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Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft Monday is a video released by Dream to his main channel and the first episode of the first season of his Minecraft Unsolved series. It was uploaded on August 8, 2019. This episode explains the unsolved mystery of the term "Minecraft Monday".


Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft Monday

Quality is poor in some places because it is re-recordings of streams or bootleg uploads of streams. Make sure to like and subscribe :)

Video details

Dream starts the video by talking about Week 7 of Minecraft Monday. He says that he has seen many videos talking about Week 7, but none of them go very far in detail about how "peculiar" this week was.

The first game was survival games. According to everyone, this game went perfectly fine. Technoblade won. But, 2 of the top 4 teams from last week were having lag issues.

Bajan Canadian had connection issues, he even had to end stream because he was too laggy. He restarted his computer, his wifi, and even his router.

BadBoyHalo was lagging too. He, also like Bajan, had to end stream, which was suspicious, because they were both leaderboard players with a track record of having good internet.

After a few more normal games, build battle was the next major issue. Keemstar said it sucked so much that he was going to remove it in Week 8. When build battle started, half of the players were stuck underground. Skeppy, JunkyJanker, and Technoblade were all stuck underground. About 2 minutes later, Technoblade eventually got out through a combination of luck and fast clicking. After staff was unresponsive, Skeppy tried to re-log and got out of the game and was a spectator. Skeppy said that he relogged and that he was out. He even added a sarcastic "yay". But, everyone thought that he meant that he was out of the ground and everyone started relogging, only to become a spectator themselves. Keemstar eventually said that he was going to remove the build battle score from the final score.

The reason behind this was that the moderators of the game weren't present. The Minecraft Monday public server was being griefed.

A few more games went by and then there was One-Shot. When the game started, some players were spawned outside of the map and were still able to kill players. Each kill gives 5 points, and since the players had spawned outside of the map, they could kill players before the game started. BadBoyHalo and JunkyJanker both killed 4 people but, Bajan's team didn't get any kills.

By this point, Skeppy's team had almost guaranteed win. The only way they could lose was if Skeppy's team got less than 30 points in Hunger Games. His team got less than 10 points. The reason for this is because during Skeppy's first fight, he tried to use a soup, but it didn't work. Skeppy died and Badboyhalo was left on his own in a 2 player hunger games. In the game, Technoblade's team was victorious.

Then, came leaderboards. Skeppy's team won by 2 points ahead of Technoblade's team. That's less than one button in Find the Button. For even more controversy, Bajan's team finished 5 points behind Techno's team. That brings up the question, Who won? Who should have won? And why?

In Technoblade's favor, Keemstar said that he would be removing the Build Battle score and he didn't. In Skeppy's favor, there had been many glitched rounds in the past, and none of them were removed. In Bajan's favor, Skeppy's and Techno's team got 30 points unfairly in One-Shot while in Build Battle, it had all 3 of them on a level playing field, so it's difficult to come to a proper conclusion.


For a transcript of this video, visit Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft Monday/Transcript.


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