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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see Wilbur Soot. For his ghost counterpart, see Ghostbur.



Wilbur Soot, also known as Will, or Alivebur, is the fourteenth member of the Dream SMP, having cameoed on July 12, 2020, and properly joined on July 16, 2020. He is the key founder and first president of L'Manberg, as well as the unofficial figurehead of Pogtopia. He is the son of Philza and the father of Fundy.

While he was largely viewed as a protagonist during the L'Manberg Independence Arc and the earlier stages of the Manberg Rebellion Arc, in the latter half of the rebellion, he evolved into one of the key antagonists as his mental health began to decline.

During this period, he came to believe that his L'Manberg's core ideals had failed, and as a result, he eventually declared his intent to destroy the newly-renamed Manberg. In order to achieve this, he betrayed Pogtopia by working with Dream to detonate Manberg during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. After the detonation, Philza, his father, ultimately killed him upon his own request - this, his last death, is considered to be assisted suicide.

During his period of death, despite the appearance of Ghostbur, some aspect of Wilbur remained as a separate consciousness in the afterlife. Ghostbur's manifestation called the status of Wilbur's physical body into question, and it was later confirmed that he was left in the button room where he died.

On April 29, after Tommy and Ghostbur tried to break in to Pandora's Vault to kill Dream, Wilbur Soot was revived by Dream using the resurrection book.



Wilbur is a human with light skin, black eyes, and brown hair. Before his creation of L'Manberg, he wore a white shirt, black jacket, black pants, and black shoes. He also had an outfit with a yellow sweater and red beanie, which he only directly wore during non-canonical events.

When he created the Camarvan to brew drugs, Wilbur briefly wore an orange-and-black varsity jacket from his Minecraft Championship 7 team, the Orange Ocelots.

As the general of L'Manberg, he wore the standard revolutionary uniform: a blue blazer, white dress shirt, cream breeches, red sash around the waist, tall black boots, and a white-and-black tricorn hat.

As the first president of L'Manberg, he wore a formal dark blue suit with golden shoulder pads and a red tie.

As an outcast from Manberg, he wore a long brown trench coat (with a red stain that Wilbur claimed to be blood, wine, or food), gray shirt, black cloak, and fingerless black gloves. He also rolled up the sleeves of the trench coat unevenly. Nihachu now possesses the cloak, and wears it to remember Wilbur.

After his resurrection, Wilbur wears a dark brown coat over a yellow sweater and a bloodied bandage on his left arm. He claims that it is the same trench coat he’d been wearing at the time of his death. His previously all-brown hair now has white streaks running through the front of it, presumably as an aftereffect of his death or revival. However, on his May 5th stream, he stated that it was likely caused by stress.


Wilbur's mother is reportedly a Samsung Smart Refrigerator, though this was later confirmed to be untrue and he only thought the fridge was his mother because he misunderstood Philza when he said that the picture on the fridge is his mother and cannot be convinced otherwise.

Though he takes the appearance of a regular human, this half of his species is also up for debate, as it is still unknown whether Philza is part of another species or not. Wilbur did not inherit Philza's wings, nor did he have a single life like his father. However, Wilbur might be able to live for centuries without dying of old age.

Despite his outward human appearance, it has been implied that Wilbur had blue blood before his transition into Ghostbur, further proving his inhuman nature.[8] It's not clear if this is true, because his resurrection skin implies red blood.

It's also not clear yet if Wilbur's resurrection has affected his biology in any meaningful way - he described feeling "numb" upon coming back to the real world, and he consistently reacted numbly towards Creeper explosions. The white streak in his hair is from stress (presumably from his decade spent in limbo), and not the inherent act of resurrection.


Independence Arc

Before the war, Wilbur was cocky, caring, and self-assured, with a firm instinctual belief in the principle of personal freedom. Despite his pseudo-confidence, he seemed fairly unaware of the dire consequences that forming a nation would bring.

However, as the key founder and the first president of L'Manberg, Wilbur displayed strong charisma and leadership skills, and heavily preferred to use words rather than weapons, consistently sticking to this moral of non-violence.[9][10][11][12] This moral would be heavily influenced and changed by his encounters with war, though, and Wilbur would eventually become hardened, and resigned to the reality that power is dictated through pain.

Before and during the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War , he tried to prevent and de-escalate the conflict, only resorting to violence after negotiations fell through. He also banned armor in L'Manberg (when not in battle) in the hopes of forming and reinforcing a peaceful nation - this rule would stick until the country's demise.

Wilbur was also a resilient leader and refused to back down on several occasions, despite facing incredible odds and death.[13] He only considered surrendering when the L'Manbergians had all of their items stolen after Eret's betrayal and had their land blown up by TNT.[14] Contrary to popular belief, he did not force anybody to fight for him during the war, and displayed trust in his fellow soldiers, loyalty to their cause, and selflessness. He even at several points used himself to draw the fire of the opposing side.[15][16]

Despite being one of the more lawful characters on the SMP and claiming to have a powerful moral compass (as he preferred to seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts), however, Wilbur was a cunning character when he needed to be, and often employed tricks to fulfill his goals with as little resistance as possible. He often acted in his own best interest, especially before the conceptualization of L'Manberg. During the time he tried to start a business built on corporate scamming, he even dubbed himself a "Dirty Crime Boy" due to his participation in some unlawful schemes. For example, L'Manberg's capital, the Camaravan, initially started as a drug empire that scammed potion brewing materials from other people to achieve a monopoly.[17]

He also attempted to immorally consolidate his presidency out of a fear of losing control: he planned to host a "democratic" election with only his party as a candidate,[18] and he intended to use Jschlatt's endorsement as a political tool to raise public support for his party. Although he did not bar other candidates from entering the election, and did not bar the formation of coalitions, Wilbur likely allowed these things to pass solely due to pressure from the citizens rather than his own opinion.

He would later admit that he didn't actually mind Quackity's running against him, and only took issues with Schlatt's candidacy, as he believed that Quackity actually had good intentions for the nation. Despite the elections beginning with less than perfect morals, Wilbur would develop a fairer outlook, intending to step down with respect should he lose. He treated Quackity (his main rival) with some degree of fondness despite their contest, though they did not see eye to eye, and generally acted formally towards him (and presumably the nation as a whole).

Throughout this arc, Wilbur also displayed a persistent interest in literature. As Tommy negotiated L'Manberg's independence with Dream, Wilbur asked Fundy to read him "Ozymandias," a classic poem about the fall of a kingdom. He also kept and collected many of the written books on the server (such as POG2020's old election politics, war documents, and the Declaration of Independance). He shared the books with Tubbo, who had a similar interest, but kept them in his ender chest when he lost his L'Manberg citizenship.

Additionally, during his presidency, Wilbur dealt with a lot of stress behind the scenes - he would later describe it casually as a "crippling depression." This stress likely started with the burden of leading a nation through a war they almost lost and was undoubtedly spurred on by rising disobedience in the country (such as the civil war between Fundy and Tubbo). Even as the threat of losing his presidency mounted with the L'Manberg election, Wilbur maintained a strong front for the nation's citizens, and only admitted to his stress post-death.[19] This repression likely served as one of the precursors to his later downward spiral.

Despite all this, L'Manberg was arguably at its most peaceful under Wilbur's presidency, as per Ghostbur's later admission.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

Wilbur initially believed that his and Tommy's plan to take down Schlatt's administration was morally correct due to Schlatt's dictator-like rule. However, he soon reconsidered this stance, as Schlatt had been democratically elected, and lost his faith in Pogtopia, reaching the conclusion that he had inadvertently become the villain.[20] His prior trust issues worsened, leading to a state of paranoia, as more and more people seemed to leave his side (namely Fundy, who was seemingly loyal to Schlatt and had disowned him).[21] He eventually convinced himself that everyone on his side would abandon Pogtopia once they realized that they had no real power, and attempted to express this to Tommy. [22]

Fearing abandonment, Wilbur acted somewhat controlling towards Tommy and Tubbo initially. He projected his own fears onto Tommy in order to ensure that Tommy would stay,[23] although he would later regret provoking Tommy excessively,[24] and come to accept that Tommy would dislike him in the end. As he spiraled further into his paranoia, Wilbur revoked his previous non-violent and diplomatic ways, instead resorting to plans of violence and destruction. Because more and more people joined Wilbur's side in Pogtopia, this cemented his idea of power influencing the people, leading to him becoming more resolute in his plans.[25] Wilbur believed they had only joined due to a shared hatred of Schlatt, and that he was still completely alone.

As his plan developed, Wilbur prepared himself mentally for the probability that he would need to kill anyone caught in the crossfire of the coming war, even his own allies.[26] Later, Ghostbur implied that Wilbur had believed at the time that nobody liked him.[27]

Wilbur vehemently denied the idea that his mental health was slipping, trying to justify his thought processes to himself and others.[28] He believed that L'Manberg needed to be destroyed because its ideals of freedom from tyranny had been permanently lost.[29] Wilbur did not value superficial power - he denied the leadership position in Pogtopia, and denied the presidential position in L'Manberg after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. He was dangerously possessive over the main idea of L'Manberg, and the idea of it being owned by anyone else frustrated him, furthering his desire to destroy it before it could be corrupted further.

Wilbur persistently referred to L'Manberg as his "unfinished symphony," claiming that if he couldn't have L'Manberg, no one else could. These actions demonstrated that his ultimate goal (and the thing he valued) was the concept of control, not power, and points further this being a continued reason for his paranoia. This idea followed Wilbur to his death, before which he declared that his symphony would be forever unfinished without its conductor alive to finish it.

Despite his withering trust, during the Manberg Festival, when his ally Niki appeared to be in mortal danger from Schlatt, he stepped in in an attempt to save her by risking his own life.[30] He consistently struggled to press the button that would detonate Manberg, and reportedly visited the button room seven or eight times before the Manberg v Pogtopia War.[31] On the day of the final detonation, Wilbur needed to talk himself into pressing the button, and displayed genuine remorse for his doomed nation.[32] Despite people constantly trying to persuade him otherwise, and his general indecisiveness, Wilbur's one reassurance was the knowledge that he would detonate the TNT, and he always promised himself that he would return to it.[33] In fact, Wilbur didn't consider Pogtopia to be a home at all, and believed that he had no place in the world after the loss of his L'Manberg.[34]

In the last moments of his life, despite the apparent victory of the revolution, Wilbur expressed heavy discontent with his irreversible losses and the ongoing violence, believing that L'Manberg's core ideals of freedom and peace had been lost forever. Despite this sadness, however, Wilbur believed that he was doing his L'Manberg a service by destroying it, as it would no longer be subject to any tyranny. [29] His death was ultimately remembered as a good memory by Ghostbur, as Wilbur believed that no one liked him, and that he was doing the world a service by dying.

Wilbur has said that at the end of his corruption arc, his character's D&D alignment is neutral evil, bordering on chaotic evil. [35]

Wilbur is on the border of chaotic and neutral evil. Wilbur, in his chaotic sense, is a crazy man who wants to blow up his old nation and kill his friends. But, more realistically, in his neutral sense, Wilbur is the archetype of a man who had great power and who lost it all due to his own poor choices and negligence who sees destruction as his ratification.



As a separate being from Ghostbur, his spectral Earth-bound counterpart, Wilbur was outwardly calmer than before, having shed some of his more severely manic tendencies, and generally acting cheerier than before. [36] When he appeared to Tommy and Tubbo after they imprisoned Dream, he acted much like he did during the L'Manberg independence arc, prior to his fatal spiral into paranoia. [37] Wilbur bickered fondly with Tommy despite his apparent frustration at the resurrection news, [38] and was also genuinely proud of their peaceful victory[39], attempting to cheer Tommy up after the initial surprise of his appearance. [37]

He was largely unaware of the current state of the Dream SMP (as evidenced by his lack of knowledge about his attempted resurrection[40]), but was content in his death and had no wish to be revived, resisting the idea consistently. His cheerful mood changed when Tommy proposed reviving him, and he berated Tommy and Tubbo for bringing it up as a possibility.[38] He was completely caught off-guard by the fact that the people of the server had kept Dream alive solely for the possibility of bringing Wilbur back to life, displaying a remnant of his past exile-era belief that no one liked him. [41] However, due to Tommy's desire to have him back, Wilbur seemed to, at one point, almost reluctantly accept the likelihood of a later return to life. [42]

Wilbur's depressive state reportedly seemed to have only gotten worse in his state of death, as he increasingly talked about unsettling topics, and continued to hold the desire to remain dead. [43] He was happy to see Tommy arrive in the afterlife[44], and seemed to genuinely believe that Tommy and he had only been detrimental to the server,[45] believing that if he were ever to be resurrected, things would only go downhill again.[46] The long isolation did nothing to benefit his mental health, and it could be argued that he is still in a near-identical self-blaming mindset to his immediate pre-death state. Though he has been consistently warned about,[47] it would not appear that he has actually threatened anything towards the SMP, and it's not clear if he has any intentions at all in his deathly state, instead focusing on learning about a wide variety of topics (such as the apparent end of the known universe).[48]

Resurrection Arc

After being revived, Wilbur was initially dazed, but quickly perked up as he grew accustomed to his surroundings. He appeared to be far more energetic, having supposedly picked up a new reason to live as a result of his extensive death, and regarded his limbo as a personal hell. He was overjoyed at having been freed, and rambled extensively, never stood still. Wilbur acted dismissively towards Ghostbur's old items, believing that Tommy owned Friend, and was caught up in the euphoria of the situation, almost forgetting the severe circumstances of the server in favor of beginning anew.

