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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see Tubbo.

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Tubbo (full name Tubbo_Beloved, né Tubbo_) is the eleventh member of the Dream SMP, joining on July 7, 2020 and is a major character in the Dream SMP. He was one of the original members of L'Manberg, fought on its side during the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, served as its first Secretary of State under the Soot Administration, and supported POG2020 during the election. He acted as Jschlatt's right-hand man under the Jschlatt Administration while spying for Pogtopia until his public execution at the Manberg Festival. After the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, he became L'Manberg's third and final president as head of the Tubbo Administration, serving until its destruction in the Doomsday War. He then founded Snowchester, and is currently one of its residents and the first person to create nuclear weapons on the server.

Though their relationship has had a complicated history, Tubbo is Tommy’s best friend and is often regarded as Tommy's sidekick. The two of them have been together since they first joined the SMP, and fought alongside each other throughout the Disc Saga. For a long time, Tubbo possessed one of Tommy’s most valued possessions, the music disc Mellohi.

Tubbo also founded the Dreamon Hunters group alongside Fundy, and was a member of the Butcher Army alongside Fundy, Quackity, and Ranboo.

He is the deuteragonist of the Disc Saga, and a supporting protagonist of the Empowerment Arc.


Tubbo is a human with light skin, light blue eyes, blond hair, and long bangs. In fanart, he is more often depicted with his real-life dark hair, usually as a means of better differentiating him from Tommy, who has a similar blond and blue-eyed skin. He has multiple burn scars from his execution during the Manberg Festival.[9] He has also been confirmed to be short. In fanart, he is sometimes depicted with short, stubby ram horns, originally in reference to a fan theory of him being Schlatt's son. Tubbo's skin was originally Tweek from South Park, which Tubbo in real life is a big fan of.

His official L'Manberg uniform matched those of his peers: a blue blazer over a white dress shirt with a red sash around the waist, cream breeches, a black-and-white tricorn hat, and long black boots. His presidential uniform, a simple navy suit with golden shoulder pads over a white undershirt and red tie was influenced by the former design and formerly belonged to Wilbur Soot.

He has had a variety of temporary or event-exclusive skins, including a beekeeper outfit (a yellow and brown striped sweater beneath overalls with bee slippers), a Butcher Army skin (identical to his usual skin, but with the addition of a bloodstained apron [also stated to be tomato sauce]), a Dreamon Hunter skin (a plaid blue-gray vest over a red shirt with a belt, buckled shoes, and a hat), and a Christmas skin (a red snowman sweater, jeans, a Santa hat, and what looks like a wire of LED lights wrapped around his right leg).

His newest outfit is his Snowchester attire - a thick brown vest and pants over a long-sleeved, checkered, beige shirt that is lined with cream fur and accompanied by boots and a hood. However, he currently has reverted to the original Tweek skin wearing a green shirt.


Normal Personality

Tubbo plays the character of a hyperactive, earnest, and somewhat naïve sidekick. He is often seen following Tommy around, usually assisting him in his pranks and hijinks. Tubbo is fairly easygoing and optimistic if a tad phlegmatic, and tends to be more of a follower than a leader. He likes to do as he’s told and is easy to push around, which has caused several problems for him in the past. He’ll go with the flow of most things as long as they don’t directly interfere with his morals, which he sticks very close to. Tubbo hears voices in his head, and said that this is what his Twitch chat is in the canon of the SMP.

Tubbo is somewhat scatterbrained but an all around loyal and good person. He knows what he can and can't do and prefers to just stay within his own boundaries. He also is very lawful, knowing where his loyalties lie, and is a poor fibber when it comes to facing authorities like Schlatt or Wilbur - even when he knows it’s the morally right thing to do. He shows a surprising capability for manipulating situations, indicating that his character is more intelligent than he typically lets on. Tubbo knows almost every glitch and exploit in Minecraft and is able to work basic and above Redstone. He is also one of the best builders on the server, which makes him a valuable asset.

Pogtopian Spy

As a spy for Pogtopia, Tubbo’s loyalty to Tommy and Wilbur was his priority, although it was put on rocky waters when he became Jschlatt's right hand man. He at first submitted to Schlatt’s authority and attempted to hunt the two of them down, but due to his morals and his friendship with the fugitives, he decided that doing the right thing was more important than bending to power and chose to become a spy, thus making his character come full circle. He remained a passionate, thoughtful ditz who kept his smarts under the radar to avoid suspicion. He stayed extremely loyal to his original allies, and never betrayed them even when offered the biggest of bribes.

Tubbo was often overlooked in favor of his arrogant counterpart, however, and many times had his own good deeds ignored by whoever’s authority he was under. On multiple occasions, he ended up doing things against his will due to his difficulty with saying no and standing up for himself. After the events of the Manberg Festival, however, he became much more upfront and defensive. He was still extremely steadfast, almost to a fault, but was able to speak up for himself and voice his opinions more often.

During this time, Wilbur had said that Tubbo's D&D alignment was lawful good. [10]

Tubbo is lawful good. No matter the situation or his own opinions on leadership he will always follow the codes and conducts he believes in; upholding the laws of his nation. (Tubbo even felt remorse as a spy despite knowing it was the right thing to do morally)


L'Manberg President

Tubbo changed quite a bit after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. As the President of Democratic New L'Manberg, he looked to take matters into his own hands. Tubbo was hoping to prove that the country could take a turn for the better after the disastrous reigns of Schlatt and Wilbur, and he looked forward to finishing projects and starting new ones, as he had always been enthusiastic about mega structures and builds. In the beginning, Tubbo seemed to be behaving in a similar fashion as Wilbur had during the early L'Manberg stages: a leader who didn't fight, used words, and displayed strong charisma.

However, this did not last long, as Tubbo easily folded under the pressure of both his cabinet peers and outside forces in an attempt to please his people and keep the nation safe. This meant he was often pushed around by others, notably Quackity in the formation of the Butcher Army. He also exiled Tommy at Dream's request out of fear of Dream's threats to the nation, as he felt that the wellbeing of the nation was important for him to protect. When his fellow L'Manbergians confronted him, and when Fundy accused him of acting like Schlatt, he snapped at them for not respecting his authority, as he had often not been taken seriously enough and had finally reached a breaking point.

After L'Manberg was reformed into a communist state under his own orders, Tubbo realized that peace wasn’t always an option and turned his focus to securing borders and building up the military in anticipation of attack from foreign parties. Despite this, he made no moves to reinforce his country against outside threats, instead resorting to the use of the Butcher Army and spent more time stealing from his own citizens under the guise of "taxes." He began to make less moral decisions, including holding Technoblade's execution without trial. He also generally began to drift away from L'Manberg's original principles of peaceful and diplomatic conflict resolution.

Despite all of his flaws, Tubbo was very aware of his downward spiral and his parallels to Schlatt. He almost broke down in a conversation with Ranboo, talking about how almost everyone had left him, similarly to how everyone had left the previous president. When Quackity wanted to execute Ranboo for being a traitor, Tubbo was the one to step forward and defend him, having been in the exact same position as a decorator of a festival while also being a spy, and also indicating that his character was still suffering from trauma leftover from the Manberg Festival months prior.

Tubbo's major flaws as a leader of L'Manberg were his short-sighted decisions and his perfectionist visions, as well as his inability to stop others from pushing him around. Tubbo only did what he thought was the best for the country in the short term. He exiled Tommy, but failed to pay heed to what L'Manberg valued most: isolationism and independence from being given choices by other factions. His idealistic and poorly thought-out decisions led to consequences that seemed beneficial at the time, but would ultimately result in nothing but further damage.

On the eve of the Doomsday War, half of his own defense force defected or left, feeling as though Tubbo and L'Manberg had never cared for them, and angry at him for accepting Tommy's return without charging him for the crimes they felt he should be punished for.


Though Tubbo still appears as his usual silly self, a good part of it is a front for his self doubts, suppressed anger, and PTSD. After his administration and the events of the Doomsday War, Tubbo was shown to believe that he was the worst president to have sat in office - even though his predecessors were dictators and terrorists. He founded Snowchester - at first, seemingly in order to create a safe haven for himself and other refugees of L'Manberg to live in peace - but it was later revealed that he had plans to create nuclear weaponry in Snowchester. He often stated that the nuclear weapons were for protection rather than active use, but nonetheless, their existence indicated that the events over the course of the server had left the impression on him that being more powerful than others was the only way to be safe, as Dream and Technoblade had consistently proven throughout the storyline of the Dream SMP. He built the nukes out of apparent paranoia and guilt over his previous failure with the aim of protecting himself and the other residents from outside forces. Though he built nuclear weaponry, he didn't destroy them when Dream said that he cared about the item attachments, not the people.

During the events of the Disc Confrontation, when Dream was threatening to kill him, Tubbo told Tommy to keep Mellohi and let him die, saying that the disc was more important than he was. Tommy ignored him and gave the disc to Dream anyways, which appeared to upset Tubbo. At a later point, when Dream gave Tubbo and Tommy time to "say goodbye," Tubbo once again displayed passively suicidal behavior. He told Tommy, who was vehemently protesting, to give up and accept his death, like he himself had already done. Tubbo said that he had "done enough in life" and that it was "about time" he died, displaying no resistance to the concept. He was saved by the arrival of Punz and the rest of the SMP members who joined them, but without their interruption, it seems that Tubbo would have willingly died to protect Tommy and the discs. In a similar fashion, after his interaction with the Egg, Tubbo repeatedly strayed towards lava and magma cubes - and while the actions were likely exaggerated on purpose, it still shows that his mental health had declined over the course of his presidency of L'Manberg, and he will need time to heal from the effects that it had on him.


Tubbo is incredibly trusting, loyal, and ready to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. While this is not inherently a flaw, it has often led to his manipulation, as people easily gain his trust to fulfill their own plans. As someone who often finds himself in positions of power, this trait is incredibly dangerous, with Tommy, Quackity, Dream, and Jack all using him or making him believe things at different times to achieve their own personal goals.

Tubbo often is reckless and endangers himself and others in the pursuit of an idealized future. His perfectionist attitude clouds his judgement in the present. For example, he became incredibly obsessed with "fixing" Ranboo's memory issues in a misplaced effort to help him, ignoring both that Ranboo did not want others to affect his memory and that his procedure's first attempt nearly killed Ranboo.

Mental health

Tubbo struggles with issues of self-worth and self-esteem. He is passive when others criticize his actions and is easily impressionable, taking criticism to heart and allowing himself and others to believe in his weakness. One example of this is when Tommy, in a fit of rage, told Tubbo at the Green Festival that the discs were worth more than him;[11] though Tubbo was hurt, he never argued against this and later asked Tommy to let him die in exchange for the discs multiple times during the Disc Confrontation.[12][13] Another example also occurred at the Green Festival when Dream called Tubbo an idiot and the worst president L'Manberg had ever had;[14] Tubbo later blamed himself for the destruction of L'Manberg because he believed that he was a bad president to the nation, and he held this belief was at least partly due to Dream's speech.

He also has a tendency to repress his emotions and trauma. Tommy said he has ‘thicker skin’, in comparison to Tommy, who is very open about his feelings and isn’t afraid to have trauma responses. This is not exactly true - Tubbo has been criticized in the past for showing emotion, mainly by Schlatt and Wilbur. Additionally, as Tubbo tends to believe the things people say about him (see above), statements like that would stick to Tubbo, and he would internalize it. Ranboo seems to have a good understanding that this is how Tubbo is, stating that Tubbo isn’t devoid of issues, he just prefers to ignore them and focus on other people’s problems.

He also tends to be pessimistic or realistic without showing it, speaking in optimistic tones but acting in a completely different manner. An example of this is the Disc Confrontation and the conversation he had with Tommy leading up to it; while they were traveling towards Dream's mountain, he spoke optimistically about their chances,[15] yet during the confrontation itself, he willingly accepted his incoming death and asked Tommy to keep the discs and sacrifice Tubbo for them.[12][13]

He is generally very self-sacrificing, even to the point of putting a suicide switch inside the nukes built as part of Project Dreamcatcher,[16] indicating his willingness to die if it means keeping his loved ones safe. Another example of this is when he jumped in front of one of Technoblade's fireworks during the Doomsday War in an attempt to protect Tommy, which instead resulted in both of them (non-canonically) dying.[17] Despite only having one canon life left, he generally does not seem to care much about dying,[18] and continues to act recklessly.[19]

He has also stated that if forced to choose between Tommy and Ranboo, he would rather "take himself out of the equation."[20]

Tubbo also occasionally uses drugs and/or alcohol, both in light-hearted moments and more serious ones. Examples of this are Connor's "Big Drama" party on January 23, 2021,[21] the aftermath of the successful Project Dreamcatcher test launch on January 26, 2021,[22] and the aftermath of exiling Tommy on December 4, 2020.[23] He used to regularly eat pufferfish, calling them "stress relievers" and even offering them to others.[24] Tommy also made Tubbo potions (drugs) as a present in an attempt to placate Tubbo and stop him from exiling Tommy from L'Manberg.[25]

Alter Egos

Tubbo often plays "characters" which act different to his usual self. He even blames some of them for actions he has committed, saying that they weren't committed by him, but by the characters/alter egos instead.

Big Law

Big Law first appeared in Fundy's stream on August 11, 2020.[26] He made a return in Tommy's stream on August 14, 2020.[27] He's very serious and lawful, he doesn't respect authority or discrimination, saying that he's "above the law." Big Law sometimes gets told off by Tubbo's mother, telling him to stop shouting and being loud. Big Law can often appear when Tubbo eats cookies, almost nothing else works in summoning Big Law except this method.

Big Crime

Big Crime is essentially the opposite of Big Law. He is a mastermind criminal who will murder and steal without cause. He watches people intently, observing their every movement. He does not respect authority, either, but in a very different fashion than that of Big Law.


Toob also known as Toobo, was a complex personality and not much is known about him. He was created on September 20, 2020, the night of the L'Manberg Election.[28] This identity, however, was short-lived, as Toob killed himself and immediately became normal Tubbo again as people came on the server for the election.[29]

Archivist Tubbo

Archivist Tubbo is an alter ego who shuffles around, sad and crying. He is also known as Subbo or Drubbo. He was created on October 2, 2020, when Tubbo was taken hostage by Tommy and Technoblade to mine cobblestone.[30] He also claims to have inhaled rocks, and talks about Ancient Roman archives. He made a reappearance on May 7, 2021, when once again mining stone for Tommy and Ranboo,[31] first requesting an apple and then later "the scriptures." He also used TNT to dig a deeper hole.

Dr. Theropiest Bo

Tubbo, but he is a "theropiest" (spelt wrong on purpose by Tubbo himself, likely as a joke). He sells various 'theropey flavors' such as blaze powder flavor, ender flavor, and apple flavor. His first patient was Tommy, who had a strange fear of chickens and their guts. He helped Tommy tear down the structure built by Eret to cover L'Manberg in darkness, but he hasn't been seen since.


Tubbath was Tubbo's alter-ego when Tommy had Tubbo sit in a bath to produce bath water that they could sell to other members of the SMP on October 19, 2020.[32]

Necromancer Tubbo

This alter-ego appeared on January 9, 2021, when Tubbo decided to do some experiments on Ranboo and tried to bring his memories back.[33] He claimed to be a licensed witch doctor and expressed a disturbing interest in violent activities.

Project Manager

Project Manager is used to give advice to builders. He appeared to help out Ranboo during when he was re-building where he lived. He also cannot move that much, and needs help to move at times.


Charlie is a heavily autotuned alter-ego of Tubbo. He was created during Ranboo's stream on February 25, 2021,[34][35] and is potentially a reference to how Slimecicle uses heavy autotune for content at times. Charlie has no bones, as he ate them.[36] This is possibly a reference to how Slimecicle's character has no bones and is made of slime.

Unhinged Tubbo

Unhinged Tubbo was created during Philza's stream on April 7, 2021. Unhinged Tubbo speaks in a non-understandable gravely high pitched voice created by inhaling while he talks. Unhinged Tubbo disappeared when Tubbo stopped the bit due to his throat hurting, and "Old Bastard" and "L O L" are some of his catchphrases. He also named a slime "Squishy Fuck". During the same day, in Ranboo's stream, he completely lost his voice.


