Tubbo, Ghostbur, Fundy and Quackity sang the L'Manberg anthem, though none of them could remember the national anthem in full, and the book containing the finished anthem had been destroyed in the explosions.

To plan the incoming new era, Ghostbur came in to tell Tommy that he wished for Tommy to bring Wilbur back to life. Tommy then sat on the bench outside his house with Quackity, Tubbo, Ghostbur, and Jack Manifold and played the disc that he had played during exile. After the eye of the storm, Tommy had to promise himself that he would fix things.

Moving on

Upset at the sight of the ruins of L'Manberg on January 7, 2021, Tommy told himself that he had to continue moving forth, or else all of the effort he had placed into the country that exiled him twice would go to waste.[104] He began by searching for Tubbo, and found him at a snowy biome, building Snowchester. Tommy complimented Tubbo on it, calling it "a lovely home."

However, Tommy didn't want to settle down for a vacation home just yet. He told Tubbo that he had set almost everything aside for L'Manberg, for Tubbo, for Wilbur, and many others. Tommy then said that Technoblade didn't have to destroy L'Manberg like he did. He could've just spread his ideas and hopefully converted others to his side. Tubbo agreed with this, and he said "We're getting all philosophical and shit." Considering they only had a week before Dream was going to leave somewhere far away, they had to hurry and finish the Disc War. Tubbo seemed reluctant, wanting to keep his last life as well as Tommy's, but agreed. They returned to the Dream SMP, where they hollowed out and fixed Tommy's basement and embassy. They also began to construct a war room.

Tommy began his quest for the discs by trying to upgrade his armor. He went to Ponk and Sam for help and they complied with his request. Ponk mentioned that he had found a full set of netherite armor at Techno's base while he was trolling it. Ponk and Sam gave him the resources required and Tommy upgraded his armor to netherite. Tommy then asked if the two knew where the Axe of Peace was, but they did not. Tommy then headed to the Spider XP Farm to enchant his armor, but Ranboo was already at it. Ranboo then enchanted Tommy's gear.

Resurrection attempt

Tommy had a short appearance during the first attempt of Wilbur's resurrection. During his time there, he had witnessed Ghostbur breaking down, crying out that he was scared to die. Placed in spotlight, Ghostbur asked Tommy if he had wanted Wilbur back. Tommy, breathing heavily, walked close to Ghostbur and whispered that he was better than Wilbur.

Preparation for the Disc Confrontation

On January 16, 2021, Tommy logged onto the server at Dream's request.[105] He found the area where his house used to be completely destroyed and covered in burning netherrack, with a chest placed in the center that had two signs on top of it. The signs read "Come meet me Wednesday. You and Tubbo ALONE. If anyone else shows up the discs are gone forever." It is presumed that these signs were left by Dream, although it was later heavily implied that the house had been destroyed by Ranboo during another one of his blackouts. Tommy repaired his house and began preparing for a final showdown. He spent hours grinding off camera for resources that would be beneficial for the "final battle." He obtained netherite ingots, diamonds, and forged them into powerful armor, rivaling Dream's own. He enchanted them with the most powerful enchantments and obtained a Sharpness V sword which he enhanced even further.

On January 19, the day before Tommy and Tubbo were supposed to meet Dream, Tommy toured around the server, talking as if he was sure he would die on Wednesday.[106] He wanted to "say goodbye" to the server, and ended up visiting the ruins of George's house, as well as Logstedshire. He also had a brief confrontation with Technoblade after getting caught stealing items from Techno's chests before returning to the Dream SMP territory, where he and Tubbo were given the Axe of Peace by Sapnap upon their request. They then went to Tommy's house, where he built a few counters with brewing stands reminiscent of the Camarvan. He and Tubbo made potions to prepare for the fight, and Tommy reminisced about how this was similar to what he used to do with Wilbur back when L'Manberg was first founded. This was also when ConnorEatsPants showed up, saying that Ghostbur had asked him to give Tommy a gift, and gave him an enchanted Netherite pickaxe named Ghostbur's Pick, as well as Ghostbur's crossbow named Chekhov's Gun.

The Disc Confrontation

January 20, 2021, was the Wednesday Dream's signs had referred to - the day of the final battle for the discs.[107] Before they left to meet up with Dream, Tommy and Tubbo had asked each other how they felt. While Tubbo seemed optimistic, Tommy felt uneasy. They discovered most of the SMP members had stood further in front of the Prime Path, where they then said their goodbyes.

Tommy and Tubbo then followed Dream's compass to a mountain in a savanna far away. The meeting ended up being a battle between the three of them. However, Dream revealed afterwards that both the discs he had with him were fakes, and threatened to kill Tubbo unless both of them surrendered. Tommy reluctantly agreed and both of them were taken to Dream's vault, a large underground room that would potentially contain every single valuable item on the server; including the Axe of Peace, Techno's horse Carl, Ghostbur's sheep Friend, Tommy's cow Henry, Tubbo's fox Squeeks, Skeppy, Sapnap's fish Beckerson and Mars, Purple's dog DogChamp, Sam's dog Fran, Punz's shulker box "Punzo Shulker," a piece of bedrock (either Tommy's or Techno's), Ranboo's cat Enderchest, and of course, Tommy's prized discs, Mellohi and Cat.

After showing him the collection and their spots, he took Tommy back to the main chamber and said to say his final goodbye to Tubbo as Tubbo would be killed and Tommy would be transported to Pandora's Vault. Tommy was reluctant to say goodbye so he tried to stall for time. It turned out to be a blessing, as Punz, Eret, Quackity, Captain Puffy, Callahan, Ranboo, Ponk, HBomb, Nihachu, Jack Manifold, Bad, Antfrost, and Sapnap came out of the portal that would've acted as Dream's escape plan. Dream was pressed back to the collection room where Tommy pulled out Dream's crossbow and boldly stated that Dream wouldn't dare kill him. Tommy then said to Dream to give him all of Dream's items. Dream reluctantly complied and the Nightmare bow, Nightmare sword, Nightmare axe, Nightmare armor set, the shield, the totem of undying, the gapples, the Notch apples, and everything else was given to Tommy. Tommy then killed Dream twice before Dream started begging for his life by saying that he could bring others back to life. Dream asked if Tommy wanted Wilbur back alive, but he already knew his answer. Tommy decided to leave Sam to lock him up in the prison, since he told Tommy he had built the prison; if anyone had to lock him up, it should've been him.

The discs finally secured in his enderchest, Tommy and Tubbo walked up to the bench, in disbelief. Their moment of peace was disrupted by what at first seemed to be Ghostbur by Tommy. He had explained that as a result of the weakening of the barrier, Wilbur was to somehow contact Tommy and Tubbo from the afterlife. When Wilbur voiced his pride on Tommy, Tommy skeptically sprouted out questions, refusing to laugh at any jokes from Wilbur and never answering his questions. When Tommy told Wilbur that he had only kept Dream alive to resurrect him, Wilbur shouted out in anger, crying out how he never wanted to be alive again. Wilbur and Tommy argued back and forth until Wilbur's voice faded from them, but not before telling Tommy that he was proud of him. Tommy and Tubbo then awkwardly laugh over the fact that Dream could possibly resurrect Schlatt.

Empowerment Arc

Visiting Dream in Pandora's Vault

The next day, on January 21, Tommy decided to visit Dream in prison, or Pandora's Vault.[108] Tommy visited a location which was messaged to him by Sam, and he got in through the prison using a complex way with a Nether Portal. Sam ordered Tommy to make him vow to not giving the security guards all the blame, if any unordinary events such as jailbreaking or the security of Pandora's Vault having complications were to happen. Tommy then proceeded to throw his items in a chest, being given a unique lock or key via a book, and placed his key inside his ender chest.

Sam escorted Tommy through the complicated mechanisms of the prison. The whole process took at least 40 minutes.

Tommy finally reached his destination and greeted Dream as his prison cell was sealed shut once more by Sam. Tommy asked how Dream's life had been inside the prison and he responded how bland his life was as he kept sleeping, writing books, swimming in a one block hole and how he had been eating raw potatoes and how sorry he was for all he had done. Tommy didn't start to even pity Dream, as for all he knows he could be manipulating him again to feign pity and sadness. Tommy berated Dream about how he acted towards him, pretending to be his best friend and all the bad things he had done, and Dream told Tommy that he didn't care if the people hated him now as he was in jail and he would serve his time, hoping that Tommy would forgive him once he had served his time.

Dream at the very least wanted someone to talk to, as he had been alone in the prison for a long time, and Tommy, well aware of this, executed his next agenda. He gave Dream five "homework assignments," saying he would return on January 24 to check on his progress. Dream agreed to make five novels for Tommy just so he can visit again. Tommy questions Dream before he leaves on who he misses the most and Dream responds with nothing and then proceeded to be questioned by Tommy he decides to call the guard, Sam. Sam requested Tommy to stand near the water hole in Dream's prison room to be (non-canonically) killed by a potion.

Tommy respawned outside of Dream's prison room, went through all the security protocols again, but quicker as he didn't have to go through the quarantine protocols again. Tommy thanked Sam as he left Pandora's Vault. After leaving, Tommy talked about how amazed he was at the redstone contraptions he had seen inside the prison. He then proceeded to play with his new trident, taken from Dream during the Disc Conflict, venturing to many different locations having fun after that tense moment in Pandora's Vault.

Blood Vines

After visiting the prison, Tommy decided he wanted to build a hotel on the Dream SMP.[109] However, his building skills being too subpar, he commissioned Sam to build it for him by paying him 32 diamonds he begged off Ph1LzA. On January 23, 2021, Sam had Tommy collect materials for him and remove Skeppy's skywars islands. As a way to help Tommy laugh, Sam converted to Sam Nook, sounding exactly like Tom Nook from Animal Crossing. Sam Nook was later confirmed to canonically be a robot built by Sam. On January 24, Sam told Tommy that the blood vines were in the way of the hotel's construction, and that Tommy should investigate them.[110] BadBoyHalo and Antfrost took him to see the Egg, but without the Hazmat suits typically necessary to get close to the Egg without being affected by it. However, despite this, Tommy seemed unaffected by the Egg, and was able to escape back to his construction site, where Sam turned Bad and Antfrost away for not wearing hard hats. From there, Tommy invited Tubbo to visit the Egg with him. The Egg made Tubbo cry, and the two of them only barely escaped from Bad and Antfrost when they were rescuted by Sam Nook.

Saving Sam

The next day, on January 25, though Tommy expected progress to be done as soon as he would get on, he was shocked to see that the hotel was the same as before, and Sam Nook was nowhere to be found.[111]

Wandering around, he met Puffy, who seemed to be in distress. He discovered Puffy had been planning on retrieving Sam after Bad and Antfrost's plan to force him into loving the Egg, and came along, despite Puffy's hesitance to drag him into a mess right after the Disc War finale. Although they quickly rescued Sam, he seemed to be in a drowsy state, as Tommy would say. During the 14 hours exposed to the Egg, Sam was forced to give up all of his items in his inventory, as well as his armor. To prevent himself from starving, he had to eat his own flesh. Disgusted, both Tommy and Puffy lent Sam food, taking away his flesh.

Sam repetitively asked to go home, so Puffy and Tommy led him back to his base. Much to Puffy's dismay, they discovered one of the blood vine seeds planted in Sam's base. However, Sam didn't seem to mind, claiming he was tired and wanted his dog by his side. The two left him there to recover. Returning to the construction site, Tommy found Sam Nook, to which Puffy said her farewell, and Tommy continued the tasks given.