Though he paid little mind to his physical state initially, he appears to have at least shed his old ways of letting his body fall into disrepair, readily accepting his need to clean. He had a wide variety of plans he intended to complete - despite showing interest in letting Tommy into his project, he refused to properly explain it to him, implying that Wilbur is once again mirroring his old ambitious tendencies. It is highly likely that these plans are fake, and do not really exist - Wilbur appears to be struggling to find a new place in the world.

Wilbur appeared to be trying to act like he did back during his time in L'Manberg, attempting to joke around with Tommy and start up dialogue with strangers. He consistently claimed that he was better than ever, and that he felt great, carrying himself with a strange energy. Despite claiming to "never tell a lie again", Wilbur continues to be incredibly secretive, and it's very likely that he is continuing to fabricate the truth regarding his own intentions and feelings - likely to save face.

He presented himself cockily, going on to say that he'd won "no matter what," and that he didn't fear death. Most likely as a direct result of having come directly from a time period of near-constant political warfare, Wilbur appears to have a strange mind for morals, and was eager to pick the mind of the few people he has yet to meet in order to discover what happened since his death. Despite having no grudges against anybody initially, Wilbur appeared to struggle with not sounding like a bad person, especially to Ranboo, who he came to recognise as his absolute opposite.

Despite his showman attitude's supposed return, Wilbur's energy only remained solid around other people. Much like in his Pogtopia era, when left alone, he falls into an introspective state, much quieter than before, allowing himself to linger on thoughts and sights that affect him (such as the sight of the rebuilt Camaravan in Eret's museum). This implies that his conflicting attitude is indeed that of a newly forming defensive persona, and that Wilbur has not yet learned how to let down his guard to even his father.

Wilbur continued to struggle with his vulnerability, and his behaviour around Tommy only reinforced the fact that he fears being left alone. Wilbur was incredibly insecure to his core, quickly growing frustrated when questioned for his actions.

Mental health

Throughout his life, Wilbur has experienced a wide assortment of mental health issues, perhaps even spanning before his first brushes with trauma. They continue to affect him into his resurrected state, and have been integral to his character's development, shaping his actions to a critical level.


Wilbur had a long history of issues with his mental health, presumably spanning back even before the conception of L'Manberg and picking up heavily with his exile from the country. Wilbur has always displayed a hunger to be accepted, especially from his father, Phil, [49] implying that he struggled with feeling unloved or overlooked.

Despite his problems, Wilbur was never open about anything he struggled with, preferring to keep his mental health under wraps. As the first President of L'Manberg, Wilbur suffered heavily from the stress of leading the new nation (and presumably from the lasting trauma of the War for Independence, as it is incredibly unlikely that Tommy was the only one to experience lasting symptoms of PTSD around the Final Control Room) - in his own words, he would scream and cry into his pillow whenever he wasn't behind a podium.[19] Even before being defeated in the election by his own hubris, he had severe trust issues, and appeared to fear losing the little control over the nation that he had.[50] These would display clearest in his refusal to let even well-meaning non-Europeans into L'Manberg and his attempt to rig the election in his party's favor.[18]

Wilbur was irrevocably changed by his first-hand experiences of war, to the point where he lost faith in his previous ideology of no violence. He continued to work for his nation behind a political persona, in order to continue chasing his ultimate goal of security, and struggled to separate himself from this mask as the Elections grew ever closer.

After being exiled from L'Manberg, Wilbur's personal issues with trust worsened. It would appear that his continued distrust of the world (and resultant paranoid actions) likely stemmed from Eret's betrayal back in the initial War for Independence and Schlatt's betrayal of ex-friendship, and was reinforced by Fundy's burning of the flag and later disowning of Wilbur.[21] As his exile dragged on, Wilbur became increasingly paranoid that nobody was on his side[22], resulting in him slipping into a dark state of self-doubt, during which he came to the abrupt conclusion that he may have been playing the role of a villain the entire time.[20]

This psychotic break kick-started his corruption arc, as Wilbur began to experience delusions and paranoia. With the conception of the TNT plot, Wilbur displayed dangerously suicidal tendencies, taking action with absolutely no regard for his personal well-being [51]. Though he claimed he did not want to go down with it, [52] this would turn out to be a lie, as he was fully aware that he would die in the button room when the explosives went off,[53] and would later directly ask to go down alongside the nation.[54] At the peaks of his spiral, he often refused to wear armor, even in high-danger situations.[30] He would also regularly let himself grow hungry, without caring to eat. [55] Wilbur also reportedly did not sleep,[56] and (after prompted by a gift by Quackity) openly maintained the belief that he did not matter. [57]

Wilbur visited the button room supposedly at least eight times [58] - it would appear he struggled with the act itself despite his confidence about its creation. This struggle was most likely born out of a deep inner turmoil of self-doubt and would only serve to worsen his self-deprecation, as he would berate himself out loud for it on multiple occasions.[59] It is later heavily implied by Ghostbur that, alongside believing that everybody else didn't like him - a fact that is reinforced by his own words directly before his death [60] - Alivebur did not like himself at all either. [27]

In his spiral, Wilbur would rapidly shift his emotional tones unpredictably. Sometimes, he was almost manic,[61] [62] excitable, and enthusiastic about the destruction he had planned for himself.[63] [64] Other times, he would become enraged at the situation he was in,[65] expressing anger at resistance to his reckless ideas.[66] Or, he would become almost depressive and deeply troubled, his mood turning somber and his enthusiastic facade disappearing to reveal the true nature of a man who'd lost everything.[32]

His hunger to be seen and paid attention to resurfaced tenfold in his corruption arc, as he would insist on making sure that at least one person bore witness to his potential detonation on every attempt he made - it would appear that Wilbur did not want to die alone, and he berated himself aloud for being a "showman."[59] This, in turn, made it clear that, even though Wilbur wanted for himself and Schlatt to die in the wreckage of his nation, he did not actually want anyone else to suffer the same fate, as he backed down from his plans when Tommy and Quackity threatened to go down with him.[31] He would eventually make true on his suicidal desires even after Schlatt's death and the reclamation of L'Manberg, begging Philza to end his life.[54]

Ghostbur's lack of memory surrounding his exile from Manberg and his loss in the election heavily implies that the events were traumatic in some degree to Wilbur, though this wouldn't become explicitly clear until his death.

During death

In death it seems, despite seemingly having had a chance to calm down and recover,[44] for a significant period of time, Wilbur would continue to favor his death state, and grew unsettled by the proposition of revival.[46] It would appear that Wilbur believed he could only be truly happy as a dead man,[43] though it is now known that the afterlife was akin to torture, and continued to ruin his mental state. Wilbur would reportedly claw at the walls of his personal limbo (a train station, likely inspired by the cover art for 'Your City Gave Me Asthma') and scream until his throat became hoarse. Alongside this, it is implied that Wilbur methodically kept track of his days somehow, since he knew nearly exactly how long he spent there.

Wilbur described his self from "six years ago" (or, seven years into his stay in limbo) as being a complete wreck, likely alluding to his descriptions of clawing at the walls and screaming. It's not yet known quite how bad he got during his stay in limbo, thanks to the near-darkness and constant loneliness, but it can be assumed that his mental state at this point was very bad.

Wilbur would continue to believe that his death was good for nearly a decade, as proven when Tommy visited him briefly nine years in,[45] and he parroted these beliefs to him. It's not clear how long Wilbur continued to hold these suicidal-aligned beliefs, but it would appear that even during his stay in the Afterlife, he believed for a significant amount of time that he deserved it, and that it was best for the server.[46]

During the latter half of his death, Wilbur would claim that he "came around again," bettering himself into a state of relative stability. While it might appear that this is the case, it is far more likely that Wilbur's mental state worsened to a point where his body could not keep up a relative level of stress, and his brain stopped registering the pain. Though he began to feel better, it is therefore reasonable to assume he's absolutely worse than his so-called "lowest point," and any of his revival-induced clarity may simply be a coping mechanism to hide the stressors of death. This analysis is backed up by Wilbur's general indifference to reaffirmations of Tommy disliking him, and his indifference towards death.


Due to Wilbur's continued stay in the Afterlife, when he was resurrected, he finally came to the conclusion that he did not desire death. In the wake of his new lease of life, he seemingly moved past his suicidal state, genuinely excited to live again. He appeared to easily be swept up in his post-resurrection euphoric state, and spoke incredibly possessively towards the sunset - it's not quite clear if this is indicative of a continued state of partial mania. He also appeared to detest the idea of resorting to his Pogtopia mindset, describing it as being "awful."

Wilbur appeared to be incredibly complacent about his death, still seeing it as a good thing, and acted incredibly detached when Tommy consistently called him a bad person, laughing off the statements. He claimed he didn't fear death, barely flinching away from a creeper explosion, though he consistently avoided going underground. His general attitude varied between an arrogant sense of apathy, and a thinly veiled self-hatred - Wilbur would pick up the habit of contradicting himself, and generally having jumbled and mixed thoughts despite his attempted outward projection of composure.

Also, Wilbur continued to present an odd sense of morality (sometimes referred to medically as splitting, or polarised thinking, though it's not clear if this is an exactly perfect definition), clinging to incredibly black-and-white beliefs. This heavily affects the way he continues to perceive the world around him - especially around Dream's heroism, and his own role on the server. He continues this belief by likening Quackity to being his "yang".

Despite his oscillation between thoughts and emotions, Wilbur claimed that he was perfectly okay, and that his thirteen and a half years in limbo had actually brought him about to being right as rain. However, his avoidance of certain situations, unstable thought processes, and occasional moments of silence hinted at this not being the case. It would appear that Wilbur is once again trying to make a persona for himself in order to present himself to the server, and as a result, he is never outwardly speaking the whole truth.

Wilbur worries that everybody sees him as something to be feared and contained, and longs for punishment solely so that people would start to see him as deserving of redemption. The slightest implication that he is not a terrible person has been powerful enough to bring him to tears, and Wilbur chases the feeling of being seen as a human being.


Throughout every arc so far, Wilbur has consistently been all-in about all of his ideologies, willing to die to see them come to fruition. Despite the ups and downs of his time on the server, he has always valued personal freedom above all else, and believed strongly in inspiring change for the better. Wilbur tends to see the world in blacks and whites (polarised thinking), and does not seem to be able to comprehend the idea of not choosing a side - this has been consistent throughout his entire time on the server.

Leadership of L'Manberg

Wilbur initially proposed L'Manberg to be a capitalist nation, as it was a result of his and Tommy's failed attempt at creating a "drug" (potion) empire. He attempted to establish diplomatic relations with the Greater Dream SMP and with other outsiders; however, L'Manberg refused to allow non-Europeans to claim citizenship. Notably, before the war, L'Manberg did not even consider a social hierarchy or title hierarchy, although Wilbur was the de facto leader within the community.

Wilbur built L'Manberg with the ideals of true freedom and emancipation. This was a result of prosecution attempts against him and Tommy that he believed to be unfair. He and the other L'Manbergians would be resolute in this ideology during the nation's war for independence, and Wilbur was willing to die to see it come to fruition (however, he placed Tommy's life above L'Manberg and was unwilling to let Tommy die for the revolution). Wilbur also strongly condemned tyranny, as he wanted L'Manberg to be a safe haven from the dictatorial rule of the Greater Dream SMP. As a result, Wilbur saw the walls of L'Manberg as protective rather than restricting.

Despite these peaceful ideals, Wilbur did not construct L'Manberg on democratic foundations. When declaring L'Manberg's independence after the war, Wilbur instilled himself as president without holding an election. He continued to actively seek peace, even banning weapons and armor from L'Manberg. While he began to recognize the upsides of democracy, Wilbur never incorporated democratic systems into L'Manberg, personally overseeing conflicts to varying degrees of success.

Wilbur later attempted to use a democratic election to consolidate his own power. He realized through the conflicts that had erupted between L'Manbergians that not all of the nation's members took his words seriously, and decided to host an election to regain political power. Wilbur feared that the fledgling nation would fall into instability, but still attempted to host a one-party election (with just him and Tommy as his running mate running) in an effort to gain the respect of the L'Manbergians. This plan quickly spiraled out of control when multiple other parties began to run, including SWAG2020, Coconut2020, and SCHLATT2020, but throughout the election, Wilbur held to L'Manberg's core ideals of emancipation and escape from tyranny as well as existing policies.