Pubbo was created on Ranboo's stream on June 4, 2021. Pubbo is an invisible body and a pair of Netherite pants. Pubbo lives in the ruins of L'Manberg. He stated that his "creator" was in the prison, and that his father is both dead and alive (his father died but is "still here", and the "creator" wants him dead). Pubbo has lost two of his canon lives. Pubbo is not associated with Jesus Christ. Pubbo is the happiest person alive.

Mr. Beets

Mr. Beets was created on Sam's stream on July 11, 2021. Mr. Beets is a man who is obsessed with beetroots, to the point of starting a beet cult. He, along with Sam and Foolish, turned the land freed up by removing L'Targay into a massive beetroot farm and planned to possibly make the farm extend up to the Community House. There is also apparently a Council, evoking similarities to PewDiePie's Minecraft series, which also had a beetroot religion and a Council of Beet.


Early Dream SMP Arc

Tubbo joined the server very shortly after Tommy, on the same day as Punz, Purpled, and Fundy. On his first day of playing, he started building his house next to Punz's along the server's main wooden path. He also helped Ponk mend one of his lemon trees, which had been griefed by Sapnap. Alyssa later accused him of stealing one of her diamonds, but he proved his innocence by getting the Diamonds achievement soon after. He followed Ponk and Alyssa as they confronted Sapnap and burned down his house, but afterwards felt bad and assisted Sapnap in rebuilding it, stating that nothing on the server was sacred to anyone. While on the side of Sapnap, Punz, and Tommy, he participated in a few skirmishes against Ponk and Alyssa, but the fighting ceased upon Dream's intervention.

Dream stole Tommy's two prized music discs, Mellohi and Cat, and thus began the Disc Saga. Tubbo teamed with Tommy, and the two of them tried on many occasions to get the two discs back - even succeeding a couple of times - but never for long, as the discs always seemed to end up back in Dream's possession. Their closest call was when Tommy once managed to retake one of the discs from a height and dropped it down to Tubbo, but Tubbo was unable to find it in time and Dream got to it first.

During his first month or so on the server, Tubbo became fast friends with several members that he hadn't already been familiar with — most notably Punz, who gifted him a pet bee named Spins. Tubbo was very grateful for Spins and kept him on a lead at his house. He was also a key player in the Socializing Club Conflict, which began when Fundy non-canonically killed Tubbo and stole his diamond pickaxe, seemingly unprovoked. Tubbo and Purpled, who was another victim of Fundy's "mugging," sat down with Fundy to settle it in the newly-built Socializing Club, but they were interrupted by Tommy. Tommy was irritated at Tubbo for being caught up in something unrelated to getting his discs back, and it escalated into a battle. The fighting quickly dissolved into a confusing mess, though, as the whole place was ridden with pre-laid traps, and eventually, all parties agreed to return all items to their rightful owners and call it a day.

Once their issues were resolved, Tubbo agreed to return his attention to regaining Tommy's discs, and used a glitch to see into Dream's mountain base. They didn't find the discs, but they did find a stack of diamonds, which they eagerly stole in hopes of using for negotiation. Through a series of complicated bargaining, Tommy was able to retrieve the discs, but was left on the run from Dream and with a limited amount of time to get them into an ender chest. He told Tubbo that he only had seven of the eight obsidian blocks necessary to make one, and Tubbo informed him that he had an extra piece of obsidian at his house. Using it, Tommy was able to craft the Ender Chest and get the discs inside of it just before Dream non-canonically killed him, thus securing his discs for the time being.

He also briefly participated in a court case with the same people that had been involved in the Socializing Club conflict, during which he and Fundy acted as judges when Tommy accused Purpled of scamming and attempting to kill him. Purpled argued that he had been told to do so by a large donation and requested that Tommy gave him his armor back, as Tommy had stolen it earlier. Tubbo took Purpled's side and pointed out that if the armor was returned, the issue could be resolved, but while he and Tommy were arguing, Purpled managed to sneak out of the courthouse and no formal verdict was ever decided on.

For a while, things ran smoothly. Tubbo turned his focus to surrounding his house with mob and item farms, and formed a zombie XP farm with Sapnap behind Purpled's UFO. Shortly later, Tommy accidentally killed Spins while attempting to "high-five" him. Tubbo was furious and griefed his base, and Tommy in return burned down his house. Tubbo and several others cornered him outside of the spawn region before the problem was resolved. Sapnap and Dream helped Tubbo fix his house once the conflict had died down, and Punz gave him a second bee, this one named Spunz.

He and Sapnap later dug out a room beneath his house in hopes of creating a secret villager farm, which was technically against the rules of the server. It ended up being found by Dream, who killed all of Tubbo's villagers, disabled his iron golem farm, and warned him not to bend the rules. Tubbo, still wanting to get away with what he could, went on to instead build up a hidden jungle base, where he started another villager farm. It was only accessible from an ice boat on the Nether roof, and he felt confident that it wouldn't be found. Fundy discovered the base, but agreed not to tell Dream about it.

He later spawned Withers for the first time with Tommy, Fundy, and Eret in hopes of collecting Nether stars. Things were relatively uneventful until Spunz was killed by Sapnap. It didn't escalate into much, but Tubbo was left with no more pets. Once Wilbur joined the server, Tubbo expressed curiosity about his and Tommy's activities in the Camarvan, and he happily joined his the effort to declare independence from Dream.

L'Manberg Independence Arc

Independence War

Tubbo donned the official L'Manberg uniform and helped mark the foundation of the walls, also aiding in turning away Purpled and Sapnap when Wilbur and Tommy were being questioned. Along with them and Eret, who also claimed to support their cause, Tubbo signed the First Declaration of Independence. They were later joined by Fundy, and together they stated that they wanted to form their own nation within the Dream SMP. Dream made it clear that he would not let them secede peacefully, and, along with Sapnap, burned Tubbo's house down once again as a warning and as a show of strength. Tubbo’s preparations for the fight, large quantities of emeralds and potions, were also taken and destroyed. Thus marked the official beginning of the war: Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, and Eret against Dream, Sapnap, Punz, GeorgeNotFound, and (for a brief time) Purpled.

Tubbo escaped to his jungle base after the destruction of his house, but was pursued. He managed to save his valuables in an Ender Chest shortly before being non-canonically killed by Dream; George, who had been accompanying Dream, got the achievement Subspace Bubble (Travel 1,000 blocks using a nether portal), which had warned Tubbo that he was being attacked. He returned to the Camarvan to regroup with his allies, and they all readied themselves to fight.

He participated in both the Battle of the L'Manberg Embassy and the Battle of the Two Towers. Both of his End crystals were stolen by Dream, but he didn't bite the bait and instead let them be taken. He and the other L’Manbergians appeared to be winning until Eret led them into the final control room and revealed that they had been a traitor, opening up the walls and allowing their enemies to spring out and kill everyone else inside. Tubbo lost his first canon life to Sapnap in the event. He was very hurt afterwards, as he and Eret had previously gotten on well and had grinded for materials together. Quoting his words in the aftermath: "Eret, I farmed with you for hours!"

Tubbo remained loyal to L'Manberg's cause afterwards, but once the land was found to be rigged and the Camarvan was blown up, he followed the others into Tommy's bunker and seemed resigned to their impending surrender. He witnessed the duel between Tommy and Dream, getting to watch as Tommy lost his second life, and afterwards expressed disappointment.

Upon learning that Tommy had traded his discs to Dream in exchange for L'Manberg's independence, however, he celebrated with his fellow L'Manbergians. He signed the Second Declaration of Independence, "Decree," and was appointed the Secretary of State for the Soot Administration. Tommy later declared him as his right hand man, making him L'Manberg's third in command since Tommy was the Vice President beneath Wilbur.

Peacetime & Minor Skirmishes

After the war, Tubbo dedicated most of his time to rebuilding L'Manberg and constructing new features to its name. He created a space facility (LMFAO, or L'Manberg Flight and Aeronautical Organization) and a dock within the country's borders. He also helped to welcome several new members to the server, including Niki Nihachu, Quackity, and Jack Manifold, all of whom ended up joining L'Manberg. He made amends with Eret as well, forgiving them for their treachery. He was impressed by the flag Niki built for L'Manberg, and the three of them would often spend time together, forming a little friendship group called “TEN” (Tubbo, Eret, Niki). When Niki's pet fox, Fungi, was killed by Sapnap, Tubbo sympathized; he'd had a similar experience with Spunz. While he did not actively participate in the main events of the First Pet War, he, Tommy, and Quackity did intervene during Fundy's bee game.

Tubbo also took part in a cartel with Tommy, Quackity and Jack in which they attempted to steal the phantom membranes that still existed on the server (since Dream had recently disabled phantoms) and then resell them for a profit. He created his first alter-ego, "Big Law," during this period and supported Tommy during the convoluted trade between Skeppy and Dream for the remains of Dream's horse, Spirit.

Another notable role he had during peace time was his involvement in the Railway Skirmish. After Tommy accidentally "killed" Dream with a minecart, he and Tubbo went to pick up Dream's stuff per the latter's instruction. However, seeing potential leverage, the pair ran off without returning the items to their rightful owner, which infuriated Dream. After several fights, Tommy exchanging everything Dream lost for Spirit's leather, the disappearance of Dream's maxed Netherite sword, and Sapnap joining and betraying Tommy and Tubbo, the skirmish came to an end. However, after the conflict, Tubbo brought Tommy to an undisclosed location where he revealed he had hidden the sword to gain even more leverage over Dream.

After this, Tubbo participated in Dream's $5,000 Deal or No Deal Event and built the King's Court in the sky in anticipation of the upcoming election. He also helped begin the server’s main religion, Church Prime, and assisted in the construction of the Subs (more commonly known as "the Holy Land"), a sacred district in which Tubbo's old burnt house resided in that was later declared a "Heritage Site."

While messing around with Tommy in free time, he invented another alter-ego, "Dr. Theropiest Bo," in which he tried to help Tommy overcome his fear of chickens. He also brought back "Tubbox" and started the ongoing joke of referring to pufferfish as "stress-relievers" and then eating them. One of these pufferfish, named Phukkit, was passed to Fundy by accident before finding its way into Eret's hands, who then returned it to Tubbo.

During yet another schism between Tommy and Dream, Tommy asked Tubbo to represent him in King’s Court as Big Law, but that court case never actually happened, as Dream never showed up. He later helped Tommy and Jack in scamming Dream out of Tommy's pets, Tubbo's bee boxes, and a fake Mellohi (as Tommy had already gotten back the real one) in exchange for a fake Spirit, Beckerson, Mars, and Dream's sword.

He then created a new alter-ego, "Big Crime." Under this alter-ego, he burned down Ponk's Third Lemon Tree and killed one of his pet chickens, Bebbles. Ponk trashed his jungle base in retaliation, but he rebuilt it fairly easily. Tubbo later had a small skirmish with Fundy and Karl over stolen valuables, although the situation quickly defused after some negotiations.

2020 L'Manberg Presidential Election

He was one of the first members of the server to support any party, his endorsement being for SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election#Candidates - Wilbur and Tommy's campaign. As Big Law, he was present during the Presidential Debate in his courthouse, King's Court, and directed a significant fraction of the debate, being quoted as saying "You don't allow shit, bitch" to George before being replaced by Karl as director. After these events, he and Tommy burned down the unfinished mansion of Quackity, who was now their political rival. Tubbo later started to work on a bunker in case things went badly, saying it was for the "nukes" that would happen and often quoting the Fallout franchise.

On the night of the election, he invented a new but short-lived alter-ego: Toob. Soon before the results were announced, he and Tommy met up at a bench outside of Tommy’s house where they exchanged some sentiment, and Tubbo gave Phukkit to Tommy as a token of good luck. He then took Tommy and Wilbur to his partially-completed bunker, impressing them both. When the results were shown and it was revealed that JSchlatt and Quackity had won through coalition, Tommy and Wilbur's citizenships were revoked and they were exiled under the threat of death. Tubbo tried to escape with them through the use of an invisibility potion, but was called up to the podium before he could follow. After quickly (and non-canonically) killing himself to have the potion wear off, he stood on the podium, where Schlatt made him Secretary of State for his administration, and ordered him to show Wilbur and Tommy "the door," the implication being that he ought to chase them out and kill them. While he did attempt to pursue his friends, he was not efficient in the job and didn’t put his full effort into it, and they both managed to escape into the wilderness through the use of his bunker. He was then forced, alongside many others, to tear down L'Manberg's walls. He did so reluctantly, but at the time he seemed begrudgingly willing to obey his new “emperor.”

Afterwards, he managed to convince Schlatt, through much struggle, not to tear down the Camarvan, as it was one of the oldest monuments of the land. He was still pressured into to destroying Wilbur's birthday signs, though. Schlatt suspected that Tubbo wasn't entirely pledged to him and confronted him about it, comparing him to a conch shell and threatening him. When Technoblade joined the server, seemingly to help the fugitives, Schlatt tried to save face by convincing the citizens of L'Manberg that he was actually there to help them, or to "repay a favor" to Schlatt, although Tubbo seemed rather skeptical.

After L'Manberg was renamed to Manberg, however, Wilbur, Tommy, and Technoblade convinced the already dissatisfied Tubbo to become a double agent for their commune (later named Pogtopia). He seemed happy to be back on their side even if he was uncertain of his ability to cover up his disappearances. He was also tasked with sowing seeds of conflict between Quackity and Schlatt.

He was present at the negotiations for a visa for Tommy, and while escorting the Pogtopians back to their ravine, he warned Tommy not to trust Techno due to Schlatt's earlier comments. When Schlatt went to sleep and ended up on life support, Tubbo was one of the people who tended to him.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

The Schlatt Administration

At Wilbur's request, Tubbo started to document what he experienced in Manberg as Schlatt's right hand man. He was later asked by Niki to join the Manberg Rebellion with her and Eret. Although supportive of the cause, Tubbo did not fully commit due to his role as a spy, as he felt guilty deceiving his fellow citizens, and thus far Schlatt hadn't done anything too terrible. Tubbo did take Niki to his bunker, however, where they started planning to monitor Schlatt's actions. He was soon messaged by Punz in regards to a possible alliance, and they met up in the Camarvan to discuss matters. There, Punz offered Tubbo several useful and valuable items, which Tubbo reluctantly took, and the two went their separate ways. He also began an archive of the History of L'Manberg, storing books in his bunker, and was asked to formally join Pogtopia by Wilbur and Techno. He said yes, and agreed to help in automating their potato farm.

For a short while, he seemed to be doing his job as a spy well. He maintained Schlatt's trust and only visited Pogtopia when he could afford to. Technoblade also shared one of his horses - Spots - with Tubbo in order to make his traveling easier. Tubbo and Wilbur once had to sever the Prime Path in order to avoid being discovered by Schlatt and Quackity, which angered Tommy, but the rift didn't last long. He also participated in a brief scheme with Techno, Tommy, and Quackity called DoD (“Dogs on Drugs”) in which they bred an army of wolves with the intention of using them to threaten Schlatt and his supporters (or to coerce people into buying their drugs, as they told Quackity). It never amounted to much, though, and Tubbo ended up taking them all to his dock in L’Manberg and leaving them there.

After a few weeks, Schlatt began noticing Tubbo's disappearances and questioned him on them, requesting that they had a formal meeting. At the meeting, Tubbo defended himself by claiming that he was still carrying out his duty by searching for Wilbur and Tommy. Schlatt commended him for his loyalty and shared his plans to burn down forests, drain oceans, and take down buildings on the original L'Manbergian land. Tubbo later relegated this information to Wilbur. Wilbur was starting to lose faith in Tubbo, though, and so to regain some of his Wilbur's favor, Tubbo told him about the mounting tensions between Quackity and Schlatt. He then finished the automated potato farm.

During this time period, when Ninja visited the server, Tubbo stalked him and Tommy during his tour and later got into a call with them. He witnessed the debatably canon wedding between Ninja and George.

He also participated in the hunt for MrBeast's Taco Bell gift card and was happy for Eret once they’d won. He constructed a straight underground tunnel from his bunker to Pogtopia to make travel between the two places easier both for him and for the Pogtopians when they wanted to sneak back. He was later taken "hostage" by Techno and Tommy alongside Antfrost and forced to mine cobblestone for them, during which he created two more of his alter-egos: “Subbo” and “Drubbo.” He and Antfrost were both non-canonically killed by Techno's Axe of Peace, which allegedly erased Tubbo's recollection of the events.