Attempted assassination

On January 26, Tommy went to Sam Nook for the instructions, but was irritated because it meant he had to stop watching Endgame. He was then met by Niki who said she could help him and began leading Tommy to a snowy taiga biome.[112] Unbeknownst to Tommy, Niki was in fact leading him to the location of a nuclear testing site so that he would die. On the way there, Tommy got continuously distracted by the trees and stopping to rant about Endgame. This made him unknowingly save his life because they were a few seconds late to the testing site and upon arrival found a huge crater where the nuke had been detonated.

Tommy barely considered the idea that Niki had been leading him there on purpose and began investigating the nuclear site, gaining radiation poisoning and causing him to throw up blood whilst partying at Snowchester.

Later, he and Jack Manifold were arguing over Jack's stolen trident. The two began fighting and Tommy immediately started to lose, just before Jack took his last canon life, Sam Nook stepped in and killed Jack.

Big Innit Hotel

Big Innit Hotel, finished

On February 16, Tommy logged on and began to do the tasks Sam Nook asked of him.[113] Whilst cutting back some weeds, he was approached by Jack Manifold who wanted a job. Jack claimed it was because he was poor, which Tommy believed as he had recently stolen most of Jack's stuff. However, in reality Jack wanted a job so he could grow closer to Tommy and backstab him after the nuclear plan failed.

The two began working together to destroy Ponk's lemon tree. Ponk tried to stop this, but Sam stepped in and told him not to threaten Tommy. Meanwhile, Tommy and Tubbo took it upon themselves to annoy Jack for fun. Although they saw no harm, this annoyed Jack a lot and he began acting weirdly in order to stay calm. Tommy noticed this behavior, but didn't peg it to him constantly annoying Jack, and told Sam that he did not trust him. Sam agreed to keep an eye on Jack for Tommy. However, despite his fears, Tommy hired Jack to work for him at the hotel.

Final visit to Dream and death

On February 21, Tommy decided to visit Dream in prison a final time to get closure.[114] He went through the standard procedure with the Warden, though he didn't need to sign the waivers he'd signed before. After entering the maximum security cell, Tommy told Dream that this was his last visit ever. Dream tried to convince him that he had changed, but Tommy did not believe it as he recounted the trauma inflicted on him by Dream.

After Tommy had said goodbye to Dream, they then heard TNT explosions outside the prison. Tommy questioned Dream about the disturbance but Dream said he was just as confused. When Tommy called for Sam to let him out, Sam said in chat: "You’re going to have to hang tight Tommy. The prison is on lockdown. There has been a security issue." This enacted the maximum 7-day lockdown of the prison that Tommy had agreed upon in one of the waivers, meaning Tommy was trapped with Dream in the same cell. Tommy, in a panic, screamed to be let out and threw Dream's things in the lava. For the first time since entering the cell, Dream yelled at Tommy, to which Tommy yelled back. Tommy considered jumping in the lava to escape, but he realized that it would take his last canon life.

Tommy's death

On March 1, Tommy was seen annoying Dream, mocking Dream and pacing around the cell.[115] Sam then arrived and informed Tommy from across the lava that he could not leave yet, as Sam still did not know what had caused the explosions, and that he may be in the prison longer than the agreed upon one week. Tommy, frustrated, grew all the more agitated at Dream, blaming him and even punching Dream while Sam gave out potatoes. After this, Tommy accused Dream of lying about the Book of Necromancy, which Dream readily denied. Tommy, however, did not give out on his accusation, recalling that practically everything Dream had told him so far had been a lie. Dream, infuriated, started punching Tommy, only stopping when Tommy informed him he was at 2 hearts. Tommy told Dream he needed potatoes to heal but Dream refused to share. Tommy then said he knew Schlatt was dead, and that he had seen his corpse. Dream then resumed punching Tommy and killed him, taking his final canon life.[8]

Back from the dead

Tommy spent two days dead, during which he existed in the afterlife, alongside Mexican Dream, Wilbur, and Schlatt.[116] Due to the time dilation of the afterlife, he experienced about one month and eighteen days at least in the void, during which he bickered and mainly talked to Wilbur (as Schlatt slept quite a lot). In his perspective, Wilbur still seemed very unstable. Tommy grew increasingly more annoyed with Wilbur as time passed. Refusing to play solitaire with Wilbur again as it was boring, even misbehaving to annoy Wilbur. It's not clear exactly what happened in the afterlife prior to the final few moments Tommy had before getting resurrected by Dream.

Dream abruptly revived him on March 4, before interrogating him about his experience in the Afterlife.[9] Tommy voiced anger at Dream, answering warily and backing away from him, saying that he had been in the afterlife for two months despite only having been dead for two days. Though he once threatened to kill Dream in return for his growing god complex, he backed off when he realized that killing Dream would only leave him locked up in the prison alone forever, and so he decided to leave him alive. Instead, he tried to get Dream to swear that he would never resurrect Wilbur. Tommy then became upset when Dream rejected this and swore that he would use the revival book however he wanted, saying that he would bring back Wilbur to escape from the prison with the help of Wilbur, which caused Tommy to get more frustrated and anxious. Here, Tommy was also shown to be extremely sensitive to all kinds of stimuli, panicking whenever he took damage[61] and jumping at loud sounds.[117]

On March 12, Sam released Tommy from prison.[118] Tommy visited several people such as Tubbo, Jack Manifold, Connor, Ranboo, and Quackity. He told them about what Dream had done, and argued with some of them. He fought with Jack Manifold over the Big Innit Hotel, which Jack had taken over under the presumption Tommy had passed away. Most people who saw Tommy walking around the server were extremely startled and walked away from him upon seeing him. Tommy felt as if the members he spoke to had all celebrated his death and didn't actually care about his return. He also revealed that he wants and is planning to kill Dream and Technoblade. It also became apparent during his first hours out of the prison that Tommy had severe PTSD and would panic every time he took damage, no matter the source, as it triggered flashbacks of being beaten to death by Dream, as well as him still being extremely sensitive to all kinds of stimuli including loud sounds and taking damage.[62]

A few days later on March 14, Tommy confided in Tubbo and Ranboo that he was planning to kill Dream and wanted their help.[119] Tubbo was hesitant at first, but Ranboo agreed with Tommy on the fact that Dream was incredibly dangerous. After this, Tubbo agreed to help them both and Tommy revealed his plan. He brought up the explosions that had created the security risk that had locked him in Pandora's Vault. Tommy wanted to stake out at the prison to see if somebody would set off these explosions again and use them to get into the prison and kill Dream once and for all. The group decided to make a stake out tower near the prison that was tall enough to see onto the roof of the prison. They made the tower out of crimson wood and later add dark spruce, oak and wool to the palette, but this was later taken down and replaced with stone bricks and spruce wood when Tommy finished the tower on March 27.[120] During the building process on March 14, Ghostbur shows up and had a conversation with them. Tommy asked him if he knew about him talking to Wilbur in the afterlife, but Ghostbur claimed he didn't know what went on in the afterlife. Though strangely, Ghostbur mentioned having spoken to Tommy a few days despite Ghostbur having not been seen on the server for quite a few weeks, and Tommy had been locked up in Pandora's Vault for a few weeks too. Ghostbur went to Snowchester along with Tubbo to meet MICHAEL and later came back to Tommy and met up with Connor. Tommy asked Sam Nook if he could help with the construction of the tower but quickly rescinded his request as Sam Nook told him he would have to report Tommy to Sam for trying to intervene with the ongoings of the prison.

Revisiting Dream's vault

On April 1, 2021, Tommy and Ranboo revisited Dream's vault because Tommy realized that Henry was still there.[121] The two traveled through the nether and found Henry and Friend still in the vault. At first, Tommy seemed to question whether or not Henry was the real Henry, as he thought that he had died and Sapnap ate his flesh, but Ranboo raised the idea that Dream tested the revive book on Henry. Tommy and Ranboo tried to rescue Henry, building a steep and narrow staircase from the bottom of the bunker up to the surface. Henry died of fall damage only moments after getting to the surface, much to Tommy's displeasure. Ranboo and Tommy did manage to rescue Friend, who they took to Tommy's holiday home. Tommy sent an in-game message to Ghostbur asking if he remembered Friend. Ghostbur replied that he did, and that Friend is one of his only two bad memories. He left the game before Tommy could tell him that Friend was alive and well, though Tommy didn't seem to care.

Exposure therapy

On April 27, 2021, Tommy met with Tubbo and Ranboo and told them that he wanted to try to "get over" his trauma.[122] He stated that he "didn't have much time left," mirroring the way he would often speak in the later stages of his exile.[45] The three of them started to build replicas of the Final Control Room and the main cell of Pandora's Vault in a space they dug out underneath the watchtower Tommy had built near the prison. They then headed to the remains of Logstedshire, where Tommy reflected on the pillar he had built on December 15 after Dream had blown up Logstedshire.

On their way back to the watchtower, Eret messaged Tommy, telling him that he could use their block-perfect recreation of the Final Control Room inside their museum. Tommy entered the recreation, where he got a little panicked before seeing the book Eret had placed inside Wilbur's chest. The book simply said "I'm Sorry -Eret," which seemed to calm Tommy down. He stated that "times have changed, but so have people," indicating that he forgave Eret for their betrayal during the original L'Manberg war.

The three of them then returned to the watchtower, where Tommy entered the replica of the prison cell. He was visibly panicked and quickly asked to be let back out. He then thanked Ranboo for helping him, hugged him, and asked Ranboo to leave so he could speak to Tubbo alone. On top of the tower, Tommy told Tubbo that he was planning to break into the prison, and that he needed Tubbo to gather wither skulls in order to prepare. He also asked Tubbo not to tell anyone, not even Ranboo, about this plan. He stated that he was going to finally kill Dream.

Wilbur's Resurrection

On April 29, 2021, Tommy schemed with Ranboo and Tubbo to break into the prison and kill Dream behind Sam's back.[123] To do so, he planned to use Ghostbur to use invisibility potions and sneak in behind him, promising that Ghostbur would be safe. At the very last moving platform, however, Tommy raised the Axe of Peace too early, and was caught. Sam ordered Tommy to come back, and felt incredibly betrayed by this breach of trust. Tommy begged for Sam to let him kill Dream, but Sam refused, adhering to his protocol. Meanwhile, Dream took Ghostbur hostage, and demanded to be freed. When Sam rejected his request, Dream killed Ghostbur and resurrected Wilbur. Afterwards, Sam escorted Tommy out. Tommy blamed Sam for everything that happened in the prison and refused to believe that he had any fault.

At a loss for what to do, Tommy took Friend back out to meet with Ranboo and Tubbo. After explaining what happened, the group headed to the place where Wilbur had died, near the crater of L'Manberg. They found Wilbur there, confused and lost. While speaking to him, Wilbur slowly regained the memories of Ghostbur and his sense of self. He also stated he had been dead for thirteen and a half years. Remembering his resurrection, Wilbur proclaimed Dream to be his hero and left after saying he had planning to do.

On May 6, 2021, Wilbur and Tommy walked around the server, speaking to Skeppy, Jack Manifold, Ranboo, and Philza, with Wilbur apologizing to the former three for "wrongs he had caused them." At one point, Wilbur and Tommy also fought a short PVP battle, with Tommy killing Wilbur and stealing his "lore" sword.