As a direct result of having seen words fail, both on the battleground of war and in the leadership position of a President, Wilbur would come to realise that power can only be consolidated through violence, and that power is the only way to create real change in the world.

Manberg Rebellion

During his spiral, Wilbur never stopped valuing the core ideology of freedom for L'Manberg, even throughout his paranoid spiraling. He would become dangerously possessive over it, even holding it to a higher standard than ever before when he came to the despairing conclusion that it had been lost for good. [67]

Wilbur recognized that Schlatt's leadership was a cruel dictatorship that suppressed the citizens. However, he saw that his forceful reclamation of L'Manberg would be tyrannical at best, and would only paint himself in blood. He also recognized that, as soon as Schlatt stopped being a threat to both him and Dream, their alliance would end, and that their fragile peace with the Dream SMP would once more be thrown into question as they resumed being ideological enemies. [68]

His explosion plans were founded on the belief that, with the rise of Schlatt and the fall of democracy, the ideas of freedom and liberty in L'Manberg had been lost. He believed that, instead of being a safe space from tyranny, it had become a hot-spot for it, bringing tyrannical leaders and power struggles into the cabinet as time went on. Wilbur valued legitimate leadership, recognizing the importance of having a legal claim to power and understanding that a coup-won leadership would be corrupt by nature.

He once lied to Tommy about intending to leave a power vacuum for someone else to fill - it would became clear that this was untrue, as Wilbur intended to leave no L'Manberg to reclaim at all, having come to the conclusion that L'Manberg's core ideologies had failed. In his final moments, he expressed excitement at having left nothing but a crater for the people to "lead."

Wilbur would make his newfound stances very clear in his last "presidential" speech, mentioning that Techno's anarchist ideals had rubbed off on him, and that he no longer believed that government was the way to go.[69]

Despite Tubbo's apparent good nature, Wilbur had no faith in his presidency, recognizing that even under his leadership, the nation was beyond repair. Ultimately, Wilbur lost hope in the land he made for freedom, believing it had lost the ability to ever be free again.[29] At the end, Wilbur's detonation scheme was not about dethroning Schlatt, or reclaiming power, it was about ridding the land of the nation he had made.


It's not clear what stance Wilbur has clung on to after thirteen years of death, and it's entirely possible that his previous ideas have completely shifted once again. He seems to continue to value personal freedom above all else, eager to re-claim his own life, but it's not clear yet how this changed perspective will alter his opinion on corruption and power. Wilbur's current intention is to "live life to the fullest."

Wilbur appears to idolize Dream because he believes erroneously that Dream's intentions were to stop people from being power hungry. He considers Ranboo, who takes no sides, to be his absolute opposite, and openly disagrees with his stance, considering it weak and ineffective. Wilbur still considers his war-learned ideology that violence creates power, which creates change for the better in return, to be true.

He emphasized that he thought Dream had effectively "kept the power vacuum warm" for him, and carried the belief that it wasn't the name of L'Manberg that was important, it was the ideals that they once stood for - freedom, and rising up against a greater power.

Above all else, Wilbur believes that protection is cowardice, power is won through fighting, and that loss is inevitable. He considers sides before people, and is frustrated by the opposite ideology. He also self-identified as an "iconoclast" - someone who believes strongly in the importance of destroying icons for religious and political reasons. He notably does not agree with Phil's stance on authority (that is notably anarchistic), and likely therefore disagrees with Techno's similar stances as well. He claimed to disagree with Las Nevadas, as well, despite initially wanting to join it. He has retained a healthy appreciation for capitalism with purpose.


Early life

Not much is known about Wilbur's early life prior to his arrival in the server. He was born to Philza and Kristen, and most likely spent the majority of his childhood with him outside of the server. However, he was left unknown to the information that Kristen was his mother, not the Samsung fridge, and he was left to believe for the rest of his life that the fridge was his mother. It is known that the two had a close bond in Wilbur's early life, and would share in familial activities, such as creating Chinese paper lanterns.

It's not clear when the rest of the circle came into his life, but it would appear that Wilbur knew Technoblade as a child, reportedly sparring with him when he was younger. It is also not known why Wilbur's mother disappeared.

It is implied that Wilbur had a strong respect for Phil, persistently seeking his support in later life. His specific relationship with his father prior to his debut on the SMP is not clear, though they were close enough to share correspondence.

At some point prior to his arrival on the server, Wilbur entered a relationship with Sally, supposedly having once married her. Together, they reportedly had Fundy, though the chronology of his birth is debated, as it has consistently been claimed that he was born within the walls of L'Manberg, as its first citizen by birth. Despite the timeline issue, Wilbur would later exit his relationship with Sally, for an undisclosed reason, and she would properly leave him when Fundy was only nine years old. Wilbur reportedly used to take Fundy on yearly trips on holiday to Paris.

Wilbur joined the server for a brief tour on July 12, 2021,[70] then later had a minor cameo on the server before his official debut, playing alongside Schlatt on July 16, 2020, during which he built Wilbur's Wooden Ball and left it to Tommy.[71]

L'Manberg Independence Arc

Forming a drug operation

Wilbur joined the server on July 24, 2020, with a plan of becoming one of the top players on the server by selling drugs (potions) to the other members of the Dream SMP.[72] He set up the Camarvan, which doubled as a hot dog van.

Immediately after building the Camarvan, Wilbur convinced Tommy to join the drug business.[73] Wilbur believed that in order for the business to thrive, they would have to create a demand for potions by taking the potions and potion-brewing ingredients other members of the server owned. Initially, they operated under the pretense that these materials were detrimental to people's health, and that they were doing a public service by taking and confiscating them. While Tubbo, the first person they scammed, was willing to comply, Sapnap challenged Wilbur and Tommy and discovered their potion-brewing operation.

Although Wilbur and Tommy fled right after Sapnap found out, Wilbur decided to accuse Sapnap of a drug addiction instead, with Fundy as a witness. Fundy realized what was going on immediately, but played along and pretended to believe that the Camarvan was only a hot dog van. However, this plan soon went downhill when Purpled and Ponk, who had grudges against Tommy, showed up. Wilbur ended up being watched by Eret and Tubbo in the Camarvan while Tommy was escorted to court and Fundy was on the run. To Wilbur's surprise, Eret then defected to the Camarvan's side, saying that they felt the members' persecution was unjustified. Wilbur welcomed them to the operation, and Eret took over escorting Fundy to the courthouse in a bid to free Wilbur, Tommy, and Fundy. Despite this sudden change in allegiance, Purpled realized what Wilbur was up to and ruined Wilbur's plans. Wilbur began to voice his displeasure with the server's law enforcement and mocked the self-proclaimed officers.

At this time, Tubbo also explained his effort to punish illegal activity on the server. As he had never seen the inside of the Camarvan, he wanted to see if Wilbur's operation had really been illegal. Wilbur modified the interior of the van to look like a hot dog van, which Tubbo believed. Tubbo offered Wilbur compensation for the hassle law enforcement had put him through, but Wilbur denied, expressing only interest for being left in peace.

Tommy contacted him multiple times with updates on Fundy and Eret's situation across the duration of Wilbur's attempts to brew an invisibility potion, seeking his insight as he remained trapped in jail. He tried to inform Wilbur of their enemies' gear status, implying a violent approach, but Wilbur explained that he had no intentions of taking the killing-oriented route out. As he worked, he once again voiced his frustrations, stating that he'd been on the server for less than a day and had already been screwed over by the law enforcement. Tommy contacted him one last time, informing him about Purpled's imminent interception of his activity. Wilbur tried to shake them off of his tail, mocking them as he went, but the officers held their focus on him.

Wilbur made his frustrations known yet again, openly casting shade on the operation style of the entire server. When Purpled's attention was taken away, Wilbur tried to take the heat off himself by focusing on the Camarvan, continuing to mock the police force for their mistake in pursuing him and not keeping an eye on the prisoners they were supposed to guard. He acted cockily in light of his victory over the officers, unfazed even when Sapnap tried to silence him with violence. When Tubbo spoke up defensively, he explained to him that he'd technically done nothing illegal or even morally wrong. He and Tubbo discussed the situation, and Wilbur criticized Sapnap's desire for control.

Fundy and Eret arrived and asked to know what had happened, and Wilbur explained the situation to his regrouping allies. He decided to allow them all to hide in his Camarvan, stating that he had diplomatic immunity, as they wouldn't have reasonable evidence to assume that he was harbouring them. Purpled and Sapnap arrived to discuss the situation, and Wilbur stepped out to talk with them, persistently reminding them that he was innocent. He offered to cook a hot dog for them, preparing one for Sapnap and once again taking the chance to mock his chosen work in law enforcement.

Sapnap asked Wilbur if his drugs were good, to which Wilbur reacted defensively, claiming he didn't do drugs. He let Purpled into the van to inspect, but Purpled broke down the room in which he was harboring his allies. He tried to feign ignorance, but ended up logging off in order to evade Purpled's reaction to the situation and retain his status as a free man. Wilbur expressed that he wasn't done with his plans yet, and that he intended to return and continue his business after he had the supplies he needed, and could evade 'unlawful prosecution'.

L'Manberg's conception

Now intending to create a free nation and not just a business, Wilbur logged onto the server on July 29, 2020, to be greeted with a gift of blaze rods from Tubbo.[74] He invited Tommy to see him in the Camarvan, dissuading him from wearing armor and explaining that he was starting a revolution, not a war. Wilbur voiced a desire to build a nation in which he could brew drugs without repercussions, reassuring Tommy that they were on the right side of history. As he set out the baseline for the nation he hoped to form in revolution, Wilbur likened his and Tommy's new stance to George Washington and Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton, a 2015 musical.

Sapnap attempted to get back on the good side of the duo, but Wilbur turned his offers of friendship down, referring to his prior actions as 'tyranny'. As he left, Wilbur informed Tommy that he needed sand, gravel, and dandelions, explaining that they needed to make a wall around their small land for the benefit of their revolution. Wilbur began to outline their claimed territory in concrete, building the base foundation for L'Manberg's walls.

Upon contacting Tubbo for supplies, he explained that they were starting a revolution, claiming their independence from the server and making their own unnamed land, in order to seek freedom from the Dream SMP faction. He explained that, after the drug war, he'd come to the conclusion that Americans couldn't be trusted to run their own nation, and that he was making his own nation in response.

The group began to think up a name, struggling to think of names not based on antonyms (as Wilbur didn't want to form his land on hatred or unoriginality). Tommy came up with the name idea of Manberg (or, alternatively, Mantopia), in response to the nation's lack of women. Wilbur voiced approval, wondering how to make the name more European sounding - he toyed with the name of United Manberg (UNM), but that sounded too similar to the United States. The group hit upon the prefix L', toying with the name of L'Manberg, and it stuck thanks to France's consistent association with revolutions.

Dream stumbled across the rising nation, and confronted the duo with weapons raised, so Wilbur encouraged Tommy to use his words rather than fight back with weapons. Wilbur invited him to a formal meeting, taking the recognized position as leader. When Dream questioned what was going on, he explained that they were removing themselves from the Dream SMP. Wilbur defended Tommy against Dream's acts of violence, attempting to take a respectful stance. He claimed that Dream could not take control of their land, explaining to him that they were a peace-based nation.

Wilbur responded to Dream's bragging confidently, disregarding his threats and his boasts without much thought. He requested for Dream to acknowledge their independent status, and when Dream explained that they would be taxed on the remainder of the Dream SMP, Wilbur agreed to the terms. He explained aloud that he did not consider Dream an enemy, but that he would be removing himself from Dream's "tyrannical rule." Wilbur offered for Dream to make an embassy in their own land, and for Tommy's house to become a L'Manberg embassy in Dream SMP land. He openly taunted Dream, acting cocky about his settlement.

Eret arrived to the scene late and asked what Wilbur was doing, and Wilbur explained the situation to them, inviting them to stay with them when they voiced they interest thanks to their position as a European. He tasked Eret with upgrading the walls properly, using the foundations he had laid out, and the group continued to work on progressing the nation underneath Wilbur's guidance. Wilbur called Tommy into question, claiming that he wasn't pulling his weight in consolidating the new land. After ensuring his loyalty, the group donned new fan-made revolutionary skins, completely cementing their role as a new nation on the server.

Wilbur gathered the group to write the first iteration of the Declaration of Independance, allowing for Tommy, Tubbo, and Eret to sign it alongside him. Upon the arrival of Fundy, who had yet to join the nation proper, and members of the Dream SMP, Wilbur read it aloud, and Dream, in turn, delivered a document to Wilbur for him to read - the official declaration of War. Wilbur rallied his group in the wake of imminent war, voicing his belief in their cause, and entrusting the preparation to the grouped members.