The Festival

When Schlatt declared that he would be throwing “a celebration of democracy,” Tubbo planned and decorated for the festival at Schlatt’s command. He was also tasked with giving a speech near the end and was excited to have a chance at being heard, declining Tommy’s offer to help him write it. He worked with Fundy and Karl to set up carnival games and attractions and was looking forward to the event as a whole, glad that something good was coming out of Manberg.

He was later pulled aside by a confused and rattled Tommy, however, who took him back to the bench near his home and informed him of Wilbur’s TNT plot. Tommy told him to be careful at the festival, as it would likely go downhill quick, and the two of them determined that the Mellohi disc Wilbur had given Tommy was a fake since the real disc was still in Tommy's Ender Chest in his house. Wilbur later met with Tubbo and told him that he wanted to blow up Manberg right after Tubbo’s speech, requesting that he didn't speak to Tommy and worked a code phrase into the very end: “Let the festival begin.” Tubbo vocally agreed with Wilbur’s plan, responding casually and with composure to avoid causing unnecessary conflict. He expressed discomfort with it after he had left the call, however, and told his stream that he hadn’t forgotten what Tommy had said.

During the festival itself, Tubbo mostly had fun with the other citizens of Manberg, enjoying the mock fights and dance floor. He briefly excused himself to meet up with Wilbur and Tommy to make sure that they had arrived safely, and Wilbur criticized his compliant nature, calling him a “yes man” and scorning his lack of decisiveness before urging him to go on and give his speech so he could detonate everything. After heeding a last warning from Tommy to be careful, Tubbo did as had been asked of him and returned to Schlatt's side to await his cue.

Once the right time had come, he went to the podium and gave his speech without a hitch, finally making the decision to end it with the given code phrase, submitting to Wilbur’s destructive wishes — but before anything could be done, Schlatt and Quackity began encasing Tubbo in concrete, trapping him on the platform to reveal that Schlatt had known that he was working with Wilbur and Tommy. Schlatt called him an idiot and pointed out that all of his disappearances had been obvious. He then asked Techno to come up to the platform and kill Tubbo with his rocket launcher. When Tubbo messaged Wilbur asking what he should do, Wilbur told him to do nothing as Technoblade was on their side— but after only a bit of hesitation, Techno fired the rocket launcher anyways, taking Tubbo's second canon life as well as killing Schlatt and Quackity in the process.

Afterwards, Tubbo regrouped with Tommy in his tunnel and the two of them returned to Pogtopia to find Wilbur, Technoblade, and Niki, who had come back with Wilbur. At Wilbur's urging, Tommy challenged Techno to a fight, angry at him for having killed Tubbo, but ended up losing fairly quickly. Tubbo stated that he forgave Techno and didn’t want any more infighting than they could afford. He, Tommy, and Niki then listened to another one of Tommy's discs, Blocks, at a ridge overlooking the stream that flowed in to Manberg territory, promising to stick together no matter what and to do everything in their power to avoid the destruction of their nation.


Tubbo did not do much between the events of the festival and the 'season one' climax, instead settling into more of a background role. He was offline when Quackity joined Pogtopia, but he still showed a considerable amount of trust in him - most likely because he had assassinated Schlatt before swapping sides, which seemed to be a pretty good indicator of trustworthiness.

He wasn't around during the formation of "Plan Ass," nor did he take as much of a role as Tommy did in trying to dissuade Wilbur from his TNT plot, but he was present when Fundy, BadBoyHalo, and Dream came to Pogtopia. After Dream made it known that he would be fighting for Schlatt and that there was a traitor amongst the Pogtopians, Tubbo avoided voicing suspicions about anybody aloud. He was pulled aside again by Tommy, who took him back to the bench and gave him Mellohi as a symbol of trust, hoping to prove that he wasn't the traitor and that he knew it wasn't Tubbo, either.

The Second Great War

Just prior to the events of the climactic battle, Tubbo met up with his allies at his L’Manberg dock: Techno, Niki, Quackity, Fundy, Eret, and Jack Manifold. One of the first soldiers to prepare, Tubbo had geared himself out with an unenchanted Netherite axe, crossbows that were specifically designed to shoot either arrows or rockets, and full enchanted Netherite armor (except for the helmet). After being ambushed several times by Dream and Punz, they instead met with Wilbur and Tommy as they came from the L'Mantree, a tree that had been standing since the beginning of the server and was protected by an obsidian wall. After a last trip back to Pogtopia, Technoblade led everyone to his own bunker, which was an arsenal of potions, weapons, armor, and other equipment. Tubbo was able to stack up even more, although he also stole a few stacks of emeralds that were not intended to be taken.

Tubbo rushed into the actual fight side-by-side with his comrades and allies, starting by sprinting along the Prime Path and eventually managing to retake one of Eret’s towers. The combat — consisting of the Pogtopians against Schlatt, Dream, Sapnap, Punz, Purpled, and Karl — was brief, and the Pogtopians were able to take down their opponents with relative ease. After Dream surrendered, Tubbo followed him and the others to the Camarvan where he witnessed Schlatt's final canon death from heart failure. He was the first to provide a reaction by exclaiming, "did he just have a heart attack?!"


Upon returning to Manberg — or as the name was quickly switched back to, L'Manberg — Tubbo watched Wilbur's coronation for Tommy to become president, and then Tommy passing the power to Wilbur, and was finally given the authority himself. He was startled and caught off guard by suddenly being handed the presidency, but he felt honored and was glad for it all the same. Tubbo wished for L'Manberg to become a strong and prosperous but peaceful nation.

After his improvised presidential speech, he came down from the podium and was greeted and congratulated by many of his fellow Pogtopians. After only a few minutes, however, Technoblade came forward, and, seemingly out of the blue, opened fire on Tubbo — mortally wounding him in a non-canon assassination. Tommy, Fundy, Quackity, and the others were quick to jump to his defense, but Techno declared that the whole reason he had joined Pogtopia had been to take down the government, and he didn’t appreciate having a new one be established right in front of him.

Tubbo was shocked by the twist and was slow to get back to L'Manberg. He missed the majority of the action, including Wilbur blowing up L'Manberg, Technoblade summoning the Withers, and Philza killing Wilbur as his debut to the server. When he finally did make it back, he was confronted again by Technoblade and was shot once more, but he responded with impressive calmness, only displaying strong charisma through words before leaving to help his friends fight the Withers.

He rejoined the calamity, and Tommy told him to stay close for fear of separation, which had thus far only resulted in one or both of them being put into serious danger. They managed to kill the Withers, and although Techno escaped and Tubbo was left as the “president of a crater” as Wilbur had put it before dying, he expressed that he was still looking forward to what the future held.

Once the destruction had cleared up, Tubbo and the New L'Manbergians gathered at the L'Mantree to determine who would be remaining in New L’Manberg. Players who wanted in were Tommy, Purpled, Eret, Fundy, Niki, Quackity, Karl, Jack, and Philza. Tubbo then named his cabinet; the Vice President would be Tommy, Fundy would be the foreman, Quackity would be the Secretary of State, Karl would be the Creative Head Director, and Niki would become Secretary of Treasury. Eret, Purpled, Jack Manifold and Philza would become citizens, with CaptainPuffy later joining them. Although Karl and Purpled had been fighting on the opposite side, Tubbo was unbothered by that and allowed them entry into the nation anyways. He and Tommy then returned to their spot at their bench to listen to Mellohi and reflect on the events of the day. They were joined by Dream in a brief moment of peace before the next chapter, and Tubbo stated that he would dedicate the majority of his attention to the reconstruction of L’Manberg.

Retribution Arc

The Tubbo Administration

Tubbo got to work on the very next day, immediately beginning reconstruction by purchasing three sets of diamond tools from his villagers at his old jungle base. Tubbo distributed the tools to the players who needed them and began to tear down the annoying rubble, as well as finally removing the remaining decorations from his own execution. He also constructed a new stage/podium that would be used for multiple functions; whether it be recreation, formal usage, or simple announcements.

Tubbo then granted land just west of the multipurpose podium to members of his cabinet and Wilbur, who had returned from the dead as an immortal ghost (dubbed Ghostbur). Ghostbur seemed to have left behind his radical ideals and took up the same wishes that Tubbo maintained: to repair the nation and to remain at peace. Tubbo and Ghostbur worked together to rebuild much of what had been destroyed and established a bit of closure that had never been achieved with Wilbur.

However, before too long, Tubbo's ideals of peace started seeming rather detrimental to the country's safety. He disbanded the military that L'Manberg formerly had, prohibiting any type of armor in the Capitol while not enforcing the ban of weapons. Tubbo also created the MAD policy, or Mutually Assured Destruction. He made it so that destructive items such as flint and steel, lava, TNT, and end crystals were not to be used within Capitol grounds.

Tubbo, as president, continued his old antics. He griefed Fundy’s base with blocks along with Tommy and stole materials from some of his citizens. Philza criticized Tubbo for committing such crimes, even going as far as saying that he would side with Technoblade if Tubbo wouldn't become a good role model for the rest of the nation. Tubbo laid off a bit after that, but was once more lodged between a rock and a hard place when Tommy burned down GeorgeNotFound’s house as a “harmless” prank. Since George was the king of the Dream SMP faction, it was seen as an act of war, and Dream built obsidian walls around L'Manberg. Tubbo was first warned of this by Niki and Puffy, and he hurried over to demand what was happening. Dream only told him that he wanted an official meeting with his main council, and so Tubbo quickly gathered Tommy, Quackity, and Fundy together.

Dream pinned the blame on Tommy, calling him out for griefing George’s house as well as accusing him of several other crimes that he had not taken part in. He threatened to build his walls up to the block limit and enclose the whole nation if Tommy was not brought to justice. Anxious to satisfy him, Tubbo held a trial for Tommy in which he was found guilty and non-canonically executed, but Dream insisted that it was not enough. He reiterated his threat, this time stating that if Tommy was not exiled within three days, he would follow through. Tommy attempted to regain the advantage by using Spirit's remains as a bargaining chip, but it only served to anger Dream further, and he yelled that he'd lost attachment for everything except the discs, as those were what gave him control. After Dream had gone, Tubbo was angry with Tommy, and the two of them broke into a bitter argument over what their next course of action ought to be. Tommy later attempted to make it up to him with a gift of several potions (made with help from Ghostbur, Sapnap, and ConnorEatsPants), but Tubbo was not keen on making amends until the verdict had been decided.

The Exile + Aftermath

On the day of the exile, Tubbo was still uncertain of his decision, torn between his morals and loyalty, and he looked to his cabinet for advice. They wanted nothing to do with the responsibility of the choice, though, and only told him that it was his to make. When Tommy logged on, he started talking about a plan to fight Dream rather than submitting to him, insisting that they could bring Techno to their side by convincing him that Dream was a bigger threat than they were, and that when it was all over, they would betray Techno. Quackity and Fundy seemed to follow through, and anticipated Tubbo to agree. Outwardly, he acknowledged that it could work, and reluctantly accepted an apology from Tommy.

When they met again with Dream at the wall, however, Tubbo second-guessed himself again, and in the heat of the moment, decided that it would be best for the nation if Tommy were exiled. Quackity and Fundy, both enraged, demanded an explanation, and Tubbo snapped back at them for undermining his leadership. Tommy, feeling upset and betrayed, protested that he was Tubbo’s best friend, but Tubbo only responded by asking Dream to escort Tommy out of his country. Once Tommy had gone, Tubbo defended his choice, insisting that it had been for the good of the country. His cabinet was upset with him, however, and he only really got empathy from Ranboo. Tubbo told Ranboo that he hadn’t wanted any of this to happen and made him an honorary member of the cabinet as his minutes man. Ranboo also confessed that he had taken part in the burning of George’s house, but that he respected Tommy for not having condemned him to a similar punishment. Tubbo later admitted regretting the exile and called it a stupid decision, saying that he missed Tommy.[37]

Dream was happy with Tubbo's decision, however, and held up his end of the deal. The obsidian walls were removed over the course of a few days. Dream recognized L'Manberg as a country and allowed Tubbo to draft up his own borders. They seemed to be getting along more easily and even played a game of chess together (which Tubbo lost). He hesitantly brought up the prospect of visitation rights for Tommy, at least around the holidays, but Dream was skeptical of this and Tubbo eventually backed down.

A few days into Tommy's exile, Tubbo met up with Ghostbur, who showed him Logstedshire and Tommy's tent. Tubbo admitted that he already regretted having exiled Tommy. He still believed Tommy was a liability to the nation, but he missed him. Ghostbur, still under the impression that the exile was like a vacation, told him that the longer Tommy stayed away, the better their reunion would be. After returning to L'Manberg, Ghostbur gave him a compass pointing to Tommy's tent named "Your Tommy," matching Tommy's "Your Tubbo" compass. Afterwards, Tubbo frequently held it in his off hand, and later told Ranboo that he planned on keeping it on him at all times. He also referred to the compass as his most valuable possession on the server.[38]

Shortly after this, Quackity pulled the cabinet into a meeting and demanded that they go and hunt down Technoblade from his retirement to make him pay for his war crimes the month before. While Tubbo had doubts, he did not voice them and instead went along with Quackity's plan. He, Quackity, Fundy, and Ranboo then formed "the Butcher Army" and set a date for their vengeance.

As a side-plot, Tubbo was marginally involved in the arc of El Rapids. When Quackity formed “Mexican L’Manberg” and declared it as its own nation, Tubbo pointed out that it was still technically a part of L’Manberg, and that as the president, he wanted some percentage of involvement in its affairs. Quackity eventually agreed to let him be the Secretary of State since it was a field he had experience in.

In a separate stream, Tubbo watched Tommy in his exile and fled each time someone noticed him. He was holding the compass that Ghostbur had given him. However, this was later proven to be a hallucination by Tommy when Tubbo stated out-of-canon that he had never visited Tommy and hadn't seen him since he had been exiled.[39] The compass was later destroyed by a charged creeper, much to Tubbo's dismay - and seemingly to Dream's delight, as he told Tommy that Tubbo had voluntarily destroyed the compass in order to drive them further apart.

The Butcher Army decided to take action on December 16, 2020.[40] Tubbo and the others sacked Philza's house and stole the compass that Techno had given him. Tubbo put Phil under house arrest for refusing to tell them Techno’s location. They followed the compass to Techno's cabin in a distant snow biome and ended up taking Technoblade as their prisoner under the threat that if he didn't listen to their demands, his horse, Carl, would be killed by Quackity. Although they told Techno that he would have a fair trial, it was quickly revealed that there was no trial and they simply intended to kill him through any means necessary. They put bars around him and prepared to drop on anvil on top of him, but before they could, Punz and Dream interfered. The execution ultimately failed, leading not only to Techno’s escape but to a second canon death for Quackity.[41]

Visiting Logstedshire

In the aftermath, Tubbo finally decided that he wanted to visit Tommy.[42] He took the path through the Nether and exited into Logstedshire only to find it demolished. In shock, he looked through the remains and discovered an exceedingly high pillar. Connecting the strings between his observations and what Ranboo and Ghostbur had told him about how unhappy Tommy was, Tubbo came to the conclusion that Tommy had committed suicide from jumping off the pillar. Speechless, he only said, "surely not” before the screen turned completely dark. Shortly after, he tweeted that Tommy should have a funeral.[43] While there was never an official funeral held, Tommy did get a grave built for him outside of central L’Manberg next to Wilbur's.

I need to speak to Tommy. I need to see Tommy. I miss Tommy. I need to see him. I need to see him...I'm sure he misses me as much as I do him.


Side Stories

Prior to Christmas, Tubbo and Ranboo built a bee dome while listening to holiday songs in central L'Manberg. They kept flowers and grass inside as well as several bees, as Tubbo had stated earlier on that he missed keeping bees as pets. On his birthday, Tubbo was gifted another pet bee by Fundy and Puffy, named BeeInnit as a mock replacement of Tommy. Tubbo put it on a lead and jokingly said it was just like having him back before leaving BeeInnit at Philza’s house.

On Christmas, December 25, during a non-canon, non-lore stream, Tubbo and Tommy worked together to do some mining and to do a Q&A with their stream chats.

