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All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.
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The War of the Burning Eiffel Tower, also known as the The Grieving of Henry, is a conflict that took place on October 5, 2020 following the failed kidnapping of TommyInnit's cow, Henry, by Sapnap. This war caused many of the recipients to lose valuable gear. However, the war mainly benefited TommyInnit, as he acquired even more leverage in the form of sentimental items.

Death of Henry


Henry was Tommy's most beloved cow, and had been with him since the War for L'Manbergian Independence. While Tommy described Henry as being a weird creature, he still grew emotionally attached to him, and would do anything to protect him from harm. Despite a few close calls, and a few kidnappings, nothing severe ever happened to Henry. Following the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election Tommy was exiled from Manberg by Jschlatt and was forced to leave Henry behind at his summer home.

While Schlatt was offline, Tommy was able to get back into the greater Dream SMP and relocate Henry from his home at the summer house to the base of the Eiffel Tower made for Sapnap and Karl's honeymoon. He believed Henry to be safe there, but still asked Niki to look after him in case anything were to happen.[1]

Henry's final moments

While working on their own plans, Sapnap and Karl discovered that Tommy stole Pokimane's welcome book. Feeling a bit vengeful, Sapnap asked Karl if he knew where Henry was being kept, as he'd mentioned being aware of the location earlier. Karl replied that he'd been joking, and had no real clue as to where Tommy had hidden Henry. Sapnap then threatened Karl, who combat logged, before offering him money instead. Karl declined the offer, despite the fact that he wasn't happy about Tommy stealing Poki's welcome book.

On a whim, Karl took Sapnap to The Eiffel Tower to get a good look at it, unaware that Henry was there. When they arrived, they found a cow leashed to one of the legs of the tower, and upon taking a closer look, found that it happened to be Henry. Karl was surprised, saying he had no idea, believing that Henry was still in Tommy's holiday home. Sapnap then decided that he should hold Henry captive in order to get leverage over Tommy, saying that it wouldn't be in Karl's best interest not to, as Tommy still hadn't returned the book, and he wouldn't have any other motive to do so if they didn't take Henry.

Karl was very reluctant about letting Sapnap take Henry hostage, but he decided to let him do it as long as they both agreed that he never purposefully brought Sapnap to Henry's location, since Karl would've felt obligated to tell Tommy about it. Sapnap then unleashed Henry, and began toying with the idea of torturing Henry on stream, something Karl was very much against. While leading Henry off of the platform entrance to Skeppy's Mansion, Sapnap jumped off the side, killing Henry in the process.[2]

Karl was horrified that Sapnap would ever think about outright killing Henry, but Sapnap rebutted by saying that he hadn't meant to do it. Karl, still horrified, told his chat not to tell anyone, and quickly came up with the idea to find a replacement cow.

As the situation, and their knowledge of Tommy's wrath settled in, Sapnap and Karl starting shifting the blame onto each other. Karl claimed that it was Sapnap's fault for killing Henry, while Sapnap claimed that it was Karl's fault for leading him to the Eiffel Tower in the first place. Sapnap decided the best course of action was to to replace Henry with a random chicken that he found. Both of them were immediately concerned for the future of the server and their own alliances, as Tommy's war mongering ability and endless rage was well known, along with two of his closest allies at the time being Technoblade and Dream.

Sapnap then planned to store Henry's remains in his ender chest for safe keeping, but George logged on to discuss what had happened and come up with a plan. George then mixed Henry's beef with another random one, and Sapnap killed him to retrieve it, eventually ending up with the right meat.


When Tommy next logged on, his chat started to tell him about Henry's death.[3] Tommy didn't believe the statements while heading to the Eiffel Tower in order to make sure Henry was alright. When he arrived, he found a chicken leashed to the tower under the sign that had previously been for Henry. Tommy then found the clip of Henry's death on Sapnap's stream, and began plotting his revenge.[4]

Eiffel Tower griefing

Revenge plan

Tommy, grieving the death of Henry, met up with Nihachu and explained to her what had happened. She told him that she was aware, and that she would help him with his revenge plot. While deciding what to do, Tommy mentioned that he believed Karl was complicit in the killing of Henry, and as a result, he had decided on his target, Sapnap and Karl's honeymoon Eiffel Tower, hoping that it's destruction would get back at both of him.

Tommy bothered Skeppy while on his way to the Eiffel Tower, but upon hearing about what happened, Skeppy ended up joining them as they planned on how best to grief it.