War for L'Manberg's independence

Wilbur arrived to war after the conclusion of peacetime, attempting to establish a formal meeting between the two sides after the Dream SMP forces rallied around the walls of L'Manberg. He gave Tommy the role of the commander to the L'Manberg 5th Revolutionary Battalion, stating that it would do more harm than good if he took the charge of the attacking front. The group traveled out to meet their enemies - Dream, Sapnap, George, and Punz - outside the L'Manberg Embassy, upon which Wilbur noted the armor discrepancy. When Tommy tried to retreat, though, Wilbur summoned them all back, briefly overriding Tommy's authority in order to keep the spirit going.

The group pressured the Dream SMP forces off of the tower they had perched off of, "chasing" them into the forest. As the battalion fired down on the forces from a Power Tower, Wilbur drew their attention, using himself as a distraction until they'd won a decisive victory in which the Dream SMP army retreated. Satisfied, Wilbur began to lead the group back, but Eret voiced that they had a secret edge that could win the war, and Wilbur responded with curiosity. He allowed Eret to lead the group to the Final Control Room, opening the chest labelled with his own name and voicing confusion when it was empty. Eret turned traitor, unleashing Dream and his men on their forces, and though Wilbur tried to rally his allies through the confusion, he and the rest of L'Manberg were killed, taking the first of their canon lives. Wilbur himself was slain by Punz.

Wilbur voiced contempt for Eret afterwards, trying to evaluate what supplies they had left, and was dismayed to find that L'Manberg had no longer had anything significant to its name. Wilbur traveled out to meet with Dream by himself, intending to negotiate an end to the war with Dream, but he denied Wilbur's offer of peace, instead threatening to detonate a single block of TNT within L'Manberg's walls if they did not surrender on the spot. Wilbur treated the threat as insignificant, standing by his morals and encouraging the others to do the same, but when Dream lit the TNT, it activated a hidden wealth of explosives that had been set by Eret, completely decimating the land they stood on and severely damaging the Camarvan. Wilbur and the rest of L'Manberg took refuge in a panic room built by Tommy, and Wilbur admitted that he was finally out of ideas and intended to finally give in.

He brought Tommy with him to meet with Dream and negotiate terms of surrender. While he tried to stop Tommy from running his mouth, he couldn't keep him from challenging Dream to a one-on-one duel, and Dream accepted the challenge before much else could be negotiated. Displeased at the brashness of Tommy's decision but still respecting the courage of it, Wilbur and Dream agreed on the conditions: if Dream won, L'Manberg would surrender and its members would rejoin the SMP faction, and if Tommy won, Dream would recognize L'Manberg as an independent nation. After the event was set in stone, Tommy turned to Wilbur for moral guidance, and Wilbur reassured him despite his initial doubts about him risking his life, stating that Tommy should follow his heart. He counted down the duel from ten and watched Tommy die to Dream's fired arrow, losing his second canon life. Shattered, he led his men back to L'Manberg's walls, awaiting their end - but he regained his hope when Tommy returned to them with the news that he had secured their independence via the Disc trade.

Atop the Camarvan, Wilbur penned a second version of the Declaration of Independance, finally officially cementing their full independence, and instilling himself formally as the First President of the nation.

Presidency of L'Manberg

The former members of L'Manberg from left to right: Tubbo, Fundy, Tommy, Wilbur, Nihachu and Jack Manifold

Making note that L'Manberg was not formed on the basis of democracy, Wilbur appointed TommyInnit as his Vice President, Tubbo as his Secretary of State, and oversaw the reconstruction of the war-torn land. As the land saw prosperity, and the members healed and recovered from the war that had finally concluded, Wilbur took a key role in inviting Nihachu to be a member of L'Manberg, becoming close friends with her in the process.

In an attempt to earn more money for the Treasury, Wilbur executed a plan to start up L'Manberg's tourist business, intending to make the nation a desirable hotspot for visitation. He enlisted the help of Tommy and Tubbo in the plan, though he wondered if he'd accidentally influenced Tommy into having too strong an attachment to drugs when he proposed a strip club. Wilbur settled on making a paid park, though the park was oriented in the goal of attracting women and drug dealers (as per Tommy's wishes), though the park-alleyway result was a resounding failure in terms of money-making.

During the Railway Skirmish, Wilbur stepped in briefly when it appeared that Tommy's reckless actions may lead to a second war with the Dream Team, advising for him to instead take a diplomatic route in an attempt to prevent further bloodshed. He didn't take an active role in the war, though, instead only providing advice for his vice president.

The L'Manbergian Election

In direct response to the rising threat of Civil War in L'Manberg's cabinet (namely between Fundy and Tubbo), it became clear that people were not listening to his decrees, and Wilbur grew frustrated, deciding he needed a way to reinforce and legitimize his position as the head of state. He set up and organized a presidential election, including Tommy as his Vice Presidential running mate. Their campaign was intended to be the only one on the ballot during the election, but this plan would quickly spiral out of control, as when he informed Quackity that the election was taking place, Quackity responded by creating the SWAG2020 (So We Are Gamers) Party in opposition.

Because Wilbur had neglected to finalize the election ballot prior to this party's formation, Quackity's SWAG2020 campaign was perfectly legal and thus was eligible to run against him. To improve the marketability of their campaign, Wilbur and Tommy renamed what was up until then known as the The Right The Best Party to the POG2020 (Politicians of Gaming) Party. With this, the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election began.

During the election cycle, Wilbur would participate in a presidential debate against Quackity, with Tommy participating in a vice presidential debate against Quackity's running mate, GeorgeNotFound. The debate ultimately didn't go well for either party, devolving into an argument without any structure. After the debate, Wilbur had a talk with Quackity and upon being asked to be casual, Wilbur explained that he did not agree with Quackity's idealism, and explained his own battle-hardened idea of revolution before leaving. Later, in a final moment of solidarity between political rivals, Wilbur, Tommy, and Quackity built the White House for the future president to live in, and went on a walk together.

On the night before the election polls released, one last rally was held. When Wilbur's endorsement from a newly arrived Jschlatt went sour, he attempted to form a coalition with Quackity, but was denied when Quackity came to the conclusion that he was being used for votes. Instead, Quackity formed a coalition against POG2020 with the newly formed Schlatt2020, leaving Wilbur concerned for his position in cabinet as a whole. During this event, Dream enabled Schlatt with a crossbow, leading to him chasing Wilbur and Tommy away from the podium and into hiding. Shortly before the elections, Wilbur took Tommy's discs, promising to return them upon a victory for POG2020.

Wilbur's party ended up winning the popular vote with 45%, but due to the coalition between SWAG2020 and Schlatt2020, his party ended up losing the election by a margin of 1%. After passing the Presidency over to Schlatt, Wilbur ended up exiled by the new Second President of L'Manberg alongside Tommy, his citizenship having been forcefully revoked. The two of them fled under fire, and Wilbur was shot and killed again by Punz, costing him his own second canon life. Upon respawning, he regrouped with Tommy and watched from a distance as L’Manberg’s walls were destroyed and the flag was burned down by Fundy. They sang the L’Manberg anthem for the last time together before making their retreat.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

Exile from Manberg

Due to being effectively banned from both SMP and L'Manberg soil, Wilbur led TommyInnit to a cave in the wilderness to rebuild and regroup. He began to work on building the rebellion, reluctantly letting Technoblade tag along in spite of his status as an American. The three of them enlisted the help of Tubbo, who was working on the inside of the newly renamed Manberg, and moved the base of the newly created Pogtopia into a ravine system. Wilbur later "returned" Tommy's discs to him shortly after their exile due to their technical victory with the popular vote, although these discs were later found to be fake replicas.

He acted as the leader of the rebellion, tracking and countering Schlatt's movements every step of the way. Wilbur began by refusing to take any immediate violent action, focusing on espionage and intelligence based missions.

He and Technoblade ventured out to Manberg upon receiving a tip that Niki was in danger, and came to find her bakery had been raided of all belongings. Niki asked Wilbur if she could join the rebellion due to her no longer being safe in Manberg, but he refused her - saying that they weren't ready for new members. Shortly after they made it back, Tommy re-entered Manberg in secret, and upon seeing the new flag, requested permission from Wilbur to burn it down. At first, Wilbur disagreed, claiming they should not throw the first stone, but Tubbo showed him a document with all of the new plans for Manberg, and he changed his mind, issuing the command for Tommy to set fire to the new Manberg flag. However, Niki ended up being the one to burn it for revenge on Fundy for burning down the original flag which she herself built.

During their exile, he and Tommy butted heads multiple times. Their disagreements started off as being casual bickering over minor things such as decorations, but they escalated over time. Due to the construction of a tunnel from Manberg to Pogtopia, Wilbur and Tubbo were forced to briefly disconnect the newly expanded Prime Path, which caused a new argument between him and Tommy. When Tommy grew upset, Wilbur proclaimed that there was a reason that he was not President, and that he never would be, and the two split ways for the remainder of the day.

Later, Wilbur and Tommy traveled out to watch Schlatt give a declaration. Once again, Wilbur dissuaded Tommy from assassinating the President, and they listened in secret to hear him announce the Manberg Festival.

Descent into antagonism

On the return trip home after witnessing Schlatt announce the Manberg Festival, Wilbur wondered if he and Pogtopia were on the right side of history. He voiced his concerns aloud to Tommy, coming to the realization that he was playing the role of a villain. Instead of rejecting this, though, Wilbur embraced it, seeing it as his only path to a satisfactory ending.

It became clear that during his exile, his mental state had been on a rapid decline, as he began to reconsider his relationships with his allies and his supporters. Wilbur seemed convinced that even Tubbo was not trustworthy, and that as soon as it was clear Schlatt would win, he would drop them for good.

Tommy tried to dissuade Wilbur from his paranoid delusions, but failed, and Wilbur came to the realization that no matter what he did, he would lose. If he killed Schlatt, the people of Manburg would come after him - but if he remained inactive, Schlatt would come after him and have him executed. In his own words, he had nothing left to lose, which meant he had nothing stopping him from doing whatever he wanted.

In a rush of anger, Wilbur declared that if he couldn't have Manburg, nobody could, and he began to plot to blow the nation up during the Festival just how Dream had during the original war. He arranged a meeting with Dream and initially secured 51 blocks of TNT from him, storing them in his Ender Chest, subsequently rigging the festival area in an optimal pattern for destruction, priming them for their intended detonation during Tubbo's speech. Later, he approached Tubbo about it, informing him that the only way they could win against Schlatt was to destroy the one thing he cared about. He warned Tubbo about the TNT in order to allow him the opportunity to run, tried to dissuade him from speaking to Tommy again, and gave him the task of tearing down Manburg's flag again once the rubble cleared.

During the festival, Wilbur convinced Tommy not to actively oppose him, and the two laid in wait for Tubbo to speak his key words so he could activate the TNT. However, Tubbo ended up being caught and called out for being a traitor after speaking the line. Schlatt trapped him in concrete and called Techno up to the platform, telling him to kill Tubbo. Wilbur tried to reassure Tubbo that Techno would not follow Schlatt's orders, but he did anyways, resulting in the Manberg Massacre. Wilbur then tried to find his control room with the intention of setting off the bombs, only to panic and forget where he'd built it. While leaving, he overheard Nihachu confronting Schlatt and being threatened with an execution of her own. He went to face Schlatt in the middle of Manberg, telling Niki to run. The two shared cold words, and Wilbur initiated a large scale scuffle (the latter half of the massacre), before realizing his bomb plot needed to wait and retreating to Pogtopia for the remainder of the day.

Post-Manberg Festival

Upon retreating to the safety of Pogtopia, Wilbur invited Niki to join their ranks formally by sending her the coordinates to the base. As he let her in, he encouraged Tubbo, Technoblade, and Tommy to fight about what had just happened, even carving out a pit for Tommy and Techno to fistfight in. He goaded Tommy, reminding him he would never be president, pressuring him into striking at Techno in anger. Once the fight had concluded, Wilbur came to the conclusion that he wasn't done yet, and that his TNT plan was very much still a viable plot despite the failure of the festival. After securing Techno's willing support in his scheme, and explaining how he planned to duplicate TNT, the day's events came to a close. Niki, Tommy and Tubbo were firmly against his TNT plan and decided together that Wilbur had officially lost his grip on his mental health.

The day after, Tommy announced to Wilbur that he had recruited Quackity to their side, and Wilbur watched as they pulled off a minor prank on Manberg. Despite initial hesitation, he led Tommy and Quackity to the location of his button, having found it again after the festival, and proceeded to talk to them before threatening to push it right then and there. Both Quackity and Tommy tried to stop him initially, encasing him in stone at first before Tommy made the decision to seal off the entrance, telling him that if he detonated the bombs, they would be going down with him, then urged Quackity to step aside and let Wilbur make the choice. Wilbur turned away and relinquished control of the rebellion to Tommy, realizing he didn't have the strength to go through with his plan yet, and reluctantly destroyed the button. However, when Tommy and Quackity had their backs turned, he placed it back, singing the anthem in order to calm himself, and promising that one day he would be back for it.