Wilbur & Las Nevadas

After meeting with Wilbur at L'Manburg's remnants, Wilbur told Tommy about the book left for him by Quackity titled "Project Nevadas". The two proceeded to go to Quackity's new nation, Las Nevadas. Wilbur asked Quackity if he could join his newly formed nation, assuming that the book left for him was an invitation. Tommy also asked to move in. Quackity denied Wilbur entry, on account of not wanting the nation "subject to [Wilbur's] unpredictability." However, Quackity was willing to discuss accepting Tommy into the nation. Wilbur set up "new headquarters" just outside of Las Nevadas.

Wilbur and Quackity argued again, this time over Tommy. Each referenced the other's past actions, with both attempting to convince Tommy that they were the 'better choice.' Quackity gives Tommy and Wilbur a tour of Las Nevadas, in which Tommy lost his shovel Linda to gambling in the casino, causing him to become distressed. Quackity took the two up one of Las Nevadas's buildings. Tommy looked over the balcony and stated that it would be a good place to "just jump off and just end it". He stated that this was a joke. Wilbur and Quackity expressed concern, and told him to not jump off the rails. Whilst the other two discussed Wilbur's resurection, Tommy lowered himself from the balcony using a water bucket. He called for help, and Wilbur used another water bucket to allow Tommy to swim back up. Tommy claimed he did not know how he fell over the edge. Tommy joined Wilbur and Quackity in discussing future plans, in which Tommy decides that he will not join Las Nevadas. They spoke about visitation to the prison, as well as both Tommy and Wilbur's revivals. Wilbur expressed interest in visiting, which Tommy discouraged.

Wilbur left, and Tommy departed Las Nevadas, going to Wilbur's future headquarters and playing his music disc C418 - cat.

Dream's Breakout

For more info, visit this page

On November 28, 2021, Awesamdude ran up and tell everyone, including him, that Dream has escaped. Tommy immedietly paniked and began to prepare by building bee-striped walls around his base (out of yellow concrete and obsidian; given to him by Quackity, meant to remind him of Manberg), blocking up all of its entrances and exits, as he knew that Dream would go after him to obtain the Discs. Tommy encountered Dream at the remains of Logstedshire when he tried to find the Axe of Peace (he'd hidden it underneath the cross next to the Tnret) before Dream, but somehow, Dream had found it first, using the axe to attempt torturing Tommy again. While being chased by Dream with that axe (believed by most to have been a hallucination as the result of Tommy's PTSD), Dream told Tommy about how he would manipulate everyone into thinking that Tommy was crazy; Tommy hid inside Phil and Techno's house. Phil admitted that he had helped Techno break Dream out of prison and also said that he would kill Dream if he tormented Tommy again.

Philza leads Tommy back to his house. Tommy completed the walls around his base with the help of Eryn, Phil, and Ghostboo, ensuring full lockdown on his base.


Personal items
Name Notes
Enchanted Iron Sword.gif Knife Sharpness II

There is not much known about Tommy's Knife other than he created it for protection and dominance over others. He also gets the added bonus of the chat message “________ was slain by TommyInnit using Knife.” Knife was destroyed due to durability.

Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Sapnap's Schlong Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Knockback II, Fire Aspect II, Mending

Was in the possession of Tommy after Sapnap lost it in the Battle of the Lake. Currently its location is unknown, though it was presumably destroyed at some point.

Enchanted Netherite Leggings Item.gif Drip but Brown Netherite Leggings that were stolen from Fundy by Tommy during the Battle of the Lake. It is now missing, presumably destroyed at some point.
Music Disc Cat.png Cat Cat is one of the first discs of the SMP. This disc had a lot of involvements in wars like the Disc Saga, the Railway Skirmish, and others. Tommy traded this disc to Dream for the independence of L'Manberg during the Dream Team SMP vs L'Manberg War. Dream traded it to Skeppy for his dead horse's leather, Spirit. On January 15, it was shown that Ranboo had it, after being given it by Dream who obtained it from Skeppy before the Green Festival and told to keep it safe. Ranboo forgot about this because he was in his "sleeping state." After the Disc Confrontation, it is back in Tommy's possession.
Music Disc Mellohi.png Mellohi Mellohi is one of the first discs of the SMP. This disc had a lot of involvements in wars like the Disc Saga, the Railway Skirmish, and others. Tommy traded this disc to Dream for the independence of L'Manberg during the Dream Team SMP vs L'Manberg War. Tommy later stole it from Dream after Dream played it to taunt him. On Tubbo's first day of presidency, Tommy gave Tubbo the disc out of trust. However, the disc would eventually be handed to Dream at the Green Festival after Dream framed Tommy for blowing up the Community House. After the Disc Confrontation, it is back in Tommy's possession.
Music Disc Blocks.png Blocks Blocks is important to Tommy because he played the disc with Jschlatt on his first day.[124] It has been played multiple times by Tommy on the bench next to his home. Tommy has said that Blocks is the only disc he truly cares about other than Cat and Mellohi. Currently, it is still in Tommy's possession.
Music Disc Chirp.png Chirp Chirp was a gift from BadBoyHalo when Tommy was exiled from L'Manberg.[96] Bad gave Tommy the Chirp disc because Bad wanted to be nice toward Tommy, despite how Tommy had constantly sworn at Bad in the past. Tommy said that the Chirp disc reminded him of death and space women. Chirp has become a symbol of hope to Tommy.
Music Disc Far.png Far Far is a disc given to Tommy by LazarBeam as a gift of reconciliation. However, it's debatable whether this actually fixed their relationship, as moments later Dream and Lazar attempted to mug Tommy, and Tommy killed Lazar in retaliation.
Music Disc Wait.png Wait Wait is yet another disc given to Tommy by HBomb94 as a Christmas present on day 5 of his exile. Tommy said that Wait was one of his favorite discs. He had been given another one by Technoblade as a Christmas gift (named Techno's Canon Disc), though Techno's disc is currently missing.
Music Disc Stal.png 1st Stal A disc that Lani, Tubbo's sister, got from Dream when she was playing on the Dream SMP on his account. At that time, it was the first and only Stal disc on the server. Because of that, it's been appropriately named "1st Stal" with an anvil. Tubbo gave this disc to Tommy after the Disc Confrontation.
Music Disc Pigstep.png Pigstep Pigstep is a rare disc given to Tommy. He had been gifted two of these discs by HBomb and BadBoyHalo on Christmas day. He considers this as the most dangerous weapon on the server, for it can copyright a member if they happen to listen to it while streaming or recording a video on the SMP. One of the discs was given to Technoblade.
Written Book.gif How to Sex How to Sex is a book written by Tommy containing factually inaccurate details on sex. He has stated that it should never be read on stream. It has inspired a sequel, How to sex 2, and How to Sex 3 was started during his exile. It is unknown whether this third book was ever finished.
Written Book.gif How to Sex 2 How To Sex 2 is a book written by Tommy containing factually inaccurate details on sex. He also said that it should never ever be read on stream, despite it having been partially done several times now. It is the sequel How To Sex, and according to Tommy, How To Sex 2 is more PG than the first. Ghostbur accidentally burned the book in lava during Tommy's exile.

The sequel, How to Sex 3, was being written during his exile and was shown to Quackity on December 14, 2020,[125] but not much is known of it now. Tommy has also mentioned wanting to write How to Sex 4.

Bow.png Twitlonger Bow Created very early on the SMP, it is an unenchanted bow on low durability, usually kept in Tommy's enderchest but went missing until Tubbo rediscovered it on April 11, 2021, in the room used by Tommy and Tubbo during their "Tubbo bathwater" stream. Whoever fires the bow with a 'twitlonger arrow' has the right to write a TwitLonger and subsequently cancel the person who got shot.
Lodestone Compass JE1.gif Your Tubbo A compass given to Tommy as a gift from Ghostbur.[126] It points to a lodestone suspected to be underneath Tubbo's White House in L'Manberg. Tubbo had a matching one named "Your Tommy" pointing towards Tommy's tent near Logstedshire.[127] Tommy brought the compass with him to the Doomsday War, and it is presumed to have been destroyed.
Diamond Boots JE1 BE1.png Tommy Slippers A pair of unenchanted diamond boots, given to Tommy by Philza. They were destroyed in one of Dream's routine armor destructions during Tommy's exile.
Emerald.png 1 Friendship Emerald One of three friendship emeralds. Gifted to Tommy by Philza during his exile. One was gifted to Wilbur[128] and subsequently got destroyed when he was killed, and the other is still in Phil's possession. Tommy still has his friendship emerald in a secret chest located to the right of his ender chest in his base.
Bedrock.png Bedrock Obtained from Drista when she logged into the server on Dream's account and went into creative mode. There is one other bedrock, which is held by Technoblade, which prompted them to refer to each other as "Bedrock Bros."[129]
Barrier block.png Barrier block A barrier block, obtained from Drista on April 2, 2021. It is currently in Tommy's ender chest.
Enchanted Turtle Shell.gif Tommy Helmet Protection IV, Respiration III, Mending, Unbreaking III

A turtle helmet given to Tommy as a Christmas gift by Technoblade. It was lost in the Doomsday War during Tommy and Techno's argument. Ponk was seen briefly wearing it right after, but he was soon killed by Technoblade, who did not pick it up. It is believed to either have despawned or destroyed by the explosions of the war.

Shield.png Big Man Shield White Paly, Blue Pale Sinister, Blue Pale Dexter, White Flower Charge, Light Blue Lozenge, White Roundel

A shield with the Antarctic Empire design, given to him while he was living with Technoblade in exile. Its current whereabouts are unknown.

Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Shclatt (Slayer of BeachBoys) Smite II, Unbreaking II

Created very early on the Dream SMP and was the first Netherite Sword Tommy had made and named. Originally named Slayer of BitchBoys. He changed it because Dream threatened to never say "bitch" again or he would get banned. Temporarily in Tubbo's possession, and then in Fundy's, who eventually renamed it Shclatt and gave it to HBomb.

Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Big Man Sword Sharpness IV, Unbreaking III, Looting III

Was created to defeat Dream during the Disc War.

Enchanted Crossbow.gif Chekhov's Gun Mending, Piercing IV, Quick Charge III, Unbreaking III

Ghostbur's crossbow, which was gifted to Tommy by Connor the day before he went to face Dream, allegedly on Ghostbur's request.[130] It later got blown up by Dream.[55]

Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Ghostbur's Pick Efficiency V, Fortune II, Mending, Unbreaking III

Ghostbur's pickaxe, which was gifted to Tommy by Connor the day before the Disc Confrontation on January 19, 2021, allegedly on Ghostbur's request.[130] It later got blown up by Dream.[55]

Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Axe of Peace Sharpness V, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Mending

Originally belonging to Technoblade, the Axe of Peace was seized from him by Tubbo during Techno's execution. Ranboo returned it to him, and Techno gave it to Tommy. Tommy kept it after betraying Techno at the Green Festival, and it came into Sapnap's possession during the Doomsday War, who gave it back to Tommy and Tubbo after they asked him for it on the day before their "final showdown" with Dream. It was used to kill Dream once during the Disc Confrontation. It was formerly in Tommy's enderchest, and was later stored in a chest under Mexican Dream's gravestone along with some other items of his. [131]

Enchanted Crossbow.gif DEFINITELY NOT PENIS Piercing IV, Quick Charge III

This crossbow originally belonged to Dream and was first lent to Jschlatt after the Presidential Rally to be used to kill Tommy and Wilbur Soot.

Dream then took it back and gifted it to Tommy after he and Wilbur had formed Pogtopia, alongside multiple other items to help with the fight against Schlatt.