Soon after, Tubbo and Dream were attempting to move Niki’s pet Fox, Mushroom, from Pogtopia to L’Manberg, but it accidentally died of fall damage while being led by Tubbo. Not wishing to be held responsible, Tubbo told Niki that the fox died of a stroke, but Niki soon found out the truth causing her to get upset with Tubbo. Punz, knowing that he felt bad about it, gifted him a fox of his own which Tubbo named Squeeks. This led to a brief conflict in which Sapnap chased Tubbo around and tried to kill Squeeks, but it was eventually resolved with help from Niki, Punz, and Dream, and Squeeks was left near the L’Manberg embassy.

Later on during the same stream, Fundy and Niki approached Tubbo and told him that they no longer wanted to be a part of L’Manberg. Tubbo was sorry to see them go, but he understood why they were leaving and wished them luck, helping them come up with a name for their new settlement: Dry Waters. Fundy ended up forgetting where he’d established the nation, though, so he returned to L'Manberg, however Nihachu still left and moved into a secret base Tubbo didn't know about.

On December 28, MrBeast hosted another event on the server - this time a hunt for $100k in gift cards. In another non-canon stream, Tubbo searched for it, mostly with Tommy, Wilbur, Philza, and, for a short time, Corpse Husband. It took a couple of hours and mostly consisted of running across deserts and the Nether roof, but Tubbo finally was the first one to find it, having been mining only one block away from Jack Manifold. He gave a decent portion of the money away to his viewers in his next stream.

Hostage Situation

On December 27, the day before, Tommy and Techno came together to L'Manberg and took ConnorEatsPants hostage, intending to use him as leverage to reclaim some of Techno's gear that had been stolen during the execution. Ranboo met with them, and they agreed to negotiate directly with Tubbo. When Tubbo saw Tommy, he was in shock and asked how and why he was there, confused.



He was astounded to see Tommy alive, and didn't understand the partnership between Tommy and Techno. Tommy only spat at Tubbo, saying he didn't visit him once during his time in Logstedshire, and how he had never arrived to the beach party. Tubbo yelled in protest, saying that he had visited but Tommy had been absent, and that he'd never received an invitation to the party in the first place. Neither of them knew that Dream had prevented Ghostbur from passing out the invitations.

Techno brushed them aside and said that he needed his items back. Tubbo was willing to return a few of his items in return for Connor, but acknowledged that Connor wasn't a citizen of L'Manberg and was therefore a pretty poor choice of a hostage. Techno requested his trident specifically, after which Tommy suddenly blurted, "didn't you try and execute [Technoblade]?" When Tubbo muttered a maybe, Techno indicated the execution stage still standing in the center of the town. Tommy cried out in disgust, calling Tubbo a monster. Tubbo, ignoring the insult, recalled that the trident was in Fundy's possession, so instead handed back Technoblade's rocket launcher and pickaxe. Once the trade had finished, Tommy hesitated before leaving and exchanged a last stare and a wave goodbye with Tubbo, both of them seemingly regretting where their paths had taken them.

Second Festival

After their failed attempt at executing Techno, Tubbo and his cabinet constructed a plan to kill Dream, as Quackity had pinned him as their next largest threat. Tubbo, taking inspiration from Schlatt, came up with the idea of having a festival which they would say was to celebrate their friendship with Dream, but was in actuality a plot to kill him. He and Ranboo covered most of the decorating, and when questioned about Techno and Tommy, Tubbo only said that they ought to focus on one thing at a time.

On January 5, the festival took place. Tubbo expressed his doubts and fears to Ranboo before the festivities began, saying that it felt like history was repeating itself, and asked for Ranboo's opinion on whether or not they were making the right decision. Ranboo said he thought they were in the right before Fundy joined the call.

The cabinet held a meeting to discuss what was going to happen, and Quackity told Tubbo that he wanted him to be the one to kill Dream. Tubbo accepted the challenge and told Quackity that if he failed to do it, L'Manberg would belong to him. Tubbo gave a brief speech that heralded the start of the festival, and they all played games that Ranboo and Fundy made. While everyone else was having fun, Tubbo and Quackity spoke to each other about Dream's answers and wondered if he would actually show up. After a while, Dream messaged Tubbo and told him that he would be late.

When Dream arrived, the cabinet saw him building obsidian walls around the nation again. Distressed, they approached and asked why, and Dream only told them that Tommy had fucked up. He then led them to the remains of the newly-griefed Community House, claiming that Tommy was responsible for the destruction. In utter disbelief, Tubbo asked how L'Manberg was associated with it, and Dream replied that as long as Tubbo had Mellohi, they would be affiliated. Tubbo tried to reason with Dream, but he demanded Tubbo hand over the disc or else he’d build up the walls; and once again, Tubbo immediately folded to the threat and prepared to give the disc away. Before he could, though, Tommy — having been watching with an invisibility potion — intervened along with Technoblade. Tommy angrily asserted that he wasn't behind the demolition of the Community House, and told Tubbo not to give Dream the disc. In response, Tubbo only snapped that Tommy had proven many times over that he couldn’t be trusted. Tommy then called Tubbo a "shit friend," and Tubbo took Mellohi out of his Ender Chest in preparation to give it up. Tommy told Tubbo that he was the one who had betrayed him, and Tubbo, switching to his axe, fired back that Tommy had betrayed everything they had built first. The two former friends started fighting in the middle of the crowd, and everyone else made space for them to settle it and come to a decision.

Their fight only lasted a minute, however, and abruptly came to a stop when Tommy yelled, "the discs were worth more than you ever were!" After that sentence, they both froze as the weight of the words sank in. Tommy instantly regretted it, and to prove that he hadn’t meant it, he asked Tubbo to give Dream the disc. Tubbo did so. Technoblade told Tommy that they could still get out of there together, but Tommy, realizing that he was pursuing a path he'd never intended to follow, replied that he was on Tubbo's side and turned on Technoblade.

Dream proceeded to mock Tubbo on his choice, calling him a buffoon, an idiot, a fool and a terrible president. He called Tubbo out for being stepped on and shoved around by everybody, and for being inconclusive, and for giving Dream the one thing he needed to destroy L'Manberg. In the middle of the mockery, Dream also exposed Ranboo as a traitor, revealing Ranboo's memory book which included his visits to Techno's cabin. Tubbo, shocked and defeated, agreed that he was a horrible president, worse than both Wilbur and Schlatt.

Dream then asked Techno if he wished to team up to destroy L'Manberg, and Techno readily accepted. They gave Tubbo twenty-four hours until his country's death and then left, leaving the L’Manbergians with a single day to prepare and come to terms with what was to happen.


After Dream and Techno had gone, Tubbo immediately pardoned Tommy and lifted his exile, even allowing him to take charge despite suspecting him of terrorist attacks. They made chests that they were to fill up with supplies and gear to prepare for the war. A few people criticized their actions: many people felt as though defending against Techno and Dream, two incredibly powerful military fighters, was hopeless regardless of their numbers; many others hated Tommy and felt insulted that Tubbo let him come back after he had caused so much trouble. After addressing the immediate concerns, Tubbo approached Tommy outside of his home and tried to speak with him in private for a moment, but each struggled to find the right words to say. Tommy said that he couldn't do it right then and that they would exchange words the following day. Tubbo hesitantly backed off, agreeing to give him space for the time being.

Despite setting up war chests, Tubbo chose not to do any preparations of his own, instead greedily hoarding his stash of enough diamonds to equip everyone and eight Netherite ingots to himself. Additionally, Jack Manifold gave Tubbo five Netherite scraps, which Tubbo immediately stuffed into his Ender Chest for his own personal gain. In spite of his words, he did not have much faith in their chances, and since he was on his last life, he was primarily focused on keeping himself alive.

In private, Quackity told Tubbo that he wanted to execute Ranboo for being a traitor. In response, Tubbo lost his temper at Quackity, and pointed out that this was history repeating itself, remembering the steps leading up to his own death at the Manberg Festival. Quackity then told him that the nation required order and asked Tubbo to think about what Dream had said to him; if Quackity had his way, the nation would enter an age of "law and order." Quackity threatened to leave L'Manberg for good, arguing that he couldn't commit treason if he was out of L'Manberg. Tubbo knew it to be a bluff, however. They wished each other good luck with preparations and returned to the others.

Tubbo joined back to the others arguing over whether they should bother to fight. After the debate had concluded without any clear victor, he gave a speech, saying that he was glad to see everyone working together and that it meant a lot for him to see everyone stand side by side despite their differences in stance. Unfortunately, his reassurance did nothing to calm those who doubted him, and many later would leave the defense. He then said that he assumed everyone knew their role, but then left without offering any clarification; many of the defenders, left without a clear direction, left soon after him, leaving their war chests empty.

On the day of the war, Tubbo logged on to find a supply room sabotaged by Fundy, a greatly diminished army, and no concrete plans for defense. He was upset but not surprised, and shared another tense moment with Tommy at their bench in which they awkwardly reconciled and agreed to just do their best and keep each other safe, as both only had one life left to lose.

Fall of L'Manberg

January 6, 2021, was the day of the Doomsday War.[44] When Technoblade, Dream, and Philza arrived half an hour before they had said they would, Tubbo was not at all prepared and did not have time to prepare his defenders for war. He was still making preparations when Tommy contacted him in a panic, claiming that the attackers were already beginning the destruction. When Tubbo and several others rushed to the scene, they found Techno surrounded by the Hound Army. Failing to recognize the implications, Tubbo fired a shot at Techno before his troops were ready; because of this, the war dogs quickly overwhelmed the defenders and Techno was able to non-canonically kill them all before they had a chance to push back.

Tubbo spent much of the remainder of the war in a state of constant fear, and failed to effectively deal with any of the threats the Anarchists put forth. Tommy took charge for most of the fighting, rounding everyone up into the Camarvan and coming up with battle tactics on the fly, and Tubbo once more fell back into the role of a follower. In the middle of the chaos, Techno was able to back Tommy into a corner and started arguing with him over his betrayal the day before. In rage, he fired a missile from his rocket launcher at Tommy. In an effort to protect him, Tubbo tried to jump in front of it, but the explosion ended up non-canonically killing both of them anyways.

Not long afterwards, Niki, having turned on her former home, burned down their last symbol of hope: the L'Mantree. As Dream finished rigging up his TNT machines and the bombs fell, Tubbo stopped trying to fight the Withers and instead found a high perch, staring at the destruction with the knowledge that he had failed his country for the last time. Tommy joined him and apologized again for all of the mistakes he’d made, and Tubbo only answered with a simple and bleak, “it’s okay.” Ghostbur and Quackity found them as well, and the four sang the L’Manberg national anthem for the final time as the nation crumbled in front of them, although they couldn’t remember all of the words.


In the wake of the desolation, seeing L'Manberg as unrecoverable, Tubbo decided to turn away from his failed country to build a village and escape his past. On January 7, 2021, he moved to a snow biome where he built a home and planned other creations, naming the settlement Snowchester.[45] He was discovered by Tommy, who complimented it, but urged Tubbo to come back to his home and move in with him.[46] Tubbo agreed to temporarily do so, but still remained in Snowchester for the most part.

Then, looking for citizens, Tubbo invited Jack Manifold to come live with him in Snowchester. Although Jack at first refused, Tubbo persisted, and managed to convince him by sharing the fact that he and Tommy were planning to kill Dream. Unbeknownst to Tubbo, however, Jack was allied with Niki in order to kill Tommy, seeing him as a danger to the server that was getting away with all of his offenses unpunished.

Tubbo also invited Ranboo to come and see him, and decided to try and help Ranboo regain some of his memories, claiming to be a witch doctor.[33] When Ranboo asked why Tubbo was helping him, reminding him that he had betrayed L’Manberg, Tubbo only replied that he liked to think he had a forgiving personality. Various tricks were tried, but no results came through. Tubbo eventually gave it up and turned his attention to building another tunnel from Snowchester to Tommy’s home.

Ranboo also told Tubbo that he had saved Squeeks before Doomsday, and Tubbo happily made an attempt to bring Squeeks to Snowchester— but as with Mushroom, Squeeks died along the way. Tubbo was saddened by the loss, and soon after returning to Snowchester, he leashed up an arctic fox as a replacement.

On January 16, 2021, Tommy met up with him and revealed that his home — or their shared home, really — had been burned down by Dream and a threatening sign had been left stating that Tommy and Tubbo would have to meet him alone on January 20 or else he would burn Tommy’s discs.[47] A compass had been left labeled “Your Discs,” that presumably pointed to the meeting place. Tubbo helped Tommy repair his house, and the two of them agreed that they would confront Dream once and for all together — and that they’d either get back the discs or they’d die trying.

Project Dream Catcher

Tubbo started "Project Dream Catcher" with Jack Manifold on January 17 and 19, 2021.[48][49] He said that he wished to replicate the Manhattan Project, in which the U.S. studied and created nuclear weapons to bomb Japan during WW2. The following bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to the end of the war. Tubbo stated that Snowchester was only a cover for this project.

Note that, in the real Manhattan Project, the atomic bombs may have ended the war, but they led to rapid escalation and the threat of mutually assured destruction in the Cold War. In the real Project, there were multiple keycards that had to be used simultaneously so to minimize the chances of a few errant individuals causing Armageddon; in Tubbo's version, in which any keycard holder can activate the nukes by themselves, this chance is maximized.

Tubbo built the nukes with help from Jack Manifold through the use of a texture pack that modified in-game sticks. He intended to use the nukes against Dream, hence the name of the operation, but after the Disc Confrontation, that plan was made void. Tubbo kept the nukes in their vault, however, believing that he would find other uses for them, or that they could at least serve as a good defense for Snowchester.

The Disc Confrontation

On January 19, 2021, the day before the final Disc Confrontation, Tubbo and Tommy prepared for the next day, making and consuming drugs (potions) and talking to ConnorEatsPants, who gave them some of Ghostbur's tools.[50]

On January 20, 2021, Tubbo and Tommy set off to confront Dream, using the compass as a guide.[51] They first bid their farewells to most of the other players on the server while walking along the Prime Path, fully aware that they were likely to never come back from their journey.

After a lot of walking and a long boat ride, they arrived at their destination and met Dream on top of a mountain where they immediately began to fight it out. Dream built an obsidian tower and placed a jukebox at the top, playing Mellohi in a way of taunting them. Tubbo occupied Dream while Tommy was seemingly able to make it up the tower take back Mellohi, but Dream then made it clear that he had been using only a fraction of his strength and easily beat Tubbo down to half a heart. He then told Tommy to give him the disc back or he would kill Tubbo. Tubbo insisted that he was willing to make the sacrifice, and told Tommy to just take the disc and run, but Tommy didn’t listen and gave it back to Dream in exchange for Tubbo’s life - only for it to be revealed that the disc had been a fake replica anyways, and that Dream had only been toying with them. In his own words, "playing with [his] food." He mocked them for their stupidity and weakness, then forced them to dispose of their items in typical pit fashion. Left without a choice, they followed him down a waterfall and into Dream's vault.

Dream led Tommy and Tubbo through the corridors while explaining that it had always been about control, and that he was collecting valuable items on the server to hold leverage over everybody. He stated that while he would not kill Tommy, as he was important for keeping the server active, Tubbo was expendable - and so now that he had served his use (to make Tommy stop fighting long enough to trap him in the prison), he would have to die. He gave Tubbo and Tommy a chance to say their goodbyes, and despite Tommy's protests, Tubbo came to terms with his fate, saying that he had been described as a pawn and that this was checkmate, and bid Tommy farewell. Before Dream could kill him, however, Punz, Quackity, Puffy, Nihachu, Sapnap, Jack, Ranboo, Callahan, HBomb, Ponk, Eret, Antfrost, Awesamdude, and BadBoyHalo came through the nether portal and cornered Dream. Tommy and Tubbo were able to run behind them, but once seeing that Dream was powerless, Tubbo watched as Tommy took Dream's items and killed him twice. He was then trapped in his own prison by Sam and Sapnap, and his armor - the Nightmare set - was given to Tubbo.

They retrieved Tommy's discs, which had been in picture frames in plain view, and returned straight away to their bench spot outside of Tommy's home. They played Mellohi and spoke with what was presumably Wilbur's spirit (outside of Ghostbur) for some time, celebrating their victory before parting ways. Tubbo went back to Snowchester afterwards and hung Dream's armor up in the vault, stating that he had no desire to see it worn again. He then exchanged words with Quackity and Jack Manifold, with whom he expressed that he was glad not to have needed the nuclear weapons, but he wished to keep them just in case Snowchester or its inhabitants were threatened.