The three regrouped and went to discuss a new plan to retake Manberg - "Plan Ass" - involving Quackity's betrayal of Schlatt. Wilbur seemed to support the plan vocally, though it's not clear if he ever had any faith in it, because he was persistent in making several backup plans, one of which was his network of explosives - "Plan Bomb."

Rising tensions around Plan Ass

After a week of silence regarding the progression of Plan Ass, Wilbur seemed to lose faith in the idea. At the end of Nihachu's birthday party, an event he had been invited to, and had been drinking at, he revealed that he'd been waiting for an audience in order to resume his explosion plot, and attempted to detonate the rigged TNT again.

Quackity, who was also in attendance, managed to convince him to hold off on Plan Bomb by promising that one, he would secure the primary plan by Friday, November 6, and two, that if things showed the slightest signs of going wrong, Wilbur could detonate the explosives. He agreed to this plan, and presumably logged off in the button room in anticipation.

Failure of Plan Ass

Wilbur accompanied Tommy to watch Quackity attempt to scam Schlatt out of his leadership, ready to detonate at any moment. The plan fell through, and Wilbur extracted Quackity from the situation by firing an invisibility arrow at him. When things fell further south, he ran to detonate the bombs as promised, but Schlatt had deactivated them, rendering them useless when he pressed the button. Believing that the TNT had been relocated to their base, he retreated to Pogtopia, where Fundy and BadBoyHalo joined them - notably, Wilbur did not take the bomb threat seriously, instead playing idly with the copious amounts of buttons that had been placed earlier as a prank by Fundy. He didn’t seem to particularly care that his son had rejoined him, either, and for the most part ignored him.

Fundy was determined to get back on his good side, however, and revealed his gathered intelligence on Schlatt's declining health - A spy's diary - to Wilbur, prompting him to suddenly believe the power had shifted, and that the people were once again siding with his side of the rebellion. This seemed to only fuel Wilbur's drive to explode Manberg, though, believing that only his one true enemy would be affected, and furthered his theory that people only rallied around whoever appeared to be strongest.

Dream entered Pogtopia, informing the members that he had been offered something that the rebellion could not provide, and that he would be defending Schlatt from that point onward. Despite his shift in loyalty, he still supported Wilbur's bomb plot, offering to provide gunpowder for new TNT. Wilbur proposed that they set up an end to the scheming and the plotting, choosing a date for a final conflict that would end the fighting between Pogtopia and Manberg and finally declare a victor.

After agreeing to November 16, Dream revealed that there was a traitor among the ranks of Pogtopia, someone who would be more surprising than Eret. At this point, he and Wilbur were already in partnership, and Wilbur had made a deal with him that no matter what the outcome of the war was, he would detonate Manberg. Vocally, though, Wilbur reassured the members of the rebellion that he would fight on their side, and that he would only detonate the land if Pogtopia showed any signs of losing.

Together with the members of Pogtopia, Wilbur formally established the L'Mantree, a landmark of the nation that had survived the copious amounts of war they had suffered through. He marked it with a sign, mentioning that it needed to be protected for as long as possible, especially in the upcoming war - at this point in time, Wilbur was already conscious that he would inevitably end up lighting the TNT to explode the area.

Afterwards, the members of Pogtopia began to formally plan for war, but Wilbur did not take a vocal part in the process. As the rest of the rebellion members began to prepare, he took a back seat, eventually separating himself entirely from the group in order to go and collect sand to make TNT. Before the war, he managed to amass eleven and a half stacks of TNT, laying them beneath Manberg and once more wiring them up to his button room.

Betraying L'Manberg

The button room used for Plan Bomb

Wilbur seemed to better a little as he worked alongside the rebellion during the take back of L'Manberg, fighting with his allies and expressing a false sense of hope - though, notably, he refused to wear any armor. He reassured Tommy that he would not detonate the land if things went well, and that he had no intention of going down with Manberg, and voiced belief that everyone was on his side. This was all an act; at several points over the course of fighting, Wilbur spoke up about how it was most likely that he himself was the traitor, and he had full intentions of blowing up L'Manberg and of killing himself in the process from the get-go. During early conflict, Dream seemed to make an effort not to attack Wilbur despite his lack of armor, and Wilbur purposefully missed several opportunities he had to attack or kill Dream.

Despite his somewhat suspicious behavior, such as his purposeful trailing behind the group, or his disappearance mid-fight to speak to Dream privately, nobody seemed to take the threat of him betraying them seriously, likely believing Wilbur's betrayal would be too obvious to be true. On the cue of Dream, he stopped the fighting and herded everyone into the Camarvan to watch Schlatt die of a drug-induced heart attack. In order to make the others let their guard down, Dream proceeded to claim that there had been no traitor, to which Wilbur feigned a surprised reaction.

In the haze of supposed victory, he chose Tommy to be the new president, but when Tommy refused and tried deflecting, he elected Tubbo instead, pretending to be pleased and content with their victory. After Tubbo finished his speech, however, he excused himself, intending to make true on his promise to destroy L'Manberg once and for all, having come to the conclusion that the land he had once fought for - even with his friend and Tubbo at the helm - was well and truly dead.

Finally realizing that he needed to step in and save his son, Philza spawned behind him and attempted to talk him out of it, but Wilbur could not be convinced, and he detonated the explosives, destroying the majority of central L'Manberg. He then handed Phil his sword and requested for his father to kill him. Phil initially refused, but Wilbur pointed out that everyone gathering around the control room wanted him dead, and expressed a shred of remorse for having blown up what they had all worked so hard for. After a long hesitation, Phil complied, and Wilbur surveyed the damage he had caused once more before canonically dying for the third and final time.



In the afterlife, Wilbur spent what he perceived to be at least nine years with Schlatt and Mexican Dream. However, the circumstances of the resurrection attempt led to a weakening of the barrier between life and death, as well as Schlatt's disappearance - despite his lengthy stay with his enemy, their relationship didn't seem to improve, as Wilbur was thankful to get away from him. Wilbur remained unaware of the happenings on the server as a result of his stay in the void, though he soon noticed a space opening up in the afterlife for Tommy. Wilbur described the Afterlife as a train station where nobody saves for the other death players existed.

After Dream's imprisonment, as a result of the weakening of the barrier, Wilbur somehow contacted Tommy and Tubbo from the afterlife. He attempted to find out how they'd evaded death, trying to cheer Tommy up when he appeared somber.

The boys assumed that they were speaking to Ghostbur, but Wilbur spoke dismissively of his spectral form, distancing himself from that iteration of him and cementing himself as the "real Wilbur." He voiced genuine surprise at the boys' victory, expressing his pride for their pacifist victory. When asked if he wanted to return to life, though, Wilbur denied, explaining that he'd finally found salvation and was content in death.

Tommy told Wilbur that Dream knew how to bring people alive, and that was the only reason he still was on the server. Taken by surprise, Wilbur became upset, explaining that they'd messed up, because he didn't even want to come back, and Dream could bring back negative powerhouses like Schlatt to the server. When Tommy began to explain, though, his connection began to fade, and they bickered until Wilbur faded from the living realm once more. Despite their brother-like bickering, Wilbur made sure to remind Tommy that he was proud of him, and left the conversation on a fond note.

Wilbur appeared again in a debatably canon interaction to repeat "I'm burger" to Charlie, before fading from the living realm again.

Later, upon Tommy's death, he seemingly warmly accepted him into the afterlife, treating him as he would have whilst alive. He still held the stance that both he and Tommy were bad for the Dream SMP, and seemed to hold a continued self-guilt towards the troubles of the server. He seemed to spend the time by playing card games, and talked a lot about setting up tournaments, holding no desire to come back to life despite his earlier reluctant acceptance.

It is implied that he acted increasingly unsettlingly, as Tommy warned Dream not to ever bring Wilbur back. Despite this, Dream voiced an intent to resurrect and subsequently manipulate Wilbur into helping him escape from Pandora's Vault, later doing so on April 29.



Wilbur was resurrected by Dream using the revival book. He woke up where he died, on the resurrection shrine built on top of the Button Room, and appeared disoriented, voicing that he felt numb. However, upon seeing Tommy, he perked to attention, and began talking excessively about his experiences in the afterlife. He'd experienced Hell, and found a brand new reason to live in the horrors of it, and spoke with excitement for the future before running away to begin work on his new plans.

Revival tour

After turning back up, Wilbur re-approached Tommy, attempting to apologize to him. He asked for Tommy to give him a tour around the server, during which he apologized to Skeppy (who accidentally killed Friend), and they came across the roof of the prison. The two talked about Tommy's exile, upon which Wilbur revealed that he could remember it all. He voiced that if he'd had control, he would have struck Dream down, but that he'd since changed his mind and come to the conclusion that Dream was a hero, and was locked up because he was too powerful. He cut off Tommy's rebuttal to go and apologize to Jack, in the hotel.

Tommy attempted to change his mind against Dream, trying to remind him of history, but Wilbur spoke that he made an oath of not lying, and claimed that he didn't care about L'Manberg, and more about the idea of 'sticking it to the man'. He explained while they went to the Museum that he did care for the ideals of L'Manberg, but not the specifics, and voiced that he'd moved past it - that while they were once family, they were simply friends now.

Wilbur voiced a desire to meet Ranboo after they stumbled across a photo of him, explaining that he had absolutely no issue with anyone on the server, and that he was deeply apologetic. He apologized to Ranboo, and voiced that he should never do anything like it again, and that he wanted to get to know more about him. He questioned if Ranboo had a side, and when he revealed he had no side, he questioned if Ranboo was intentionally on everybody's side in order to get ahead, asking Tommy if he'd ever actually gone against his word. He almost seemed to regret questioning Ranboo, questioning his social skills before cutting himself off.

He asked once again what Ranboo's philosophy was, before criticizing it by explaining that it only worked in a perfect world, where there were no wars. Ranboo implied that Wilbur's death had led to peace, upon which Wilbur almost took offense, but he backed down, apologizing yet again. Later, he voiced his frustrations, explaining that Ranboo seemed like his polar opposite, and that he couldn't bond with him, which frustrated Tommy - he once again said the server would be better without Wilbur, which amused him.

Frustrated, Tommy stood up for himself against Wilbur, who proposed a fight to settle their differences. Though he lost, Wilbur was happy, stating that, in the grand scheme of things, the moment he pressed the button, he won. When Tommy tried to pipe up, he instead decided he needed to talk to Phil, asking where he was, mentioning there was a backlog of letters left for him. They met up with him, and Wilbur thanked Phil for killing him, before Tommy explained about exile further to him in response.

Phil mentioned Wilbur's lying to him, and he explained that he wasn't that big of a liar, and, in a roundabout way, explained that he lied to Phil because he didn't want to make him upset, apologizing for not writing more. He tried to promise Phil that New Wilbur was much better, but Tommy explained to Phil that he was being a bit "sus," though neither Phil nor Wilbur agreed. Wilbur explained how solitude changed him, and how he was much worse six years prior to his resurrection, and that he had supposedly come "full circle." Still frustrated, Tommy called him an asshole, and Wilbur agreed, explaining that he only knew him for a few hours.

Wilbur went on to explain that he'd made a few plans, which weren't ready yet, and mentioned how he was rude to Ranboo to Philza. He asked Phil for a room and a shower, since he was homeless, and Phil offered him a bed. He tried to lead Tommy away, but he got frustrated, so Wilbur offered to let him into his new plan. Wilbur explained that they'd need to gather stone. When Tommy voiced that cobblestone was much better, he explained that cobblestone could work, though when Tommy asked what he was doing, Wilbur refused to explain, teasing him about the stone-gathering in order to coax him into getting it with Phil.

Splitting ways to travel alone, Wilbur voiced that he could rebuild, and that he was done apologizing, retracing a path he learned in order to get to L'Manberg in order to investigate something he saw - the letter Quackity left for him. He read the message aloud, and repeated the lines he said to Quackity back during the war, about power being won through blades, before leaving. He later traveled out to Las Nevadas in order to meet with Quackity in person.

Contesting Las Nevadas

Wilbur met up with Tommy in L'Manberg's remains once again, enquiring about what he'd been working on. Tommy proceeded to lead him to the collected stone that he had requested. Wilbur admitted that he'd forgotten about the initial request, before explaining that he wanted to go on a mission, leading him away from the mine. He pointed out Purpled's UFO, pointing out amusedly that someone had copied him by using TNT. Wilbur showed the message Quackity left him to Tommy, talking highly about the shrine left for him, likening "Nevadas" to a riddle.

Wilbur reacted with surprise when Tommy voiced that he recognized the name, refusing to read his mailed message past the first line. Tommy explained that Quackity had started a nation, Las Nevadas, and noted that he hadn't visited it yet, and Wilbur asked where it was, asking to be led there.