During the Manberg Festival, Tommy brought it with him and when he was killed, it was taken from him by an unknown person who put it in a random chest. Eret then found the crossbow and held onto it for a few weeks.

Eret gave it back to Tommy before the Manberg-Pogtopian War as a symbol of trust, however. Tommy proceeded to use it during the main battle.

During the chaos of the war's aftermath, Tommy lost the crossbow and it came into the hands of Philza. Phil then returned it to Tommy the following day.

On December 21, 2020, it was revealed on-stream to be in the possession of Tubbo, who did not remember how he got it. He claimed that the Arrow of Harming loaded into it had been set there by Dream, as he had not loaded it since he acquired it. This seems unlikely, however, considering how many people had used the crossbow before.

On January 16, 2021, Tubbo gave the crossbow to Tommy and Tommy stored it in his ender chest while they were preparing for the Disc Confrontation. Prior to entering Pandora's Vault, Tommy took it out of his ender chest and used it to almost take Dream's second canon life, switching to Dream's Nightmare Sword to take his life. It had been in Tommy's possession until he died while taking down Ponk's Lemon Tree, and when Sam Nook recovered Tommy's items the crossbow was not there. It is assumed to have been despawned or in Ponk's possession.

Enchanted Trident Item.gif Nightmare Mending, Riptide III, Unbreaking III

Dream's trident. It was obtained by Tommy from Dream during the Disc Confrontation. As Tommy likes to put it, he "ripped it off of Dream's corpse." Tommy lost it when KSI came back onto the server, as Tommy gave KSI his armor and trident because he wanted half of what Dream had paid KSI for swearing. KSI later fell in lava and it burned in the Nether.

Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Nightmare Fire Aspect II, Looting III, Mending, Sharpness V, Unbreaking III

Dream's sword. It was obtained from Dream during the Disc Confrontation. Tommy took Dream's second life with this sword.

Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Nightmare Sharpness V, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Mending

Dream's axe. It was obtained from Dream during the Disc Confrontation.

Enchanted Leather Helmet Item.gif HARD HAT Unbreaking III

Color: #FED83D (yellow). Was obtained from Sam Nook during the construction of the Big Innit Hotel.

Enchanted Leather Chestplate Item.gif SAFETY VEST Unbreaking III

Color: #F9801D (orange). Was obtained from Sam Nook during the construction of the Big Innit Hotel.

Enchanted Leather Leggings Item.gif WORK JEANS Unbreaking III

Color: #3C44AA (blue). Was obtained from Sam Nook during the construction of the Big Innit Hotel.

Enchanted Leather Boots Item.gif CONSTRUCTION BOOTS Unbreaking III

Color: #835432 (brown). Was obtained from Sam Nook during the construction of the Big Innit Hotel.

Totem of Undying JE2 BE2.png Totem of Undying Obtained from Ranboo on his birthday on April 9, 2021.[132] However, the totem was lost in an explosion during the same stream.[133] He then later received another totem from Ranboo.
Enchanted Diamond Sword.gif lore Sharpness IV, Unbreaking III

A sword formerly belonging to Ghostbur,[134] taken from Wilbur by Tommy on May 6, 2021.[135]

Enchanted Netherite Shovel.gif Linda Efficiency V, Fortune III, Mending, Unbreaking III

A shovel made and enchanted by Ranboo for Tommy while mining the quarry in preparation for his new business on May 7, 2021.[136] He lost the shovel while gambling in Las Nevadas on May 31, 2021. Foolish won it while gambling the next day.[137]

Enchanted Trident Item.gif Big Cum Riptide III

Tommy lost it after being killed by Eryn on the latter's first day on the server.


Name Status Residence Notes
Cow.png Harold Dead Tommy's holiday home Killed by Sapnap during the first Pet War. Because he was unnamed, Sapnap wasn't aware that he was one of Tommy's pets.[138]
Cow.png Harvey Unknown Tommy's holiday home Tommy possibly killed Harvey without knowing who he was after returning to the holiday home following what is supposedly Henry's first death.[139]
Cow.png Henry Dead Dream's Vault Henry was tommy's most valuable pet cow. It was presumed to be killed by Sapnap while being kidnapped with Karl, starting the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower. However, it was revealed that Dream had kept Henry in his chamber for leverage against Tommy. It is still unknown if this is the real Henry. The other Henry later died whilst Tommy and Ranboo attempted to escort everyone's possessions to safety.
Pufferfish Item.png Phukkit Alive Tommy's ender chest Originally Tubbo's pet. He was thought to be eaten by Fundy, but the real one was actually in possession of Eret. Eret then returned Phukkit to Tubbo, and later gifted to Tommy on September 22, 2020 as a good luck charm before the election.
White Horse with White Field.png HorseChamp Dead Tommy's house HorseChamp was killed by Dream during the Railway Skirmish after Tommy refused to give Dream his items back.
Skeleton Horse.png Fundy's skeleton horse Missing Pogtopia Stolen from Fundy to run away after Tommy and Wilbur got exiled by Schlatt but was lost and has not been found ever since.
Darkbrown Horse with Black Dots.png Juorse Dead Community House Tamed on November 3, 2020. Tommy wanted a new pet to replace Henry and needed a horse to walk on Prime Path in style, so he tamed Juorse using a saddle stolen from one of Karl's horses.

Sapnap stole Juorse from Tommy after he stole Sapnap's pets, and Tommy tried to make a deal with Sapnap to get him back. However, the deal failed, and Sapnap killed Juorse in the Community House on November 15, 2020.

Bat.png Batthew Alive L'Manberg Batthew was a shared pet bat between, Tommy, Ranboo, Connor, and Sapnap. His first home was on a obsidian wall of L'Manberg, but was set free after Dream took down the walls. After being set free by Dream, Ranboo spent half an hour trying to recapture Batthew and was finally successful with help from BadBoyHalo.
Mooshroom.png Mushroom Henry Dead Logstedshire A gift from Antfrost left in Logstedshire during his absence. Ant left two signs saying that it was for him and asking to not tell Dream he was the one that left it there. Mushroom Henry was killed by Dream as punishment for Tommy hiding items from him on December 15, 2020.
Tamed Wolf Red.png Bruno Dead Tommy's house A pet given to Tommy by Drista during his visit to the SMP mainlands while exiled. Killed by Sam with his thorns armor.
Brown Trader Llama.png Clarencio Dead L'Manberg A brown trader llama "adopted" by Tommy on his visit to the SMP mainlands with Technoblade during exile. Tommy pretended to be the llama while speaking to Ranboo and Connor while he himself was invisible. The llama was killed by Technoblade's dog. While alive, he killed Ranboo with his spit, causing many fans to joke at the time that it had been a canon death, but this has been debunked.[140]
Jellie cat.png Pussboi Dead Pandora's Vault Tommy's cat that he strongly disliked. They teleported to him while stuck in the prison. Tommy killed Pussboi to anger Dream because Dream had said he liked them.
Blue Sheep JE4.png Friend Dead (Died thrice, but likely has infinite canon lives) Prime Path When Dream took Tommy and Tubbo down into the vault, he revealed all of the things that people on the server cared about. A version of Friend was there, but it is unknown if this was the actual Friend. Ranboo and Tommy later took this version of Friend to Tommy's Holiday Home[121] before Ranboo took him to the Bee n' Boo hotel.

After Wilbur's resurrection, Wilbur took Friend as his own pet. However, Tommy still looked out for Friend and was upset when Wilbur didn't seem to be taking proper care of him. Shortly after, Skeppy accidentally killed Friend and passed it off as a troll.[141]

Spider JE4 BE3.png Shroud Alive Tommy's house Shroud is a spider captured by Tommy with help from Foolish on July 9, 2021. He declared the spider his new best friend and named him Shroud after the Twitch streamer of the same name.
Pig.png Wiggles Alive Wiggles' shack Wiggles a pig with a saddle that Tommy obtained during one of Drista's visits.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Tommy has always had a strange vendetta for Alyssa, especially after fighting each other in the Disc Saga. He claims it is because she's American.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Tommy and Technoblade once took Antfrost hostage and had him mine for them, but they have since claimed that since they killed him afterward, he should have no memory of it. They also fought one another in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower, but this was canceled out when Antfrost gifted Mushroom Henry to Tommy during his exile. After Antfrost attempted to feed Tommy to the Egg, it's likely the two are in a tense relationship.

After Antfrost and the members of the Eggpire heard that Tommy died, Antfrost and the others celebrated his death in his house when Puffy came and kicked them out. They then decided to celebrate it in his hotel with them telling Sam Nook that they were there to rent, not wanting to alert Sam Nook.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Awesamdude was very friendly with Tommy when they met. Sam trusted Tommy, as Tommy was one of the few members that were shown Sam's secret base. In addition, he told Tommy that he was always welcome to take refuge at his base when he needed to.

After the Disc Confrontation, Tommy and Sam had become close because Tommy asked Sam to build him a hotel after visiting dream in Pandora's Vault. Tommy gave Sam 32 diamonds as payment for building the hotel. Tommy and Sam had an on-running joke where Tommy called Sam “Sam Nook," due to Sam giving Tommy tasks to do so he could build the hotel. In the hotel contract that Tommy made, it read that Sam/Sam Nook had to protect and look after Tommy. Tommy also stated in the contract that he must say that Sam is his best friend.

Sam and Tommy had a very good bond, as Sam defended Tommy very often. He programmed Sam Nook to protect any of Tommy's friends(specifically Tubbo)and Tommy at presumably any cost. Sam Nook defended Tommy against BadBoyHalo, Antfrost, and the egg. Sam himself was very protective of Tommy, especially since Dream told Sam what he had done to Tommy (or at least some of it). Sam has stated that he doesn’t want Tommy's mental health to get worse than it already is.

When Sam, as the Warden, locked Tommy in prison due to a security issue, their relationship grew tense. After a week of being trapped with Dream had gone by their relationship strained, with Tommy begging to be let out. Sam still refused as he hasn't discovered the security issue yet and left Tommy in the prison, which led to Dream taking Tommy's final canon life. Sam originally expressed much guilt for not being able to get Tommy out of the prison in time. When Tommy saw Sam again, he was furious at him for not being able to save him in time and not letting him out when he begged, claimed he would sue Sam for keeping him in the prison for over a week. His trust in Sam was completely broken.

Once Tommy revealed himself to have broken into the prison, Sam was extremely angry and threatened to kill him. They both blame each other for Wilbur's resurrection by Dream; with Tommy stating that he will never speak to Sam ever again and Sam telling Tommy that he will never allow Tommy near the prison grounds.

After the break-in, tensions settled between Tommy and Sam and they eventually went back to being on speaking terms. Sam requested Tommy's help in testing the Egg's blast resistance and Tommy agreed. Aside from the occasional negative remark, Tommy appears to tolerate spending time with Sam.

Tensions rose again after Dream's escape from prison, Tommy blaming Sam for the breakout, faulting him for the "inescapable prison" failing to stop an escape. Sam was relieved Tommy was safe, but the tension stayed between the two.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Tommy and Bad have had a complicated history, as Bad does not like the fact that Tommy constantly swears, which leads to Tommy pestering him with swears and inappropriate jokes. However, Bad is a very positive person, so the two get along well when they aren't arguing.

On the server, their history isn't overly complicated. They fought each other in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower, but they didn't seem to become real enemies, and Tommy still liked to come to Bad with pranks and hijinks afterward. Bad was one of the first people to visit Tommy during his exile and gave him presents, including an enderchest, in an attempt to cheer him up. Tommy was initially hesitant, insisting that he didn't take "pity shit," but later he was shown to be deeply appreciative of the gifts. On Christmas, Bad also tried to give him a Pigstep disc, unaware that he had already received one from HBomb. But he acted as though he really cared for it; and as Bad came to save Tommy and Tubbo from Dream and imprison the latter, they were on great terms.