Empowerment Arc

The Egg

On January 24, 2021, Tubbo went to check up on Tommy's progress with the Big Innit Hotel, intending to help him build a perimeter around the construction site. He was interested when Tommy mentioned the Egg, however, and asked if he could see it. After swinging by Church Prime for a Hazmat suit, the two of them headed to BadBoyHalo's statue room to see the Egg. Tommy was immune to the Egg's effects and warned Tubbo of its potential danger. Upon entering, he was wary at first and did not want to make contact with the Vines, but as soon as he came close to the Egg, he inexplicably removed the Hazmat suit and touched it, seemingly just out of sheer curiosity. After a couple of seconds he started crying, saying that the Egg was saying terrible things to him that he refused to repeat.

Before the pair could leave, they were confronted by Bad and Antfrost, who were both very much under the Egg's influence. They attempted to trap Tommy and Tubbo near the Egg with obsidian, and Tommy, still being unaffected by it, opted to allow himself to be caught in order to give Tubbo time to escape. Before it could escalate much further, however, Sam arrived and helped them hold off Ant and Bad. They briefly returned to Church Prime and then to the site of the hotel. Tubbo hadn't been taken over or heavily swayed by the Egg like most others, and he afterwards said himself that he didn't hate it, but he had an overall negative reaction to it. He later told Ranboo that it had shown him "many images of dead families" and mentioned to his stream that he wanted to use a nuke on it.

Nuke Test

On January 26, 2021, Tubbo and Jack Manifold launched their first prototype nuclear bomb while Foolish Gamers, who had recently joined Snowchester, fished nearby in his boat. Jack stalled the process beforehand when he seemingly lost his key card, but after the process had been dragged on for an extra five minutes, the missile was fired.

Tubbo and Jack then hurried to the bomb site, a spruce forest, and looked out over the massive crater in awe. Tubbo was startled to see Tommy and Niki arrive moments later, and, as neither he nor Tommy had been aware of Niki and Jack's murder attempt, they talked curiously about how suspicious it was that Niki had led him so close. They disregarded it, however, as they both assumed that Niki would have had no way of knowing where the bomb site was, and instead returned to Snowchester to celebrate the successful test. Tubbo also agreed to give Tommy a key card (although he ended up not needing to, as Tommy stole Jack’s later on anyway).

Bee n' Boo

The Bee n' Boo hotel was constructed by Tubbo and Ranboo after their marriage. It was built as competition to the Big Innit Hotel which was situated next-door. They argued with Jack Manifold over the newly built hotel (due to him claiming the Big Innit Hotel as his own), and Tubbo expressed desire to purchase the Big Innit Hotel. When Jack refused to sell, Tubbo rented all the rooms instead.

After Tommy's death

After Tommy's death on March 1, Tubbo at first seemed to be in denial. On March 3, he built a memorial for Tommy near Snowchester, and began to conduct a detective investigation to find out who was responsible for Tommy getting trapped in the prison and subsequently killed.

Tubbo built a small room and in the middle of the room was a Lectern. The lectern was there to place the Investigation book Tubbo was using to hold evidence.

Tubbo then decided to visit the roof of the prison. He noted some spaces free of snow and decided to check the coordinates. It turned out that it was in the snowy biome, meaning there should be snow covering the place but it was blown up or was removed by something or someone.

Tubbo then traveled to Technoblade's cabin and checked Techno's chests. Presumably, he was suspicious of the chest containing gunpowder, as the chest was only half full. Tubbo looked through Philza's chests as well but only found building blocks. Tubbo then visited Ranboo's house, trying to find sand, but didn't find any. Tubbo remained suspicious of Technoblade however, believing the culprit must have stolen gunpowder from Techno's cabin or borrowed the gunpowder from Techno themselves.

After Tubbo had finished searching for sand he figured out that Tommy, Dream, Sam, Ranboo and Foolish were the only ones online during that time.

Tubbo starts to suspect Foolish, as he lives in a desert where there is a lot of sand and he could've gathered them. But, when visiting the outside of the prison earlier, he saw some sand being misplaced or didn't look natural like someone had shoveled them in a hurry to craft TNT.

After Tubbo finished the investigation, he placed his book on the lectern and noted that fast food restaurants, namely McPuffy's, had started appearing after Tommy was locked with Dream. He then visited the Egg after shooting a flame arrow at the McPuffy's building. The Egg gave no response. After this, he did not continue the investigation.

Missing nukes

On March 26, 2021, Tubbo decided that the nuclear weapons he and Jack Manifold had been keeping in Snowchester as part of Project Dreamcatcher should be moved to a location outside of Snowchester to protect the things he loved there.[52] Jack and Tubbo began to build a silo outside of Snowchester, but as they were about to move the nukes to their new location, they discovered that the nukes had vanished, presumably stolen by an unknown entity. Tubbo then revealed that the nukes had a built-in detonation switch, and that this meant somebody now had the ability to detonate a nuclear weapon without requiring the keycards. However, this switch would also kill the person setting the bomb off, making it effectively a built-in suicide switch.


Since April 1, 2021, short messages have been flashing on the screen throughout Tubbo's stream at 10 minute intervals to form sentences, regardless of where Tubbo was on the map, what he was working on and unacknowledged by Tubbo himself, as if he is unaware these messages have been played out. The messages so far have been as follows:

  • April 1, 2021: Hello? Can you hear me? I'm cold. It's very dark. I can hear them. They are underneath me. I don't make cakes often. I've never even had one. Oh no please. I must go now. Goodbye Micheal (sic).
  • April 5, 2021: Quick, I don't have much time. Stay away from the North. A strange metal weapon washed up. It poisons the nature, the watter (sic). No it's not. That's it, we are leaving.
  • April 9, 2021: Someone needs to tell him he must go to the north. If anyone can hear this, I stashed a book. It has instructions. He needs to wake up! He must! Wake up!!!!!!

On April 11, the intervals between the messages were a lot more random, with messages showing up as far apart as 37 minutes and as close together as 1 minute.

  • April 11, 2021: The North. Go there. Don't go there. Please don't. Promise me. I like how the house is looking. It's much nicer th[a]n The North. I hate it here. I am trapped

No messages have appeared since.


On June 1, 2021, Tubbo began investigating Las Nevadas, and planned to set up a spy outpost on the mountain near Las Nevadas to keep an eye on the new country in order to keep Snowchester safe.[53] He named this plan "Operation Cookies," as he was disguising the outpost as a cookie shop. While constructing the outpost, Tubbo met Foolish, who told Tubbo he was leaving Snowchester, saying it was a "change of pace" for him. Tubbo continued to work on the outpost over the next couple of days, expanding it to include walls and an armoury.[54][55][56][57] Ranboo also helped him work on it, decorating the inside and building farms for wheat and cocoa beans to make the cookies they were allegedly selling there.

On June 9, 2021, Quackity, Fundy, and Slimecicle raided and griefed Tubbo's outpost, and Quackity placed a threatening note. However, Ranboo removed this and instead placed signs warning that griefers would be punished with violence.

On June 18, 2021, Quackity, accompanied by Foolish, Purpled and Fundy, confronted Tubbo and Ranboo about the outpost.[58] After a private conversation between Tubbo and Quackity, during which Tubbo admitted that he didn't want to take down the walls because he had "noticed a pattern of his builds being destroyed" and wanted to protect the outpost.[59] Quackity, meanwhile, wanted him to take the walls down because he personally had bad associations with walls, a reference to his time in the Manberg cabinet.

They returned to the rest of the group, and continued to argue. Quackity felt threatened by the outpost and demanded that the walls be taken down, but Tubbo argued that the outpost was outside of Las Nevadas territory, so Quackity had no right to ask this of them. Quackity also began to build his own wall around the outpost, and said that he would take his wall down if Tubbo took down his own. Ranboo also acted defensive of the outpost, saying that they hadn't been violent towards others, and that they weren't threatening to Quackity as they were only selling cookies. However, Tubbo did call the outpost a "military outpost" when prompted by Quackity, and it was unclear whether Ranboo was aware that the outpost wasn't actually a cookie shop.

Tubbo proposed using the nearby river as a territory marker, but Quackity refused, saying that he was going to cover the river and that he needed the space to expand Las Nevadas. Tubbo suggested he expand in the direction of Wilbur and Tommy's fort instead, but Quackity seemed hesitant to do so. He also refused to expand across the sea, as Eret's cobblestone pyramid was over the water and he didn't want to start conflict with them. He also suggested that the outpost be turned into a Snowchester embassy, but Tubbo refused.

The confrontation ended with Tubbo threatening Quackity with nuclear warfare.[60][61] He then left, and he and Ranboo returned to the outpost. The two of them listened to the Mall disc together, and talked about what had just happened.[62] Ranboo said that he didn't hold anyone's actions during the L'Manberg era against them, and that Quackity was probably a good person. Tubbo recalled how Quackity had called for Technoblade's execution, and that despite Tubbo being the president, Quackity had served as the de-facto leader of the Butcher Army. He also told Ranboo about the fact that Quackity had wanted to execute Ranboo after the Green Festival, but Tubbo had talked him down.[63] Tubbo then opened up to Ranboo about his death at the Manberg Festival,[64] notably recalling the events wrongly and stating that Quackity had been pressuring Technoblade to perform the execution, despite the fact that in reality, Quackity had been strongly against the execution itself, and had been attempting to persuade Schlatt to call it off when he discovered the true nature of the plan.[65]

Tubbo suggested for Ranboo to write something in his memory book about something being off with Las Nevadas, and Ranboo asked Tubbo if they were doing the right thing. Tubbo said that depended on whose side they were on, and that he had done bad things and Ranboo had done bad things by accident. Ranboo asked Tubbo if that made him a bad person, but Tubbo said that it didn't. Tubbo told Ranboo that they would keep all of their valuables inside of Snowchester, and that they would only have conflicts in Las Nevadas and the outpost. He also said to expand the outpost all the way to the ocean, and Ranboo shared his doubts about this. Tubbo reassured him that this was only in case "all hell broke loose."

Later that same day, he helped Tommy and Ranboo build a memorial for Ghostbur.[66] He told Tommy about the outpost, but Tommy responded that he would rather stay with Wilbur at their fort.

L'Manberg Independence Day

On the day of L'Manberg's independence, Tubbo arrived at L'Crater, singing the anthem. Wilbur, who had also been singing the anthem and Ranboo then arrived. Wilbur greeted Tubbo with joy, as he hadn't properly talked to him yet, and reassured him that - while he'd been very overwhelmed during his resurrection, he had since calmed down. In an attempt to continue his path to the future, Wilbur apologized to Tubbo for making him President, taking claim of the crater as a whole, and Tubbo forgave him.

Tubbo proceeded to inform Wilbur that he hadn't created the crater they stood in front of, describing how Phil and Techno had worked with Dream to destroy the nation that Tubbo had tried to remake. Wilbur reacted incredulously at the information - not the action, but the reasoning - before reacting with positive surprise at the news that somebody had cared enough to rebuild his nation, thanking Tubbo for the action. He tried to invite Tubbo to the Paradise Burger establishment after he admitted that he felt aimless, but Tubbo declined, saying he didn't trust Wilbur yet.

Confused, Wilbur attempted to ask why, but when Tubbo stood his ground, he instead complimented him and asked him simply to visit. When Tubbo decided to stay put, he accepted that too, instead leaving him with a rabbit's foot that Tommy had given him and leaving with Ranboo.

Working for Las Nevadas

A day later, on Wilbur's stream it was revealed that after the destruction of the Las Nevadas burger place at the hands of Wilbur and Ranboo, Quackity had hired Tubbo to serve as the manager and chef of the newly rebuilt Las Nevadas burger place. Later on, Tubbo would go live and speak to Quackity. He would say that although he didn't mean Walltown as a sign of aggression and he just wanted to keep a eye out, the day of the Walltown conflict he "wasn't himself" and agreed to annex Walltown into Las Nevadas. They talked about the restaurant, with Tubbo thanking Quackity for letting him work at it, and Quackity told Tubbo that lots of plans were being made for Las Nevadas, that the country was moving forward in a good way. He told Tubbo that he trusted him, since they were both in the L'Manberg cabinet, creating a "Tubburger" advertisement. Tubbo then went over to Paradise Burgers and spoke with Ranboo, with Tubbo telling Ranboo that he was shocked how much he trusted Wilbur, and Ranboo told him that he didn't completely trust Wilbur, but believes he must have changed, and Tubbo telling Ranboo he was the happiest had been in a while. Tubbo told Ranboo about how he handed over the Cookie outpost to Las Nevadas, however Ranboo thought Tubbo handed complete ownership of the outpost to Quackity, saddening Ranboo, causing him to make a excuse to run out of the van, bewildering Tubbo.

Hitting on 16

It is important to note that, as a result of meta issues revolving the Dream SMP writing, Hitting on 16 - a short story published by Wilbur and approved by all appearing characters - is a canon divergence of sorts. It is up to audience interpretation.

During the events of Arc 2: Horseplay, Tubbo met up with Ranboo and spoke to him about hanging out and having dinner together. Ranboo claims he is uncertain on the prospect but will ask Wilbur, where Tubbo interjects and says they'll eat across the borders. The two of them eat together and part ways, leaving Tubbo on his own.

Tubbo finds Ranboo with the horse, and questions him. The two get into an argument, where Ranboo begs Tubbo to not tell Quackity about their heist. Tubbo runs off and Wilbur applauds Ranboo for standing his ground. Tubbo rolls tables and chairs down a hill on his own, despite planning to do so with Ranboo.

During Act 3: Hitting on 16, Tubbo frees Boner while Quackity, Wilbur, and Ranboo are preoccupied. When the lights turn on and the trio see Tubbo on the pressure plate instead of Boner, Ranboo watches as Quackity and Wilbur begin to fight to try and save Tubbo. Ranboo takes action and leaves the viewing platform, digging through the top of the cave and moving into the room Tubbo was in. He puts his foot on the pressure plate and lets Tubbo escape, claiming he has a way to defuse the bomb.

Legacy Arc

After the Prison Break

On the 28th of November 2021, Sam approached Ranboo and arrested him under strange conditions. It later turned out Sam had told Ranboo that he had Michael, This meant that Ranboo felt forced to cooperate. Technoblade had been working on rescuing Dream already and during a stakeout he saw Sam escorting Ranboo into the prison. Techno, Phil, and Niki staged a rescue, and Ranboo lost his final life. But right before losing his final life, Ranboo gave an photo to Techno that turned out to be Michael in front of a portrait of Ranboo and Tubbo.

Looking for answers Phil and Niki were hesitant to give, Techno decided to visit Tubbo in the hopes of getting some clearer responses. They met up in Snowchester, where Tubbo first lied to Techno about their relationship and avoided the question of who Michael was, so Techno revealed that Ranboo had died and showed Tubbo the image. Tubbo was silent for a while and finally showed Techno Michael's bedroom. (Techno already knew of the bedroom because he'd snooped around upon arrival.) Tubbo then found out Michael was no longer in his bedroom. He then revealed that Michael was his and Ranboo's adopted son. Techno and Tubbo made a temporary alliance to try and find Michael and they found a sign by Eret saying that Michael was safe and that they needed to reach out to him, but Eret was unavailable at that time (Likely non-canon).

A bit after, Karl invited Tubbo over to Kinoko, and he explained that he's been making an underground metro system including one that went to Snowchester from Kinoko. Tubbo clearly was uncomfortable with the idea, as he'd build Snowchester as far away from anyone else on purpose, wanting to make it hard for people to bother him.

Searching for Sam

On January 29, 2022, Tubbo teamed up with Technoblade to save MICHAEL, Tubbo and Ranboo’s adopted son. They first went to Eret’s castle, assuming he knew of MICHAEL’s whereabouts. They were proved wrong, however, but eventually realized that Awesamdude must be holding him captive for a reason they did not yet know. Tubbo, alongside Technoblade and Eret, then head to the island MICHAEL was held captive on. Tubbo also made up with Technoblade and Eret as both of them had killed or helped kill him previously.