He lied again about the contents of the book, promising to Tommy that Nevadas would bring him Primes and proceeding to follow him to the country's location. Wilbur voiced aloud that most people seemed to have taken a disliking to him (besides the three people who he cared about), and assumed that Quackity would share the same negative first impression. He reacted in awe to the sight of Las Nevadas, meeting Quackity at the entrance. He greeted Quackity happily, referring to him as a President with surprise and immediately aligning to work alongside him - though, Quackity denied his request to join.

Wilbur attempted to defer to Quackity as a servant or assistant, quickly growing frustrated when Quackity kept rejecting him. He attempted to skirt around Las Nevadas, locating the nearest land he hadn't claimed, before asserting that Quackity was being petty, and immediately beginning to work on the competition for the new-found nation. Wilbur laughed at Quackity's competition, allowing him to attempt to convince Tommy to join Nevadas instead of his new project - though he grew antsy when they took too long, whispering Tommy.

He visibly grew frustrated at the chance that Tommy might join without him, asking Tommy if he was in danger of being hurt and attempting to find him moments after. He tried to appeal to Tommy, voicing that he was all he had. He claimed he did not want to make a country, but somewhere he could feel safe, citing that it had been so long since they had felt safe and that Tommy deserved safety. Wilbur began to build walls for his HQ as Tommy began to explain to him that he had rearranged his priorities, and stating that he wanted a place to feel honest and safe, admitting his wrongdoings and ultimately choosing to stay with him.

Wilbur and Tommy began to make a penis in Quackity's lake, and Tommy asked if Wilbur had a crush on Quackity, to which he replied that they had a complicated relationship, but it wasn't at that level yet. The two began to call for Quackity to watch them build, jeering over his taunting and arguing. Wilbur began to yell, reminding Tommy of who ran against them, and who would have fought him in Pogtopia's battle pit, as Quackity attempted to remind the two of history repeating itself.

Wilbur attempted to retreat, citing they'd won, but he went quiet when Tommy's face fell. The two mellowed down immediately when Tommy tried to speak up, and Quackity apologized, touring Wilbur and Tommy around Nevadas. He reasserted that Tommy could do as he pleased, as long as he wasn't left alone and tactfully keeping Tommy out of the strip club. Quackity led Wilbur and Tommy into a gambling machine, offering them a free handful of spins - Wilbur voiced his approval for the machine after winning once. When Tommy lost Linda to the machine, he decided to try and guide him away from gambling.

Quackity guided Wilbur and Tommy to the top of the Nevadas Eiffel tower, and Wilbur worried when Tommy made a suicide joke. When asked by Quackity, Wilbur voiced that he liked the view, reminiscing on L'Manberg's views. The trio took a seat, and Quackity asked Wilbur quietly how he was alive - Wilbur voiced that he was done with lying, explaining how he was swapped with Ghostbur - their talk was interrupted when Tommy almost fell off the edge. The three sat down to talk.

Wilbur and Quackity talked about their talk after the elections, reminiscing about it - Quackity offered to pick Wilbur's brain again. Wilbur grew unnerved slightly, explaining how he'd lost everything - decades off his life, everyone he cared about, and the like - and explaining how he had been humbled by death. Upon asking, he listed off everyone he'd seen since the revival, voicing how he wishes he could have seen more - Quackity responded in interest, asking what Wilbur's plans for the future are. Wilbur defended Quackity, voicing that Tommy could join Nevadas if he wanted to, but seemed pleased by his decision to join him.

Quackity pressed the revival topic, and Wilbur finally voiced that Dream brought him back, voicing that he was his hero. Quackity mentioned that he'd been visiting Dream, voicing happiness about it. When questioned by Tommy, Wilbur returned the questioning, asking how Tommy was brought back, and questioning aloud about the Prison's warden system. After being informed about the visitation scheme, Wilbur perked up, interested by the idea of visiting Dream, and immediately stood up.

Wilbur began to run with excitement, voicing intent to visit Dream in person despite Tommy's arguing otherwise and insisting that he would be okay. He voiced frustrations about the version of him that Quackity was agreeing with, trying to voice that he was trying to be a better person, and that he felt he needed to see Dream to tie up loose ends - likening it to a funeral.

Establishing Paradise Burgers

Wilbur arrived at Phil's house, asking for food and commenting on his living space, settling in further in his attic. He came to Phil with a proposition about his meeting with Quackity, talking about moving past his history. He talked highly of his time with Quackity, mentioning how he thought few people seemed afraid of him, and talking about the wealth gap.

He came to Phil with a question about Q being left unchecked, but lamented over the lack of a government and police force and Techno's power vacuum that lets Las Nevadas run. He proposed to Phil a burger van to counter this, expressing his definitely-no ulterior motive plan. Phil mentioned that he had no experience, but that Ranboo might be able to help, and Wilbur laughed at the news he was supposedly lonely, before initially refusing the idea to help with him, voicing his concerns over Ranboo's oddities. Phil threatened to kick Wilbur out if he didn't play nice, and Wilbur gave in on the one condition that Phil promise to help just in case.

Wilbur met with Ranboo awkwardly, raising his idea and offering his tentative friendship, presenting his real estate to him and lamenting his own lack of resources. Upon securing his help, they made their way to the land Wilbur had claimed, talking about Ranboo's previous endeavors with Tubbo. Wilbur spoke about how they would be a competition, as competition is healthy, and questioned Ranboo's likes and dislikes of people, using Dream as an example. Upon their arrival at the Las Nevadas Burger shop, Wilbur commented on how the city was lifeless, criticizing it. He left signs to prove a point, commenting on how they would probably never be removed.

They arrived at Wilbur's land, working on construction together - while Ranboo built, Wilbur gathered resources. They proposed the name Paradise initially, and Wilbur commented on how Ranboo seemed to have been in every conflict since Wilbur's death, questioning his beliefs again. He asked why Ranboo had come to help him, and when Ranboo claimed Wilbur wasn't that bad, he questioned that assessment of him. Ranboo's response seemed to genuinely catch him by surprise, and Wilbur had to stop to wipe tears away before turning and being honest, saying he thought he scared people and citing his numerous self-identified wrongdoings and how people react and expect him to repeat them.

He commented on Ranboo's perspective, coming to the conclusion that they understood each other completely, linking them via their anxiety - which he explained kept them alive. Wilbur voiced how Ranboo's openness meant he was probably braver than him, and he complemented this decision before deciding not to psychoanalyze him further. Wilbur went on to steal from Las Nevadas and gather resources, asking Ranboo about the new nations of the server (Snowchester, Kinoko Kingdom), asking if Phil and Techno had not been successful like they claimed. He questioned Ranboo's role again before gathering wool.

In order to legitimize his product, Wilbur custom named his steak, before asking Ranboo's opinion of Tommy and agreeing with his high view of him. Together, they went back to the Las Nevadas joint, and Wilbur encouraged him to break some windows, before giving him TNT to light to prove his trust. When Ranboo passed, lighting the bomb, he showed pride in him, letting him leave shortly after.

Wilbur then left a sign with his and Ranboo's names on the crater, and a chest with diamonds for Quackity to inevitably find.

L'Manberg's Independence Day

Alongside Ranboo, Wilbur approached the now-revamped L'Crater. He sang the first few lines to the National Anthem as he went, linking it to Tommy, before the duo came across Tubbo, who had been also singing the anthem by the crater. Wilbur greeted Tubbo with joy, as he hadn't properly talked to him yet, and reassured him that - while he'd been very overwhelmed during his resurrection, he had since calmed down. In an attempt to continue his path to the future, Wilbur apologized to Tubbo for making him President, taking claim of the crater as a whole, and Tubbo forgave him.

Tubbo proceeded to inform Wilbur that he hadn't created the crater they stood in front of, describing how Phil and Techno had worked with Dream to destroy the nation that Tubbo had tried to remake. Wilbur reacted incredulously at the information - not the action, but the reasoning - before reacting with positive surprise at the news that somebody had cared enough to rebuild his nation, thanking Tubbo for the action. He tried to invite Tubbo to the Paradise Burger establishment after he admitted that he felt aimless, but Tubbo declined, saying he didn't trust Wilbur yet.

Confused, Wilbur attempted to ask why, but when Tubbo stood his ground, he instead complimented him and asked him simply to visit. When Tubbo decided to stay put, he accepted that, too, instead leaving him with a rabbit's foot that Tommy had given him and leaving with Ranboo. The duo walked together, and Wilbur talked with him about the original L'Manberg, explaining that he had lied about his detachment to the country in order to minimize his own weaknesses, and that the country meant a lot to him on an emotional level.

Upon arriving at the Ranvan, he complimented the design, mentioning that he appreciated Ranboo's company a lot - while he cared for Tommy, whenever he assisted Wilbur, he ended up reminded of Pogtopia, describing himself as having been a "sick man" (in the illness sense). Again, Wilbur asked why Ranboo had chosen to help him, upon which Ranboo explained that he knew what it felt like to feel alone - Wilbur expressed that he believed their friendship would be good as a result.

Competition with Tubburger

Wilbur and Ranboo met in the Ranvan once more in order to taste test their burgers. When Ranboo voiced that he was thankful for the opportunity to have an impact on history, lamenting his past, Wilbur encouraged him, mentioning that it wasn't necessary to have an impact on history - but he was supportive and happy nonetheless. Stealing a horse, the two decided to head to Las Nevadas to check out Quackity's reaction, waiting by the sign for his arrival. Though they waited a solid few minutes, Wilbur opted to act coolly in front of him, showing off the horse he'd assumed was Quackity's (but wasn't).

Quackity expressed approval at the Ranvan after having been shown it, complimenting it to their faces when Wilbur offered a sample, before leading the two back to the restaurant they'd vandalized. Instead of being upset, he thanked them for the incentive to upgrade, before showing off Tubbo as a new manager - this shocked Wilbur, who'd failed to employ Tubbo the day before. They exchanged thinly veiled words of positivity around this, and Wilbur offered to hang out with Quackity privately before leaving with Ranboo and cheering about how Quackity made him feel alive.

Concerned for his partner, Wilbur asked Ranboo if he might have a problem with this new development. Hiding the status of his marriage with Tubbo behind a guise of businessman ship, Ranboo led Wilbur to his secret room underneath the Las Nevadas strip club, which Wilbur expressed approval of, offering the idea of linking it to the Ranvan for espionage. On the way back, Wilbur proposed a plan B to Ranboo, explaining that it would be to protect any innocents should the rivalry go south, and handed him approx. 16 TNT to lay under the casino and link to a hidden button and leaving him to set up.


As a fan of literature and an advocate for the preservation of history, Wilbur writes and signs a significant amount of the plot-important documents on the server, both during his first life and after it. Though they were once preserved on the server, as of the Doomsday War, most (if not all) of these books have been destroyed.

Declaration of Independance - Written shortly after L'Manberg's conception, the Declaration serves as formal recognition for the nation's desire to remain separate from the greater Dream SMP. Two versions were authored (the first titled Independance, and the second titled Decree), both penned by Wilbur, as the first had been signed by Eret before his betrayal of the nation during the War for Independence. The second would officially promote Wilbur as the First President of the new nation.

Trade (9/8/20) - A formal trade agreement signed by Wilbur as President of L'Manberg, dealing with the bartering of commodities such as drugs, hitmen, and lemons.

Electoral Balet - The official document that would call for the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election, the first (and only) L'Manberg Election. Wilbur intended to finalize and sign this document before SWAG2020 could enter, but forgot to close it in time, ruining his plans to keep the nation under the leadership of a single party.

POG Policies - Written during the run-up to the Election as a formal list of POG2020's promises should they be re-elected into presidency. Wilbur would bring this document to the L'Manberg Presidential Debate and attempt to persuade people into voting for his party with the various promises on the list.


Wilbur has never had very many personal items to his name. Even during his first life, he often refused to wear armor, and never personalized any items with his own names. In past, he has rarely had named weapons, such as the now-lost Pogtopia Stabber.[75] He lost the majority of his items in exile, as his ender chest space was taken by his literature. Later, when some of the literature was moved into Tubbo's care, Wilbur would fill his Ender Chest with stacks of TNT instead.

Personal items
Name Notes
Enchanted Crossbow.gif Chekhov's Gun Mending, Piercing IV, Quick Charge III, Unbreaking III

An enchanted crossbow presumably made by Wilbur himself after his death. Despite being owned exclusively by Ghostbur, it is seen as a memorial of the Real Wilbur by Tommy. Its name makes light of Wilbur's persistent habit of referring to his TNT Button as a Chekhov's Gun. Was in Tommy’s possession after Ghostbur allegedly asked ConnorEatsPants to give it to Tommy,[76] but has since been blown up by Dream.[77]

Enchanted Diamond Sword.gif Pogtopia Stabber Sharpness I, Unbreaking I

A sword made during the Pogtopia era on October 8, 2020, that has since been lost.[75]

Enchanted Diamond Sword.gif lore Sharpness IV, Unbreaking III

A sword formerly belonging to Ghostbur.[78] It was taken from Wilbur by Tommy on May 6, 2021.[79]


Name Status Residence Notes
Tamed Wolf Red.png L'Dog Presumed Dead L'Dog was tamed by Wilbur when Tommy was out helping Technoblade reach Pogtopia. Later when the two return to Pogtopia, Technoblade was distracted by L'Dog. Technoblade commented on L'Dog's erratic movements, which Wilbur said is due to him being "frisky." Prior to being named L'Dog, Wilbur called him L'Chien (which is from French for dog, le chien).