Recently, however, Badboyhalo tried to forcefully infect him, having discovered that Tommy is immune to its effects. This conflict certainly decreased their friendship level. After Tommy died, Bad and Antfrost celebrated his death, but Tommy is unaware of this.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Despite the two having seldom spoken to each other, they are very sarcastic to each other. Callahan also came to save Tommy and Tubbo from Dream, so they are on pretty good terms.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Tommy was one of the first players that Connor properly met. Tommy gave him a tour around the server and introduced him to other members that were online at the time. Tommy also agreed to give Connor resources, reassuring him after he saw CaptainPuffy standing intimidatingly with diamond armor. They left off on fairly good terms.

However, Connor later aggravated Tommy by building Connor Esports Estate Vol. 1 close to the BSA L'Manberg Embassy and by spreading American flags. This eventually led to Tommy evicting him and killing Seaman, his pet fish.

After Tommy's exile, Connor moved into his house without permission. Tommy was angered by this after returning with Technoblade, and so the two of them took him hostage to use him as a bargaining chip. Their relationship became fairly negative after this, but when Tommy moved back into L'Manberg, Connor still respected his wishes and let him have his house back. Connor was also the one to give Tommy Ghostbur's pickaxe and his crossbow, Chekhov's Gun, saying that Ghostbur had asked him to do so.

When Tommy was let out of the prison, he was mad that Connor took over his home again. In a state of shock, Connor hit Tommy which caused Tommy to panic and hit Connor back with his axe. Connor then mentions that he made a diary, which he gives to Tommy. In Connor's diary, when Tommy died he wrote that he missed him, showing that Connor cares about Tommy. After reading his diary Connor moves back into Ninja's house, with Tommy taking back his home.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/Negative Tommy was actively disgusted by the Egg and the redness of the Egg. Although he is immune to the Egg's effects and control, he openly stated he's disgusted by it and has not stated that he is willing to destroy the Egg, but afraid that it will cause another war involving him who started it again. He stole a piece of the Egg, trying to make his hotel popular with this piece of the Egg he stole. He didn't care about the Egg at all and tries to benefit from the Egg, saying that this Egg piece will gain the Big Innit Hotel more attraction although Sam Nook was against it.
Relationship SwornEnemy LargePixelArt.png Sworn enemy
Dream and Tommy are enemies, and have one of the worst relationships on the server.

At the beginning of the server, the conflict known as The Disc Saga took place, which involved Dream stealing two of Tommy's music discs, Cat and Mellohi.

Dream, at first, supported Tommy during The Manberg Rebellion but switched sides after he was given an offer by Schlatt.

Their relations soured once again when Dream demanded Tommy's exile and removal from office after he griefed George's house. During the days before the griefing, Dream had already been committing various crimes around the server and pinning the blame on Tommy, indicating that Dream had already been working towards demanding Tommy's exile, and simply took the opportunity to do so when Tommy actually committed a crime of his own. When it was looking like Tommy would only receive probation as punishment, Tommy attempted to threaten Dream, taunting him with Spirit's leather, which backfired and angered Dream. After this, he demanded Tommy be exiled from L'Manberg, threatening Tubbo and the rest of L'Manberg if Tommy wasn't exiled.

During Tommy's exile, Dream was the only one (aside from Ghostbur) who consistently visited Tommy, saying that Tommy was "like a little annoying bug in [his] room" and that he was making sure Tommy would stay outside.[142] He kept a strict watch over Tommy, forbidding him from visiting L'Manberg and visiting him daily to destroy all of his items. He used various tactics to further isolate Tommy from his friends and convince him that only Dream cared about him, and even later freely admitted to doing this.[143] His actions during exile to Tommy can be read as manipulative and even abusive. Tommy became convinced Dream was his only friend, and remained traumatized by Dream's behavior after his exile had ended.

On December 15, 2020, Dream found out that Tommy had been hiding chests full of items from him. Dream was very angry at this and blew up Logstedshire and said that Tommy was banned from visiting the Nether or getting visitors until he had "learned his lesson." However, this was the last straw for Tommy, who after Dream had left built a high one-block pillar and almost committed suicide by jumping off. While on the tower, Tommy realized that Dream had never been his friend, and had only been visiting to keep watch over him. Tommy ended up not killing himself and instead abandoned Logstedshire and joined forces with Technoblade shortly after.

While Tommy was living with Technoblade, Dream would often visit Technoblade's house, searching for Tommy and forcing Tommy to hide in Techno's house from him.

After Dream blew up L'Manberg, Tommy confronted him on the obsidian grid, where Dream said that while L'Manberg's story was over, the story between them was not. Dream said that Tommy was 'fun', most likely meaning that they will continue to fight.

Tommy and Dream's relationship became even lower when they engaged in the Disc Confrontation, where Dream threatened to kill Tubbo multiple times in order to hold leverage over Tommy with the discs. However, Dream ended up being killed twice by Tommy and was later imprisoned in Pandora's Vault.

Tommy was planning to leave and visit Dream for the final time to have the closure. Tommy entered the prison and refused to agree to visit Dream again, but due to a security threat, Tommy ended up trapped in the prison with Dream. After being stuck together for at least a week, longer than what the contract specified, with Sam refusing to let Tommy out of the prison, Dream and Tommy got into an argument, and Dream ended up killing Tommy, taking his final canon life.[8]

Dream then resurrected Tommy several days later, asking him about the Afterlife and who was there. Tommy, still surprised and just came to his senses told Dream about the Afterlife. Tommy tells Dream to never pinch him ever again, as it reminded him of how Dream took his final life. Tommy then tells Dream to never revive Wilbur and to swear on it. Dream swore that he will use the revival knowledge however he wanted. When Sam rescued Tommy out of his cell, Dream was bitter, perhaps due to him not being able to speak with anyone anymore.

When Tommy planned to kill Dream one last time with Ghostbur, Tommy held his axe, prepared to kill him. When Tommy's axe got noticed by Awesamdude, Dream was left behind with Ghostbur - with Dream threatening to revive Wilbur to let him escape the prison. When Tommy was escorted, Ghostbur was killed by Dream, reviving Wilbur. It seems that Tommy's relationship with Dream will never recover.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Eret and Tommy formerly fought together for L'Manberg's independence, but Tommy was furious at their betrayal. Although Eret sided with him during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Tommy didn't want to recognize that they'd given up their kingship to help L'Manberg, still only seeing them as a traitor driven by personal gain.

During Tommy's early exile, Eret tried to present him with gifts, but Tommy refused them, calling them "pity gifts." It likely wasn't personal, however, as he reacted in the same fashion towards everyone who made an effort to visit him. During the Doomsday War, Eret fought to defend L'Manberg, and they and Tommy temporarily set their differences aside to work together.

Before the Disc Confrontation, Eret awaited his arrival on the prime path, and gave Tubbo a Turtle Master potion. Tommy told Eret that he forgave them, and that they had always been the real king (however, as Eret and George have been the only kings in the Dream SMP, this is not much of a compliment). Eret also helped rescue Tommy and Tubbo during the confrontation itself.

Upon finding out about Tommy's death in Pandora's Vault, Eret was very upset and somewhat blamed themself for not being there.

When Tommy was attempting to "get over" his trauma before breaking into the prison to kill Dream, Eret allowed Tommy to use their replica of the Final Control Room inside their museum.[144] After being in the room and seeing the book inside Wilbur's chest written by Eret in which they apologized for their betrayal, Tommy stated that "times have changed, but so have people," indicating that he forgives them for their betrayal.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Eryn and Tommy were good friends, having known each other even before the SMP, and they often banter together. Tommy seems worried about Eryn replacing him however, and shown during Eryn's interactions with Philza and George.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
The two seldom interact, though when they do, it often starts with Foolish sneaking up behind Tommy, scaring him.

After Tommy died in Pandora's Vault, Foolish mourned him and built a pixel art statue for him.

After Wilbur's revival, Foolish helped Tommy gather stone, and chatted with him about his morals and relationships. Tommy seems to like Foolish, and considers him a good person.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
They got up to some mischief together on a couple of occasions, such as when they rebuilt Ponk's tower after moving it a few blocks to one side. Despite long being allies, however, Tommy's relationship with Fundy has heavily flipped after he and Wilbur were exiled from Manberg. Tommy expressed open hostility towards Fundy after witnessing him tearing the walls down and burning the flag, and still thought of him as a traitor to L'Manberg's ideals even after he revealed that he was a spy. He proved himself in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, however, and established a neutral relationship with Tommy in spite of the latter's hatred of furries.

Before and during the exile conflict, they shared a strong dislike of Technoblade and a passion for their positions in the Tubbo Administration. After hearing Dream's threat, Fundy supported Tommy's idea of fighting Dream by forming an army with Technoblade and the citizens against Dream, then turning on Techno. He was upset when Tommy was exiled anyways and visited him once with Niki. They briefly appeared to be on the same side after Tommy rejoined L'Manberg in preparation for the Doomsday War, but Fundy seemingly turned against the nation in the wake of its destruction, and his current relationship with him is undefined, as they haven't interacted much then.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
George and Tommy fought against each other in the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War and ran against one another in the election. Although George was not present for most of the Manberg Rebellion Arc, they were still on opposing sides, and after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Tommy burned down George's new house and left offensive messages, leading to the exile conflict.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
After Wilbur's appearance as a ghost, Tommy was at first rattled and acted rather cold towards him, but over time he came to accept Ghostbur for who he was and has even stated that he prefers him over Wilbur. However, Tommy had made it clear that this does not mean he enjoys his company all of the time. He is seldom willing to tolerate Ghostbur's rants about his state of depression, complaining that it ruins the current mood. He also seems to be hung up on the fact Wilbur is dead, and is constantly calling him Wilbur by mistake.

After the destruction of George's house and Tommy's trial, Tommy asked Ghostbur if he'd help him if he was to be exiled. Ghostbur, with what memories he retained of their previous exile, agreed to do what he could. When Tommy was being taken away by Dream after his exile, Ghostbur tagged along to keep him company and to provide comfort, and the two of them founded Logstedshire together. Ghostbur often visited during the early stages of his exile, and crafted the pair of compasses, Your Tubbo and Your Tommy. After being sent away by Dream, Ghostbur found his way to Technoblade's residence where he later reunited with Tommy and attempted to protect him from Dream.

After the Doomsday War, Ghostbur admitted to Tommy that he wanted to be resurrected, and while Tommy was reluctant to assist, he joined Philza, Ranboo, and Eret in the attempted revival. Nervous about the event, Ghostbur asked Tommy if he wanted Wilbur back, to which Tommy only responded that Ghostbur was "poggers" and Wilbur wasn't. After the initial failure, he decided he didn't want to be present anymore and excused himself, but he and Ghostbur still seemed to be on good terms.