They manage to find him, and after negotiating with Awesamdude, they decide the most reasonable punishment is to put him - referring to Sam - in Pandora’s Vault; the prison he himself designed. After doing so, Techno and Tubbo activate Eret's stasis pearl to retrieve them from the prison, as they had stayed behind to switch the portals. They retrieve MICHAEL, dubbing themselves the Revengers, and bringing him to Ranboo's home, where they discover that he had a ghost of sorts - Boo. They talk a little, Boo thanking them for saving MICHAEL, before Tubbo handed him his Do Not Read book and left, ending his stream shortly after.


Personal items
Name Notes
Music Disc Stal.png 1st Stal A disc that Lani, Tubbo's sister, got from Dream when she was playing on the Dream SMP on his account. It's currently kept in Tubbo's enderchest. As of now, it's the first and only Stal disc on the server. Because of that, it's been appropriately named "1st Stal" with an anvil. Tubbo gave this disc to Tommy after the Disc Confrontation.
Music Disc Mellohi.png Mellohi Mellohi is one of the first discs of the SMP. This disc had a lot of involvements in wars like The Disc Saga, The Railway Skirmish, and others. Tommy traded this disc to Dream for the independence of L'Manberg during the Dream Team SMP vs L'Manberg War. Eventually, the disc came into Tubbo's possession as a sign of trust from Tommy. However, during the second festival, Dream manipulated Tubbo into giving him the Mellohi disc after claiming Tommy had blown up the Community House. After the Disc Confrontation, the disc is now back in Tommy's possession.
Music-disc-mall.png Mall Gifted to him by Ranboo, the two listened to the disc from the cookie outpost overlooking Las Nevadas.
Lodestone Compass.gif Your Tommy A compass given to Tubbo as a gift from Ghostbur. It tracks Tommy, or, more specifically, Tommy's tent near Logstedshire. Tommy had a matching one named "Your Tubbo" pointing at Tubbo's White House. Tubbo considered the compass his most valuable possession on the server.[38] He lost the compass in a Charged Creeper explosion on December 9, and hoped to get another one from Ghostbur. Fundy made him a new one, but Tubbo said "it wasn't the same." Tubbo suspected that Fundy stole the compass, but there is no proof pointing at this, and was most likely just Tubbo hoping the compass isn't broken.
Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe.gif Diamantspitzhacke Efficiency V, Fortune III, Mending, Unbreaking III

This pickaxe currently resides in a hidden barrel in Techno's house. The name is the German word for "diamond pickaxe" and was first named when Tubbo switched his game language to German while joking around with Niki and Fundy. An identical pickaxe resides in Tubbo's Enderchest, the only difference being that the enchantment is Efficiency IV rather than Efficiency V.

Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Bane o' Bees Efficiency V, Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Mending, Sharpness V

Tubbo's axe. This axe was originally made in preparation for the Disc Confrontation on January 19, 2021, and was named "Bane 'o Bees." It ended up getting destroyed during the Disc Confrontation by Dream. Tubbo remade it on February 24 using his Netherite ingot named "Tubborite."

Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Checkmate Fire Aspect II, Knockback II, Looting III, Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Mending

A sword made by Tubbo on April 5, 2021, as an "intimidation weapon" for interrogation.

Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Pickboo Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending

Ranboo's pickaxe. This is the original Pickboo, as after giving it to Tubbo Ranboo made a new, identical pickaxe. It was accidentally blown up by Tommy on May 7, 2021. However, Ranboo made a new one and gave it to Tubbo shortly after.

Enchanted Trident Item.gif Manifork Mending, Riptide III, Unbreaking III

Jack's trident. Stolen by Tubbo shortly after Jack become a Snowchester resident, and later given to Tommy before being returned to Tubbo. It was accidentally blown up by Tommy on May 7, 2021. However, Ranboo made a new one and gave it to Tubbo shortly after.

Enchanted netherite hoe.gif Hoeboo Efficiency V, Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Mending

Ranboo's hoe. Lent to Tubbo on April 9, 2021. It is assumed to have been accidentally blown up by Tommy on May 7, 2021.

Enchanted Crossbow.gif DEFINITELY NOT PENIS Piercing IV, Quick Charge III

This crossbow originally belonged to Dream and was first lent to Jschlatt after the Presidential Rally to be used to kill TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot.

Dream then took it back and gifted it to Tommy after he and Wilbur had formed Pogtopia, alongside multiple other items to help with the fight against Schlatt.

During the Manberg Festival, Tommy brought it with him and when he was killed, it was taken from him by an unknown person who put it in a random chest. Eret then found the crossbow and held onto it for a few weeks.

Eret gave it back to Tommy before the Manberg-Pogtopian War as a symbol of trust, however. Tommy proceeded to use it during the main battle.

During the chaos of the war's aftermath, Tommy lost the crossbow and it came into the hands of Philza. Phil then returned it to Tommy the following day.

On December 21, 2020, it was revealed on-stream to be in the possession of Tubbo, who did not remember how he got it. He claimed that the Arrow of Harming loaded into it had been set there by Dream, as he had not loaded it since he acquired it. This seems unlikely, however, considering how many people had used the crossbow before.

On January 16, 2021, Tubbo gave the crossbow to Tommy while they were preparing for the Disc Confrontation. It was one of the few items of his that Dream did not blow up prior to entering his vault, and Tommy used it to take Dream's second canon life. It had been in Tommy's possession until he died while taking down Ponk's Lemon Tree, and when Sam Nook recovered Tommy's items the crossbow was not there. It is assumed to have been despawned or in Ponk's possession.

Enchanted Bow.gif Nightmare Infinity, Flame, Unbreaking III, Power V

Dream's bow. After the events of the Disc Confrontation, it was in possession of Tubbo. It was stored inside the vault in Snowchester, and was temporarily in use by Tubbo, but was returned to the vault before he gave it to Tommy on April 27, 2021.

Enchanted Netherite Helmet Item.gif Nightmare Mending, Protection IV, Respiration III, Unbreaking III

Dream's helmet. During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy took Dream's armor from him and gave it to Tubbo to wear. Tubbo offered it back once the confrontation had concluded, but Tommy told him to keep it. It was briefly kept inside the Snowchester vault, and was then used by Tubbo until he returned it to the vault and replaced it with a different set. Tubbo gave the set to Tommy on April 27, 2021. Currently, this is in the possession of Sapnap who took it from Tubbo's vault after Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Netherite Chestplate Item.gif Nightmare Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Mending

Dream's chestplate. During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy took Dream's armor from him and gave it to Tubbo to wear. Tubbo offered it back once the confrontation had concluded, but Tommy told him to keep it. It was briefly kept inside the Snowchester vault, and was then used by Tubbo until he returned it to the vault and replaced it with a different set. Tubbo gave the set to Tommy on April 27, 2021. Currently, this is in the possession of Sapnap who took it from Tubbo's vault after Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Netherite Leggings Item.gif Nightmare Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III

Dream's Leggings. During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy took Dream's armor from him and gave it to Tubbo to wear. Tubbo offered it back once the confrontation had concluded, but Tommy told him to keep it. It was briefly kept inside the Snowchester vault, and was then used by Tubbo until he returned it to the vault and replaced it with a different set. Tubbo gave the set to Tommy on April 27, 2021. Currently, this is in the possession of Sapnap who took it from Tubbo's vault after Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Netherite Boots Item.gif Nightmare Depth Strider III, Feather Falling IV, Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Soul Speed III

Dream's boots. During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy took Dream's armor from him and gave it to Tubbo to wear. Tubbo offered it back once the confrontation had concluded, but Tommy told him to keep it. It was briefly kept inside the Snowchester vault, and was then used by Tubbo until he returned it to the vault and replaced it with a different set. Tubbo gave the set to Tommy on April 27, 2021. Currently, this is in the possession of Sapnap who took it from Tubbo's vault after Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault.


Name Status Residence Notes
SlimeNew.png Squishy Fuck Unknown Technoblade's cabin Squishy Fuck is a slime named by Tubbo. It went missing while Philza was making his dojo.
Bee.png Spins Deceased Tubbo's old house Gifted to Tubbo by Punz on July 11, 2020.[67]

He was killed on July 12, 2020, due to Tommy giving him a "high five," causing the bee to sting him and die.[68] The death of Spins resulted in Tubbo being so mad that he wanted to kill Tommy, and ended up deciding to grief Tommy's base.[69] In retaliation, Tommy burned down Tubbo's house.[70] This conflict led to a battle that lasted several hours and resulted in Tommy being cornered by Tubbo and others in front of Tubbo's house after Tommy had been chased out of the greater spawn region and subsequently returned. After the conflict ended, Dream and Sapnap helped Tubbo repair the house.

Bee.png Spunz Deceased Tubbo's old house Gifted to Tubbo by Punz after Spins died. Killed by Sapnap.
Bee.png Spoons Deceased Tubbo's old house
Pufferfish Item.png Phukkit Alive Tommy's ender chest Originally Tubbo's pet. Was thought to be eaten by Fundy, but the real one was actually in possession of Eret. Eret returned Phukkit to Tubbo, who gifted Phukkit to Tommy September 22, soon before the election results were announced. It currently remains in Tommy's enderchest.
Hounds.png Dog Army Alive Tubbo's dock Started as a bit "Dogs on Drugs" aka "Operation: DOD."

One was accidentally killed by Tommy.

Spots Alive Spots is one of Tubbo and Techno's horses. Tubbo primarily rides Spots.
Percy Alive Percy is the second of Tubbo and Techno's horses. Percy is the horse used mainly by Techno.
Fox.png Squeeks Deceased BSA L'Manberg Embassy Squeeks was given to Tubbo by Punz after Tubbo accidentally killed Niki's fox, Mushroom. Later, Sapnap wanted to "pet" Squeeks (by hitting him), but Dream, Fundy, Niki and Tubbo were able to protect him over the course of the Squeeks Conflict.

Squeeks went missing and was assumed to be dead after Doomsday, but he had actually been rescued beforehand by Ranboo who delivered him to Tubbo and Tommy's house.

Squeeks was killed after being blown up by a creeper whilst Tubbo was transporting him to Snowchester.

Bee.png BeeInnit Assumed Deceased Philza's House BeeInnit is a bee given to Tubbo by CaptainPuffy, Fundy, and Ranboo as a birthday gift. Ranboo captured the bee, then Fundy named it BeeInnit and finally Captain Puffy made the gift to put it inside. After finding it, Tubbo put it on a lead and took it to Philza's house, jokingly saying that it was just like having Tommy back.

BeeInnit was presumably killed on Doomsday.


Name Status Residence Notes
Chicken Piglin Jockey.png MICHAEL Alive Snowchester MICHAEL is Tubbo's and Ranboo's adopted child. They found him on December 1st, while gathering materials for the meeting room, and put him in a hole promising to come back and save him later. They eventually rescued MICHAEL as a date on Valentine's day, but during the journey, the original chicken that MICHAEL was riding on burned in lava. He now lives in Snowchester with a new replacement chicken.

He was stolen by Awesamdude on February 23, and he pretended to have accidentally killed him, despite having actually hidden him underground. Ranboo and Tubbo declared MICHAEL as their adoptive son on February 23 after joking about being "canonically married." Tubbo later went on to say that MICHAEL was three years old, but it is unknown if this was supposed to be a joke or not.


Relationships with members
Name Note
RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very negative
Awesamdude and Tubbo had a positive relationship, and shared a common interest in Redstone and other types of Redstone adjacent builds. Together, they worked to drain the ocean, and often work together to gather resources. Sam has stated that he considers Tubbo one of his best friends on the server. Sam Nook also saved Tubbo from the Egg and has stated that as a friend of Tommy, Tubbo is also under his protection. Sam also made sure that Tubbo never entered the prison, despite Tubbo requesting to visit Dream many times.[71] Tubbo seems to trust Sam less after Tommy's death.

When Tubbo learned that Sam threatened to kill Michael, and killed Ranboo, Tubbo showed little outward emotion. Following the kidnapping of Michael, Tubbo's perspective of Sam shifted from an honest, yet troubled warden, to a disillusioned corrupted jailer. After watching him kill his own horse simply because the noises bothered him, as well as Michael's living conditions, this view furthered into a psychopathic supervillain.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
The two of them have always had a family-like bond. Puffy always helps Tubbo and protects him. She has also taken it to be her duty to protect the younger members of the server, including Tubbo.
RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very negative
All events considered, Dream is Tubbo's worst enemy on the server. The two have had a complicated relationship in the past, however, had got along before fighting against each other in wars several times on quite a few occasions. While they were opponents during the early stages of the Disc Saga, and Dream had previously destroyed Tubbo's villager and iron golem farms, they seemed to be on overall fine terms before the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War. For instance, Dream helped Tubbo fight Tommy and rebuild his house during and after the Spins conflict. Their relationship officially turned negative after the Independence War, however. They fought one another once again in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, but afterward Dream feigned respect for Tubbo's leadership. While Dream was still an enemy of Tubbo due to his possession of Tommy's Cat disc, they were on neutral terms for a bit of time.

When Tommy griefed George's house, Dream wrapped L'Manberg in obsidian walls and pushed for him to be exiled. Tubbo tried to find a less severe punishment, but Tommy's attempt to force Dream to take down the walls with no punishment caused Dream to threaten Tubbo with building the walls up to the block limit. Tubbo ultimately made the decision to exile Tommy, choosing his fear of Dream over his sense of kinship with Tommy, which greatly pleased Dream and boosted the two of them into an almost positive relation. However, Tubbo deeply regretted exiling Tommy, which put him at odds with Dream's goals. They outwardly acted cordial to one another, as Dream wanted Tubbo to believe that L'Manberg was better without Tommy, and Tubbo wanted Dream to believe that he had no reason to see L'Manberg as a threat. Dream praised his leadership and finally claimed to respect L'Manberg as a country, although in reality, he was only satisfied with Tubbo's presidency because he was easy to push around.

After Dream helped Technoblade escape from his execution on December 16, Tubbo was angered and made plans to organize a festival similar to the Manberg Festival - dubbed the "Green Festival." The Green Festival would seemingly be to celebrate their friendship, but Tubbo and his cabinet were secretly plotting to assassinate Dream at the event, recognizing him as a tyrant and wanting to take him out before he could do any further harm to them. Tubbo decided that he himself ought to be the one to kill Dream, although he was not overly confident in his ability to do so. Dream arrived late to the festival, however, and began rebuilding the walls around L'Manberg. When asked why, he led everyone to the remains of the Community House, blaming the damages on Tommy. He demanded Mellohi from Tubbo, insisting that as long as he had the disc, L'Manberg would be a thorn in his side. Once he'd gotten the disc, he viciously ridiculed Tubbo, calling him an idiot and a pushover and stating he was the worst president L'Manberg ever had - worse than Wilbur and worse than Schlatt, claiming that he'd just given him all of the power he needed to have complete control over L'Manberg.

After the events of the Doomsday War, during which Dream, Techno, and Philza destroyed L'Manberg once and for all, Tubbo set aside his other priorities to work with Tommy in their shared goal of bringing Dream down - something they'd been trying to do since the very beginning. During the Disc Confrontation, Dream nearly killed Tubbo multiple times and used his life as leverage over Tommy. Tubbo was delighted to see him taken down and refuses to wear his set of armor, despite it having been given to him. Unlike Tommy, he seemingly has no desire whatsoever to see Dream in prison. Upon finding out that Dream had killed Tommy, Tubbo asked if they could kill Dream for it despite still being in denial of Tommy's death.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Very opposed Tubbo hates the Egg, as it has insulted him and even made him cry after apparently saying terrible things to him.[72]
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tubbo and Eret were good friends during the initial war for L'Manberg's independence, but after Eret's betrayal, Tubbo was rather scared of them for quite some time. Once the conflict had died down, however, Tubbo was willing to give them another chance and they became friends again. Their bond strengthened once Schlatt took over Manberg, as they both opposed him, and they incorporated Niki into their trio. Nicknamed "TEN" (Tubbo, Eret, Niki), they spent a decent amount of time together plotting against Schlatt. Tubbo and Eret fought together during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War as well as the Doomsday War, and Tubbo readily accepted their re-pledged friendship and loyalty. Eret was also among the people to wish him and Tommy good luck on the Prime Path prior to the Disc Confrontation, and was with the crowd who came with Punz to take down Dream.