At the top of HBomb's parkour tower, Fundy punched a dog off the tower, sending it to its death. It is unknown if this was L'Dog, but as a result of its subsequent disappearance, it can be assumed that it was.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Wilbur's relationship with Dream was tricky during his first life. They were once bitter enemies on the server, leading opposing sides during the War for Independence, and they often clashed vocally over the battlefield as their nation's corresponding leaders. However, after the conclusion of the fighting, Dream seemed to have mellowed out towards Wilbur, and upon the banishment by Schlatt, Dream offered to help Wilbur's rebellion.

Dream claimed to be helping Wilbur out of a change of heart, but Wilbur remained convinced that Dream was only looking to foster conflict in the SMP, and take down both Manberg and Pogtopia in one fell swoop, though this didn't bother him as Dream's intentions aligned enough with his own.

During the Manberg vs. Pogtopia War, Dream sided with Schlatt, and for a period, Wilbur was publicly against him. However, in secret, Wilbur was actually still working alongside Dream as a traitor to his rebellion's cause, and blew up the TNT as per his wishes.

After his death, though, Wilbur regarded Dream as a hero for his resurrection, having despised his time while in the Afterlife.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
During the initial War for L'Manbergian Independence, Wilbur initially was open to Eret joining the nation, stating that they automatically had a visa due to their European blood. He displayed trust in them up until their betrayal, completely blind-sided by Eret's turncoat actions.

After the mid-war betrayal, Wilbur despised Eret for their actions, seeing Eret as nothing but a traitor and often cursing them out or acting defensively around them. His prejudices against Eret would lead to him persistently refusing any support they offered to him and Tommy during their exile from Manberg. They fought on the same side in the final Rebellion war, but this may only be because Wilbur was already a traitor at that time, and he no longer cared about the others' loyalties.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Fundy is Wilbur's son, having been born inside L'Manberg's walls. Wilbur was allegedly a good father in the beginning, supporting Fundy's transition and promising him a good future, but their relationship suffered after Sally went missing when Fundy was nine years old. Later on, Wilbur often babied Fundy to the point where he assigned him a crayon-colored version of the L'Manberg uniform over the usual royal blue one. This excessive childish treatment led to more tension between the two, as Fundy grew rebellious and Wilbur only grew more overbearing. He refused to give his son proper acknowledgment for his war efforts, claiming that he was still too young and needed time to properly understand the weight of a political role in the cabinet.

These events led to Fundy seemingly turning against Wilbur in the election and making his own party with Niki. While Wilbur was proud to hear that he would be running at first, the mindset quickly changed when Fundy revealed his supposed support for Schlatt and excitement upon his father's exile. Watching Fundy burn L'Manberg's flag down was one of the major factors that contributed to Wilbur's downward spiral, and it led him to resent his son to the point where they both disowned the other in public on separate occasions.

Fundy eventually came out and revealed that he was always on Wilbur's side of the rebellion, leaking confidential information to him in the form of Spy's Diary. Wilbur seemed to still distrust him in spite of this, referring to him as a traitor and outwardly claiming to despise him, though this was said in a non-serious manner. It could simply be that Wilbur had stopped caring at that point about betrayal, as he had already made the decision to betray Pogtopia. Even after his betrayal, Wilbur displayed defensive affection for his son, attempting to defend him against Schlatt's abuse, and Fundy appeared to be dismayed upon seeing his father die, even if he couldn't forgive him for everything he'd done.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Wilbur doesn't seem to know much about his spectral form, but fully recognizes him as a separate being to him. While they have probably never interacted, due to their time on the same plane being limited by nature, Wilbur seems to treat his spectral form with some level of disdain.

After being brought back to life, he described a desaturated version of himself coming to the Afterlife through riding a train. He stated that the desaturated version of him was crying, and it seemed the tears burned him. He later did not accept Ghostbur's blue from Tommy, implying his lack of care or understanding for Ghostbur.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Jack supported POG2020 during the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election, and though they had had a lack of conversation they seemed to be on good terms. However, this soured somewhat when Wilbur killed Jack during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, as Wilbur seemed to have forgotten who Jack was, and Jack was hurt by this, as well as the actual death. Wilbur claimed that Jack is one of the three people he cares about post-revival and was glad to see him.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Schlatt and Wilbur were once political allies, with Schlatt re-joining the server to endorse Wilbur's party. They got along well prior to Schlatt’s announcement of his own party, and even after that, he wasn’t taken as a serious threat until the day of the election. After Schlatt's inauguration and subsequent exiling of Wilbur, the two saw an increasingly tense relationship. Schlatt disapproved of Wilbur's leadership style. He therefore acknowledged that Wilbur was a threat to his nation, acting accordingly in order to stop him.

Schlatt seemed to orchestrate Wilbur's movements to benefit himself to some degree, being well aware of his declining mental state. This is evident in how he toyed with his TNT room, although it is not clear whether or not he did it on purpose.

In the early stages of his corruption arc, Wilbur noted to Tommy that Schlatt had not yet done anything particularly “evil” or even illegal, implying that he didn’t necessarily see Schlatt as a villain in spite of his hatred for the man. Throughout his presidency, Schlatt would continue to mock Wilbur by referring to him as "Loverboy,” and Wilbur would carry through with his plans to blow up Schlatt’s country. He didn’t show much of a reaction to Schlatt’s death, negative or positive.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Wilbur and Niki were good friends on the server, Niki having been introduced to L'Manberg thanks to Wilbur.

During Wilbur's exile, she led a rebellion in his stead, withstanding heavy repercussions for his sake. Wilbur did intend to eventually rescue her from Manberg after having defended her bakery on an espionage mission, but due to his corruption, he never managed to pull through on it. Upon her joining of Pogtopia after the festival, it became clear that Niki did not side with Wilbur's detonation plan at all, and the two seemed more distant than usual during Wilbur's spiral.

During the war, Niki constantly told everyone she believed that Wilbur no longer had a moral right, and should be stopped, but her loyalty stayed after discovering the TNT in the building and not warning anyone. However, after Wilbur's detonation, their relationship has been forever soured. However, though Niki feels this way, Wilbur had no bad memories with her, so it's safe to assume he's still fond of his best friend, despite her anger towards Wilbur.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Phil is Wilbur's father. Not much is known about the exact nature of their relationship before Wilbur's spiral, but it can be assumed that they were once close. Wilbur sent Phil notes as Phil stated, and Phil worried when they stopped right before his death.

Wilbur valued Phil's opinion highly, thinking back to him and wondering if he'd be proud of him in what he once considered to be his final moments.

Phil was the one who attempted to stop Wilbur detonate L'Manberg on the sixteenth, during which their dialogue was strained and tense, proving how Wilbur's spiral had driven a further wedge in their relationship. Ultimately, Wilbur begged for Phil to kill him, despite his father's resistance, and Phil reluctantly agreed to follow his wishes.

Soon after Wilbur's resurrection, Phil found out that Wilbur had lied in his letters, particularly about the election. Wilbur had told Phil that he had won the election against Quackity, not mentioning Schlatt at all, gave L'Manberg over to Tubbo and established Pogtopia as its own nation. This caused Phil to doubt Wilbur's honesty and character as a whole, stating that he can't be sure as to where the lies began, and that the letters may as well be garbage.

Wilbur appears fond of his father, and is thankful for being killed, but does not share his ideas on authority, and generally disagrees with him politically.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Quackity and Wilbur were once the main rivals in the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election (during which Wilbur acknowledged that he had good intentions for L'Manberg individually) and were initially enemies in the Manberg Rebellion. Wilbur disagreed with Quackity's morals, but appeared to be warm towards him, referring to him as a "fellow outsider" and readily leaving him with a cautionary speech about power.

Despite their separation in exile, after the Festival, Quackity joined Pogtopia and became an ally to Wilbur's rebellion, working to help them take down Schlatt. Quackity wanted to work alongside Wilbur, but did not endorse his explosion plot, frequently trying to dissuade him from it altogether - this frustrated Wilbur quite a lot.

The two notably had a fluctuating and confusing relationship during their Election rivalry [80] and in Pogtopia,[81] switching between being borderline romantic [82] to tense and resentful incredibly quickly, as the two flipped between vague attraction and clashing over Plan Bomb.

Wilbur seemed to support the idea of Quackity taking the presidency at one point, indicating that they were never really spiteful enemies, though he still preferred the idea of just burning the country to the ground. Quackity repeatedly tried to dissuade Wilbur from continuing to explode things, but Wilbur seemed to think of his resistance as some sort of joke. After his detonation of L'Manberg, their relationship soured. Despite their rocky relationship, Wilbur refused to detonate the explosives while Quackity was in immediate danger, stating he did not want to kill him.

Before visiting Dream, Quackity visited Wilbur's resurrection shrine, writing a letter to him and leaving it in a chest. In that letter, he wrote that Wilbur was his "dearest friend," showing that he had come to like Wilbur even more than when he died.

Wilbur found the note after his revival and immediately sought Quackity out, displaying a similar level of fondness and eagerness to join him. When rejected by Quackity, he immediately acted petty about it, arguing with him loudly - though, he also bounced back very quickly from this, and admitted that he had a very confusing relationship with him (that might, once again, be borderline romantic).

It can be inferred that, to some degree, Wilbur might become interested in Quackity romantically (whether this is reciprocated or not is unknown). At the very least, he found his challenge to be “cool” and still appears to fluctuate rapidly between being fond and angry with him. The two are close enough to the point where Wilbur consistently waits on the border of Las Nevadas to be shooed away, and they do hang out on occasion.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Ranboo first met Wilbur after he was revived but had heard about some of the things he'd done from others. During his first conversation with him, Wilbur reacted to Ranboo's neutral stance with anger and confusion, frustrated that he wasn't siding with anyone. For the most part, he stayed away from Ranboo, seeing him as weird, but when Phil forced him to be nicer, Wilbur grew fond of Ranboo - especially when he became the first person to tell him he wasn't a terrible person by nature.

Wilbur sees him and Ranboo as kindred spirits and is happy to work alongside him on his projects. He sees Ranboo as a potentially good business partner, and an alright person, though he does not believe in Ranboo's personal all-sides ideology and sees it as troubling. They seem to be on good terms currently.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Wilbur and Technoblade often act like brothers, supposedly having shared a long history together.

The two were allies in Pogtopia, Techno having arrived on the server in order to assist their rebellion. However, Wilbur refused to wholly trust Techno, even after he created the semi-automated potato farm he was tasked to, believing that due to Techno's motive to stab people, he would eventually grow tired of Pogtopia's rebellion tactics and switch sides in order to fight for Schlatt and create some excitement.

After Wilbur's snap, he trusted Techno even less, despite the fact that they both aligned themselves in goals of anarchy. After realizing that Technoblade wholeheartedly supported Wilbur's destructive plans, Wilbur easily forgave Techno for his actions against Tubbo, despite admitting that he had trusted him too much during the run-up to the Festival.

Wilbur and Techno were both individual traitors to the rebellion's intention to re-establish government (though this was not official coordination), and as a result, were close moral allies to the end. Ultimately, Wilbur's self-destruction was a precursor to Techno's surge of ongoing anarchist beliefs. In his final speech to the nation, Wilbur even stated that Techno's anarchist beliefs had rubbed off on him, and that he shared his anti-government stance, and his last words were to tell Philza that Technoblade was (supposedly) the traitor Dream had mentioned.

The two have not met up post-resurrection, though it can be inferred that Wilbur does not agree with Techno's stance on authority.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
In life, Wilbur often acted as Tommy's mentor, guiding him through L'Manberg's creation and testing his loyalty in times of trouble. On multiple occasions, he held Tommy back from his own hastiness, doing his best to keep him from making dire mistakes during their leadership of L'Manberg. Under Wilbur's mentorship, Tommy bloomed into a confident and matured warrior, willing to risk everything for his nation. He seemed to very much idolize and admire Wilbur in the beginning, and prior to the election, Wilbur expressed pride in him and in his accomplishments, particularly when he gave up his discs to secure L'Manberg's independence. He even promised him that they would get the discs back, first sparking the idea that it was possible.