Dream then logged on and agreed to help Tommy with the job, providing him lava and water after Tommy decided a lava block over the top cooled into cobblestone would cause Sapnap the most annoyance. The recently joined BadBoyHalo tried to stop Tommy and Dream from griefing the tower, believing it to be unjust in comparison to the death of a cow. He was unsuccessful as Dream and Tommy managed to encase the top portion in stone. The bottom part was untouched, except for the fact that it was flooded, and subsequently caught on fire from the lava. In addition to this, Niki was annoyed by Karl's Llama - who was walking into her and moving her around, so she pushed it off the Eiffel Tower where it hung from it's leash. Before it was strangled to death, Skeppy realized what Niki was doing and removed the leash, but the Llama fell off and died of fall damage.

Displacing the blame

Tommy and Dream then attempted to frame Bad for the grief job by tricking him into holding a flint and steel but Skeppy warned him not to, they were able to get the screenshot anyways. When they tried to frame Bad, Skeppy decided to not be on Tommy's side anymore and but both Skeppy and Bad retaliated by attacking them, leading to a short skirmish that ended up with Dream killing Bad. They continued to duel until Sapnap logged on, and all of Tommy's attention was turned to him.

Tommy confronted Sapnap for killing Henry, while Sapnap asked who griefed the Eiffel tower. Dream and Tommy attempted to blame Bad with their "evidence" (a screenshot of BadBoyHalo holding a flint and steel), but Sapnap didn't believe them. He then turned to Antfrost, who said the same thing to Bad's disbelief. Sapnap still didn't believe them, he then began eating Henry's remains in front of Tommy, which made him to flying into a rage and begin attacking Sapnap.

Sapnap, Bad, and Skeppy then began tracking down and hunting Dream and Tommy in order to make things "even". This ended with Tommy and Dream's escape to find an Ender Chest, while Sapnap, Bad, and Skeppy regrouped with Antfrost in order to trap and imprison Nihachu. Dream then gave Tommy a gift of leverage in the form of Mars, Sapnap's fish, while also warning Tommy not to kill or hurt the fish before saying he had to disappear back into the shadows.

Mars and the escape

Tommy went to confront Sapnap, Bad, Skeppy, and Antfrost, who were keeping Nihachu hostage underneath glass panes in the ground. He told Sapnap that he was in possession of Mars, and that he'd take them to an ender chest to show them. Around this time, Punz joined on Sapnap's side. When the group got to the ender chest, Tommy briefly pulled out Mars before pearling away and telling Nihachu to run.

A partial betrayal

When left alone with Antfrost, Niki attempted to negotiate with him. Antfrost recalled that Niki had given him wheat when he needed and decided to comply. Niki agreed to help out with Ant's animal sanctuary if he'd let her escape. Tommy yelled for Niki to run, she did. Antfrost followed her however, making her doubt if he really took the deal.

Tommy yelled for her to go to Pogtopia, since she didn't know where Pogtopia was Tommy yelled for Ant to bring her. Sapnap hearing this was mad and asked Ant if he had betrayed them. Ant then said that he was killing her, and even hit her with a sword. Niki yelled, "We had a deal!" Sapnap then questioned Ant's loyalty even more, to which Ant said that he was killing her, again. Niki, who realized it was indeed an act and thanked Ant who then said that he had lost her.

Tommy, thinking that Ant joined his side gloated to Sapnap who got mad, Antfrost denied his claim. Niki hid herself in a hole for a while afterwards.

Later when the others began going to Pogtopia for the confrontation, Antfrost found Niki and she followed him. They went to Pogtopia and split again as they began nearing the terrain. Antfrost joined Sapnap's side and Niki hid in the trees on another part of the area where she watched.


Tommy, Ant, and Nihachu convened in Pogtopia, as Bad, Skeppy, Sapnap, and caught up to them, only for Tommy to reveal that Technoblade had come to join the fight. Several seconds later, Dream also returned to fight on Tommy's behalf.

Battle of the Lake

The battle took place beneath the Intimidation Tower, with Dream, Technoblade, and Tommy on one side, and Sapnap, Bad, Skeppy, Ant, and Punz on the other. Nihachu watched the battle from afar after losing all of her weapons and armour in the previous scuffle and after deciding to join anyway, Technoblade killed her in the confusion leading her to come to the conclusion to continue watching. Eventually Sapnap, Bad, and Skeppy retreated, leaving much of their high powered gear behind, meaning that Tommy, Dream, Punz, Nihachu, and Techno had won the first battle. After the battle was over, most of the gear that was lost from Sapnap's side was returned. However Tommy had collected a lot of the high powered gear, and although he returned some of it, he decided to keep some of it, and logged off before anyone could confront him about it. Tommy and everyone in the call also agreed to keep this whole war secret from Schlatt and Wilbur to avoid any further conflict.


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