After rescuing Michael, Eret and Tubbo have grown even closer than ever before.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tubbo invited Foolish over to Snowchester, gave him full diamond armor, and many items. Foolish was with Tubbo and Jack Manifold when Snowchester declared its independence. Tubbo did cause the death of Foolish's second skeleton horse, though this did not seem to impact their relationship. Tubbo commissioned Foolish to build a mansion in Snowchester, stressing him out a lot. They also worked together to try and find out who stole the Snowchester nukes.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Fundy and Tubbo have been allies and friends for a very long time. They joined the server on the same day, and although their relationship was tense after the Socializing Club Conflict, they rekindled over time and fought together in the L'Manberg Independence War. After the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Fundy became one of Tubbo's cabinet members and joined him in the Butcher Army. They also created the Dreamon Hunters together, and seemed to have a pretty solid bond for the majority of their time together, even if they did occasionally butt heads on the political front.

On the eve of the Doomsday War, Fundy destroyed all of L'Manberg's supplies and refused to fight in the battle. While this likely drove a slight wedge between them, Tubbo seemingly did not care very much since L'Manberg was gone either way, though it led to him not trusting Fundy as much. As of now, their relationship is most likely neutral.

While Tubbo was building his outpost near Las Nevadas, Fundy said that he was quite sure Tubbo respected him after their time in the New L'Manberg cabinet together, and that they were "bros."[73] That same day, Tubbo began spying on Fundy, making invisibility potions to spy on him because he was "acting suspiciously," and once Fundy had discovered Tubbo they had a small lighthearted dispute over tolls on the path into Las Nevadas.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
While Tubbo was at first uncertain how to feel about Ghostbur, he soon warmed up to him and was happy with his company. They worked together to rebuild L'Manberg in the wake of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, and Tubbo expressed curiosity about his "blue" as well as a desire to help him document and search for his memories in history books.

Their relationship went somewhat downhill after Tommy was exiled, however, as Ghostbur expressed anxiety over Tubbo's presidency and leadership skills, quoted saying, "You haven't changed at all, have you, Tubbo?" He seemed to be critical of Tubbo's handling of L'Manberg, due to Tubbo breaking his own rules and creating cages. While he initially tried to help Tubbo by crafting the Your Tommy compass, he began doubting his morality, especially after Technoblade's attempted execution, thinking that perhaps Wilbur had been a better president than Tubbo.

After the Doomsday War, Ghostbur and Tubbo seem to be getting along once more due to the lack of political division. Tubbo supported Ghostbur's wish to be resurrected, although he had doubts about what the process would entail.

Later on, Ghostbur stated that Tubbo was "the nicest president he had ever met," which Tubbo seemed touched by.[74]

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Tubbo, along with Foolish, suspected HBomb of being involved with the disappearance of Snowchester's nukes. He tries to hide from them but they spent a large amount of time trying to find him.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
When Jack Manifold first moved into L'Manberg, he became good friends with Tubbo. They fought on the same side during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, and Tubbo continued regarding Jack as a close friend even after the Doomsday War, going so far as to invite him to live with him in Snowchester. Jack returns Tubbo's sense of friendship, but is hiding the fact that he is in actuality trying to get information on Tommy so that he can kill him.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Tubbo had a fairly neutral opinion on Schlatt during his time working as his right-hand man as part of the Jschlatt Administration, despite how he was treated badly and threatened on a regular basis. Schlatt made fun of Tubbo,[75] shouted at and insulted him.[76][77] He openly disapproved of Tubbo's link to the original L'Manberg, attempting to remove the Camarvan and only being stopped by Tubbo managing to convince him to keep it[78] and acting suspicious of Tubbo after he, Quackity and Fundy discovered Tubbo's underground archive of books related to L'Manberg's history.[79] He also insulted Tubbo for wearing the L'Manberg revolutionary uniform, saying it smelled bad.[80]

Tubbo often lied to Schlatt to get out of trouble or to cover up his spy activities. For example, he told Schlatt that the Underground Prime Path, the tunnel that had been built to Pogtopia, was a tunnel Tubbo was digging to get to a Pillager watchtower so he could collect Totems of Undying for Schlatt,[81] and lied about his whereabouts during the beginning of the Manberg Festival, during which he had actually been talking to Wilbur and Tommy in secret.[82]

At the Manberg Festival, Schlatt ordered Technoblade to execute Tubbo for being a traitor, having discovered Tubbo's spy activities for Pogtopia.[8] As a result of this, Tubbo came to the realization that he had never been on Schlatt's good side. He fought against him with a passion during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, and was relieved when Schlatt died. He attended Schlatt's funeral and seemed gleeful and happy that Schlatt was dead, going as far as to throw his bones in the river with Quackity.[83]

During his own presidency, Tubbo was often compared to Schlatt because of the decisions he made.[84][85][86] These comparisons, combined with Tubbo's low self-esteem and harsh view of his own presidency, led him to also compare himself to Schlatt, and after the events of the Doomsday War, Tubbo went as far as to call Schlatt better than himself, and say that he hadn't been "that much of a problem".[87]

Soon after, while building Snowchester, Tubbo brought up that he would like to see and speak to Schlatt again. However, this has never happened, despite Glatt's several appearances on the server after his death.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
For a long time, Niki and Tubbo seemed to have a sibling-like relationship and trusted each other with their lives. Niki joined Pogtopia after Tubbo's public execution at the Manberg Festival, and fought with him during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. However, after the Doomsday War, their relationship probably soured considerably. Tubbo is still unaware that she burned down the L'Mantree as well as the fact that she planned to kill Tommy at one point. Although, they've rarely interacted recently, they still act friendly with each other when they do.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
According to Wilbur, he and Phil found Tubbo on the side of the road and took him in. The two got along rather well at first, with Tubbo understanding Phil's decision to kill Wilbur and with Phil complimenting Tubbo's presidency.

While working with the Butcher Army, Tubbo broke into Phil's house and threatened him for the location of Technoblade's house. Phil, however, stood his ground and refused to divulge details. Tubbo discovered a compass leading to Techno's house in Phil's possession and stole it, placing Phil on house arrest for treason. This significantly tarnished their relationship, and it was only worsened after Philza later mocked him for allowing Techno to escape and Tubbo shot at him with his crossbow.

On the day of the Doomsday War, Philza worked with Dream and Technoblade to unleash multiple withers upon and blow up L'Manberg. This pushed their relation far into the negative, and while they still weren't getting along, they did briefly meet up to try and find a good method of resurrecting Wilbur.

When visiting Snowchester with the Syndicate, Phil told Tubbo that he was proud of him for what he had done with the nukes and Snowchester as a whole.

Out of character, Phil and Tubbo agreed that their canonical relationship was currently neutral, with Phil stating that he had "sort of forgiven" Tubbo for Technoblade's execution, and that he believed Tubbo had changed since then, referencing his opinion from the Syndicate's Snowchester visit.[88]

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
During the earlier days of the SMP, Tubbo and Punz got along really well. Punz gifted bees to Tubbo, and at one point said that he’d join conflicts for him as he was his friend. They later fought one another in the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, although that didn't seem to do much to sway their opinions on one another. Punz expressed dismay towards Sapnap and Dream for killing Tubbo at his jungle base early into the fight.

They didn't interact much for some time afterward, but Tubbo still spoke highly of Punz. He said that he was "a cool guy" and still respected him, calling him “such a gentleman.” Before his position was clear in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Punz gifted some materials to the rebellion, and Tubbo said that Punz was powerful enough to actually make a difference in the coming battle. They ended up on opposite sides anyways, however, and did once more during the Doomsday War. Even so, they didn't seem to have much personal beef - it was more faction-limited.

During the final confrontation with Dream, Punz saved Tubbo's life by bringing the other members of the server to Dream's vault. Tubbo was thrilled to see him and their relationship has probably gotten considerably better since.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
During their time spent together working as part of the Jschlatt Administration in Manberg, Quackity and Tubbo had a positive relationship, and Quackity would stand up for Tubbo when Schlatt got angry at him. At the Manberg Festival, Quackity helped trap Tubbo in a box on the L'Manberg Podium,[89] thinking Tubbo was to be put in jail, but immediately protested when he realized Tubbo was to be executed.[65] The next day, Quackity killed Schlatt and left to join Pogtopia,[90] and later apologized to Tubbo.

On November 16, 2020, before the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Quackity and Tubbo trusted each other, discussing together who the Pogtopia traitor could be[91] and even considering running away together instead of fighting in the war, although they both made the decision to stay and fight.[92] They also discussed plans to rebuild the Camarvan once they had won back L'Manberg,[93] and also agreed that they blamed George for everything that had gone wrong since the election,[94] with Tubbo saying that Quackity shouldn't blame himself (though also joking that it did seem like his fault, considering he had been Vice President of Manberg).[95] After the war, Tubbo made Quackity his Secretary of State as part of the Tubbo Administration.[96]

During their time working together in the New L'Manberg cabinet, Quackity could be quite harsh on Tubbo, but wanted the best for him. He urged him to use his authority to stand up to Dream. The Butcher Army and Technoblade's execution on December 16, 2020, were Quackity's idea, and though Tubbo had doubts about whether or not it was a good plan, he went along with it.

Just before the Green Festival on January 5, 2021, Quackity gave Tubbo a pep talk, since Tubbo had been decided to be the one to execute Dream.[97] Tubbo stated in return that if he were to fail, "everything would be Quackity's call" from then on,[98] effectively making him the new president. However, this never happened, since Dream was never executed and the Festival instead turned into a fight at the destroyed Community House. During this fight, it was revealed by Dream that Ranboo had been disloyal to L'Manberg,[99] which prompted Quackity to later suggest to Tubbo that they should execute Ranboo, as Quackity wanted to protect Tubbo from being betrayed and hurt. However, Tubbo reacted very negatively to this and immediately stood up for Ranboo, getting angry and shouting at Quackity, and comparing the idea to his own execution at the Red Festival. He stated that if Quackity tried to execute Ranboo, it would be treason.[100]

During the Doomsday War on January 6, 2021, despite Quackity having left L'Manberg after his disagreement with Tubbo the previous day, Quackity returned to fight for L'Manberg,[101] and sang the L'Manberg National Anthem with Tommy, Tubbo and Ghostbur while surveying the destruction that had been done.[102]

Quackity was one of the people to come to save Tommy and Tubbo during the Disc Confrontation on January 20, 2021, and he acted friendly, waving to the two of them while everyone else was confronting Dream.[103] Afterwards, he paid a visit to Snowchester, warning Tubbo not to trust anyone (including Quackity himself), showing that he still cared about Tubbo and wanted to see him safe.

Despite their disagreements, the two parted on terms of mutual respect, and Tubbo stated that he considered Quackity a friend.[104]

However, since Tubbo started building Walltown, his outpost near Las Nevadas, the relationship between the two became somewhat strained. Quackity griefed the outpost together with Fundy and Slimecicle, and on June 18, 2021, he and Tubbo had a disagreement that reached a point where neither of them was willing to back down, with Quackity wanting Tubbo to take down the walls of the outpost because he feels threatened by it,[105] and Tubbo refusing to do so because he wants to protect the outpost, as his builds have a history of being destroyed.[59]

Quackity said to Tubbo during their discussion that he didn't have the time or energy for a conflict with him, and instead proposed that they work together.[106] He also stated that he was only acting to protect his country.[107] However, Tubbo refused to back down and instead ended up threatening Quackity with nuclear warfare[60][61] and left, leaving their disagreement unresolved.

Tubbo also seemed to partially blame Quackity for his execution at the Manberg Festival, despite the fact that at the time, Quackity was actively trying to prevent the execution itself from happening.[64]

Despite this, Tubbo seemed to have no qualms about being hired to work for Las Nevadas's burger place on August 4, 2021, and agreed to allow Walltown's annexation into Las Nevadas land.[108] With this, Tubbo and Quackity put the conflict behind them and agreed to start on a clean slate,[109] though they are both still aware of and have spoken about their shared history as part of the L'Manberg cabinet.[110] Additionally, in a later conversation with Ranboo, Tubbo appeared to have shifted the blame for his death at the Manberg Festival away from Quackity, or at least accepted that his death that day had been inevitable. He also seemed to admire Quackity for what he had achieved in building Las Nevadas.[111] The two are now on good terms.

Relationship Romantic LargePixelArt.png Partner
Ranboo is Tubbo's husband and they have adopted a child together named MICHAEL.

When Ranboo first joined the server, Ranboo was planning on running for Tubbo's position as the president of L'Manberg, though they made a deal concerning their roles if one of them were to win the upcoming election, stating that if Ranboo were to win, Tubbo would be his VP, and if Tubbo were to win, Ranboo would be his Secretary of State.[112] Tubbo then gave Ranboo a tour of the server and was the first person he listened to Stal with. Ranboo assisted Tubbo in building the meeting room and was assigned the position of minutes man of L'Manberg.

Before the Green Festival, Tubbo wished Ranboo luck in the upcoming election, hoping Ranboo could be a better president than him. He also confessed his fears of history repeating itself at the Festival, and that he felt Ranboo was the most loyal member of L'Manberg beside Tubbo and the other cabinet members.[113]

At the Green Festival, Tubbo was disappointed when he found out Ranboo had betrayed them. While Ranboo was in a different voice call explaining his piece to everyone, Quackity suggested to Tubbo that they should execute Ranboo. However, Tubbo immediately stood up for Ranboo and compared it to his own execution at the Red Festival, stating that if Quackity tried to execute Ranboo, it would be treason.[100]

After the festival, Ranboo was extremely upset, as he believed that their friendship had been ruined because Tubbo would know what he had been doing, as Dream had given him Ranboo's memory book. He referred to Tubbo as "the closest person he had" and said that he would never get the way Tubbo looked at him out of his head,[114] further showing how important their relationship was to him. Ranboo even expected Tubbo to kill him. Noticeably, when Tubbo asked him where he was living a few days later, he left out the fact he was now residing with Technoblade and Philza, demonstrating the remaining lack of trust between them.

Tubbo invited Ranboo to his house in Snowchester to try some experiments that might fix his memory loss.[33] Ranboo hesitantly agreed, but after the experiments failed, he expressed multiple times that he would never do any of Tubbo's tests again as he doesn't like being experimented on. Eventually, the two made up to a point where Ranboo stated in his book that he did consider Tubbo a good person, but did not trust him enough to tell him about his hallucinations of Dream.

While constructing Snowchester in the following few months, Ranboo and Tubbo became closer friends. They decided to get "canonically married" on February 23, 2021,[115] originally for tax benefits (since Eret had instated a tax on the server), but realized they were happy together and have stayed married since. They also decided that MICHAEL, the baby zombified Piglin they found during Ranboo's original tour of the server, is their adopted son, and have committed to raising him together.

They are both aware that they keep secrets from each other, such as Ranboo not telling Tubbo about his "experiments", and this does not negatively impact their relationship.[116][117] Another example of this is the fact that Ranboo was not fully aware of the events of the Manberg Festival[118][119] until Tubbo told him several months into their marriage.

Ranboo has said that since Tubbo tends to repress or ignore his own problems, he focuses more on other people's issues, especially Ranboo's.[120] This also shows that Ranboo has a certain understanding of how Tubbo's mind works, further testifying how close they are.

They have stated to Tommy that they "fell in love" after their marriage.[121] They often joke about divorce and that Tubbo is only in the marriage for gold digging purposes, but they do have a very positive relationship. As with all people he cares about, Ranboo is very protective of Tubbo, and one of his main reasons for joining the Syndicate was to protect Tubbo and MICHAEL,[122][123] and when his goal was to prevent conflict on the server, he cited that protecting people who did not deserve conflict, like Tubbo, was one of his motivators for wanting to do so.[124] He also often gives Tubbo gifts,[125] including while in (presumed) enderwalk,[126] and on Tubbo's three-year anniversary of streaming on Twitch on May 15, 2021, the two of them then had a picnic in front of Tommy's house, prepared by Ranboo.[127]

When Tubbo began building Walltown, his outpost near Las Nevadas, Ranboo was quick to join in and help him out with building it. However, he does not seem to be aware that the outpost was originally built to spy on Las Nevadas, rather than to sell cookies; this is another secret that Tubbo has not told Ranboo about. Ranboo is generally very supportive of Tubbo, and will even stand up to others for him. An example for this is him defending Tubbo and the outpost towards Quackity on June 18, 2021.[128] He also sometimes sends him supportive chat messages before or during interactions with others.[129][130]

That same day, after the confrontation with Quackity, Tubbo and Ranboo listened to the disc Mall together,[62] and Tubbo told Ranboo about the fact that Quackity had wanted to execute Ranboo after the Green Festival, and that Tubbo had talked him down.[63] He also told Ranboo that he had been executed by Technoblade at the Manberg Festival.[64] Ranboo seemed shocked and confused by this information, and when Tubbo mentioned the scars he had gotten from the Festival, Ranboo admitted that he hadn't wanted to bring them up,[9] showing that he also takes care to consider Tubbo's feelings so as to not upset him.