However, in their first exile, Tommy strongly condemned Wilbur's moral shift and his plans to destroy Manberg. Their relationship became very strained due to this, to the point where Tommy could no longer see Wilbur as an ally, which upset him greatly - he was used to looking up to Wilbur, and it scared him to have to take charge. However, they remained together out of necessity, and Tommy voiced a desire to snap Wilbur out of his spiral, even directly telling Tubbo not to give up on him - showing that he still genuinely cared about him. Even after Wilbur made his plans known again, Tommy stated that he would still follow him, albeit with reluctance, and although he couldn't say that he wouldn't try and stop him, he did say that he wouldn't turn against him.

Despite their troubles, Wilbur valued Tommy enough to refuse to detonate the bombs while his life was in immediate danger (and Tommy still trusted him with his life), and it would seem that he valued his company in the ravine quite highly, speaking to Tommy with a fond, nostalgic tone during the build-up to the Manberg Festival, the day Wilbur once assumed to be his last day alive on the server.

At first, after 'snapping', Wilbur began acting rather possessive over him - again, likely in an effort to avoid being left alone - but after Tommy took charge of the rebellion prior to the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Wilbur grew conversely distant from him and his plans to restore L'Manberg's government. Tommy still showed concern for him beforehand, though, afraid that he intended to go down with L'Manberg, and they displayed trust in one another during the war itself, defending each other to the best of their abilities. Tommy still looked to Wilbur for guidance during the final confrontation with Schlatt, and was optimistic enough to hope that he had come around after the war was over, even offering him his old position of president back - but after Wilbur self-detonated, their relationship soured incredibly as it became clear he had not changed his plans at all.

Tommy seemed to struggle to think of him as having been a villain until after his death, whereupon he started calling him a 'wrongen' and a 'bad guy' much more freely. While he recognized his flaws, however, he still expressed faith in the "real Wilbur" from before his downfall, stating that he didn't want to let him down and even calling L'Manberg his own "unfinished symphony," implying that he felt like he was following in Wilbur's footsteps and wanted to finish his nation in his stead.

During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy quoted Wilbur’s famous finishing line from the Declaration of Independance, stating that he wanted to make him proud. During the aftermath, he spoke briefly with Wilbur’s (presumed) spirit, and while it quickly dissolved into arguing, Wilbur did say that he was in fact proud of Tommy before leaving, and in return, Tommy only said “see you soon”.

Though Tommy has since become incredibly adamant against Wilbur's imminent resurrection, Wilbur still seems to care about Tommy in a strange, unsettling way and valued his presence in the afterlife, stating that he was glad he was there with him.

Tommy was extremely upset and traumatized by Wilbur coming back and claims that he's worse than ever. He doesn't trust that Wilbur has changed and keeps an eye on him, not allowing Ranboo to be alone with him. Wilbur seems to view Tommy positively though referring to him as a "good kid" and wanting to include him in his plans, though it's unclear if this is a manipulation tactic, and clearly cares immensely about him, desperate to keep him by his side.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Having fought in the War for Independence together, Wilbur and Tubbo were on very good terms. However, their relationship soured somewhat after Wilbur's exile from Manberg. Although Tubbo worked as a spy for Pogtopia, Wilbur continued to doubt Tubbo's loyalty due to the latter's role in the Schlatt administration and believed that Tubbo would desert Pogtopia as soon as Manberg gained the upper hand in the war.

Wilbur also claimed that Tubbo was a "yes man," with no morals of his own. After Tubbo was caught as a traitor and executed, Wilbur welcomed him into Pogtopia, but the two's relationship remained tense. Despite this period, though, Wilbur still refused to detonate Manberg while he was stuck in immediate danger of the explosion.

Tubbo frequently called Wilbur crazy before and during the war, but they worked side by side throughout it nonetheless. Wilbur elected Tubbo as the new president after stepping down, though this was not out of many trusts, as Wilbur would later state he had no faith in Tubbo's presidency, as he believed the nation to be long-gone anyways. Wilbur's final detonation would firmly place him against Tubbo, souring their relationship briefly.

They seem to be at odds after Wilbur's death, as Tubbo never gave him a funeral and seemed determined to downplay any semblance to him, but in his final moments of mental clarity, Wilbur explained that he never intended to detonate Tubbo's L'Manberg. This would prove that despite his lack of faith in the nation, in life, Wilbur never actually disliked Tubbo. Despite that, Tubbo openly supported the idea of resurrecting Wilbur, although he expressed a reluctance to get directly involved with the process himself.

After the Disc Confrontation, he and Tommy briefly conversed with what is presumed to be Wilbur’s spirit. While Wilbur’s words were mainly aimed at Tommy, he voiced pride in Tubbo as well, and Tubbo was pleased to hear from him.

After Tommy's failed assassination on Dream, Wilbur was resurrected and was met by Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo. Wilbur expressed amusement at the ruins of L'Manberg and mocked Tubbo for doing a "great job" at running the country. After his monologue, Wilbur offered for Tubbo to join him on his new quest. Tubbo remained silent.


  • "Tommy, women are temporary. Revolution is forever." - to Tommy, in the conception of L'Manberg.
  • "Independence or death. If we get no revolution, then we want nothing. We would rather die than give in to you and join your SMP." - to Dream, regarding his demands of surrender during the War for Independence.
  • "Tommy, I think you should do what your heart tells you to do. Just meet him face to face." - to Tommy, before the duel for L'Manberg's independence.
  • "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, SUCK IT GREEN BOYYYY" - Wilbur's quote from the Second Declaration of Independance.
  • "Who's my little champion?" - to Fundy, his son, notably after the Second Declaration of Independance.
  • "If it pleases the court, I would like to say that my opponent IS TALKING SHIT."- In the sky courthouse, during Quackity's debate on having caught Wilbur off-guard with SWAG2020
  • "Even if everyone has this 'good side' that you're talking about - anyone who wants to prove it, has to show their dark side first." - to Quackity, shortly after the first Election debates.
  • "And power isn't gained from diplomacy, and bureaucracy, and giant courthouses suspended in the sky, blah blah blah. It's gained from swords, Quackity; it's gained from blades, it's gained from steel, iron. Even if everyone has this good side that you're talking about; then anyone who wants to prove it, has to show their dark side first. You're going to have to kill, you're going to have to torture, You're going to have to maim. When I look at you, as a fellow outsider, you're not ready for that." - talking to Quackity on a hill before the election.
  • "Look at my son! Tearing down the walls I built to keep him safe!" - after his exile, while watching Fundy take down L'Manberg's walls.
  • "Tubbo, you've seen me build a nation, I'll fucking do it again." - to Tubbo, while setting up Pogtopia after being exiled from Manberg.
  • "TommyInnit, I am a slow-burning fuse. I am a long, slow-burning fuse, but I'm telling you now, over the next couple weeks, I'm gonna be a different man than the one Jschlatt crossed. I can feel it. And maybe this new man will be open to a Technoblade." - to Tommy, after his appealing for Technoblade to join Pogtopia.
  • "Am I a villain, in this story?" - Wilbur during the start of his decent to madness after the Manberg Festival announcement.
  • "Me and you, we both agree we're right. We're in the right here, aren't we? (...) Then let's be the bad guys. Tommy, why not? Why not? Look, our nation's gone. Our nation's far behind us, Tommy. Let's blow that motherfucker to smithereens. Let's blow the whole thing up! I say, if we can't have Manberg, then NO ONE - NO ONE CAN HAVE MANBERG!" - to Tommy, shortly after questioning his own morality.
  • "Have you not noticed?! Everyone who's claiming to be on our side, they're lying to us! Tubbo?! He's lying to you, man! He- He would drop us at the SECOND he realizes we're not in the lead anymore!" - to Tommy, after beginning to succumb to his paranoia.
  • "You're trying to sound like you know what you're doing so that you can prove me wrong. Tommy, none of us know what we're doing. We're fucked, we were fucked the minute we were thrown out. 'Cause Schlatt knows- he's a smart man, he knows that if we fight him, even if we beat him, we've lost. If he fights us and kills us, we've lost. Tommy, there's no in-between, he KNOWS we've lost! And... I know you're scared, Tommy, I understand you're scared. And it's scary! It's scary, Tommy, but y'know what, in a time like this, when a man has nothing to lose, d'y'know what that means? It means we can do what we want." - to Tommy, trying to reassert his "confidence" in his spiral.
  • "I miss Philza. I wonder if he'd be proud of me." - to himself during the Festival, shortly before watching the speeches.
  • "I'm aware of that... but sometimes, in order to feel comfortable and safe, you have to be ready to give up the things that you're worried you might lose." - to Tommy, before the festival.
  • "Tommy, pspspspsp, where are you? It's time to blow up everything!" - after deciding to put the TNT plan back into action the day after the festival.
  • "Chekhov's gun." - A phrase repeated by Wilbur multiple times throughout his spiral.
  • "There WAS a special place... where men COULD go to emancipate..." - in the Button Room, considering the failed ideology of L'Manberg.
  • "There was a saying Phil... by a traitor. Once part of L'Manberg... It was never meant to be." - to Phil, shortly before pressing the button to detonate L'Manberg.
  • "MY L'MANBERG, PHIL! My unfinished symphony, forever unfinished!" - shortly after finally detonating L'Manberg on November 16.
  • "Tubbo, you are president of a crater! Enjoy."- after logging out after his final canon death on November 16.
  • "Hello, have you missed me?" - to Tommy after the end of the disc saga.
  • "YOU'RE GOING TO KILL CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST!" - to Tommy, arguing over his possible resurrection.
  • "Do you want to do competitive solitaire again?" - to Tommy in the Afterlife.
  • "I know what I'm like.. and that's the issue." - to Tommy in the afterlife, reasserting his own self-deprecative tendencies.
  • "Oh.. Hello again." - to Tommy right after he got revived.
  • "This is my sunrise!" - to Tommy watching the sunshine after being revived.
  • "If life's a fucking horse, I'm gonna ride it Tommy!" - to Tommy after he got revived.
  • "Do you know I demolished Jack Manifold's House twice? I brutally ignored him during the war and he fought for my country and I ignored him. I didn't look at him, I didn't give him so much as a medal, I didn't give him so much as a rank. I gave him the lowest rank on the cabinet and you know what it took? Do you know what it took for him to forgive me? A sorry." - Wilbur about meeting Jack Manifold after his revival
  • “I feel alive, Ranboo! I feel alive! Someone’s looking at me and -- and talking to me! I’m alive, I’m alive! This is great!”


  • Wilbur often refuses to wear armor. This was due to his peaceful mindset, but later, as he started to abandon that mindset, it was due to a dangerous lack of self-preservation.
  • Wilbur reportedly has a lot of experience with in-game drugs (potions), and is adept at making them.
  • During his spiral, Wilbur experimented at least once with smoking, drinking, and vaping. It's not clear if he kept up his streak of substance abuse.
  • During his first life on the server, Wilbur never washed. It's not clear why he neglected his hygiene, but it can be assumed that Wilbur never cared for himself enough to, or simply never had the means to later in life. Wilbur has since become the only server member to canonically have a shower on-stream.
  • Wilbur was the only one to never receive a proper funeral or memorial service. Though he has no gravestone, and was never buried, his resting place is considered to be the resurrection shrine that is located over the button room. This was considered true, as he got revived and spawned back there.
  • Wilbur owns multiple identical versions of his Pogtopia-era coat. This was proven during Niki's birthday party, when Niki briefly wore one of the coats at the same time that Wilbur did.
  • Wilbur has cited Eight by Sleeping at Last as his personal musical inspiration for Alivebur's character.
  • Wilbur was reportedly 32 years old when he died, and is now mentally around 45 years old because of the time in the Afterlife working differently. Due to his contested humanity, it's not known what this age means for Wilbur.
  • Due to Wilbur being Philza's biological son, it is possible that he carries the same genes of possible conditional immortality that Philza could have.
  • Wilbur's father, Philza, has the last name "Minecraft." As a result, it is possible that Wilbur once went by the name Wilbur Minecraft.
  • Wilbur experienced a whole thirteen and a half years in the void before being resurrected.
  • In the early days of L'Manberg, Wilbur wrote letters to Philza, telling him briefly of his experiences with his new L'Manbergian friends. As time progressed, Wilbur sent letters less frequently, until he eventually stopped. This led Phil to come to find him in L'Manberg, only to find him about to destroy it.[83] Wilbur consistently hid the truth from his father, most likely out of a sense of shame.
  • Wilbur kept memoirs, up until his death. Ghostbur read through them before they were destroyed in Doomsday.
  • Wilbur is the second character to be revived by Dream using the knowledge from the Book of Necromancy.
  • Wilbur has not been written as explicitly straight or gay, and it is therefore more accurate to assume his sexuality is instead unlabeled, unspecific, and ambiguous.
  • The usage of Resurrected Wilbur's skin is partially inspired by Fundy's natural white hair in real life.[84]
  • Despite being depicted with them frequently, the only time Wilbur has smoked in canon is at Niki's Birthday Party - this time was heavily implied to be his first by his general tactlessness with them.


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