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Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft's Longest Jump is a video released by Dream to his main channel and the fourth episode of the first season of his Minecraft Unsolved series. It was uploaded on October 18, 2019. This episode explains the unsolved mystery of the longest possible jump in Minecraft, which could either be 5 blocks or 6 blocks (with a lot of momentum), and not 4 blocks.


How far can you jump in Minecraft? No ice. No speed. No tricks. 4 blocks right? What if I told you that is a myth? This is, the Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft's Longest Jump. Or furthest jump, or whatever floats your boat.


For a full transcript of this video, visit Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft's Longest Jump/Transcript.


Music is provided by AudioBlocks.


  • The original video can be found here.
  • This video features Dream's ex-girlfriend, Sam.
  • Dream states in the description that ManaCube is the first server to give Dream the "YouTuber" rank.
  • This episode was uploaded exactly a month after the previous episode of this series, Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft Dupe Accounts.