After a long period of not being on the server, Ghostbur returned once again. Coincidentally, he showed up on the same day Tommy & co. were making a plan to take out Dream once and for all, thus getting himself involved with the plan, helping Tommy build a watchtower outside of Pandora's Vault to keep an eye out. This all culminated when the final plan went into action. Ghostbur went inside to visit Dream, while Tommy snuck in behind him with the use of an invisibility potion. Some shenanigans later, Ghostbur ended up alone with Dream after Tommy had been discovered, leading to the resurrection of Wilbur, and thus, the "death" of his ghostly counterpart. This left Tommy in despair at the loss of his dear friend and in fear at the revival of an old enemy. Soon after his revival, Wilbur tried to take Friend, Ghostbur's pet sheep, with him, claiming that he remembered, to which Tommy protested, protecting the only thing that he left of his old friend.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tommy has never physically interacted with Hannah, but she gave Tommy a poppy named "Hannah's Rose" saying that she didn't forget to give Tommy one, as other people got one but Tommy didn't.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Tommy at first didn't seem to like HBomb much, partially due to not knowing much about him, and partially due to HBomb's jokes about dating his mother. After Tommy received Wait from HBomb during exile, though, his mood brightened. During Christmas, HBomb gifted Pigstep to Tommy, even further improving their relationship. HBomb also helped Punz rescue Tommy and Tubbo in Dream's Vault, so currently, they seem to be getting along.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Jack Manifold was an early member of L'Manberg and became a good friend of Tommy's. They fought on the same side in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, and Jack expressed loyalty to L'Manberg on the eve of the Doomsday War.

In the aftermath of L'Manberg's destruction, Jack moved into Snowchester as a supposed ally of Tommy's, but unbeknownst to him, Jack has teamed up with Niki in an effort to kill him. However, Tommy did not know this whatsoever, so it did not affect Tommy's view of Jack Manifold.

Tommy began suspecting Jack Manifold ever since the aftermath of the nuclear testings. He has requested Sam Nook to keep an eye out for Jack Manifold as he thought that it was suspicious of Jack Manifold to suddenly drop by him. Tommy has claimed that it was only just a hunch. However, Tommy seemed to have grown his relations with Jack ever since he hired him as an employee at his hotel.

After Tommy got out of the prison, he found Jack at the Big Innit Hotel, Jack states that he grieved for Tommy and that Tommy wasn't real. Tommy states that he has changed, that it was hard to be the shouty old him. Jack complains about continuously being belittled by him, and that Jack had also died and gone to the afterlife but nobody mourned him. Jack holds an axe at Tommy, causing Tommy to call Sam Nook for help, making Sam Nook escort Jack out.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Tommy and Karl have a neutral relationship, but Karl often annoys Tommy. Tommy was angry at Karl for a bit due to his involvement in Henry's death, and Karl was slightly upset with Tommy for some time since he griefed the Eiffel Tower, but they also helped each other in expanding the underground Prime Path. They were on opposing sides during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, but by now the tension between them has cooled considerably.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Tommy has stated that he hates LazarBeam because he is Australian and has a 'funny voice'. The two didn't get along well on Lazar's first day on the SMP with Tommy fighting to take Vikkstar. However, Tommy later attempted to save Lazar from lava, and in return, Lazar gifted Tommy a fire-resistant potion and a brand new disc Far. Despite Tommy being mugged by Lazar and Dream, they currently have a positive relationship.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Mexican Dream was on good terms with Tommy, having built a restaurant with him, Lani and Dream. Their relationship strengthened when Mexican Dream accidentally visited Logstedshire during Tommy's exile. Mexican Dream provided Tommy company and even comforted him when Tommy started crying over pictures of his life before exile. Tommy grieved greatly upon the death of Mexican Dream. In the Afterlife, Tommy seemed a bit annoyed by Mexican Dream's constant loud presence, but it seems their relationship remained roughly the same.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Niki and Tommy took Sapnap's fish and bargained with them for an apology before the formal start of the Pet War. Many events later, she immediately offered assistance after Tommy found out about Henry's death.

They were also on the same side in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower, where Tommy tried to help her escape when she was taken hostage by BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, Antfrost, and Sapnap, and they fought together in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

She visited him once with Fundy during his exile and helped him build a road through the Nether. However, at first he blamed the burning of George's house on her, causing both sides to be unsure whether they still trust each other.

Eventually, although Tommy may not have realized it, Niki had come to despise him for what she claimed to be repetitive lies and arrogant actions, no longer trusting or supporting him. Niki blamed him for the unfortunate events in L'Manberg, and as such, is one of the reasons why she burned down the L'Mantree during the Doomsday War, an act that likely soured their relationship. However, since Niki helped take down Dream, Tommy likely views Niki more positively.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
In the past, Phil seemed to find Tommy's antics amusing, and Tommy looked up to Phil. Phil helped Tommy rebuild his house, and even though he had not formally joined Tommy's side, he was greatly considering it, citing that he enjoyed Tommy's company. The two landed on the same side after the events of Technoblade's execution and Philza's escape from house arrest, with their stance opposing L'Manberg.

After Tommy betrayed Technoblade on January 5, Phil expressed that he would still fight alongside Technoblade, and tore down Tommy's cobblestone tower, finalizing that the two of them were now on opposite sides. The Doomsday War severely tarnished their relationship, and Tommy was appalled when he first saw that Philza helped Dream and Techno to destroy L'Manberg. Soon afterward, they briefly joined forces in their attempt to resurrect Wilbur, although Tommy still acted wary around him.

Tommy calls Philza one of "The Boys," meaning that Tommy still cares about Philza. He says that if one of the boys gets hurt by the Egg, then he will destroy it, but Philza has not had any interaction with the Egg before, meaning he hasn't been hurt, so Tommy leaves the Egg alone.

Later, Philza, in association with The Syndicate, helps Dream break out of the prison. Dream comes for Tommy, who then runs to Phil for protection. Upon this, Tommy learns of Phil's assistance in the damning break out. Tommy is upset about this, but Philza describes it as "just business", promising to protect Tommy if it comes to it. Philza comforts Tommy when he starts breaking down about his trauma with Dream, reassuring him of his self worth and stregnth. Tommy thanks Philza for his help and consolation, and later help with building walls around Tommy's land. Tommy states he forgives Phil for L'manberg, and he was sorry for his outburst.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Ponk and Tommy became rivals when Tommy first joined. They were on opposite sides in the Disc Saga and were seemingly friendly on and off with each other after. Tommy agreed to let Ponk sign a contract that allowed him to sell his "essential oils" in Pogtopia, motivating him to abandon Schlatt. During Tommy's exile, Ponk spoke with Tommy during a secret trip to L'Manberg, vowing to keep his visit a secret. Their relationship seemed to have fully healed due to Ponk suddenly defecting from Dream's side to Tommy's during the Disc Confrontation, but Ponk became corrupted by the Egg, making their relations seemingly unknown.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Before Tommy's exile, Puffy and Tommy had a rocky relationship of constantly pranking and getting revenge on each other. After Tommy was exiled, she left a Christmas tree for him. He seemed to really appreciate the gift, putting them in a positive relationship. Puffy cares deeply for Tommy, knowing that he has gone through so much, despite being a kid. Puffy and Tommy have an almost family-like bond, and Puffy is often seen sticking up for Tommy and caring for him like a mother.

Both of them are against the Egg, with Puffy being negative and Tommy being immune. The two of them teamed up to save Sam from the Egg and separated after Sam Nook returned to the Big Innit Hotel. She also stopped Jack Manifold's takeover of his Hotel and made her own sign to make sure nobody would try and mess with Tommy again.

When Tommy was let out of the prison and meets with Jack and Sam Nook in the Big Innit Hotel, he went and saw Puffy's signs beside Jack's billboard, saying that she'll deal with Jack for taking Tommy's property. This may have had a positive impact on Tommy's opinion of Puffy, trusting her and signing up for her therapy session, even complimenting Tommy's angel statue made by Puffy, although he didn't know it was from Puffy. When Tommy discovered that Puffy had replied to his therapy request, he was delighted.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
In the early days of Dream SMP, Punz was cordial to Tommy, assisting him when he needed help and offering gifts. However, they've never really had a positive relationship despite small friendly gestures by Punz. After Fundy painted a negative perception of Punz during the Pet War, Tommy also developed a negative relationship.

During the Battle of the Lake, the two fought on the same side. Unfortunately, this did not assist their relationship. Due to Punz's ties with Dream, Tommy continued to consider Punz an enemy.

Before the Disc Confrontation, Tommy paid Punz a large amount of valuables to stay on his side in the fight against Dream. Punz decided to help Tommy and gathered a large number of server members to fight against Dream in the Confrontation, saving Tommy and Tubbo's lives. Tommy now considers Punz a 'nice guy'.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Purpled and Tommy never really got along, especially after the Socializing Club Conflict. In the early days of the SMP, Tommy mocked Purpled for playing Bedwars. Tommy also claimed that he considers people with a capital P in their name an enemy. Purpled was considered one of them, making their relationship negative as Purpled never helped Tommy whatsoever in the past or in the present.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Despite once being on opposing sides of a rebellion, Quackity and Tommy now have a positive relationship. The two stopped being enemies once Quackity joined Pogtopia, and his fears of internal conflict in Manberg coupled with Tommy's loss of faith in Wilbur leading them to occasionally hang out. Quackity spoke out against Tommy's exile and visited him during Tommy’s early stages, and they fought together in the Doomsday War. Even post-L'Manberg's destruction, they are still on good terms. Quackity also went to face Dream in the Disc Confrontation with the others to defend Tommy and Tubbo. When Jack told him about Tommy's last canon life being taken away he showed great remorse and sadness over the loss of Tommy, meaning he considers Tommy a friend.

When Tommy met Quackity, Quackity was at first shocked at the discovery that Tommy was real. At first, Quackity excused Tommy as a person disguising as Tommy and told him to get out, at which Tommy reveals that it was actually him. When finding out about this, Quackity was relieved. They talked about business, and how he was doing. Quackity then got himself interested in how Tommy got back. Tommy then vents to Quackity, later leaving him when they were done talking.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tommy first met Ranboo on his first day on the server, initially making a bad impression but later finding common ground. During Ranboo's second day, the two griefed George's house,[92] and during his trial, Tommy refused to say that Ranboo had any involvement in the griefing, protecting him from being prosecuted. This act won Ranboo's loyalty to Tommy.

After the L'Manberg cabinet accused Tommy of being selfish, Ranboo stepped in and confessed his guilt in order to defend Tommy's character. Ranboo then privately assured Tommy that he would stick by his side and tried to comfort Tommy while his exile was being decided. Tommy appreciated the gesture, allowing him to sit on the bench with him.

During exile, Ranboo maintained his loyalty. Throughout Tommy's exile, Ranboo remained supportive and was one of the two people who Tommy continued to call a friend. Ranboo often supported Tommy, and the two had a mailbox where they could communicate with each other often in unsigned books. Ranboo attempted to convince Tommy that he had been manipulated by Dream, but the manipulation overpowered their relationship. As a result, Tommy started seeing Ranboo in a negative light. After Tommy left to join Techno, Ranboo explained his loyalty to Tommy, restoring their relationship.

When Tommy was revived and got out of the prison, Ranboo was shocked but didn't ask too many questions about him being alive again. Tommy was overwhelmed and considered Ranboo to be pressuring him into talking. He disapproved of Tubbo and Ranboo's marriage because he felt that Tubbo was trying to replace him, and therefore made arguments that Ranboo was manipulative towards Tubbo.