After Tubbo started working for Quackity at the burger place in Las Nevadas, Tubbo and Ranboo had a conversation inside Wilbur and Ranboo's Paradise burger van. Tubbo explained that he had signed a contract to annex Walltown into Las Nevadas territory. Ranboo seemed very upset at this, accusing Tubbo of having "given away" the outpost, and quickly ran off.[131]

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Tubbo and Sapnap used to be incredibly close. When Wilbur first joined the Dream SMP and he tried scamming Tubbo and Sapnap, they fought side by side against Tommy and Wilbur to stop them from doing anything illegal. However, after a while of fighting, Tubbo decided to join Tommy and Wilbur instead. Sapnap stayed to side with Dream on the side of the law. [132] When The War for L'Manberg Independence went on, Tubbo and Sapnap found themselves on opposing sides, and with Sapnap taking Tubbo's first canon life in the final control room [133], their friendship seemed long gone.

After the war ended, Sapnap and Tubbo didn't have much meaningful interactions, but Sapnap did take the side of Tommy and Tubbo during the Disk war Finale. [134] After that, however, they mostly went their own way, barely even seeing each other as Tubbo founded Snowchester and Sapnap and Karl started working on Kinoko.

Then, with the Breakout Era happening, and Dream breaking out, the first person to warn Tubbo about what had happened and that he might be in danger was Sapnap.[135]

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tubbo and Techno were both members of Pogtopia, and for a while, they got along well. even farming for Totems of Undying together. At the Manberg Festival, however, Technoblade took Tubbo's second canon life under Schlatt's orders, leading Tubbo to lose a lot of trust in him. He still forgave him, however, knowing that internal conflict would serve no purpose in helping them overthrow Schlatt in the long run. All the same, the assassination was a traumatic event for Tubbo, and likely contributed massively to his negative development.

Tubbo showed subsequent concern about Techno's loyalty regarding his destruction of the detonation button. His faith in him was partially restored after the reveal of his bunker, and they fought with one another during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, but their relationship quickly plummeted back to negative as soon as Tubbo was appointed president. He suffered another (non-canon) assassination at Techno's hands immediately afterwards, but in spite of that, and in spite of Technoblade releasing a pair of Withers on L'Manberg, Tubbo originally did not want to go to war with him and said that he had respect for Technoblade sticking to what he believes is right.

Later, however, Tubbo began putting up Wanted posters for Techno all around L'Manberg, insisting that he still had to pay for his war crimes. When Quackity formed the "Butcher Army" with the goal to kill Technoblade, Tubbo joined with little hesitation. They hunted Technoblade down out of retirement and brought him back to L'Manberg for public execution, as both punishments for his crimes against the country and as revenge for Tubbo's own execution. Techno escaped, however, leaving any chance at good relations between the two of them essentially nonexistent.

Technoblade began instigating terrorist attacks on L'Manberg, taking hostages such as ConnorEatsPants and "torturing" people such as Fundy in efforts to get his weapons back from Tubbo. Tubbo reluctantly negotiated with him after seeing that Tommy was on his side.

At the Green Festival, Technoblade egged on Dream in calling Tubbo a bad president.[136] The next day, the Doomsday War took place, in which Technoblade unleashed six Withers and destroyed L'Manberg beyond repair, leaving them with a negative relationship.

After the war, Tubbo founded the community of Snowchester, an isolationist commune with no centralized government. Though Techno approved of this change in lifestyle, their long history and Tubbo's possession of nuclear weapons continue to strain their relationship.

After the events of the prison break-in to rescue Ranboo, Techno went to seek out Tubbo after being given a picture of him, Ranboo, and Michael. The two agreed to team up to rescue Michael, who had, from their perspectives, gone missing, and appear to be putting their differences aside as such. After rescuing Michael, the two split ways on positive terms, calling each other based.

Despite Techno's involvement in the prison break, Tubbo doesn't seem to associate Techno and Dream as comrades. He witnessed their tense standoff under Snowchester, during the confrontation against Sam, Tubbo stated "Innocent until proven guilty," citing that Sam was responsible for pushing Techno into orchestrating the breakout.

Relationship BestFriend LargePixelArt.png Best friend
Tommy is Tubbo's best friend. The two fight together in almost every conflict, and Tommy is very protective of Tubbo.[137][138][139][140][141][142]

When Technoblade killed Tubbo at the Manberg Festival, Tommy was very distraught,[143] and ended up fistfighting Technoblade[144] because he was so upset and angry on Tubbo's behalf,[145] despite Tubbo seemingly forgiving Techno.[146]

Following the end of the Manberg Rebellion with the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Tubbo was made president, with Tommy as his second in command. Tommy was excited and happy for Tubbo when this first happened,[147] but later, Tommy was open in his statements that he'd never wanted Tubbo to be president, causing rifts between them especially going into the Exile Conflict. He confided in Ranboo that the reason he hadn't wanted Tubbo to become president was because he had known it would drive them apart.[148] Eventually, wanting to protect his country and not start further conflict with Dream, Tubbo chose to exile Tommy, leaving a lasting dent in their relationship.[149]

During Tommy's time in exile, he remained optimistic about his relationship with Tubbo, still mostly in shock at the decision. He still cared about Tubbo, protecting his Your Tubbo compass and secretly keeping images of the two of them. These images were also one of the only things he managed to save when Dream blew up Logstedshire on December 15, 2020.[150] Tommy even hallucinated Tubbo appearing in Logstedshire multiple times, proving how much he missed him. However, Dream's manipulation focused on destroying Tommy's relationships, and caused Tommy to go through many cycles of anger and forgiveness.

Meanwhile, in L'Manberg, Tubbo regretted exiling Tommy, and called it a stupid decision, saying that he missed Tommy.[151] He always carried his Your Tommy compass with him, and called it his most valuable possession on the server.[38]

During his time working with Technoblade, Tommy was adamant about keeping Tubbo safe, despite Techno trying to give him evidence that Tubbo was a bad person,[152] and Tommy himself even calling Tubbo a monster after learning about Technoblade's execution.[153] However, Tommy was still conflicted over destroying L'Manberg due to his relationship with Tubbo.[154]

At the Green Festival, the two had a large fight, started by Tommy being upset at Tubbo for wanting to give Dream Tommy's disc Mellohi.[155] He incorrectly assumed that Tubbo knew what Dream had done to Tommy in exile. He was also upset that Tubbo hadn't visited him, and Tubbo said that it had been a mistake to trust Tommy. They ended up fighting each other in a PVP battle while accusing each other of betrayal, and the fight culminated in Tommy saying that the discs were worth more than Tubbo had ever been. However, this caused Tommy to realize that he was no longer acting true to his ideals, and he ended up leaving Technoblade and returning to Tubbo's side. He also asked Tubbo to give Dream the Mellohi disc, and Tubbo complied. Tubbo then officially un-exiled Tommy from L'Manberg, and Tommy apologized for the things he had done.[156]

During the Doomsday War, Tommy got into an argument with Technoblade, and Technoblade shot a firework rocket at him. Tubbo jumped in front of the rocket in an attempt to protect Tommy from it, and they were both (non-canonically) killed.[17]

During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy was ready to give up his discs for Tubbo,[12] saying that Tubbo was his one weakness and most valuable friend, and implied multiple times that he thought he would be nothing without Tubbo.[157][158] While Tubbo was ready to accept his own death, Tommy fiercely protested and refused to give Tubbo up.[13] After the two got to safety, they celebrated, bonding over everything they had accomplished.

Upon finding out that Tommy had been killed by Dream in Pandora's Vault, Tubbo went into denial, not fully believing that Tommy could die in such an anti-climatic way. He later built a memorial for Tommy near Snowchester.[159]

When Tommy visited Tubbo after he got out of the prison, Tubbo was shocked, saying that he wasn't real. After this, Tubbo was seen stalking Tommy, which in Tommy's eyes was Tubbo seeing him as "science" and treating him differently, which he disliked. Tommy also resented the fact that in his eyes, Tubbo had replaced Tommy by marrying Ranboo while Tommy was in prison.[160][161]

However, Tommy seems to have accepted their marriage.[162] Since then, Tommy and Tubbo seem to have returned to a positive relationship, building TNT cannons together and Tommy telling Tubbo and Ranboo about his plan to kill Dream. Tommy also implied that he wanted to undertake this plan alone in order to keep Tubbo safe.[163]

In the wake of Wilbur's revival, Tommy is spending most of his time with or helping Wilbur, causing Tubbo and Tommy to have begun drifting apart yet again, with Tubbo and Ranboo growing closer. Despite this Tubbo still wishes to rekindle the relationship and the two still think positively of each other.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Tubbo fought under Wilbur's command during the Independence War and looked up to him greatly, admiring his leadership and following his every order. Tubbo seemed to have a lot of respect for him, and Wilbur expressed pride in Tubbo after the war, saying that he was "a good kid" and had done good work for the nation.

When Wilbur and Tommy were exiled from Manberg, Tubbo was happy to become a spy for them, trusting Wilbur's judgment and wanting to help reinstate him to his rightful position as president. In turn, Wilbur trusted Tubbo to spy for them and help them reclaim L'Manberg, and expressed that he did not want Tubbo to be his enemy.[164] Tubbo didn't seem nearly as rattled by Wilbur's declining mental state as Tommy was, and instead handled it quite calmly; when Wilbur told him that he wanted to blow up Manberg, Tubbo responded casually and claimed that he agreed with the plan simply to avoid an argument, when in actuality he was hoping to help Tommy prevent the mass destruction. During the festival, he still looked to Wilbur for reassurance while being threatened by Technoblade, but lost a considerable amount of faith in him after the event, taking Tommy's side and agreeing that Wilbur was beyond the point of redemption.

Tubbo still fought with Wilbur during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, however, and put effort into defending him due to his lack of armor. After Schlatt's death, Wilbur named Tubbo as the new president, much to his surprise and delight. However, it turned out that Wilbur had actually had no faith in Tubbo's abilities and it was merely a distraction for Wilbur to blow up the new nation. He even mocked Tubbo, calling him the president of a crater, and Tubbo arrived back in L'Manberg shortly after his death. He never held a formal funeral for Wilbur, which he later claimed was because Ghostbur was still around, although this is made less convincing by the fact that he said to "let him rot" before Ghostbur had appeared on the server.[165] He seemed ashamed of Wilbur and of his lingering reputation, and after he died, tried to downplay as much semblance to him as he could by sealing off the button room and even making light of his death to Fundy.

In the wake of Wilbur's revival, he forgave Wilbur for what he had done, but still did not trust him, saying he needed to prove he had changed. In a conversation with Wilbur where Wilbur invited him to join his Paradise, Tubbo accused him for not saving him at the Manberg Festival,[166] and opened up to him about the nightmares he still had about his execution.[167] Shortly after, he was hired by Quackity to compete with Wilbur's Paradise, making them business rivals.


  • "From the beginning, it's been you and me... We've had our quarrels, but overall, I— It's been... It's been a hell a lot of fucking fun, Tommy." —to Tommy on the day the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 election results were announced[168]
  • "Look, this is where... at the start of the war, Tommy went out, and... Sapnap shot him, and he respawned just inside the caravan... We stood around this table, during... during the Revolution, when things looked the most dire. And... Wilbur asked me what supplies I had, I said I had nothing, Tommy had nothing, Fundy had nothing, Wilbur had nothing... we all had nothing. We then... we then walked outside, and we met them at the gate here, where they detonated TNT. Right at the gate. We- we ran back to the lake! And then we went down Tommy's contraption and met in the final room. I miss them, chat... —to his Chat, reminiscing about the L'Manberg War of Independence
  • ”What the hell?!” —Tubbo’s last words before being executed at the Manberg Festival[169]
  • "Wilbur said he wasn't going to hurt me.." Tubbo to Tommy after being executed at the Manberg Festival
  • "The land is still here. Solid foundation. We can rebuild." —after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War[170]
  • "You had one job, you couldn't do one thing for me. You couldn't do one! Just one thing, and it was for your own good! So, you know what, if the roles were reversed as you said... Yeah! Yeah, you probably wouldn't exile me! Because I would've actually listened to you and done what you said, and maybe had a couple ounces of respect! You've messed this up for no one but yourself. ...Selfish." —to Tommy after Dream threatened L'Manberg and demanded Tommy be exiled[171]
  • "As long as I can’t be the next Schlatt, you can’t be the next Wilbur." —to Tommy[172]
  • "You've undermined my authority from the get go! Okay? All of you, no one here has respected me! You all jump on these merry little bandwagons of—of destruction! It's not—it's not okay! You definitely don't have the best interests of this nation at heart!" —to his cabinet and Tommy just before exiling Tommy[173]
  • "The discs don't matter, Tommy! Why can you not see that?" —to Tommy while exiling him[174]
  • "I miss him so much, I didn't think it would be so hard." —to Ghostbur, referring to Tommy being exiled[175]
  • "Hey, Big Q! Look what I found." —to Quackity after finding Philza's compass pointing to Technoblade's house[176]
  • "What is this... pillar? Why is it all blown up? What did he—Surely not..." —after seeing the remains of Logstedshire[177]
  • "THE WIKI DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT COMING!" —after revealing he had Dream's crossbow, 'DEFINITELY NOT PENIS'
  • "This is just going to be history repeating itself, he decorated the festival, he will be murdered in his own decorations—does that not sound familiar? Does that not sound a little like maybe that's happened before? Can you—I don't know if it's just me that remembers that! Do you realize that maybe has happened under someone else's administration, someone who we swore to never be like, do you - maybe you know, maybe the fact that—look, why don't we blow him up with a rocket launcher, maybe that will get the cogs moving in your head a little bit. If you execute Ranboo, Big Q, that will be treason!" —in response to Quackity saying he wanted to execute Ranboo after the Green Festival[178]
  • "Yourself." —in response to Tommy asking "What am I without you?" at the Disc Confrontation[179]
  • "He described me as a pawn... This is checkmate. This is it. This is the end. I suggest you resign." —to Tommy at the Disc Confrontation[180]
  • "CAUGHT IN 4K, BITCH!" - After Tommy reveals Dream to have blown up the Community House instead of Tommy[181]
  • "You're not real." —to Tommy after Tommy was released from Pandora's Vault[182]
  • "I feel lost without L'Manberg, I have no purpose anymore." —to Wilbur, describing his life after the destruction of L'Manberg
  • "You know I still have dreams, right? Of the explosion, and—and of the fireworks, and—and all of it. I—I still, I vividly see all of it, every day. It hurts. It hurts a lot, Wilbur." —to Wilbur about remembering the Manberg Festival[167]
  • "But you didn’t." —in response to Wilbur saying that Wilbur could’ve saved him at the Manberg Festival[166]
  • ”Egg, mouth, om”
  • “You just got corrected by a dyslexic person.”
  • ”you don’t allow shit, bitch.”
  • "Innocent until proven guilty dickhead."—to Sam after Sam stated Techno was a danger to Dream breaking out of Pandora's Vault.
  • "Hey, I am currently going through the five stages of grief, so please be mindful. On that note, where the fuck is my child!?”-To Eret while looking for Micheal


  • Ph1LzA says that he found Tubbo on the side of a road in a cardboard box.[183] It was once assumed that this meant he was adopted, however, it is unknown if it this still considered canon.
  • Tubbo is the leader of the Dreamon Hunters. They hunt "Dreamons" (nicknamed after the first Dreamon, Dream).
  • His full name is Tubbo Underscore, as confirmed when he signed the document for Snowchester’s independence.
  • Tubbo is canonically short.[184][185][186]
  • Ranboo stated on his April 27 stream that during the Red Banquet, Tubbo and Tommy were roasting marshmallows,[187] similarily to how they were in real life as the event was occurring.[188] However, this has not been explicitly confirmed by either of them.
  • Tubbo was the first well known character to lose a canon life in the story, which was lost in the Final Control Room when Sapnap killed him, although this was quickly followed by Tommy, Wilbur and Fundy.


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