When visiting Snowchester, he asked to visit MICHAEL, Ranboo, and Tubbo's son.[145] Upon meeting him, he asked if he could 'pat' MICHAEL, at which Ranboo and Tubbo replied no. He then asked if MICHAEL was the only reason they were together and it seemed like he was considering killing Michael, but Tubbo and Ranboo warned that they would kill Tommy if he did so. Tommy and Ranboo then went on a trip together to rescue Henry and Friend from Dream's vault.[146]

While Tommy was preparing for breaking into Pandora's Vault, he thanked Ranboo for helping him and hugged him.[147] He then shortly after admitted to Tubbo that despite his jealousy about their marriage, he liked Ranboo a lot and appreciated the fact that he had always been there for him.[148]

Right after Wilbur's resurrection, Ranboo sounded angry at Tommy,[149] but he later clarified that he didn't blame Tommy for the fact that Wilbur had returned.

Tommy refused to let Wilbur be alone with Ranboo and acted protectively whenever Wilbur tried to antagonize him. He also stated that he was fond of Ranboo.[150]

Tommy was deeply saddened to hear of Ranboo's death, struggling to comprehend it when seeing Ghostboo infront of him. Despite seeming offput by Ghostboo's behavior, they seem to get along just fine.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tommy and Sam Nook had a moment after Tommy had been gone for five days in the Dream SMP. Tommy was enraged that Sam Nook or basically hadn't done anything to improve the hotel. Sam Nook told Tommy that he could be beaten in compensation, telling Tommy to use the Axe of Peace. After Tommy refused, Sam Nook told Tommy that Awesamdude was not okay and wanted more payment to continue building the hotel.

After returning with the diamonds, Tommy overpaid and gave Sam Nook an extra 12 diamonds for working hard, this puts them in a positive relationship as Tommy still cares about Awesamdude, even questioning Sam Nook about Awesamdude's health. However, Sam Nook had no answers since he hadn't been contacting Awesamdude that much, according to what he has been saying to Tommy as of recent.

Sam Nook was never alerted of Tommy's death[151][152] and upon seeing him after his revival greeted him happily.[153] However, he was told to keep Tommy away from the prison by Awesamdude. Upon Tommy telling him that he was going to build a tower near the prison, he said that he would inform Awesamdude of the news.[154]

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tommy and Sapnap initially had a negative relationship due to their pet conflicts and Sapnap's betrayals. Sapnap fought against Tommy to deny L'Manberg independence in the very first war, and was later involved with the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower, the Battle of the Lake, and all of the Pet Wars. He accidentally killed Tommy's beloved cow Henry while attempting to kidnap him alongside Karl, and also stole and killed Tommy's horse, Juorse, after a failed bargain, which led to the Final Pet War and a duel to settle it, which Sapnap ended up winning. After that, however, Tommy persuaded Sapnap to release his own pet fish, Mars, and the two then agreed to end all future conflicts involving pets. They fought against each other in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, but decided to try and remain allies afterward.

However, that all went downhill after Tommy burned down George's summer house. It was seen as a direct offense against Sapnap's nation as George was the King of the Dream SMP, and Sapnap couldn't help but take it personally. He sided with Dream in support of Tommy's exile. Their relationship got significantly better before and after the Doomsday War, though, with Tommy not only returning Mars to him, but encouraging him to stand up against Dream. Sapnap fought with Tommy to protect L'Manberg in the Doomsday War, and although they ultimately failed, they remain on good terms.

Sapnap also helped Tommy take down Dream along with Punz and many other server members, so they most likely are on good terms.

During Dream's prison breakout, Sapnap stuck close to Tommy and acted very protective of him, comforting him and assuring him that he would keep Dream away from him. When Dream appeared from the water, Sapnap told Tommy to get back if he couldn't handle it and was clearly concerned for him during the entire fight.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Tommy and Schlatt were once on good terms, with Tommy looking up to Schlatt and attaching great meaning to the disc "Blocks" because Schlatt had called it his favourite. He was later also proud to present him as an endorsement for POG2020. However, this relationship was soured when instead of endorsing POG2020, Schlatt decided to run as his own party, Schlatt2020, and was pushed far into the negative after Schlatt won the election and exiled Tommy and Wilbur from L'Manberg. In Pogtopia with Wilbur, Tommy expressed that Schlatt should never have returned to the server.[155]

Tubbo's execution at the Manberg Festival on Schlatt's orders made Tommy's disdain for Schlatt stronger still,[156] and at the end of the war, Tommy was more than willing to kill Schlatt and expressed pleasure after witnessing his death.

Tommy met Schlatt again in the afterlife and though it doesn't seem like they had any conflict with each other, it doesn't seem like their relationship has improved either.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Skeppy burned one of Tommy's original discs and griefed Tommy's house. Skeppy gave the other disc to Dream, straying their relationship further.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
During Charlie's first tour of the Dream SMP, he and Slime got into a feud after Slime referred to Vikkstar as "Icky Vicky." However, despite this, they seem to get along well.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Tommy respected Technoblade's talent and held him in high regard, often asking him for help as seen while he was in Pogtopia and while exiled. He has a tendency to always annoy Technoblade, though, and the two often bicker over small things. Although they are not related, their relationship was often described as "sibling-like."

Techno joined the Dream SMP to aid Tommy and Wilbur during the Manberg Rebellion. Tommy trusted him at the time, and despite Techno's deadpan nature, Techno supported a surprising amount of Tommy's stupid stunts. Techno aided Tommy during the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower by fighting with him. However, after Techno aligned himself with Wilbur's goals for destruction, Tommy was forced to reconsider his idolization of him, and after he executed Tubbo at the Red Festival at Schlatt's command,[87] Tommy started holding a firmly negative opinion of Techno,[88] and ended up fistfighting him in The Pit.[89] While Techno aided Tommy in the Final Pet War, he was still suspected as the traitor in the Manberg vs Pogtopia war.

On the day of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Technoblade summoned withers and assassinated Tubbo after the new government was formed. He directed his historical 'Theseus' speech towards Tommy, mocking him for trying to be a 'hero' and immediately instilling a new government. At first, Tommy considered Techno as the largest enemy of L'Manberg and blamed him for inciting Wilbur's madness. Over time, his hatred of Techno died down. During the exile conflict, Tommy planned to try and gain Techno's help in fighting Dream.

After Tommy's exile, Technoblade visited Tommy to mock him for his status and for his own prophecy coming true. Tommy was verbally annoyed with Technoblade, blaming Techno for L'Manberg's destruction more than Wilbur, and even trying to somehow pin the blame for his exile on Technoblade.[157] After Tommy had fled Logstedshire, Tommy decided to secretly live underneath Techno and steal from him, but after being discovered, the two decided to form a team - Tommy would assist Techno in getting revenge on L'Manberg, and Techno would aid Tommy in regaining his discs. They still had tensions between them, with Techno's past actions and their disagreements over government weighing still over them, but they decided to put all of it to the side for an alliance.

At first, it was more of a business partnership than a friendship. However, over time, their relationship developed. Techno shielded Tommy from Dream during an attempt to take him back to exile, and Tommy strove to assist Techno with his tasks (such as feeding the hound army). Both began to see each other in a more positive light.

During the second festival, Tommy betrayed Technoblade by siding with L'Manberg and Tubbo and refused to give his axe back, resulting in a very negative relationship.

Their feelings are still incredibly complicated. Both of them feel betrayed by one another, with Tommy upset that Techno destroyed his home and country, and Techno seeing his former friend steal his tools and leave. Techno believed that Tommy used him as nothing more as a weapon for his own means, and thought only of the discs, while Tommy believed that Techno didn't care for him as he sided with his former captor (Dream). This was demonstrated during a heated exchange on Doomsday in which they both vented out their anger, spurred on by a genuine hurt.

Tommy later referred to Techno as one of "the boys," showing that he still cared about Techno. After realizing what he had said, he quickly denied it, adding "Not that I care about fucking Techno." Tommy cared for and respected him, sometimes demonstrating that he wished to be by Techno's side. After Sam Nook requested that Tommy needed to have his hotel advertised, he traveled to Techno's cabin to deliver an invitation. He was more than happy to make up with Techno and wanted to establish a positive relationship again, and he specifically titled his invitation "For Tecvnoblad" (Tommy typed fast and misspelled). He later mentioned that it was awkward but was too far from the mailbox to change it.

Tommy acknowledged that he betrayed Technoblade and has said that he still cares about him and considered him a friend. When he found out Technoblade was in the prison he referred to him as family leading many to believe he has a neutral outlook of Technoblade

While Tommy was initially angry that Techno broke Dream out of prison, he calmed down after Philza explained the situation to him, and holds no animosity towards him.

Relationship ExtremelyPositive LargePixelArt.png Very positive
Tubbo is Tommy's best friend. The two fight together in almost every conflict, and Tommy is very protective of Tubbo.[13][14][15][16][18]

When Technoblade killed Tubbo at the Manberg Festival, Tommy was very distraught,[87] and ended up fistfighting Technoblade[89] because he was so upset and angry on Tubbo's behalf,[88] despite Tubbo seemingly forgiving Techno.[158]

Following the end of the Manberg Rebellion with the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Tubbo was made president, with Tommy as his second in command. Tommy was excited and happy for Tubbo when this first happened,[159] but later, Tommy was open in his statements that he'd never wanted Tubbo to be president, causing rifts between them especially going into the Exile Conflict. He confided in Ranboo that the reason he hadn't wanted Tubbo to become president was because he had known it would drive them apart.[160] Eventually, wanting to protect his country and not start further conflict with Dream, Tubbo chose to exile Tommy, leaving a lasting dent in their relationship.[161]

During Tommy's time in exile, he remained optimistic about his relationship with Tubbo, still mostly in shock at the decision. He still cared about Tubbo, protecting his Your Tubbo compass and secretly keeping images of the two of them. These images were also one of the only things he managed to save when Dream blew up Logstedshire on December 15, 2020.[162] Tommy even hallucinated Tubbo appearing in Logstedshire multiple times, proving how much he missed him. However, Dream's manipulation focused on destroying Tommy's relationships, and caused Tommy to go through many cycles of anger and forgiveness.
Meanwhile, in L'Manberg, Tubbo regretted exiling Tommy, and called it a stupid decision, saying that he missed Tommy.[163] He always carried his Your Tommy compass with him, and called it his most valuable possession on the server.[164]

During his time working with Technoblade, Tommy was adamant about keeping Tubbo safe, despite Techno trying to give him evidence that Tubbo was a bad person,[165] and Tommy himself even calling Tubbo a monster after learning about Technoblade's execution.[166] However, Tommy was still conflicted over destroying L'Manberg due to his relationship with Tubbo.[167]

At the Green Festival, the two had a large fight, started by Tommy being upset at Tubbo for wanting to give Dream Tommy's disc Mellohi.[168] He incorrectly assumed that Tubbo knew what Dream had done to Tommy in exile. He was also upset that Tubbo hadn't visited him, and Tubbo said that it had been a mistake to trust Tommy. They ended up fighting each other in a PVP battle while accusing each other of betrayal, and the fight culminated in Tommy saying that the discs were worth more than Tubbo had ever been. However, this caused Tommy to realize that he was no longer acting true to his ideals, and he ended up leaving Technoblade and returning to Tubbo's side. He also asked Tubbo to give Dream the Mellohi disc, and Tubbo complied. Tubbo then officially un-exiled Tommy from L'Manberg, and Tommy apologized for the things he had done.[169]

During the Doomsday War, Tommy got into an argument with Technoblade, and Technoblade shot a firework rocket at him. Tubbo jumped in front of the rocket in an attempt to protect Tommy from it, and they were both (non-canonically) killed.[170]

During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy was ready to give up his discs for Tubbo,[171] saying that Tubbo was his one weakness and most valuable friend, and implied multiple times that he thought he would be nothing without Tubbo.[172][173] While Tubbo was ready to accept his own death, Tommy fiercely protested and refused to give Tubbo up.[174] After the two got to safety, they celebrated, bonding over everything they had accomplished. Upon finding out that Tommy had been killed by Dream in Pandora's Vault, Tubbo went into denial, not fully believing that Tommy could die in such an anti-climatic way. He later built a memorial for Tommy near Snowchester.[175]

When Tommy visited Tubbo after he got out of the prison, Tubbo was shocked, saying that he wasn't real. After this, Tubbo was seen stalking Tommy, which in Tommy's eyes was Tubbo seeing him as "science" and treating him differently, which he disliked. Tommy also resented the fact that in his eyes, Tubbo had replaced Tommy by marrying Ranboo while Tommy was in prison.[176][177]

However, Tommy seems to have accepted their marriage.[178] Since then, Tommy and Tubbo seem to have returned to a positive relationship, building TNT cannons together and Tommy telling Tubbo and Ranboo about his plan to kill Dream. Tommy also implied that he wanted to undertake this plan alone in order to keep Tubbo safe.[179]

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tommy idolizes Vikkstar, standing up for and respecting him during their time together. Vikk is rather irritated by him, but Tommy disregards this.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Wilbur was Tommy's mentor. While the two clashed with each other in a fashion that one might expect from siblings, Tommy looked up to Wilbur immensely, admiring his leadership. Tommy saw Wilbur as his brother, and considered him one of his best friends.[2] During most of Wilbur's life, Tommy was his disciple and second in command. Under Wilbur, Tommy learned to be loyal to his nation, and it was Wilbur's positive influence that led him to sacrifice his discs for their freedom. During the election, the two formed POG2020 to consolidate power, and after the election, they were banished together, living in the newly established Pogtopia.

However, due to Wilbur's declining mental state, their relationship grew strained, and Tommy was forced to reconsider his idolization of Wilbur. He began losing his trust in him, and his attempts to dissuade him from executing the TNT plot all fell short. At the end of the Manberg vs Pogtopia war, Tommy believed that he was coming back around, and initially attempted to reinstate him as president - but he was quickly proven wrong when Wilbur detonated L'Manberg and was killed right in front of him.

Despite his wrongdoings, Tommy did not fully blame Wilbur for L'Manberg's destruction (instead of placing that blame on Technoblade), and seemed to have a conflicted opinion on who Wilbur used to be, and who Wilbur became before his death. He evidently feared the potential repercussions of resurrecting him, however, and while he had stated before that he missed him and wished to honor his original ideals, it seemed that he preferred Wilbur dead.

However, when Dream revealed during the Disc Confrontation that he had the power to resurrect dead people, Tommy instantly thought of Wilbur, and this was one of the main reasons why Tommy chose not to take Dream's third and (presumably) final life.[180] After the confrontation was over, Wilbur spoke to Tommy from the afterlife, and Tommy explained to him that the possibility of bringing Alivebur back was important to him, despite Wilbur disagreeing and not wanting to come back to life.[181] This showed that Tommy still missed Wilbur, and wanted to have the possibility of bringing him back to life.

After his revival, Tommy stated that Wilbur should never be revived, even believing for a short while that he was worse than even Dream,[2] although he took this statement back after Dream revealed his plan to revive Wilbur.

Tommy was extremely upset by Wilbur coming back and claims that he's worse than ever. He doesn't trust that Wilbur has changed and keeps an eye on him, not allowing Ranboo to be alone with him. However, as time has gone on, Tommy has been working hard to impress Wilbur by collecting stone for him and staying by his side. Later, when Wilbur and Quackity were fighting over his loyalty in Las Nevadas, Tommy chose Wilbur.

Relations with factions
Name Status Note
Eggpire.v2.png Eggpire
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Tommy somewhat likes and dislikes the members of the Eggpire. He is neutral on their extremist beliefs, and says he even could like or dislike the Egg in the future.
Dream SMP
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Tommy originally believed that the Greater Dream SMP had wronged him in almost every way; from Eret's betrayal, Dream being the leader and his mortal enemy, and also being a "tyrannical dictatorship." However, the Current Acting Leader of the Dream SMP, Punz, has made amends with Tommy, saving him during the Disc Confrontation. After that, he began to look more neutrally at the faction, stating that Eret was a good king and that the people in the faction were admirable.
L'Manberg.png L'Manberg
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tommy was a founding member of L'Manberg and had been positive until he was exiled by Tubbo. However, other L'Manberg citizens and Tubbo's cabinet supported Tommy, so his relationship with L'Manberg was neutral. By Doomsday, Tommy's relationship with the country has returned to positive, as he tried to save the country, and even its final destruction, he refuses to let others speak ill of the country.


  • "I love listening to music discs in Minecraft. I think it’s one of the most rewarding things." —just before obtaining Mellohi, his first music disc[74]
  • "Eret, listen to me, and I mean this in the nicest way possible: You fucked up." —to Eret after their betrayal during the L'Manberg Independence War[182]
  • "Do I shoot him, Will, or do I aim for the skies?" —to Wilbur before the duel with Dream for L'Manberg's freedom[183]
  • "Wilbur, look at me, look at me. Please don't do this, you don't have to blow this all up...Wilbur, this is our home and we can take it back, man. We're not the villains."
  • "But there's one thing I have that you'll never, ever, ever, ever have... I have the Blade." —to Sapnap during the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower[184]
  • "Wilbur's gone crazy. All he wants is violence and pain and he's had his golden day. All he wants is to take away everyone else's."
  • "We can't go down now. We're together right? We can't lose now."
  • "After everything... It was meant to be!" —during his speech on the podium after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War[185]
  • “I'm not the hero, no-one's the hero, we have L'Manberg for each other!” —to Technoblade after Techno's "hero" speech during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War[186]
  • "I know that there's that one line that rings through my head as I sleep...of Wilbur saying 'Tommy! Let's be the bad guys!' —and I don't—I don't want to be the bad guys..." —to Ranboo[187]
  • "Log through the pain." —after seeing that the Prime Log is successful in bringing him vast amounts of primes
  • "Guys, how do you know when it's too much?" —to Ghostbur, Dream and Sapnap during exile[188]
  • "I'm here for a good time, not for a long time."
  • "It's never my time to die." —to Dream during exile[189]
  • "No one cares, do they?! No one showed up to my party! And i—It's the one thing, the one thing that they had to do for me, after exiling me and fucking me over and not one of them came with me! And none of them care about me anymore. 'Cause I'm not in L'Manberg anymore! 'Cause I'm not with—'Cause I'm not the Vice-President!" —to Dream during his failed beach party in exile[190]
  • "Is this even worth it...?"
  • "I'm the only one, that Dream's afraid of — and he almost had me for a second there!" —upon breaking free from Dream's control
  • "It's been rough, I'm sorry everyone. He [Dream] was never our friend, he just wanted to keep us down. Now we get back the discs. I'm done not fighting—I tried it, I was not good at it. There's only one thing we need now, not a revolution, not a—we're still very angry at L'Manberg, no one visited me. I'm still angry at dickhead [Techno]... but boys, do you know what we got now? We got me back."
  • "Dream... go fuck yourself." —to Dream during a confrontation between Tommy & Technoblade and him during exile[191]
  • "L'Manberg is my unfinished symphony. And once I get back the discs, it'll be finished, alright? The melody will be over." —to Technoblade during exile[192]
  • "The discs, the discs - were worth more than you EVER were!" —to Tubbo at the Green Festival[193]
  • "If this is what I've become, then I don't want to be me anymore." —at the Green Festival[194]
  • "I'm worse than everyone I hated. I'm worse than everyone I didn't wanna be." —at the Green Festival[195]
  • "Yes you are, but so are we!" —in response to Technoblade saying "I'm a person!" on Doomsday[196]
  • “Couldn’t you have just—couldn’t you have just burnt the discs? Couldn’t you have just done it to me?” —to Dream after the events of Doomsday[197]
  • "We might not be L'Manberg anymore, but we are still together." —to Tubbo and Quackity after the events of Doomsday[198]
  • "What am I without you?" —to Tubbo at the Disc Confrontation[173]
  • "Tubbo, even though for this entire server I've always regarded you as my sidekick. But really Tubbo, I was your sidekick. Please don't go." —to Tubbo at the Disc Confrontation[199]
  • "Put your armor in the hole. Everything. Everything on you." —to Dream at the Disc Confrontation[200]
  • "You’re gonna suck it for the last time, green boy." —to Dream at the Disc Confrontation[201]
  • "Let's make Wilbur proud." —to Tubbo at the Disc Confrontation[202]
  • "See you soon, Wilbur." —to Wilbur after the Disc Confrontation[203]
  • "You ruined my past, Dream, but you will not ruin my future." —to Dream in the main cell of Pandora's Vault, during his supposed "last visit"[204]
  • "You're a liar, and really, through your Netherite armour and skin, I look at you, and you know what I see? I see a sad little man, who's insecure about the fact that this server has gotten so far ahead of him, and his only little glimpse of power in this world is gone. I see an insecure, sad little man. Alright? So fuck off, you stupid little man." —to Dream in Pandora's Vault[205]
  • "I don't think this 'revive' book is real. Schlatt? He's fuckin' dead. I've seen his grave, his grave is real, his corpse is there." —to Dream in Pandora's Vault[206]
  • "When you talk like this I do the thing where my voice gets shaky—when you talk like this—" —to Wilbur in the Afterlife[207]
  • "I know I'm here, but I still feel dead. No one's—I'm just fucking—even the people that care about me, chat, I'm just science to them now. I'm just science. They just want to learn about my trauma. And I'm not even Tubbo's best friend anymore." —to his chat after leaving Pandora's Vault[208]
  • "Listen, I—when I'm around you my brain feels like I'm fucking conditioned to be your friend, but also when I have a knife I wanna just plunge it into your heart, and it's like I don't—you don't make me a good person." —to Dream in Pandora's Vault[209]
  • "Times have changed, but so have people. Not all people, but most." —to himself in Eret's recreation of the Final Control Room after seeing the book they'd written to apologise to Wilbur[210]
  • "Yeah, bye bye, b*tch." -to Sapnap after exploding a part of his home and escaping with Drista


  • Tommy's favorite disc is Wait.
  • Tommy hates people if their names start with letter "P." (e.g, Ponk, Punz, etc.)
    • He groups Punz, Ponk, and Purpled together as they all act like lackeys and also have names starting with "P."
  • His favorite stone block is cobblestone, and his least favorite is granite.
  • During the Doomsday War, he was struck and killed by lightning.[211] Technoblade joked that this was because "God hates him."
  • Tommy has only lost canon lives (3) to Dream. This includes the betrayal in the Final Control Room,[5] the final duel for L'Manberg's independence,[7] and in Pandora's Vault.[8] He is also the only member to lose all their lives to a single person.
  • Tommy is the first character to be revived by Dream using Dream's knowledge from the Book of Necromancy.[9]
  • Tommy has been the only person who was presumed dead twice; once after leaving a tall pillar at Logstedshire,[212] and again when he actually died at the hands of Dream.[213]
  • Tommy and Dream are the only characters to lose two canon lives in one stream.
  • Ranboo stated on his April 27 stream that during the Red Banquet, Tubbo and Tommy were roasting marshmallows,[214] similarily to how they were in real life as the event was occuring.[215] However, this has not been explicitly confirmed by either of them.
  • Tommy can canonically sew.[216]
  • Tommy is now the Owner of the Holy Land "by law", according to himself.


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